December 9, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 75]

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Chizuru shows the others the flower in a box that Ryu gave her. She tells them that it is a ‘secure’ turns out that she heard wrong, it is a preserved flower, a pink rose. Chizuru becomes nervous when her two friends exchange glance saying that it is a pink rose. Chizuru nervously asks them if it is like her. Sawako says yes. Ayane tries to calm Chizuru down. Ayane asks her reaction upon getting the flower. Chizuru says that she also gave him her gift. While Chizuru and Sawako start talking about it, Ayane interrupts and insists on knowing what they talked about for such a long time that she didn’t come back. Chizuru keeps on saying some other things like ramen and television program that Ayane persistently asks her what they talked about when she got that flower. Sawako thinks that it is something romantic. Somewhat flustered, Chizuru tells them that they talked about when they were young, Tooru and Ryu’s deceased mother. It is recollections regarding Ryu that time passes away because for a certain time they haven’t properly chatted. She heard that Tooru will come this year’s end. Ayane asks if she wants to see him. Chizuru says yes, really want to see his face. Chizuru got nervous when the other two are smiling at her. Ayane says that she wants to see first the guy whom she used to like and afterwards confirm her feelings. Chizuru denies it. While Chizuru kept saying that it isn’t so, Ayane says that just like Chizuru, Ryu must have been nervous to unexpectedly choose this kind of gift. The two asks Chizuru if her heart beats faster when she is with Ryu. Chizuru seems to be clueless if she did. Chizuru asks if the other girls got gifts. Sawako shows them her gloves. They say that it is cute and it suits her. Chizuru jokingly says that it would be good if she give Shouta a kiss. Sawako looks away and won’t say a word about it. Chizuru asks what Kent gave Ayane. Ayane says roses that Chizuru whines not to talk about her again. Chizuru tells her that it is a bouquet, fresh red roses. Chizuru couldn’t believe that Kent is a Japanese high schooler. She shows them a picture of the ruined rose bouquet wherein the roses are red yet white in the outside. She tells them that possibly, this kind of rose won’t be available anymore after 10 years because the farmer is already old and it isn’t grown anywhere else. The girls start to wonder what would happen to them after 10 years – married, have a child.. Sawako says that it would be good if they can still have fun like this together. They start shouting what she is talking about when they will always be together. Then, Sawako’s mother brought some food for lunch. They start to tell Sawako’s mother about their gifts. Sawako apologizes for not helping out but her mother says that it is okay for she made the cake yesterday. When Sawako mentioned about wanting them to taste it, her mother decided to invite them for the party along with their boyfriends.

Soon, Shouta and Ryu arrive. Ryu notices the box and asks if she brought it and showed it to the others. Chizuru nervously says yes. Ryu asks her to please don’t do such a thing. He looks away that Chizuru thought he is angry. But, it turns out that he is embarrassed. ^^ Then, she blushes when Ryu’s stomach started growling. He came there prepared to eat =P Just when Sawako is going to invite Ryu to her room, she suddenly closes the door and exclaims that they can’t go in. Sawako starts to ask if Shouta is really free today, if it is okay with his family, and if he is just forced. Shouta exclaims, no, he is very happy. She blushes and bends down. She whispers to Shouta about what happened yesterday. They were surprised to see that Chizuru is watching them from the door. Then, Kent also arrives. While carrying some things, he says that he came because he really wants to see Ayane. Then, Sawako’s father arrives. He is surprised when everyone welcomes him home. They introduce Ryu and Kent to him. Shouta apologizes for making Sawako come home late. Her father asks if he guarantees to seriously go steady with Sawako. Shouta says yes. Her father exclaims that’s good. Then, Sawako takes a bag of strawberries from her father. Her father is a bit shock that Sawako has grown taller..taller than him. Then, Chizuru suddenly exclaims that hat which Sawako’s father is wearing is supposed to be Shouta’s.. Ayane quickly covers her mouth. After exchanging glances, the two girls just greet him a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sawako’s father look at the hat before his wife tells him to change clothes. Sawako and others start to wonder what they are going to do on New Year. Kent asks if they are going to the hatsumode [first shrine visit]. Chizuru and Ayane say hatsumode and Sawako’s birthday. Chizuru suggests that they go to the hatsumode together in the morning. Sawako tells them that she is going to make Toshikoshi soba [New Year soba] which everyone would want to eat. Kent notices Sawako’s father standing by the corner that he asks what he is doing there. Chizuru puts reindeer hat on Sawako’s father and shows them the decorations they’ve made while waiting for him to come home. Kent tells Sawako’s father that Shouta is a super nice guy. Ryu agrees. Then, Kent says that Shouta listened to him talk until the morning though he is mean when he occasionally becomes drowsy. Shouta shouts if he is criticizing him. Soon, everyone is having fun. Sawako looks at them and recalls being alone without company in the classroom. Sawako’s father sees his daughter smile with Shouta, and he looks away. Her mother is smiling. “Always, always, it would be good if everyone can be together like this.”
Scans by 夜莺工作室