December 9, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 7]

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Narration: “Five days has passed since the Kobayashi twins, Mitsuru and Mego had exchanged schools.” A guy calls out to Kobayashi [Mego] and suddenly puts a wig on ‘him’. Then, the guy takes a picture of ‘him’ on his cellphone. The guy starts to explain that in order to get a good impression, he told his junior high friends that he got a girlfriend and in the end, they want him to send a picture of the girlfriend to them. Starting to take a picture again, the guy says that Kobayashi looks like a girl so can ‘he’ help him out by making a pose. As Mego makes a cutey pose, the guy says that ‘he’ really looks like a girl. Mego lamely laughs and thinks, “Sorry, I’m fundamentally a girl.” Then, someone bumps behind ‘him’. Mego looks up to see that it is Aoi. Surprised Aoi mutters that it is a girl. Since he is weak against girls, he promptly starts to faint that Mego quickly takes off ‘his’ wig and shouts that it is ‘him’, Kobayashi. Just when he is about 45° before falling on the floor, Aoi quickly stops and stands up straight. Aoi sighs and asks Kobayashi what’s up. While the other guy is puzzled over what had happened, Mego thinks that it is amazing for it seems that Aoi is totally okay now. Aoi scratches his head and thinks that startled him. Narration: “He is Sanada Aoi. Even if he is called Akechi Academy’s strongest guy, but actually, he cannot get near a girl within the radius of 50 centimeter. And if there is a girl around, he will faint. I’m the only one who knows this secret. Of course, I’m a girl and I have kept this secret from Aoi-kun.” Mego covers her mouth and thinks that is dangerous for if she wasn’t careful, Aoi’s secret is almost exposed in front of everyone because of her. Aoi apologizes to ‘him’ over what happened yesterday for he caused ‘him’ trouble. Mego realizes that he was referring to the time when he fainted on top of her. The two blush over this. Mego says that it is nothing. Aoi asks ‘him’ if ‘he’ is free this noon break. “It isn’t my style not to return a favor to someone. I’ll treat you this noon. Come with me to the dining hall.” Mego couldn’t believe it for Aoi had unexpectedly treated her for lunch (*’ψψ̒*) ◦°(°ˊАˋ)°◦ In the dining hall, Mego feels like she is eating at a 5 star hotel even if she didn’t come there before. [<- the canteen actually has lots of graffiti] Aoi asks if it is delicious. Slurping her noodles, Mego says that it is very delicious♡ The other delinquents are shock for the First’s Sanada Aoi is eating with Kobayashi. It is the first time that they saw Sa-chan [Aoi’ nickname] eat lunch with someone. Oh ya, they also saw earlier that Kobayashi and Moyuyu-senpai quite close to each other. They couldn’t believe that Kobayashi’s relationship with the Kami7 is unexpectedly quite good and what’s the inside story.

Aoi asks Mego if it is really that delicious for isn’t it the most convenient menu[/dish]. Mego smiles and tells him that it is because ‘he’ always likes to eat fried tofu udon but so far, today is the most delicious one ‘he’ ate. “Thank you for treating me- It is definitely because it is filled with senpai’s kindness and sincerity that is why it is delicious. *Aoi blushes in surprise over this* I would say that this is the most delicious udon!! It is rated as an extremely wonderful bowl of udon at the peak in the world of udon..” Embarrassed Aoi covers Mego’s mouth and tells ‘him’ that ‘he’s exaggerating so just quietly eat. Aoi thinks that it isn’t like he was the one who made those noodles. Embarrassed Mego nervously laughs for she was so happy that she lost her senses that she starts to talk too much[/nonsense] but, this bowl of noodles is really so delicious. Mego steal a glance at blushing Aoi who is slightly putting his thumb on his slightly smiling lips. This made Mego blush even more. Mego thinks that she doesn’t know since when DURING THAT TIME, that she felt Aoi had started to treat her nicely. “It’s like it is only a secret that I and Aoi-kun knows that made us closer. I’m sorry, Aoi-kun. Saying this might perhaps be quite careless but I’m really happy. Even if I couldn’t say that I’m a girl, but only seeing Aoi-kun showing a smile towards me, this already made me comparatively happy..” And, that is causing an uproar in the dining hall. The blushing delinquents are exclaiming that Sa-chan unexpectedly smiles and it is the first time they saw Sa-chan smiling. His smile looks quite nice that it makes