December 28, 2012

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 2]

Originally posted @ on December 25, 2012

Cover page: “Becoming the world’s most happiest bride- is it really like this?” Standing at the altar, the priest asks Nao if he vows to always love Karin whether in sickness and in health and to mutually help each other, always until death. Nao says, “I do.” While their parents watch and Karin’s father is teary-eyed, the priest asks Karin if she vows to always love Nao whether in sickness and in health, and to mutually help each other, always until death. Lifting her veil, irritated Karin shouts, “I don’t want to!!!” Her father starts to freak out over what she is thinking and is this pre-wedding jitters again. Karin shouts, “Daddy! What the heck is this!? How come the ones who attended are only the parents of both sides? How come it is like a simple and crude ceremony!!? Isn’t this Karin’s wedding!? All of the school’s students should be invited! It should be broadcasted on the television!! I should at least change into 10 gowns!!! Isn’t it inevitable that it should be luxurious, GRAND and SPECIAL!? Just stop this kind of ceremony- *throws away bouquet and starts to walk away which freaks out her father* If you want me to marry then properly make the preparations!!” To her surprise, Nao stops her by holding her waist. Nao says that didn’t he properly tell her already that this wedding ceremony is done secretly for her protection. This made Karin blush that she exclaims his name. He tells her that if the people around them knew that a high school student got married, they will be looked at with curiosity by the others until graduation. “And, didn’t you hate that kind of thing?” Pushing him away, Karin asks him to give her concrete example of what is that curious look that others will have. Nao tells her that it will be like this – perverted guys will say that since she is married then she has already been ●●, doesn’t married couple always ▲▲ every night, so they definitely do it every night, and the newly wed wife’s reaction is definitely intense. Freaking out, Karin shouts that’s gross. While trembling Karin crawling on the floor, Nao tells her about that luxurious wedding that she wants, they can just hold a wedding again after she graduates.

