December 28, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 41]

Originally posted @ on December 26, 2012

The school bell rings. The teacher tells the class that Riko and Sou will be absent today because it seems that there is a dress rehearsal for MST so for the rest, pay attention as class is about to start. The other students are discussing about excited they are about it and they will absolutely watch it. Reiko is very displeased over this. She takes out her cellphone from her desk and starts to type. She writes to Sou about how she anticipates tonight’s MST because she can see his cool expression so gambatte. She sends it and smiles. At the studio, Miwako is telling Riko and others that they must engrave this in their hearts, ‘for enabling us to debut, thank you very much’. They must remember to be respectful and tell the staff ‘I’m under your care’[/yoroshiku]. They must still show a smile even if the other party didn’t respond. Remember, people who are hated by the staff cannot progress onstage. “Is there still anything you don’t understand?” While Shinya and Soichiro quietly stand by, Riko and the two tremble in fear and just say none. Raising up his hand, Yuu says that he is nervous that his stomach hurts. Miwako hands him some water and stomach medicine to drink. Riko and Sou say that they couldn’t sleep at night that their eyebags are so dark. She tells them to get the make-up artist conceal those. Pushing up her eyeglasses, Miwako exclaims okay, we’re going. They follow Miwako and it is like they are walking through a wilderness. Soichiro burst out in laughter and exclaims what kind of troops is that. Shinya says that is why a 25 year old virgin is quite troublesome. Riko and the others are surprised to see the MST set being prepared. Then, a staff member who is carrying some boxes of equipment bumps into Riko. He apologizes and starts walking towards the man calling him to hurry. Riko remembers Miwako’s warning that they must treat the staff well for if they are detested they won’t progress onstage. Riko bows and exclaims, “Welcome, you guys!!” Sou got influenced that he also shouts his welcome. Yuu is at a lost over what’s going on. Soichiroh bursts into laughter again. Annoyed and embarrassed Miwako shouts that there’s nothing very funny about it. With tears in his eye from laughing, Soichiro tells gloomy Miwako to forget about that and what’s the big deal. He says that she is scaring the kids for being that sensitive. Mush and others are trembling for they made a mistake. Miwako retorts back to Soichiro that this is really important. Soichiro says that is why he is saying that at this time, all the more one should be calm. At the women’s room, Riko washes her hand and lamely thinks that it is quite awful. She sits on the bench outside the toilets and laments over being too excited. While telling herself that she has to be refined and courteous, a young man passes by. He asks her if there is a queue. Riko looks up and looks surprised. The young man repeats his question if there is a queue to the toilet. She stands up and gesture to the toilets. She tells him not at all, it’s okay, just go in.

