December 18, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 72] -Fin-

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A [black] bird flies by Kyo’s estate. At a storage room, a young boy is hiding. Someone approaches him and asks, “You’re hiding in this kind of place that you’ve made me look hard for you, Young Master Sou.” Pouting Sou calls out to [grown up] Jirou. Sou whines how come the one who found him is him and calls Jirou an idiot. Jirou nonchalantly tells him and even if he only recently assume his position[/take office] but in the end, he is also responsible in taking care of him [Sou] so he has to be always at his side to guard him. “If you do not want to be found, then please hide in a more concealed place.” Sou is frustrated that he curls up. Jirou says that is enough, they are going for Kyo-sama will be coming back soon or is he wanting to get Kyo’s attention[/importance] that is why he is deliberately doing this. Sou didn’t reply so Jirou calls out to him. Sou tearfully says that his father isn’t worried about him because just like that, he left him and went out by himself. “His mind is only filled with mother when today is obviously my birthday--..” Jirou thinks that is inevitable because Sou’s birthday is also the Princess’ day of misfortune. “It has already been six years. Young Master Sou is also six years old. Generally, it is a day which we won’t forget throughout our lives. That thing during that night had quietly stung the eardrums--” Flashback: Someone is shouting that Misao is already experiencing labor pains. The doctor arrives and asked if the water bag broke. Tarou ordered Saburou to quickly get a bigger water basin. Jirou gave some blankets to Ayame. While the others are flustered over their helplessness, Jirou looked surprised upon seeing a glance of Misao lying down on the futon with Kyo and the doctor beside her. Then, he fell on his knees as the door closed again. He thought that fundamentally it is an occasion that should be celebrated but the mood is quite heavy. He took out a piece of strawberry candy and thought that just now, Misao was still smiling when she called out to him and gave him a delicious candy. He held the candy tightly in his hand and thought that he read a lot of books and frantically searching about it, but he wasn’t able to find it. “Find a way for the princess to live on. *crying* And I have already searched as if my life depended on it.” He glanced at the side to see his brother Tarou also crying. He thought that Tarou wanted the princess to be healthy that he created a diet[for her].

Narration: “Everyone really likes the princess. Everyone already put in all of their effort in it. How come it still, won’t do at all? How come it is so unreasonable?” They were startled when they hear the baby crying. Crying Ayame came out the room with the baby. She told them that young master Sou is already born. Narration: “No one could utter a sound but only stare and look.” Jirou looked in the room to see Misao’s hand, that is holding on to Kyo’s hand, had gone limp and fell to her side. End flashback. Tarou arrives at the storage house and asks Jirou if he has seen Sou. Jirou glances at Sou who is nervously hiding behind some boxes. To Sou’s surprise, Jirou says that it seems Sou isn’t nearby. Tarou asks what they should do when Kyo is still away, and Sagami is really worried. Jirou says that it is alright for if it is Sou, even if they don’t look for him, he’ll definitely be quite lonely that he would go running out by himself. Tarou sighs and goes out. Sou calls out to Jirou. He freaks out when Jirou tells him that afterwards, he should just be good and take in Sagami’s scolding[/lecture]. Jirou thinks that just like what they’ve anticipated, upon birth, Sou has an extraordinarily monster strength but looking at him like this, he is also like an ordinary child and that is because Kyo had properly taught him. It is like what Misao said that it is almost the same. Jirou pats Sou’s head and tells him that he thinks that actually, Sou is important to Kyo. Sou pouts and shouts that he’s lying for his father likes his mother more. To Sou’s shock, Jirou says but of course, because in Kyo’s heart, there is no one, more important to him than Misao. Narration: “Going back that day to that room where Young Master Sou’s cries are heard. Kyo-sama lightly kissed the princess who is no longer moving. Everyone thought that it is a farewell kiss. It is a kiss that pained everyone’s heart. Who would have thought that this kiss still has some other significance. The one who first noticed it is the doctor.” Flashback: While holding Misao’s wrist, the doctor said that she can still feel the pulse and even if it is weak, but it is definitely beating. Everyone look surprised and wondered if Kyo is actually passing his own energy to Misao with that kiss. Someone said that actually, they, being youkai[/monsters], can actually pass their energy to a human. “Causing the dead to become alive but then, energy has a limit. Able to keep the princess alive will also be only just for a short period of time. And in case, the lips part, the princess will--..” Narration: “And even if it is like that, no one can stop Kyo-sama. This isn’t a long term plan. Those words are like splashing cold water that no one could say it. After a whole day has passed, even if it is already the second night, this kiss still continues.”
