December 20, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 9]

[Free Talk: This summary is brought to you by Asahi of Halftone Circle. I have asked for her summary to be posted here since her site no longer exists. Thank you, Asahi ^^ Since this blog arranges entries based on dates, I’ll be using the official date of release.]

At the back of the school building, Mego plays with Mego #2 (the white kitty that's named after her). Mego tells #2 that today she'll go see a movie with Aoi. She happily says that this must be "that", a "date", The cats climb on top of Mego's head and cause her wig to fall down. Heart thumping loudly, Mego assures herself that no one had seen her without the wig. Mego narrates that it has been a week since she switched places with Mitsuru. At their respective schools, Mitsuru and she both fell in love. Mitsuru fell for the deaf yet beautiful Takenaka Shino. Mego fell for Sanada Aoi, the strongest man in this yankee school. This is the love where they both had to conceal their true nature. While playing with the gray kitty, Mego says it was a shock to find out that Shino and Aoi are brother and sister. It's no wonder that Mego and Mitsuru are twins since they fall for Aoi and Shino. They share the same taste even down to genetic level. Mego speculates that Shino and Aoi's family situation must be quite complicated. Even though Shino and Aoi look cold and beautiful, their eyes are misted with sadness. It'd be nice if Mitsuru and she could help them smile a bit more. Mego are Aoi are supposed to meet here after class, but Aoi is running late. Looking at the red leaves falling, Mego mulls over how it's already October and her one week here will soon come to an end. Even if her time here is up, she'll still want to stay by Aoi's side. Aoi finally arrives and apologizes for being late. Seeing Mego surrounded by falling red leaves, Aoi stops dead in his track. His heart races when Mego notices him and calls out "Sanada senpai". Mego greets Aoi and eagerly pulls him over to see the leaves, as they look much more beautiful from her spot. Mego looks radiant than ever in the twirling red leaves. (*is it me or she looks like she has boobs in the last pic here?) Totally stunt by how gorgeous Mego looks, Aoi mumbles that somehow Mego looks shiny today. Mego freaks out and wonders if her skin looks oily, even though she's prepped it carefully. Aoi, now blushing slightly, mumbles that it's nothing. He thinks there must be something wrong with his eyes and he needs to get them checked soon. On the way to the movie, Mego chirpily asks if he'll go see Shino from now on. Aoi says that he's already promised Shino to go see her at her school. Moreover, it is dangerous for Shino to come to their school. Aoi thanks the twins for their help in patching the Aoi-Shino relationship. Aoi tells Mego that Shino's been talking about "his" sister a lot. Shino praised "Mego" for being strong, kind and cute and she wants to become a girl like "Mego". Mego is so happy for Mitsuru because Shino holds such high regard for him, even though he was thought of as a girl. Aoi then says Mego is just the same as "his" sister "strong, kind and cu..". Realizing what it can mean by what he just said, Aoi loudly denies that he meant it that way.
When he said "kind", he meant "troublesome" and "cute" is just because Mego has a girl-like face. Seeing how happy Mego looks, Aoi tells her to stop looking so happy being called cute when "he" is a guy himself. Mego thinks it'd be great if she had a tape recorder with her. Mego wonders if this is how Aoi really thinks of her and just the thought of it makes her extremely happy. Mego returns the favor and says that Aoi is also a very cute person. Hearing that, Aoi blushes profusely and tells her to just stay here if she keeps saying stupid stuff. Chasing after the blushy Aoi, Mego mentally asks him if it's okay for her to have some expectation. Mego and Aoi pass the time at a fast food restaurant until the movie. Mego praises Aoi and Shino for being able to sign quickly. Mego spells "Mitsuru" with her fingers since she's been practicing how to finger spell. She tries to spell Aoi's name but after the "sa", she doesn't know how to spell the "na" in "sanada". Aoi reaches over to guide and show her how to spell "na". When he turns to ask if she knows how to spell "da", he notices an extremely red faced Mego. Just as Aoi mumbles sorry and backs away, Mego clutches his hand and asks him to teach with his fingers. While Aoi teaches her how to make voiced sounds with her hand, Mego narrates that she doesn't want to let go of these fingers. Staring at a stuffed toy called "Wan Mune-kun", Mego excitedly exclaims that she wants it. She wonders if it's okay if she tries to grab it. Aoi teases her for wanting stuff animal even though "he" is a guy. Mego says Mune-kun is special and she'll go get some change for coins. Aoi chuckles that Mego is such a busy "guy" and "he" should hurry up since it's movie time soon. While looking for the coin machine, Mego feels blessed that Aoi has shown her many of his expressions. She wishes for the sadness in his eyes to soon be replaced with happiness. Next to the machine, Mego overhears some guys planning on ambushing Aoi. If they succeeded, their reputation would be up a notch. Hearing that, Mego bravely stands in their way. Back at the claw machine, Aoi finally successfully captured Mune-kun after quite a few attempts. When they were young, Shino pulled him along to play claw game before. Aoi wonders if Mego will be happy with this toy. Mego narrates that she wants to protect Aoi and wishes that his happy expression won't get clouded up. The men who tried to ambush Aoi walk by him and threaten Aoi to prepare himself because next time it'll be his turn. Aoi has no clue what they talked about. He wonders why it takes Mego so long and then it suddenly hits him that Mego might have been in danger. Rushing to Mego's side, Aoi frantically checks if she's okay. Mego, not worrying about her own injuries, asks if Aoi isn't injured anywhere and if he was attacked by those guys. Seeing Aoi okay, Mego finally breathes a sigh of relief.
Looking at a scratched up Mego, Aoi scolds her for not calling him right away even though the target was him in the first place. Mego cowers and apologizes. However, just from thinking that Aoi would be in danger, she wouldn't possibly just stay still. Mego then triumphantly reports she counter-attacked those 3 guys by headbutting their nether regions, just like she did with Moyuyu before. Aoi shudders at the thought of a "nether region missile" and finally understands why Moyuyu was slouching before. Even though Mego is trying to be brave, her hands are still shaking. She tries to laugh it off but that doesn't get pass Aoi. Turning away, Aoi suggests them leave and he'll send her home. When asked about the movie, Aoi gloomily says that this is it for today and he won't invite her again. He apologizes for letting his guard down. He blames himself for not foreseeing that Mego would be pulled into a situation like this when she's near him. When he's with her, he lets his defense down...Mego puts her hands over his mouth top stop him from finishing his sentence. Mego says she knows what Aoi was about to say. She knows he wanted to tell her to not get near him again and she'd hate it. She asks him why he'd say such a sad thing. She was happy and it was fun being with him and an injury like this doesn't hurt at all. Mego mentally pleads with Aoi to not let go of her. Shewants to stay by Aoi's side, forever and forever being together...(*Mego uses watashi for "I", the pronoun she uses when she is in girl form"). While looking deeply into Aoi's eyes, Mego mentally confesses "Iove you. I love you".......let this feeling reach you...Aoi kisses Mego.

"Eh. Senpai...?"

"You're an idiot, getting tattered like this..." says Aoi while gently caressing the side of her lips. 
"You're a big idiot"

When their eyes meet, Mego feels like the surrounding sounds getting dimmer and dimmer. The next moment, their lips touch again, as if they are being pulled together like magnets.Blurb: Finally...!!Next issue will have a color cover and freebie. Even more "love's miracles" coming? Update: the preview for next chapter on Sho-comi website is : "in the end, Mitsuru and Mego's role switch is expose?!!"
Scans by 夜工作室

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