November 10, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 42]

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Title: Merry-go-round. There is a missing poster of Haru on the bulletin board at Mitsuyoshi’s place. It is noted that if anyone has seen someone similar to the photo attached, contact Asako. There is a funny note below which says that people shouldn’t get close to the person [Haru] or else, they might get hurt, and in case they have found him, don’t start a conversation with him, contact her first..‘Life first [priority]’ =P Asako groans and calls out where Haru is and what is he doing. She tearfully wonders out loud if Haru is somewhere alone and hungry or he had fought with someone and he can’t move at all. Mitsuyoshi tries to tell Asako that it isn’t a bit useful putting that poster on his shop. Sasayan wonders if Asako is treating Haru like a lost dog. Sasayan asks why Asako is so concerned about Haru even though he is also worried. Asako says that it is because Shizuku is pretending to be totally not concerned, and as a girl, during this kind of time, friends should discuss this big issue together. “Everyone talking together at the same time, giving all one’s energy in making a decision. ..even if I never have any experience doing that, but I’m quite drawn to that kind of thing..” There is a flashback of girls talking together about a certain guy liking Asako during junior high and one of them said, “I knew early on that I shouldn’t be friends with Natsume.” Asako says that if there is anything that she can do, whatever it is, she wants to help. “Mitti won’t discuss anything with me and we are friends.” Sasayan looks thoughtful. Then, Asako starts muttering that goes for Haru, too. “If he had any trouble, even if it’s just a word, he should have talked it over with me. What does those two think of me? Ah, just by thinking of that makes me want to cry again-” Sasayan tells Asako that it is okay, Haru will come back in a few days. Then, Sasayan notices some guys from his junior high who are now going to a commerce school. Asako sheepishly laughs and apologizes about not noticing that she’s complaining all by herself. She says that next, after finally sticking the posters up, their goal for today are pineapple buns. Sasayan apologizes to her and says that he saw his friends so sorry, she can go home first. Asako exclaims if she is going to buy a pineapple bun all by her lonesome. Starting to leave, Sasayan apologizes and says that’s it for him for today. Asako is shock, angry and aghast for Sasayan obviously said he wanted to eat. Angrily walking home, Asako is furious that they would always say friend and friend, but what is she. “What’s so amazing about having a male friend!! Sasayan, he.. confessed to me but.. [he acts like] it totally doesn’t seem like a big deal..!? *She had been intently watching Sasayan acting normally when greeting his friends* Forget it, isn’t this very good?! Wasn’t I the one who told him to give it up!? *angrily looks up with folded arms* Heck, I don’t care about Sasayan. I’ll just wait for Haru-kun to come back and we’ll eat pineapple bun together.. *looks sad* .. Haru-kun, come back soon..”

