December 10, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 8]

[Free Talk: This summary is brought to you by Asahi of Halftone Circle. I have asked for her summary to be posted here since her site no longer exists. Thank you, Asahi ^^ Since this blog arranges entries based on dates, I’ll be using the official date of release except for this one since my chapter 7 summary came later. ^^;]

Watching Shino embracing Aoi, the twins cry for their broken hearts. Mitsuru can’t believe that the guy Shino likes is Aoi. Meanwhile, Mego wonders if Shino is special to Aoi since he is hugging her even though he’s no good around girls. Aoi scolds Shino for being an idiot and coming here without any warning. They start to sign very fast. Mego and Mitsuru try to read what the other two are talking about and to their surprise, Shino makes a sign that says “onii chan” (brother). Aoi is surprised that Mego and Mitsuru can understand sign language. Later, the 4 are at a restaurant. The twins are both ecstatic that they avoided being broken hearted. Mitsuru mulls over the fact that Shino’s brother is the strongest man of AKC, and that would make Aoi his future brother-in-law (according to his plan) :P. Mitsuru puts on a sexy pose and introduces “herself” as Mitsuru’s twin sister Kobayashi Megumu. Mitsuru is very proud of himself as he’s left a great impression on Aoi for her sake. Mego frantically “tells” Mitsuru to not do as he wishes with “her” body, and that Aoi is dying from his girl weakness. Sensing the heavy mood between the brother and sister, the twins steers the talk toward food and how yummy the parfait is. Aoi and Shino point at their cheeks and say that the twins both get cream on the same side of their cheeks. Seeing how beautiful they look, the twins nose bleed profusely, thinking that these siblings are quite devilish. Aoi touches Mego’s lip while looking at her tenderly, as if giving her a kiss with his finger. Aoi and Mego snap out of their own world when the people near them snicker and wonder if they are BL and which one of them is uke ^.^. While Mitsuru cries for Mego to stop flirting with Aoi with “his” body, Shino takes out a handkerchief and starts wiping the cream off Mitsuru’s cheek. Mitsuru is so overwhelmed with happiness that he cries a river and composes a poem to express his overflowing feelings.”You’re the pure angel that descended upon this Earth. I am a pitiful fallen angel that is fascinated by you. I can no longer return to heaven as I am drowning in the sea called you”.
While mentally asking Mitsuru to behave himself, as people are snickering again how Shino and Mitsuru look like yuri, Mego notices how this is the first time she takes a good look at Shino’s face. Even though Shino and Aoi don’t look very alike, her misty beautiful eyes resemble that of Aoi’s. Mego wonders why Aoi and Shino don’t live together, and Mitsuru just blurts out the same question. Since the story is complicated, Shino opts to tell them in writing. Since the time they were in elementary school, they were taken in separately by their relatives. Shion then sign asks Aoi why he doesn’t meet up with her at all. Even though Aoi was so kind to her back then, ever since they separated, he’s gotten cold toward her. Even though she sent him letters or emails, he didn’t reply to any. Did he hate her since she robbed him of his eye and many other precious things. Aoi shouts to her to stop and to never say anything like that again. It wasn’t her fault. Shino pulls out her lavender charm and says that she’s been treasuring it as a substitute for Aoi. This charm was his present to her back then as “lavender” is her name. Mego, recalling Aoi smelt of lavender the time he saved her, exclaims to Shino that Aoi doesn’t hate her, in fact, he loves her since there is always this lavender fragrant emitting from Aoi. Shino should notice this when she hugged him earlier. Aoi blushingly explains that he always carries this lavender protecting charm that Shino sent him. He thought he’d be a bother to Shino if he came visit her as she seemed to get along very well with her new family. There is only one precious sister in the whole world for him, there is no way he can dislike her. Shino happily signs that even though her new family is very kind, but Aoi is special. He will always be her treasured onii-chan. The twins are touched deeply and start bawling, exclaiming how brother and sister is a wonderful relationship. Aoi is embarrassed by the whole deal, picks up and check and leaves first. Shino thanks the twins for today. She then explains that Aoi and her have different fathers so they don’t look very much alike. However, Aoi has been very kind to her.
He always protected her when the kids ridiculed her deafness. Aoi was branded as a delinquent, but he only got angry for real when people precious to him were hurt. His left eye’s injury was also her fault. Seeing Shino remain silent and seem sad, Mego can’t ask her anything else. They 4 meet up outside the restaurant. Mego tells Aoi to send Shino home properly. She tells him to not fight with her since they haven’t seen each other in a while, to which Aoi says she’s being meddlesome. Shino comments that it is great Aoi has made such a great friend. Aoi wonders what she’s getting interested in for, since Mego is just a “guy” who likes to stick around him, but Mego is making it less boring for him. Shino wonders if Aoi hasn’t realized it yet. Right now he’s wearing such a gentle expression that it makes her a bit jealous. Next day at school, Aoi apologizes for pulling “him” along yesterday. Mego thinks that it was great as she was able to know more about Aoi. He can use sign language. Even though he is quite awkward, he is very kind to his sister. The more she thinks about it, Aoi becomes more and more wonderful to her. Aoi comments that Mego’s “sister” is quite an unique individual. However, he’s grateful to her as she learns sign language for Shino’s sake. Aoi asks if Mego can use sign language also. Mego tells him that she practices with “Megumu”, but she can only understand simple signs. Aoi then starts signing, asking if she understands it. Aoi sign “thank you” and then starts another sentence. He gives Mego 5 points out of 100 for her answer. The meaning of his sentence is “after school, do you have time to go watch a movie?”. Aoi takes out 2 tickets he received from Shino, telling Mego its okay if she doesn’t want to go. Mego clings to him and asks him to let her go with him to the end of the Earth. If this was a dream, Mego wishes to never wake up from it. Kobayashi Megumu, 15 years old, will go on a date with the person she loves for the first time in her life.
Scans by 工作室

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