one’s heart beat faster. Could it be that he has an opposite[/contrast] moe aspect!? At the same time at Toushou High, Azusa is surprised upon learning that there is no such person. Her underlings tell her that they investigated according to what she said but there is no one named ‘Yamada Tarou’ in their school and no one has seen that person. Azusa couldn’t believe it. Azusa recalls ‘Tarou’ telling her not to belittle guys or else, she’ll be taught a painful lesson. Azusa wonders what the heck is that guy who gustily dare to oppose her.. Her underling comments that it is quite rare that Azusa would unexpectedly be mindful of a guy. Azusa angrily denies it and tells her not to say nonsense things. Flustered Azusa says that is right, that stinky glasses guy, doesn’t have anything to do with her.. She looks out the window to see ‘Mego’[/Mitsuru] playing volleyball with ‘her’ friends. Mitsuru manages to hit the ball. Azusa became furious over ‘Mego’ and her helping friends. Azusa angrily thinks that at one side ‘Mego’ is prepared to continue opposing her and yet, like before, ‘she’ acts innocent[/ as if not knowing the situation] and stupidly having fun. “But.. if I look in detail *looks at Mitsuru, ‘she’ seems to look like someone..?” While Mitsuru wipes ‘her’ sweat, Azuaa suddenly blushes. While her heart is beating fast, Azusa wonders what’s going on for her heart is beating towards a girl..”
Then, Mitsuru ‘high-fives’ Shino for the good hit of the volleyball. Azusa gets angrier. While clenching her fist, she wonders what’s up with this feeling. “Seeing Kobayashi and Takenaka’s relationship to be so good, it makes me more furious than before.” Azusa grabs the trash can and throws the trash down to Mitsuru and Shino. Mitsuru angrily shouts at Azusa that she is being like this again, and she is really repulsive. Azusa laughs and sarcastically apologizes for she thought that is the garbage place. Then, a crumpled paper hits Azusa’s head. She looks down to see Mitsuru sticking out ‘her’ tongue and saying sorry, ‘she’ also threw it at the wrong place. Soon, Mitsuru and Azusa throw the crumpled pieces of paper at each other. Azusa shouts that ‘Mego’ is a pig and ‘she’ is still inexperienced to oppose her. Mitsuru shouts for her to shut up, you nasty natured girl. The other students are watching them. As Mitsuru leaves with ‘her’ friends, the others comment that Kobayashi is amazing for unexpectedly, they don’t know if ‘she’ is winning or losing against Azusa. They were obviously isolated by their other classmates but they are totally not depressed. “On contrary, it feels quite uprightly cool..” While having drinks and resting, Tomo asks Shino how come she is putting down her fringes for she obviously looks good so it is a waste to make the fringes cover half of her face. Mitsuru thinks that Tomo shouldn’t talk too much for if Shino does that, then the other guys will notice that Shino turns out to be cute. Feeling nervous, Mitsuru says, “ that so.. I [<-used by males to address self] feel that her being like that is much better..” Shino ‘tells’ them that she was told that her face is ugly so it is better to cover it up. Mitsuru asks if it was Azusa who told her that. Shino nods. Mitsuru angrily shouts that Azusa is too much and her personality is really twisted. The other two say that Azusa must have been jealous of Shino being so cute. Shino shakes her head and ‘tells’ them, “She is a very pitiful person..” Mitsuru asks if it is Azusa. Shino nods. Mitsuru wonders if something had happened between Azusa and Shino. Tomo tells Shino not to mind Azusa for what she said is just nonsense. “It’s really a waste! Takenaka-chan, you also have someone you like, right? Could it be that you don’t want that person to see your cutest side?” To Mitsuru’s surprise, Shino blushes really red. The other two say that Shino is blushing and it turns out that she has someone she likes. Shino is shaking her head that Tomo tells her that it is okay, for it is obviously nothing to be embarrassed about. Mitsuru looks shocked. He nervously thinks, “For real!? Takenaka already has someone she likes!? No, but just now, she denied it. *notices Shino’s cellphone peeking out of her pocket that has a lavender phone strap* By the way, that lavender strap.. She did say that ‘this is an important flower’ type of stuff.. Could it be that the guy she likes gave it to her!?” Then, Tomo notices that Mitsuru is gloomily lying down on the ground. Tomo asks what happened to ‘her’. Mitsuru says that ‘she’ suddenly became listless.