Meanwhile, at the takoyaki stand, Shizuku and Haru are shock to see each other. When Yamaken is telling Shizuku that he just talked with idiot Haru a second ago, he notices that the two has already seen each other. Pulling surprised Shizuku to him, Yamaken asks where Haru has been until now. “Geez, thanks to you, the two of us are happily having fun.” Nervous Shizuku is saying that for Yamaken to act like this right now, could it be that he is acting cordial to trick her. He tells her to shut up a bit. While looking at them, Haru licks his fingers. He stands up and mutters, is that so, then goodbye. He starts to walk away which surprises Shizuku. Yamaken asks her why she is just standing there, or else, he’ll really abandon her. He looks at stunned Shizuku then he holds up his hand from her. He apologizes for taking his own initiative to confirm it. Shizuku says that it is alright, for thanks to him, she is more refreshed. Then, Shizuku goes orz [bend down with one’s hands and knees on the floor]. She thinks that in the end, it is the usual headstrong action and all along, Haru is really is avoiding her at all costs. Bending down to Shizuku, Yamaken asks if it was such a shock to her, is she joking for obviously, she is quite downhearted. Shizuku is nervously perspiring. Yamaken says that she hasn’t changed a bit for in her eyes, he totally doesn’t exist [<- in a romantic way]. “Forget it, it doesn’t matter.” While standing in front of the train tracks, waiting for the train to pass, Haru suddenly goes orz. He can’t believe it, for it has only been two weeks and that thing has happened -> Shizuku is happily with Yamaken. He didn’t do anything but only, feebly, just eat takoyaki there. Then, Sasayan stands in front of him and asks what he is doing there. He also asks where Haru has gone to until now. By the stairs, Sasayan exclaims, “Research Institute!?” [/graduate school] Haru tells him that upon returning from Yuuzan’s birthday party, he bump into his aunt’s acquaintance. Flashback: In the car, Kirigaya, together with a stern looking woman, called out to Haru and asked if he is going home now. He also asked if it is convenient, come and have fun at his place. Haru angrily answers back who’ll go there. The woman opened the back door and kicked Haru inside. She said that Haru’s annoying, for if Kirigaya-sensei told him to sit inside, he should get in the car. Haru angrily shouted that it hurts and what’s up with her. Kirigaya laughed and said that Miss Gatou [guesswork from 後藤] is a bit way over the top. Going back to her seat, Gatou says that they are leaving. End flashback. Haru says that is how he went to that guy named Kirigaya’s place. Sasayan tells him that is kidnapping. Haru says no, if he wants to run away, whenever when, he can run away. “How can I say it? I just felt that it doesn’t matter at all. At that place, helping out Kirigaya in manual labor, I just passed the days away. *There is a scene of Haru helping out in raking the soil as Kirigaya supervised* It is truly fun but suddenly..” Flashback: Haru looked out the window. Holding a test tube and wearing a lab coat, Haru really wanted to see Shizuku. End flashback.

Hiding his face in his hood, trembling Haru says that is why he came back just now but he unexpectedly met Shizuku and Yamaken, and also, everywhere in the streets, he sees his face being plastered around [on the posters]. “What’s going on..” Sweatdropping, Sasayan tells him that is Asako’s doing. He also tells Haru that they, Asako and Shizuku, were always worried about him. Looking serious, Haru says that generally, he is a person who doesn’t know the subtly of the ways of the world. Sasayan chokes on his drink that Haru asks him what it is. Sasayan asks if until now he has been serious, and could it be that he has been thinking of this thing until now. Haru says that it is because he had said mean things to Shizuku recently and he wants to apologize. “I also don’t know how come things ended up this way. Afterwards, I had come up with this conclusion.” Sasayan is quite speechless over that. He tells Haru that even if he doesn’t know what had happened between them but he shouldn’t put the blame only to one side. He calls Haru a huge idiot. Embarrassed Haru covers his face with his hood and asks if it is no good, and Sasayan is really good for he doesn’t have this kind of problem. Sasayan says that even if it is him, he also has problems. Putting down his drink, he says that rather than problem, it is more on feeling perplexed. Sasayan asks him if he remembers telling him about a certain guy, whom he hates, in the baseball club during junior high. Haru asks if he is referring to the guy, Sasayan hated and is in the same year level in junior high. The one he helped but Sasayan didn’t. Sasayan says that he really remembers it clearly. Sasayan says that guy is called Shinjou, and he incidentally met him at the cultural festival. He learned that guy is now studying commerce and has given up on baseball. Shinjou had told him that he is currently doing other things and asked him to go and see. “He even gave me tickets.” Haru asks that for him to want Sasayan to go, shouldn’t it be fine if he went. Sasayan tells him not to say it in such a relaxed way. “It is because of Shinjou that we weren’t able to go to the field that generation[?/year; probably play baseball or they lost a game] and a lot of things had happened. After all that, he can normally talk with me now. I cannot treat it like something that hasn’t happened at all.” Haru looks at Sasayan. The next day, while eating lunch, Chizuru angrily says that she said already that right now, she isn’t what she [Iyo] is thinking. She asks if Iyo is worried because it is definitely ‘like’[/love]. [<- I think she is saying that she used to like Haru so Iyo is on the offensive] Iyo asks if it is RIGHT NOW, and in the end, it was like that. Iyo tells Chizuru to just nicely say ‘I really like Yoshida’. Blushing Chizuru exclaims what. Iyo accuses Chizuru of trying to keep Shizuku from seeing Haru so many times. Asako tries to break it off by telling them that is enough and right now, they are eating. Just when she is telling them about that ‘fighting to search for Haru’, Asako’s phone rings. While Iyo is pestering Chizuru if she had confessed to Haru, Asako answers her phone. She tells the other party that even if she is a female high schooler, they are not recruiting. She thinks that it is bad for after putting up her number on the posters, she has been getting really strange calls.

