December 18, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 40]

Originally posted @ on December 11, 2012

Cover page: “I admit it. My biggest weakness is compared to my own, I have more tender affection towards his talent.” While everyone is busy with the BBQ, Riko looks surprised at Aki. She glares at him and looks away saying that it turns out to be some unknown [who knows from where] uncle. This gave Aki a shock. Riko looks flustered. Then, Sou gives Riko her favorite onions. Riko thanks him and she starts to eat with the others. Riko glances back and Aki is gone. Riko starts running and shouts that she is going to the convenient store. Riko wonders what to do for Aki got angry and went home. “It’s because of my attitude, right..” She looks up and sees Aki walking to cross the street. Riko calls out to him but Aki kept on walking without turning towards to her. She runs in front of him and shouts for him not to go. “About..just now..” She stops upon seeing Aki’s gloomy expression. She realizes that he is definitely being difficult with[/tantrum type]. Aki says that it is Riko’s fault for calling him an uncle and snubbing him so this is a counterattack. “For a high schooler, it is possible that I’m an uncle but this uncle is going steady with you. the way, upon receiving Shinya’s flowers, you are quite happy. No, I should say that smiling Riko holding flowers is very cute. *flustered* When I obviously want to make you happy..” Riko looks surprised and thinks that this guy is obviously an adult but he’s awkward and cute. Riko is moved by this. Back at the BBQ, everyone is surprised when Aki says that there is no meat. Shinya scowls and thinks that here it is again, unable to read that mood is one of his ability. Aki nervously apologizes for he was asking on his own accord when everyone ought to have eaten the good stuff earlier on. Puzzled Riko tells him that fundamentally there was no meat kind of stuff because it is BBQ. Aki insists that meat has an important role in BBQ. Riko laughs and asks what he is talking about for they don’t add meat in BBQ and he’s so strange. Aki still asks, “But--” Scowling Shinya thinks, “It’s because the family is poor. Quickly notice already! The father is already looking from behind..” Aki innocently says that he knows, it is like few complying with the many. Shiny darkly thinks, “Who’ll come and stop this guy.” Pointing at the food, Aki says that it is like stir-fry vegetables [wild herb]. The mood became heavier. Reiko starts laughing and says that is so funny. Deciding to change the topic [to probably save Aki from his cluelessness], Shinya asks Aki what’s inside that paper bag that he is always holding. Reiko looks surprised when Shinya said, ‘Aki’. After looking surprised, Aki says that it is nothing. Thinking that Aki is quite petty, Shinya stares and says that is a bag from a flower shop [based on the name printed on the bag]. “Could it be that you brought a gift for Mushroom?” Riko exclaims in surprise that Aki is giving something to her. Aki tries to deny it but Riko is already shiny from anticipation.

