December 28, 2012

Watashi wa Mada Sore o Shiranai [Chapter 1]

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Reminder: This series has sex scenes and possible mature content.

Cover page: “Let me say, ojisan, can you teach me some things that a boy my age doesn’t know?” Inside Tatsuo’s house, Tatsuo says, “During the time, while Daisuke [太輔]..your parents are away, this place will be your home. Just treat this place as your own home so there’s no need for you to feel awkward here. *laying on the sofa, he looks up* the way, Anna.” Anna brightly smiles and looks down on him. She replies, “What is it, Tatsuo-san?” Tatsuo nervously asks how come she is sitting on top of him. Anna happily says that she just wants to repay the favor of letting her stay there. “How do you wish me to repay you? At my house, I always help massage papa’s shoulders so my massage skills ought to be very good. Or maybe, it would be better to rub your back while you’re taking a bath? Ah..that’s right..even if it is only lately that I’ve learned it.. *leans down to his crotch* use my mouth..” Tatsuo blushes a bit and looks surprised. Anna smiles and lets out a laugh. “Geez--! Ojisan, you unexpectedly blushed- So cute- Even if you think about it, you ought to also know that it is impossible for it to be true!” This made Tatsuo angry that he shouts for her not to tease an adult. Narration: “That day, because of father’s willfulness, I’m staying in the house of an unknown ojisan.” At the school stairs, Anna is giving Takumi a blowjob. Takumi says that feels comfortable and did she also do this kind of thing to Tatsuo. She licks her thumb and says that she thought of it but in the end, she gave up. “He’s a very decent and complete boring person.” Narration: “Tatsuo-san is a SOHO [/work at home] guy so he always stay at home. Because they are old friends for 20 years, my father is also at ease with him. Due to all sorts of reasons, I’ve been entrusted to him.” While walking at the hallway, Anna thinks that it is obviously fine for her to live all by herself so how come she has to be with this unknown guy.. Since she is lost in thought, Takumi asks if she is listening to what he is saying. A male teacher calls out to the two and shouts that they’ve skipped class. While Takumi is struggling to say something, Anna apologizes to the teacher for she collapsed from stomach pain so Takumi only accompanied her, and it is because she has her menstrual period. The teacher backs away and just says that she should go to the clinic and get some medicine. Anna says okay. As the teacher leaves, Takumi says that she can really handle the teacher. Anna tells him that rhetoric is useless if it is a female teacher who bumped into them. “What I’m an expert in is..” Takumi asks what. Anna just smiles. Takumi asks what that means for she is smiling at him for no reason. Anna says that it is nothing. Narration: “To put it plainly, in this world, except for men, it is women. It is so simple that it makes one feel that it is quite a wonder.”

It is night. Anna goes in the house and says that she’s home. She thinks it is really fun especially since Takumi is quite simple[/pure]. “But, as oppose to Tatsuo-san, it is a bit difficult.” She walks up the stairs and goes to her room. While wondering if Tatsuo is taking a bath, she is surprised to see her freshly laundered blouse and underwear. She exclaims no way. Holding her underwear, she couldn’t believe that Tatsuo unexpectedly washed her underwear without permission. “How disappointing- in the end, it is better for me to live alone- It seems that I would have to discuss this with papa- But how am I going to persuade him..” She glances at the bathroom door. Later on, she knocks at the bathroom door. In the tub, Tatsuo asks if it is Anna and what is it.. He didn’t finish for his eyes widen in surprise to see Anna coming in with only a towel around her. She asks him if he wants her to help him rub his back. Tatsuo exclaims that she’s a foolish girl. Ignoring him, Anna goes in the bathroom and says that she’ll be intruding-♡ Looking away, Tatsuo shouts for her not to get in and what the heck is she thinking. Anna still ignores him and gets in the tub with him. Still looking away, blushing Tatsuo exclaims how the heck Daisuke has been teaching her. Pouting Anna looks at him and thinks that his face is thoroughly red. “Even if papa is unreliable, he also won’t let me