After hanging up the phone, she looks down from the roof and sees someone sitting behind the building. Behind the building, Sasayan remembers a guy telling him that Shinjou no longer plays baseball. Sasayan wonders why Shinjou doesn’t play anymore when he is really good in playing. Flashback: At the festival, Shinjou met with Sasayan who asks if he is still with those guys. Those guys really make him puke. Holding a couple of tickets, Sasayan asked why he gave those to him. Puzzled Shinjou said that it is because during junior high’s baseball club, Sasayan is the only one who would talk with him. End flashback. Sasayan thinks, “But, I really hate you. If I always stand at his side until the end, Shinjou would perhaps not give up baseball, right? seems I’m thinking too much.” Standing in front of him, Asako asks, “..popular Sasayan-kun, what are you doing at this place?” Sasayan looks surprised and mutters her name. He tells her that if it is about yesterday, he is sorry about that so let him be alone for a while. Covering his face, Sasayan tells her that he is feeling dejected and he doesn’t want to be seen by others. Sasayan thinks that it is no good and why does he always only say things that would provoke Asako to anger. To his surprise, Asako asks if it is about feeling depressed. “Sasayan-kun, you’re so cunning. You obviously always have friends at your side, but when you are feeling dejected, you are staying here all by yourself. It is because it’s pitiful if you are all alone so I’ve come to accompany you.” Sasayan looks at Asako who is looking away and has started to look nervous. Sasayan burst into laughter and says, what..she is acting amazingly like that. Embarrassed Asako exclaims that feeling dejected is her expertise. Looking away again, she says “..If during this time, you are all alone, you’ll unceasingly keep on going towards a bad way of thinking[/be more depressed].” Sasayan looks at her. To her surprise, Sasayan suddenly stands up and rests his head on her right shoulder. Asako is freaking out and ask, wha, wha.. Sasayan says, ya, it is truly like that. “I’m sorry. Please let me stay like this for a little while.” Asako is about to reach out her hand to him but she hesitated and just clench her fist. Blushing really red, Asako tells him that this is just returning a favor. Sasayan says yes. Asako repeats that it is an ordinary returning of a favor. Sasayan says yes. “Thank you, Natsume-chan.” At the library, Asako happily calls out to Shizuku and tells her of some good news. She informs Shizuku that Sasayan has seen Haru yesterday. Still studying, Shizuku says yes, she also saw Haru. This surprises Asako. Asako exclaims is that so, so today, they go home early today.. Standing up, Shizuku apologizes for she doesn’t want to go. Asako asks her what happened, and hasn’t she reconciled with Haru yet. Shizuku says that she thinks that Haru doesn’t need her again. Asako asks what is that, did Haru say that. Turning to leave, Shizuku apologizes and says that teacher is looking for her.

