December 2, 2012

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 0/Prologue]

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[Free Talk: This is Kanan Minami’s new series.If you know the correct name of the guy, feel free to email me. Thanks~]
Cover page: “Oriyama Karin. 16 years old. Today, I got married.” Narration: “Unexpectedly, I’m the only one who hasn’t been dating upon entering high school.” In a car, the driver tells a girl sitting at the backseat that they are now in school. Hugging a stuffed toy[sheep or pillow?], Karin whines that she doesn’t want to go to the opening ceremony. The maid grabs the toy and tells Karin to quickly get ready and it isn’t unusual for a first year female student to NOT HAVE a boyfriend. Throwing the toy to her, Karin exclaims, “Karin do not have a boyfriend yet because I haven’t met the person who suits me!” [<- She sometimes refers to herself as a third person. I think that is usually done by girls who are acting cute.] Narration: “No matter when and where, I’m the focus of everyone’s attention. *Scenes of her parents giving her gifts and will give her whatever she wants. And, other students are envious of her because of her flower decorated hat and tie on her elementary uniform.* Princess role is my individuality. That’s right, because Karin is a princess. So, my destiny is to one day meet the perfect prince. Karin has always been waiting for that day to come-” At the opening ceremony, Karin is using her binoculars to look at the guys and walking around the auditorium. She thinks that none of the guys she sees is her type for they are either ordinary or not good looking. None of the guys seemed manly for her that she wonders if she went to the wrong school. While the other students are sweatdropping over Karin, the principal[?] tries to tell the homeroom teacher to call that girl’s attention since The homeroom teacher says that he can’t for that is the ojousama[/milady] of Oriyama family. Then, Karin overhears a girl asking her friend what they’ll do after the opening ceremony. The friend exclaims of course, it is to go see the soccer club because she studied in this school for Tsuruki-senpai. [Guesswork from 鶴木]

At the soccer field, the girls are gushing over a guy who managed to get the soccer ball from the others. Karin realizes that guy is Tsuruki. Using her binoculars, she looks at Tsuruki and she thinks that his height and body build is barely proportion but the crucial thing is the face. Then, she got frustrated for she can’t see Tsuruki’s face since he is always facing away from her while playing. Starting to walk, Karin angrily thinks that he keeps on running around that she can see his face. The other girls start to wonder what’s Karin doing for she just entered the field. The other soccer players are also surprised to see her but Karin’s eyes are still on the binoculars, trying to see Tsuruki. Just when she is whining over not able to see him and the binoculars are useless, Tsuruki is running backwards to hit the ball. He loses his balance since she is in his way. After they fall down to the ground, Tsuruki asks her if she is alright and is she hurt. A bit dizzy, Karin somewhat looks up and says that she is okay. Tsuruki says is that so, then that’s good. Karin is surprised to see his face, [and he turns out to be good looking]. Tsuruki says that even if she charges into the field, he won’t accept it. Karin is puzzled over what he is talking about. The other girls start to rush forward. Holding gifts, they exclaims Happy birthday Shun [guesswork from 尚]/Tsuruki-senpai. Tsuruki tells them that he already told them that he won’t accept any of their gifts. He smiles and says, “Sorry, that I even made you guys specially prepare them for me.” With hearts in their eyes, they exclaim that it is alright. Patting Karin’s shoulder, Tsuruki asks if she is also.. Tsuruki is surprised when Karin suddenly hits his hand away. She shouts for him not to casually touch her. “I’m Oriyama Karin. How is it possible that I’ll prepare a gift for you! You’re overestimating yourself!! ..ah, but.. yes.. *stands up* June 6th is Karin’s birthday. *flips hair* I can make a special case and let you give me a gift, okay? *points at Tsuruki* June 6th! Remember that!!” Everyone is stunned as Karin leaves. Tsuruki smiles and says, “So, she’s Karin.. Since that is so, I’m looking more forward to June 6th.” While walking away, Karin blushes and touches her shoulder where Tsuruki touched her. Narration: “April 10th. Finally, met the prince who suits Karin. However, on Karin’s 16th birthday, [I’ve] realized that he will not become my lover.”
Scans by ClassBianca.