Carrying some books, Jirou walked pass the kitchen and thought that he can’t be at ease if he doesn’t do something. Seeing Tarou chopping something, Jirou wondered if his brother also thought that way. While Saburou gave Tarou some vegetable, Jirou noticed the bag of candy that Misao gave him by the cabinet. Saburou told Jirou that Misao bought that candy and she said that lately, she likes eating that. Saburou said that he also like it. Jirou looked at the bag and thought that there are still many left. Recalling Misao telling him that it is delicious, Jirou started to tear up over not yet eating all of the candy. To his shock, Saburou grabbed a candy and ate it. Jirou exclaimed what he is doing for this is given by Misao. Crying Saburou said that it is alright, for Misao said that they can eat it and if they ate it all up, she will buy them again. “So, it is alright. We’ll wait for the princess to wake up again and afterwards, we’ll go buy lots and lots back.” Jirou thought that Misao believed that she won’t depart from the human world and she steadfastly believed that Kyo will definitely not give up. Jirou is startled when the blender starts making a loud noise. He exclaimed to Tarou if he is making some mixed fruit juice. Tarou shouted that it is finished. Carrying the glass of juice, Tarou started to run and call out to Kyo. In the room, Sagami tried to tell Kyo to rest for if he collapsed, Misao will.. Tarou interrupts by calling out to Kyo and telling him to drink the juice within 5 seconds for that is his special energy replenishing drink. To their surprise, Kyo took the glass and drank it straight within 3 seconds. Sagami lightly patted Tarou’s back. Flustered Jirou thought that they believe and support Kyo’s faith in “Don’t give up”, “Strive hard until the last second”, “Make that unreasonable fate begone”, “Always until the end struggling with all of one’s strength.” Soon, everyone is resting. Jirou woke up from his nap and thought that the wind stopped. He looked up to see Kyo holding Misao. It seemed like a peculiar lonely embrace and this is when the third night will soon pass. Jirou noticed that Kyo gently touched Misao’s face. Jirou became flustered and called out to Misao. End flashback. Back at the storage room, there is some flapping sound. Jirou tells Sou that Kyo appears to have returned. Sou quickly stands up and runs out. Jirou thinks that Sou really likes being difficult with. Sou runs to where the others are greeting Kyo. While Jirou follows behind him, Sou shouts, “Father-sama! Mother-sama..!” Misao, together with Kyo, happily tells Sou that they are back. Jirou smiles at the couple and thinks, “That is a miracle that broke the deathly stillness.” Flashback: Misao opened her eyes and muttered, “..Kyo?” Everyone is surprised. A tear fell from Kyo’s eye. He tightly hugged Misao.