Asako shouts her name and tries to stop Shizuku from leaving. She grabs Shizuku’s waist. Shizuku probably lost her balance and felt flat on the floor. Holding her painful bumped forehead, Shizuku asks her what she is doing. Asako says that say retreating a hundred steps, if Haru really said that but afterwards, would she say ‘so, what about it’ again. “Do you think that this is alright? *flustered* Why are you always taking the initiative in deciding things on your own..!!” Shizuku looks at her. Then, she says, “..because I, only understand the Haru who likes me. Still haven’t apologized. Wanting to see him and talk properly. But, perhaps, I’m already hated. *flustered* It could be that Haru no longer wants to hear me explain..!!” Teary-eyed Asako tells her that it is alright. “If you properly tell him ‘please hear me out’, Haru-kun would definitely listen to your explanation. *smiles* Okay! *Shizuku seems moved by what she said* Ah, if he really dumped you, then afterwards, it is a real start!! *Shizuku looks shocked* It’s alright, I’ll help you bury the dead.” Then, Shizuku hears the school bell. Asako sheepishly apologizes for Shizuku is going to the faculty room. She urges Shizuku to go and she’ll just tidy up the books that fell after they fall down. Shizuku apologizes and turns to leave. She stops and calls out to Asako. While picking up a book and putting it on the shelf, Shizuku says, “Thank you. I’ll strive once again and see. ..It’s great for me to have Haru, and you as my friends.” Later on, Asako sits by herself at the library. She remembers the past and what Shizuku just said. She starts crying tears of joy. At the baseball field, Sasayan is tidying things up when he sees beaten up Haru with Nagoya. Sasayan exclaims what happened to his face. Haru says that he was wildly beaten up by Mitsuyoshi who said that he was worried about him. “About that, Sasayan, I have thought of it afterwards. If you are at a loss, in the end, it would be best for you to go and see that guy called Shinjou.” Sasayan asks if he specially came there to tell him that. Haru says yes, and look at Nagoya, he conveniently came to him. Sasayan smiles and says that he actually plan to do that. Turning to leave, Sasayan tells him to wait for a while for club activity is about to end, and they can go home together. While walking with Haru, Sasayan asks him about school. Haru says that he’ll go back to school tomorrow because he promised that he’ll enter the competition with Go [board game] club’s Ootomo [guesswork from 大友]. Sasayan sweatdrops and says is that so. Haru tells him that he also wants to properly talk with Shizuku. He asks Sasayan what he thinks of simply ambushing her tomorrow. Sasayan suggests that it would be better to apologize in a normal way. “Aside from that, at my side, Natsume-chan is always worried about you that she’s totally ignoring me. What do you think should be done?”

Shizuku got a message from Asako informing her that she has good news from Sasayan that Haru will be coming back to school tomorrow. Shizuku replies that she will summarize the reason and the progression [how it came to be] into a report and she wants to try and show it to Haru tomorrow. Asako tells her to let it be and sleep early. Shizuku replies back that it is because she can’t sleep peacefully. The next day, Shizuku is walking towards the school. Asako is really happy to see Haru that she tearfully calls out his name. Carrying Nagoya, Haru says that he made her wait for a long time. Sasayan and others greet Haru. Wiping her tears and gesturing for him to stop, Asako tells him that it is alright because she is Haru and Shizuku’s irreplaceable friends. Haru side glances at Sasayan who tells Asako that isn’t something she should be saying. Asako says that last night, she is tired to death. Then, she happily calls out to Shizuku. Haru starts to look nervous. While the others are greeting Haru, Shizuku glances at him. To Haru’s shock, Shizuku turns away from him and keeps on walking. Asako goes to Shizuku and tells her to wait, this isn’t the fighting that they’ve talked about yesterday. Embarrassed Shizuku says that she knows, she knows but.. While Haru still looks shock, Sasayan thinks that Haru looks like a frog that has just seen a snake. Soon, it is school dismissal. The other students are going out and they can’t help but look at a guy who is waiting outside the school gate of Shoyo. It is Yamaken. Blurb: “While the two hasn’t taken the step to settle things, Yamaken has appeared again!? The next chapter is a must-read!!” Scans by 離境漢化組.