After the young man enters, Riko looks shock. Then, she quickly takes out her cellphone and writes an email to Sou that she just met Kaitouranma [快刀乱麻]’s Shibaken [柴健]. [Kaitouranma seems to be an idiom in Japanese which means ‘solving a problem swiftly and skillfully’] She also mentions that Shibaken is a different kind of good-looking guy than Yuu, a decent type. And, she sends the email. While doing his thing in the toilet, Shibaken realizes that he was quite stupid to think that there is queue for how can a girl line up at the men’s room. Upon going out, he sees that Riko is still there. He calls out to her and apologizes for asking such a weird question and please forget about it. Riko says not at all, it is alright, don’t mind it. Shibaken apologizes and says he is going. Riko bows to him. He stops and turns to tell her to please don’t start recklessly report that she has a good relationship with Kaitouranma’s Shihada Kengo [柴田健吾]. This nickname is Shibaken. Riko is stunned speechless. Back at school, while the teacher having a lecture, Reiko notices that there is a text message. She reads Riko’s message for Sou regarding meeting Shibaken. At the dressing room for Kaitouranma, Shibaken returns. A group member greets him back and another member plans to go to the toilet. Shibaken tells him that it would be better not to go there right now. The group member asks why. He says that there is a non-performer[/not an artist] currently there at the toilets’ entrance and her hair is like a mushroom. Their manager says that it could be the lead singer of Mush & Co for they are going to perform tonight. Shibaken asks who Mush is. He says that it is OT [Office Takagi]’s new artist, the band that first debuted in the CM [commercial] of Pepsi. He asks if Shibaken hasn’t seen it. Taking out his iPhone, Shibaken says that he only watches his own shows and no wonder Mari is going onstage, it is to praise[/promote] the newbie. He finds some information on the iPhone about Mush & Co. He says that it is her but he doesn’t recognize this group. The other group members look at his iPhone and say that it seems that they have seen that group. Shibaken sees that their single ranked 21th place and mutters that it’s a shrimp[/small fry]. Later on, Riko, together with her friends, looks nervous at Soichiro, Shinya and Miwako who bow to a certain guy and thank him for giving them an opportunity to perform onstage. The man says that it is alright, there’s no need to be too polite. He smiles and says that he is really anticipating it since it is OT’s new artist so he’ll leave things to them. Mush & Co. exclaims that they will definitely do their best in the performance. The man says that it is quite unexpected for Shinya to be the producer. Just when Shinya is saying that actually he always wanted to do that and it is his wish.., the man sees someone that he apologizes to Shinya and leaves. The man greets Aki who greets Kiyo-san [清] back. Kiyo tells him to say a word first so that he can come and fetch him. Aki says that there’s no need for that. Kiyo says that Mari’s new song is really great and touching. Aki thanks him. Kiyo praises him by saying that no wonder it is Crude Play’s Aki that he is really curious how Aki can write such great songs. Aki says, “Talent?” Kiyo claps and says that is right.
While Shinya is just watching this, Kiyo tells Aki that he is quite delight that they are the first ones where the song will be performed. Riko and Sou are irritated when Yuu kept on shouting how come Ogasawara is there. Riko thinks that even if before she thought that she already knew but it is only at this time that she truly knows that this person is Crude Play’s Aki. Kaitouranma is being called out. Just when Shibaken is asking about the accompaniment to his band member, he notices Kiyo telling Aki that he’ll be under his care[/yoroshiku] and Aki saying that he doesn’t have to flatter him. Kiyo says not at all for from today on, he’ll be depending on Aki to write more good songs. Aki says is that so. Shibaken asks his band member who is that guy whom Kiyo is bowing to. His band member says that he doesn’t know but it has to be an amazing person though he is quite young. Shibaken looks surprised upon seeing Aki and Riko holding hands behind each other’s back. He freaks out over what is that. Soon, the performance [/rehearsal] is about to start. The hosts introduce Mush & Co. and Riko lets out a tense ‘ahaha’ Shibaken couldn’t believe that Mushroom Head sounded off a deer-type of sound. The host says that there will be four groups performing artists that will perform splendidly. Shibaken glances at the side to see Aki with some staff members [looks like manager-types] and thinks that he doesn’t know who he is but he even got to sit backstage. He couldn’t believe that guy [Aki] is some sort of lover with that girl in a sailor uniform. Soon, Mush & Co. is going to sing their new single. Shibaken looks irritated for it is a lip-synching. He becomes fidgety. He thinks that before the official performance, he must definitely talk[/persuade] to her that if she kept on acting dumb[/foolish], how can her band continue to survive. He stares at the toilet room and thinks that she will definitely come back to this place. He sits on the bench to wait for Riko. Then, he spots something. He sees Mari pushing Aki into her dressing room. After the door closes, surprised Shibaken thinks that even if it is just a flash but he saw it. “No way. That kind of backstage! No way, it’s two-timing! By the way, Mari and Mushroom Head.. The scope of his hunting grounds is also quite wide!!!” Then, Riko passes by and starts to enter the toilet. Riko is surprised when Shibaken suddenly grabs her arm. Shibaken looks a bit flustered and surprised. Meanwhile, during school break, grumpy Reiko types in her Twitter, ‘Mushroom Head and Shibaken|” Then, she smiles. Blurb: “Lecture!? the way, Shibaken has fallen for Riko!?”
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