Narration: “Like that, Kyo-sama let out a loud cry. It is the first time and generally, the last time I saw it. Later on, Kyo-sama said that he isn’t at all sure that this way would work. Before, they already used this same method to help the princess recover from a cold. And before the child is about to be born, the princess mentioned regarding all-out happiness and [he] associate that thinking with the rule of preservation. The note that Shou left also referred to this kind of thinking. ‘Is it possible to preserve[/save] both the immortal fruit and Misao?’ Actually, it is referring to the ‘preservation’ of energy. It meant that the Immortal Fruit will gather up all her unused energy and ‘give’ it all [through sex] to her youkai husband. –No, it’s ‘temporary release’. One only has to give that energy back to the Immortal Fruit and then, she can live on. That is the truth. The more the husband loves her, the more she’ll give energy to her husband which will conveniently increase. So, she is attracting her husband that way. And things ought to go smoothly now. “Even if afterwards, one would realize it after it had passed, and there is a follow through, but at that time, they only thought of it as a miracle.” End flashback. Sou calls out to his mother and suddenly jumps on to Misao. Misao starts to fall that Kyo scolds Sou that didn’t he always told him not to violently pounce on Misao. Sou clings on to Misao’s dress and apologizes. Narration: “We don’t know if it is the after-effect of entering a fake death, but ever since that time, the princess’ legs had been inconvenienced. And after striving hard to quickly recover, she finally was able to walk. *Holding her up, Kyo asks Misao if she is alright and she thanks him.* But right now, the condition of the princess’ legs is still unstable. Kyo-sama would always keep close to her and stayed beside her. Although there are many bitter memories..” Misao tells Jirou good work and does Sou listen to him. Sou exclaims that he did. Sou freaks out when Sagami darkly asks if he is finished playing hide and seek. Sagami sighs and tells Kyo that his son is quite troublesome and it is uncannily similar with him. Kyo just picks his ear. Narration: “It isn’t worth mentioning but Sagami-sama had cut off his hair as a prayer for happiness.”
Ayame with [her?] daughter arrives. The girl exclaims that Sou is found. She scolds her brother for being clumsy that they lost track of Sou. Her brother says that is because she fell down and things became like this. Ayame tells [her?] children to stop fighting. Then, three young girls call out to Jirou and say that they pick flowers for Sou. They got it from Tarou’s garden. Jirou sweatdrops. Saborou comments that didn’t Jirou always do that. While making a face, he tells Jirou to keep it a secret. Standing behind Saburou, Tarou is furious. He angrily complains that Saburou would pick flowers every time, to give them to girl[s]. Then, someone asks what the excitement is. Buzen and Zenki have arrived. Buzen greets Kyo and says that it has been a long time. Kyo asks how that side is. Buzen grins and says that he’s quite happy for there are a lot of beauties in the North. Kyo says who is asking about that. Jirou narrates that Buzen had took office[/assume position] at some other place so he had left the countryside. Zenki is undergoing training to become the head of the ‘Protect Wings Institution’. [<-庇翼院; Since I didn’t read this series thoroughly, I think it is the orphanage] Kyo teases Zenki that as a monk, he should soon be shaving his head. Zenki says that it is troublesome that Kyo asks if he also knows that he’ll look ugly if he did that. Jirou and his siblings are tasked to take care of Sou. Right now, the ones who still serve at Kyo’s side are only Sagami and Houki. Houki arrives and asks if he is the last one to arrive. Jirou narrates that for all 8 Daitengu to be gathered once again, one can’t help but feel nostalgic of the days when they would risk their lives to follow Kyo. Someone asks if they are all gathered now. Misao says no, they have to call out her parents. Misao looks at the side and says that they’ve arrived. Her parents smile to greet them and Sou goes to greet them. Yoshio carries Sou up and exclaims that every time he sees Sou, he is looks more and more like Misao. Yoko mutters that Sou obviously looks like Kyo as if they have been modeled together. Sou says that it is amazing that everyone is here. “What’s the special occasion today?” Kyo asks what he is talking about for doesn’t he remember his own birthday. Sou looks surprised. He becomes teary-eyed when the girls shower him with the flowers. Kyo and Misao lovingly look at each other.
Taking a book from his kimono, Jirou watches the two hold Sou’s hand and walk away. Narration: “Kyo-sama had said that an Immortal Fruit is a creature who thirsts for love. Thirsting for love, she makes a youkai protect her which causing her to survive and live on. But no matter how the Immortal Fruit longed for that kind of feeling, if there is no husband who can respond to that expectation, then, everything is only just a fantasy. *flips through book* If it isn’t these two people, if there is no intense love for each other between the two, this won’t produce a miracle. Hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, the two walk through each day is the product of the deep love for the Immortal Fruit by the person whom humans call a heretic youkai. Hereafter, when a youkai, who mutually love the Immortal Fruit, would appear once again in this world, just use this record book to show [as a reference] to the future generation. Usui Jirou.” And, that is the Usui version of the Immortal Fruit Record. The End. Scans by 深雪汉化组.