December 18, 2012

Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 3]

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Nora is sleeping in bed. When she turned to the side, she notices something. She opens her eyes to see Albrecht right next to her. He is only wearing a robe. He greets her, “Good morning, Nora. Did you sleep well?” Nora looks aghast then screams. After staying a few days in that church that doesn’t have a priest, a new priest finally arrive to assume the post. Since they are relieved of that duty, they left that little town. Albercht is speechless over Nora snubbing him. He asks her why she is being difficult. Nora angrily says that she isn’t being difficult, she’s angry. “Do you think that wearing that kind of clothes and appearing on the bed of a young girl is something that can just be overlooked!? You irrational[/no common sense] man..!!” Albercht replies, “—ah, in the end, wearing clothes is really not good, right? Next time, I’ll pay attention to that. Actually, this time, I’ll pay attention to that.” Embarrassed Nora shouts no, and why did things turn out that way for on the contrary, she wants him to wear more clothes and how come he is paying attention to the wrong thing. “Do not conveniently jump into other people’s bed! Do you want my heart to stop!?” Holding her chin towards him, Albercht tells her not to worry for if her heart stops, no matter how many times, he can resurrect her because for him, that is quite an easy thing to do. Flustered Nora thinks that is true for him it is easy because he is a devil. There is a little narration of Nora from a small village wherein people called her a ‘red haired witch’. After she met this devil priest, her life had a huge change. He is a devil who gobbles up his own kind and signed a contract with the enemy ‘Church’. She is saved by this strange devil and had become a human who has to take [his] blood regularly in order to exist. And at the same time, she is this silver haired, purple eyed devil’s pet. She doesn’t know how come a devil would want to raise her [as a pet] and in the end, there must be some sort of good benefit for him. Nora says that he is really such a strange devil for she totally doesn’t know what he is thinking. Albrecht says is that so, he thinks that compared to humans, devils are more simple and easy to understand. “Devils would blindly be faithful to their own desire because I’m a devil. Your eyes are beautiful as always. Eyes that possesses a rare power.” Nora thinks that it can’t be just kindness, and the clue is only her eyes which have a rare power which this devil is interested in.