and someone, who would make a move on his daughter, live together. Compared to wasting brain power in saying it, this is much easier. This creature called man is such a piece of cake.” Anna reaches out her hand to Tatsuo. To her surprise, Tatsuo grabs both of her wrists and held them up. He sternly tells her, “I’m warning you, don’t tease an adult.” Thinking that she had offended him, Anna stutters that she doesn’t mean to tease him at all.. Her towel loosens and falls on the water. She asks him to please let her hands go. Tatsuo asks why, didn’t she come in to seduce him. He leans closer to her and says, “Come, come and seduce me.” This made her flustered. She thinks, “Wait.. curses.. obviously just now.. his face is quite red that he was in a total mess.. the hand too.. totally won’t listen.. I can’t move.. What to do.. I’m already at my end.. *aroused* My vision is being encroached on..” Loosening his grip, Tatsuo apologizes to Anna and says that if she now knows her wrongdoing.. To his surprise, Anna had fainted. He shouts out to Anna but there’s no response. Later on, Anna wakes up a bit. Pulling her hand near her face, she smells a nice scent that it makes her feel at ease. Then, she becomes wide awake that she quickly sits up. She looks around and realizes that she is in her room. She tries to recall that she was in the bathroom a while ago. She thinks that she fundamentally thought that Tatsuo is decent guy that makes one feel that he’s boring but at that time.. She recalls Tatsuo’s look. She thinks that it is such a manly expression. She sniffs her sleeve and realizes that it is the nice scent that she just smelled. “This shirt is.. It’s Tatsuo-san’s shirt.. After showing that kind of expression towards me, he unexpectedly can still help dress me properly with each of the buttons buttoned up. I really felt.. [he’s] quite cunning..”
The next day, Anna finishes wearing her school uniform. Going downstairs, she thinks that she’ll pretend that thing yesterday didn’t happen. “If I’m the only one who is embarrassed and at a complete loss, it would really be infuriating.. the other party is an adult.. Compared to that, I have to first think of a way to convince him to make me leave.” She goes to the kitchen and greets Tatsuo a good morning. Tatsuo is already having a cup of coffee and he’s reading the newspaper. Tatsuo notices her. He blushes and greets her a good morning while looking away. Anna’s smile freezes. She is taken aback for contrary to what she expected, how come he is blushing. Taking off his glasses, Tatsuo apologizes to her about yesterday. “But, you shouldn’t do that kind of thing again. Even if I don’t know what your motive is but you shouldn’t tease an adult.” Anna glumly thinks, “The motive is.. I want you [to make me] leave this house.. Can I honestly say that out loud..” She asks Tatsuo if he is free tonight. At school, the girls are greeting Anna a good morning and she greets them back. She recalls Tatsuo asking if she wants to tell him something, then how about they go out to eat and she can decide what she wants to eat. Anna happily thinks that she chose to eat at a high class restaurant and ojisan is quite easy to talk with. Takumi walks beside her and greets her a good morning. “Are you free today?” Anna mutters, “Today..” She recalls Tatsuo telling her to quickly come home at 6pm. Narration: “Forget it.. it’s fine. Actually, because of what happened yesterday at the bathtub, I’m a bit..” She tells him that she’s free until tonight. She grabs his sleeve and says that they go to his house. Narration: “..burning with desire--.. At the apartment building where I used to live, Takumi is my next door neighbor. You can also say that we’re childhood friends. Our parents are always very busy that it is always the two of us who are playing. After playing for such a long time, we have carelessly gone pass through the boundary of friendship.” In Takumi’s bedroom, he is having sex with Anna. Takumi says that it really feels comfortable and how about her. Anna says same here.. Then, she seems puzzled. While sitting up and Takumi fondling her breasts, Anna feels that it is strange for her body is very natural and is responding but she totally doesn’t have that kind of feelings.. “Should I say that this is Takumi’s fault.. or could it be that thing yesterday.. It’s really amazing--.. It’s obviously only just being looked at and it made me quite