Aki tells Riko to calm down. In order not to feel sorry[/regretful], this thing might possibly not make her happy. He glances at the huge bouquet that Shinya gave Riko. He starts trembling and wondering out loud that it should be flowers, but why did he.. Shinya tells Aki that if he doesn’t hurry and let Riko see it, her anticipation will become greater. Sure enough, Riko is quite excited to see what it is. To Aki’s surprise, Shinya takes a peek in the bag. Shinya is speechless then he darkly points at the bag and asks if he is going to give that. Aki gloomily says that it is a spur of the moment thing because from the start, he obviously wanted to buy flowers but upon noticing it, he had this ‘this is it’ feeling. He glances at puzzled Riko. After coughing, Aki finally hands the bag to Riko, and says that if she doesn’t like it, it is fine to say so. It is a small hedgehog figurine container with grass-like plant on its back. While holding it, Riko asks what this is. Aki falls on the ground and ‘went dead’. He gets up and says yes, in the end, it’s like that. It’s alright, he understands, and it is good that she said it straightforwardly. Riko starts laughing out loud and exclaims that Aki is so funny. This surprises Aki. Riko tells him that she’s teasing him, and it is alright, this is super cute. Aki asks if it is true. She says that it is shaped like a hedgehog. Soon, the three are discussing if it is green algae on its back. Reiko glances at the three when Riko asks what to name the hedgehog. Riko says how about, ‘mouse guy’. Shinya and Aki laugh with her. Reiko gets jealous. She quickly takes out her cellphone and opens the camera. She focuses the lens towards Riko and the others. Riko is telling the guys about not making it wither. Then, Reiko focuses her lens towards Aki and seems to have taken a picture. Sou grabs her shoulder and asks what she is doing. She quickly takes his hand off her and shouts that it is nothing, she is just reading a text. Sou looks at her suspiciously. Facing away from him, Reiko is smiling [like a cat that has eaten the pet bird]. Meanwhile, at Office Takagi’s president office, Mari says that Mush & Co.’s debut ranking came out earlier. While happily lighting up her cigarette and sitting on the table, Mari says that from Pepsi’s non-stop commercial, and a very impressive television song so it ought to be in the top 10 but from Soichiro’s expression, it seems to have not progress in accordance to his anticipation. Soichiro just looks away. Mari asks could it be that it didn’t even get into the top 20 and after all that broadcasting, it became like that. Lighting up a cigarette, Soichiro tells Mari not to have that happy expression as if she can’t help it. Mari keeps on giggling. And, it turns out that Mush & Co’s debut single ranks at 21st place. Soichiro just mutters about doing something on the day after tomorrow’s MST [to boost up the ranking].
While Riko and others are still eating, Aki and Shinya are chatting and drinking beer at the side. Aki says that it is a bit unexpected. Shinya asks what he is referring to. Aki says that for him to have BBQ with everyone on the sale date. He was wondering if Shinya is the type of person who’ll do this kind of thing since Shinya gives him a feeling that he’s a loner. Shinya says that it is because Mush & Co. is a band that belongs to him and it isn’t the same with Crude Play. While Shinya drinks his beer, Aki looks surprised and says that Shinya is now saying such an explosive statement. Shinya says possibly, for he and Aki aren’t the same, he carry things out thoroughly. “Crude Play isn’t my band. It’s your band, right? Do not recklessly look around other places. You should more or less go back to your own lair[/nest]. Or maybe, you still want to continue? Exploiting your status as the lover, and continue to invade and occupy other people’s work territory? *stands up* Mush & Co’s first day ranking is 21st place. So next, is the problem[/subject] of you counterattacking at me.” Aki looks surprised and asks what he meant by counterattacking. Referring to Mari’s single, Shinya says that Aki would voluntarily revise Takagi-san’s music and act as if he is some sort of scapegoat tragic lead. “Isn’t it so? Takagi-san’s music and ability, *scene of Aki revising Mari’s single* being torn apart into pieces, rejected[/denied] and afterwards, abandoned. You plan on doing that, right? It is like Takagai-san making me play your bass again. Making a better work [of art], you treat this as doing a righteous thing, right? But, it isn’t like that. At that time, what Takagi-san instructed me is-- *Takagi giving Shinya the cd and saying, ‘Can you play this music’s bass?’* The objective of Ogasawara Aki, this melody’s creator, is to make the most amazing sound become reality. But what you are doing is rejecting Takagi Soichiro’s music and re-creating it. [<- referring to Mari’s single] This time around, are you also going to use your genius’ arrogance to reject my music? And say, that you can’t endure it.” Aki looks at Shinya is surprise. He thinks that he obviously thought that he should say something. Then, music starts to surround Aki. He wonders how come at that time, music is emerging from his mind when Shinya is waiting for his answer. Then, Shinya is surprised to see Aki crying. A bit flustered, Shinya apologizes for it seems that he said too much. Aki snaps out of it and says no, this is nothing.. Aki thinks, “It isn’t so, Shinya. Because this melody is too beautiful. *wipes tears and looks up to the music surrounding him* Ah, is that so. In the end, I’m a genius.”
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