Albrecht hears something that he looks at the side. Nora asks what is it. He tells her that smell.. Meanwhile, a hooded guy just kills a small demon with his sword. He doesn’t seem to be feeling well. He holds his wound at his arm and mutters that he is injured by the demon’s poison. He calls out to Fritz and Josef. Then, he hears some rustling at the side. He is surprised to see a woman = Nora. He bends down while holding his wound. Nora asks him if he is alright. Albrecht arrives and says that he thought that it is a familiar scent. He comments that the situation appears to be interesting. The hooded man asks if he is the devil priest, Albrecht Eber. Nora is surprised that they know each other and even knew Albrecht’s true identity. Albrecht calls the man, Leo, and comments that it is quite rare to see an excellent exorcist like him to be injured. Leo swings his sword at Albrecht and shouts for him to shut up. Albrecht evades the sword and tells him not to have such a frightening expression. “That will be such a waste of your beautiful face, Leonardo.” Leonardo says that he told him to shut up and don’t conveniently say his name. Albrecht says that he’s as strict as always and the ‘Indignant Angel’ is still quite healthy. Embarrased Leonardo exclaims who’s an angel. Albrecht asks if it would be better if it is ‘Golden Rose’. Leonardo angrily shouts that neither is good and don’t use that tone as if he knows him, you evil thing. Albrecht says that’s quite mean, when he is simply using some praising words to admire his beauty. Leonardo shouts what does he meant by simply praising when he fundamentally wants to anger him, and every time, he would use that harmless looking expression to expose one’s scar. The two stops bickering when Nora shouts for them to shut up and quickly explain to her what this situation is. Albrecht introduces Leonardo Feinen, a priest from ‘Central’ and also a rare exorcist who drives ‘demons/devils’ away and annihilates them. Most of the priests are the types who prevents ‘demons/devils’ from getting near but exorcists can drive them away. Because they went under a special training so it is quite rare for them to be in ‘Central’. Nora thinks that Leonardo’s looks is superior than a normal person’s and could it be that priests are chosen based on the face. Leonardo says that compared to him, shouldn’t he introduce her to him. Pulling Nora to him, Albrecht says that she is his cute Miss Pet and her name is Nora. Leonardo sweatdrops and asks pet, is he serious. Albrecht says that he is. Nora looks aghast for normal people would have that kind of reaction. Leonardo says that even if Albrecht is a devil, he is also a person of the ‘Church’ so how can he raise this human girl- He becomes dizzy and falls down on the ground.
Later on, Albrecht asks if it is a demon’s poison. Leonardo says yes, even if it is a small demon but there are a lot of them. ‘Central’ sent them to handle it but he got separated with the other two. While walking wobbly, Leonardo says that he can’t continue on staying there for he has to quickly find the others. Nora tells him to first treat his wound. Leonardo says that he doesn’t have time for that because if he didn’t quickly find the others-- Nora angrily pats the ground beside her and scolds him to sit down and don’t answer back. Leonardo timidly says yes. Nora tells Albrecht that she’ll treat the wound and he go find the other two. Albrecht kisses her head and says okay since it is the request of his cute Miss Pet. Nora angrily shouts what he is doing. Albrecht tells her that holy water which Leonardo has can be used to treat a demon’s poison. While Leonardo is staring at them, Nora mutters Albrecht is a scoundrel. After putting on some holy water, Nora has already bandaged the wound. Leonardo thanks her and puts on his coat. He asks her if she knows of Albrecht’s true identity. Nora says yes. He tells her that only a few people knew about that devil thing and even if it is at ‘Central’, it is classified secret because they cannot let the people know that the ‘Church’ and the devil have an association. Nora tells him to relax, for she doesn’t plan on telling anyone. She thinks that it is because the current her is depending on that devil to continue to exist. Leonardo says is that so, and she isn’t voluntarily being raised by Albrecht, so is it because of some hard to say secret. Nora looks at him and says that he is a good person. This made Leonardo blush. He tries to say, no, he is only.. Then, they notice that they are surrounded by the demons. Meanwhile Fritz asks Josef if he is alright. Josef says yes but he had a sprain. He wonders out loud how come there are many demons there that they just won’t end. They had split up with Leo and they hope that he is alright. Albrecht interrupts them by asking if they are the ones with Feinen. He introduces himself and says that he was asked by Leonardo to look for them. He informs them that Leonardo is only lightly injured and relax because his companion is attending to him. The two were relieved. Albrecht borrows one of their swords and says that it seems that they have guests. The two were scared for they are surrounded by the demons.
While Leonardo is busy fighting off the demons, Nora shouts for him to watch out. A demon is attacking him from behind. To his surprise, Nora hits the demon with a thick stick. Nora shouts that it’s okay now and don’t just blankly stare. Leonardo exclaims yes. While they are running, Leonardo wonders out loud why the demons are increasing instead of decreasing and even if they are small demons but if there are many, they would just use up their strength. Nora wonders why the demons in this forest keep on increasing and there should be ‘something’ there. To their surprise, Albrecht suddenly grabs Nora to him and says that just now, she hit a demon. Then, Leonardo is reunited with his two companions. Leonardo asks if they are alright. They say yes and they made him worry. They start to praise Albrecht for being strong that in a flash, he annihilated the huge number of demons. They also say that both Albrecht and Leonardo are beautiful and strong, and Leonardo is lucky to be able to stay alone with the girl with Albrecht since she is very beautiful. Leonardo nervously tells them what are they talking about and it isn’t like he is doing something that he shouldn’t be doing. Then, Albrecht tells them that it seems that all the demons in the forest had already gathered around them. The others look around and realize that they are surrounded. Nora wonders out loud what they should do. Albrecht says that even if the number increased, they are small fry. No matter how many, they can be handle as long as Nora is there. This surprised Nora that she asks what he is talking about. He tells her that fundamentally it is impossible for those demons to get close to her but because she is incomplete so right now, he’ll[/let’s] release her ‘power’. Nora starts to protest that she cannot do it and don’t suddenly.. While Leonardo is puzzled over what they are saying, Albrecht tells Nora that she can do it and just think, even if she is unaware of it, she is the one who protected the villagers and she possess a great ‘power’. Nora looks surprised over being told that she has ‘power’. He tells her, “Open your eyes. Look at the ‘demons’ carefully. Recognize the ‘demons’ clearly. And, then, annihilate the ‘demons’.” Nora opens her eyes and there is a bright light. After the light is gone, Nora snaps out of it and looks around. All of the demons had been annihilated. Albrecht smiles at Nora who is quite shock over this. Josef and Fritz are amazing for all those demons were.. and what kind of person is she.
Then, they found a tree with huge fruits on it. Albrecht says that this is the cause, a ‘demon tree’. Each fruit can give birth to a demon and with this tree, the demons would continue to increase. Nora asks what they should do. Albrecht says that it is simple for every tree is scared of fire so they only have to use fire. He approaches the tree with a sword and says, disappear. He swings the sword which he had enflamed and the tree burned into nothing. Nora and Leonardo start to freak out for Albrecht did it with one strike and that will expose his identity. They look at the other two and were surprised that Josef and Fritz idolize Albrecht for being cool. Nora and Leonardo think that they weren’t even a bit suspicious. Later on, the two young guys are thanking Albrecht and anticipating that they’ll see each other again. Nora sweatdrops for Albrecht became popular. Leonardo thanks Nora but she says that there is no need for she didn’t do anything big. She is puzzled when Leonardo is looking at her. He tells her that he hopes that she’ll call him Leo. After she calls him Leo, he takes her hand and kisses it. He tells her that he hopes to see her again. After they left, Albrecht comments that she got along well with Leo. Nora says that his side is better for there are two of them. He tells her that those simple people are easy to deal with. He asks Nora how come he is fine with Leo when she is really disgusted with those men at the town. To Albrecht’s surprise, Nora says isn’t that only a greeting and Leo is a priest. Albrecht starts laughing and pities Leo. Nora angrily shouts what he is laughing about. He hugs her and tells her that even if the other party is a priest, she shouldn’t take them lightly for if she didn’t put her guard up, she will quickly be caught like this.. He holds her hand and leans to kiss[/almost kiss] her. Nora starts trembling and shouts that the most dangerous person is him, you idiot. While Leo is walking fast, he wonders what he had just done, doing such a flirty thing -> kissing Nora’s hand. The other two shouts for him to wait for them. Nora thinks that being a devil’s pet, it is now when she realized only one thing, and that is, this creature called a devil is comparatively vile compared to what she imagined.
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