When the bell is ringing, aghast Mitsuru wonders about straightforwardly asking Shino about it but then, if it is true, he would get a shock. “Huhu my frail small heart would..” Shino worriedly ‘asks’ Mitsuru if ‘she’ is alright, and if ‘she’ is feeling uncomfortable somewhere. Mitsuru lamely says that ‘she’s fine. Still worried, Shino pulls Mitsuru to an empty classroom. Shino takes a chalk and starts to write, ‘If some dreadful matter had happened, if it is okay, please tell me. You are my first very important friend. *Mitsuru blushes* I really like the you who’s so nice.” Shino smiles at him. Mitsuru grinds his teeth and thinks, “Darn. I obviously know that her ‘like’ and my like doesn’t have the same meaning. Even if that is so, I’m still so happy that I feel like I would cry. I want to kiss her. I want to touch her. I want to hug her tightly. But, my body won’t move. If I were to tightly hold on to her, it seems that she’ll generally shatter. Such a beautiful treasure. Lightly touching her with all of my strength.” At 3:30pm, Mitsuru bids Shino goodbye and ‘she’ll see her tomorrow. Shino looks at ‘her’. She looks at her lavender strap and then, she holds it tightly. She grabs Mitsuru’s sleeve and ‘says’, “Favor, I want you to accompany me in going to a certain place. I don’t have the courage to go there alone.” Shino timidly pleads Mitsuru. Later on, they tightly hold hands while walking. Mitsuru is trembling in happiness for he had unexpectedly gained Shino’s trust. “It’s the first time she acts spoiled. But, where are we going? Forget it, just to be with Takenaka-chan, it doesn’t matter♡” Misturu got carried away. He is excited and happy while they ride the bus and walk together. Shino gestures to the side. Mitsuru thinks, “Huh? *looks aghast* This path feels really fami-liar. NOO WAAYYY. This is Akechi Academy-!! Why would Takenaka come to here!? Isn’t this an all-boys school!? *realizes* Could it be.. the guy whom Takenaka likes is here-!?” Meanwhile, Mego is holding her bag while standing behind a tree. She is looking at the students by the shoe lockers. She thinks, “This afternoon, he treated me to lunch. If it’s okay, I want to take it one step further to become closer to him!! *clenches fists* Goal is to go home together with Aoi-kun after school!! I’ll pretend that it is a coincidence!! Then say, ‘Can we walk together around one block?’!! *sees Aoi coming out of the school building* Here he comes-!!” Blushing Mego thanks Aoi for treating ‘him’ for lunch. Aoi asks ‘him’ what’s up. Mego is distracted when she overhears a guy exclaiming to his friend to quickly look at the school’s gate. “There are a couple of girls there. Whose girlfriend is it? Ah, that sailor uniform is really eye-catching~~” Mego’s eyes widen upon seeing her twin. Mego rushes to Mitsuru and whispers what he is doing there. Mitsuru tells her that he isn’t sure why he came here for he is only accompanying Shino and in the end, they went to this place.. The twins were interrupted when they heard a ‘thud’. They look behind to see that Aoi had dropped his bag on the ground. Flustered and surprised Aoi mutters, “” Shino trembles and becomes teary-eyed upon seeing Aoi. Then, she suddenly rushes to Aoi and clings on him. The twins are shock. Eh eh eh-!? (^q^)/ Blurb: “Could it be the twins are confronting a ‘same time heartbreak’?! Next, the secret between Shino and Aoi about the lavender will be revealed.”
Scans by 夜莺工作室