excited.” Takumi tells her that he feels that today’s Anna is quite sexy.. Narration: “If I would be touched, what would have become of my body..” At a high class restaurant [probably at a hotel] that is overlooking a ferris wheel which seems to be in Yokohama], Anna tells Tatsuo that it is the first time she came to such an amazing restaurant since her father would only bring her to eat at a family restaurant. Tatsuo laughs and says that is like Daisuke’s style. “Then, what do you want to tell me?” Wondering how can properly say it, Anna says, “By the way- how do you think the people, around us, think of our relationship-” Tatsuo looks at the side and says, “Father-daughter.” Anna winks and says, “Then, papa, I want to eat dessert♡” Tatsuo says that if she calls him papa, it would seem like Enjo-kōsai [/compensated dating;‘sugar daddy’ = older men give money or luxury gifts to women for their companionship and sexual favors]
Anna asks how about like ‘teacher-student’ or perhaps, ‘uncle-niece’ or ‘boss-new recruit’. Preparing to eat, Tatsuo tells her that whatever is fine, so don’t talk about it.. With wide eyes, Anna says, “Also, actually [we] are lovers.” Tatsuo looks at her in surprise. After a long pause, Tatsuo blushes and looks at the side to say, “That is.. impossible..” Anna wonders why there is an awkward pause and how come this person would always blush..! This made her feel excited for he is cuter compared to yesterday. Wanting to make him blush more, Anna says, “How can that be~~ I already 16 years old and I can already marry~ Tatsuo-san also doesn’t look quite old~ What if I say that you are filled with a manly scent that I like..” Tatsuo says, “Ah, about that.. isn’t it because Anna and I doesn’t possess the same type of HLA [human leukocyte antigen] hereditary [/genetic] factor? *Anna asks what’s HLA* In simple words, HLA hereditary factor is a type of leucocyte. The more different the gene, the nicer the scent. *Anna says is that so* Fundamentally, it is for the reason of having a stronger offspring. The children born from people who posses a different gene from each other would have a varied immunity cell that upon birth, they won’t easily get sick. *holds wine glass* On the other hand, the more similar the gene, the more it stinks. In the family..especially the girls would think that their father is very stinky because of the HLA.” Anna just says is that so--.. Anna wonders if that means that it is because of that hereditary factor that Tatsuo’s scent is nice. After sipping his wine, Tatsuo continues to say, “It’s very interesting, right. I heard that if the HLA is similar and two people make love, it will find it difficult to attain satisfaction especially for the woman. This could also be because the hereditary factor is sending out a warning ‘it is possible one can’t give birth to the child of one’s husband’. –on the other hand, it is a female instinct to want to be seduced by the man’s scent that she likes. Aside from wanting to make love, this is an unconscious circumstance of wanting to leaving behind [children with] a good hereditary [factor = be more immune to diseases]. But this theory seems to be still under research so it can’t be taken seriously [on face value]. Humans are really very interesting. Haha.” Anna just mutters, “Yes.. right.. (but if those things are true, that my hereditary factor is craving for you) ..Tatsuo-san, these things that you’ve said.. are they really true?” Surprised Tatsuo says, “Ah, it is said to be.” Anna thinks, “If it is because of the sense of smell that I would want to make love with you, if it is like this, I would..” Anna tells him, “Why? Say these things.. What I want to tell you is.. Tatsuo-san.. will you please.. please make love with me.” Tatsuo looks at her in surprise. Narration: “I always believed that if on this world above, only existed a man and a woman, then, things are completely simple.” Serious Anna looks at Tatsuo. Looking at the couple, the other people in the restaurant blush a bit since they’ve heard what Anna said. Tatsuo answers, “.. Anna.. that is impossible.. *blushes a bit and looks at the side* I don’t want to do it.. with someone I don’t like..” Anna stands up in shock and shouts, “What..!?” She looks at Tatsuo who is still looking away. Narration: “At that time, I don’t understand this man, even for a little bit.”
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