While sitting down, Karin says that she doesn’t want to. Nao calls her name. Nao is surprised when Karin exclaims that she doesn’t want the wedding to be hidden like this. She thinks that she actually wants to show off for she had finally found herself a suitable first love and she’ll be known as the legendary bride of Nao *scene of Karin clinging on to Nao while the other girls cry with envy* so she totally doesn’t want to hide it. Karin exclaims that she doesn’t mind being looked at a strange way because about this marriage, she definitely wanted to tell everyone about it. Nao tells her that he also wants to tell everyone and show off that she is his bride. Karin looks up to him and says then isn’t getting married to her worthy of being proud of. Nao says but, half of his feelings want to keep this a secret. Karin asks why. He asks her if she doesn’t think that this is kind of special that ‘in the school, just between the two of them, they have a secret’. “It isn’t at all just because of your protection that it is kept a secret. *smiles* It is because only between the two of us, this special thing will continuously increase. My and Karin’s bonds can continuously deepen. Could it be that you didn’t think that way? *whispers* It is even possible that we’ll have a secret that our family won’t even know about.” This made Karin blush. She says, true, having lots of secrets isn’t bad at all. The priest coughs and repeats Karin’s wedding vow. This time around, Karin says, “I do!” The priest then says that it is time for the wedding kiss. This made Karin blush all over. She forgot about that, and direct kiss is a necessity in wedding ceremonies. She glances at her parents and wonders how did her parents kissed in front of her before. As Nao removes her veil, Karin becomes more nervous for she felt quite embarrassed when it is obviously her first kiss. Nao tells her not to be so uneasy for it is also okay to just kiss her face. Embarrassed Karin denies that she is nervous. She closes her eyes and exclaims that it is fine to quickly kiss, right? She tells herself that this childish trivial kiss isn’t a big deal so why.. Nao looks surprised for blushing Karin is trembling. To her surprise, Nao kisses her on the lips. Soon, the happy parents throw flower petals at the newly married couple. Karin is still touching her lips with her hand. Smiling Nao looks at Karin and apologizes for tricking her but in a wedding ceremony, in the end, it should be.. He stops upon seeing blushing Karin. He seems to blush and look shaken.
Soon, lunch is served. Huge wedding cake is being cut. At the staircase, Karin reads her note for her parents, “Beloved Daddy and Mommy, today, Karin got married. Daddy is a kind person who always smiles. *her father crying* I really like this side of daddy. Mommy is a kind person who always smiles. *her mother smiling* I totally revere this side of mommy. It’s really great that I’ve become daddy and mommy’s child. *her father is crying waterfalls that her mother has to calm him down* Thank you for always treasuring me while bringing me up until now. *smiles* So please be reassured that Karin will definitely become the world’s happiest bride with Nao.” Then, she hands over the envelope with the note to her father. Her father says that it is obviously a joke during their college days but it had unexpectedly come true. Karin asks, “College?” Her father says yes, for the four of them [including Nao’s parents] studied the same major during college and they have been good friends since then. Nao’s mother says that she gave birth to Nao when she was in 4th year college. Karin’s mother says that after two years, Karin is also born so they tell each other that when Nao becomes 18 years old and Karin becomes 16 years old, it would be a really amazing thing if they got married. With sparkles in her eyes, Karin thinks that it is a wedding destined upon their birth so in the end, it is really a love arranged by fate!! Karin’s father says that aside from the wedding, they have prepared a birthday present. “The best place to nurture your and Nao’s feelings. Your and Nao’s new home.” Karin imagines a beautiful mansion that will be their love nest. Karin blushes and says is that so. Her father says that they have already given her everything, all the necessities of life. Karin looks surprised. She realizes that after the wedding, from today on, she will be living separately from her parents. This made Karin tense that Nao assures her not to worry because he is here. Karin remembers that is right, from today on, she and Nao will always be together. Then, she freaks out upon remembering that also means that they will hold the ‘FIRST NIGHT’ today.
Soon, some black Benz cars drive through the street. Clinging on the seatbelt, Karin wonders what to do for she hasn’t prepared herself yet for this. She glances at Nao who smiles back at her. This startles her. While following her father to the new home, Karin wonders why Nao is so calm and collected. Her father exclaims, “Look, it’s here.. your and Nao’s new home..!” Karin is totally shock while Nao is semi-surprised for it is a run down two story apartment. Karin’s mother says that it is quite nostalgic. Nao’s mother giggles that no way, this place is still around. Nao’s father says that it is still the same as before. Karin gloomily looks at her father and asks if it is a joke this time around. Karin’s father says that this is the apartment where he and his wife stayed while they were poor. This surprises Karin that she shouts what does he mean poor for doesn’t their family belong to a famous family. Her father laughs and says that it seems that she didn’t know that their family is a so-called newly rich. Her mother says that her husband had really worked hard in his lifetime. Nao’s mother says that isn’t it amazing an otaku[/nerd] got into business and would unexpectedly tightly grab on a client[/s], not quite the same with her husband. Nao’s father just sweatdrops and looks away. To Karin’s shock, her father tells her that even if he isn’t that interested in a luxurious life, but in order to cope with the tax policy, he had built that luxurious house. “Even if the quality of life is currently very good, but mama is still quite nostalgic about the life during that time. Even if we were poor and it is also quite hard, but because of that, mama and papa were able to put together our combined efforts to pass through the difficulties. *holds hands with wife* Thanks to this apartment, our bonds had become, more and more, deeper.” Karin’s mother says that is why they thought about putting Karin and Nao in this difficult surrounding to nurture their love for each other. Karin is furious that she shouts how is that possible at this run-down place.. Nao holds her shoulder and tells Karin to leave it to him. Karin thinks that no wonder it is her husband since he would unexpectedly say it confidently. To her shock, Nao says, “Father, Mother, thank you very much that you would even prepare such a great new home! I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you two had pondering on this earnestly. From today on, I’ll definitely make Karin happy.” In tears, Karin’s father holds Nao’s shoulder and says, “It’s really great to have you as my son-in-law! And this way, the Oriyama family can also be at ease..” Karin interrupts them by angrily shouting for them to wait. She exclaims why and calls Nao stupid for she.. Nao smiles and says, “You and me only have to be together, and no matter where we are, we would be happy.” This made Karin blush. Soon, their parents wave them goodbye. Nao waves them goodbye but Karin just looks away with hands on her waist. Soon, they enter room 203 – Oriyama. Nao gestures her in and soon the door is closed. Narration: “That’s right, with only love, it doesn’t matter where the place is, if love truly existed.”
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