November 7, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 74]

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And, it is 2:30am of Christmas day. Shouta is recalling everything that has happened – Sawako crying and later on, kissing him. Because of that, Shouta couldn’t sleep. His phone rings and he thinks that it is Sawako. He sits up and answers it. It is a guy’s voice so Shouta hangs up. The phone rings again and he answers. It is Kent who tells Shouta that he’s mean for suddenly hanging up on him. Shouta unconsciously hanged up again. Kent calls again to say that he’s really mean but Shouta apologizes to him. Kent says that Shouta is really persistent [/do his way regardless of what others say]. Shouta tells him that no one calls someone in the middle of the night at 230am. Letting it slide since Kent is the type who wants to pour out his thoughts to someone, Shouta asks him what’s up. Kent happily informs him that he is now going steady with Ayane. Shouta recalls what had happened earlier and now, he realized what’s going on. Kent asks if he didn’t hear it from Sawako. He says no. Kent laments over his gift, red roses bouquet, which he thinks suits Ayane but it is ruined after being stepped on. Soon, Kent kept on talking about his nervous feelings, about the gift and what happened with Mogi, that Shouta thinks that Kent will talk for a long time. Shouta threatens to hang up on him. Then, they somewhat talk about jealousy[?] that Kent asks if he is meddlesome. Shouta says yes. He then tells Kent to do a lot of fun stuff and cherish Ayane. Kent says yes. Kent starts saying to ask about Shouta then claims that he isn’t worried about them. He talks about Shouta coming to consult him and he said that there’s totally no problem with Shouta and Sawako. Shouta tells him that he didn’t consult him. And Kent kept on talking to poor sleepy Shouta until 430am about Ayane. =P At 730am, Sawako wakes up and is happy to see her gloves given by Shouta because it proves that everything wasn’t a dream. She exchanges gifts with her parents. And, her father tearfully has to go to work but they’ll start the party when he gets back home. The door bell rings and Sawako’s friends come to visit. They go to Sawako’s room to chat over what happened yesterday. Sitting on the table, Sawako says that she wants to hear what happened between the two. There is a long silence that Chizuru screams that she can’t bear with that. It turns out that they are waiting for Chizuru to start first. Chizuru evades it by telling Sawako to start first. Sawako says that even if she cried, is uneasy and in pain, but the uneasiness is already gone. Ayane asks if they talked. Sawako says yes and perhaps for the first time, it feels that they are ‘seriously going steady’. Her friends are happy for her. To their surprise, Chizuru starts crying out loud for she didn’t know there was uneasiness because she thought things are going smoothly between Sawako and Shouta. Then, she remembers that something seems to be bothering Shouta. She starts to ask if Shouta has been two-timing so Sawako immediately corrects her by saying that he wasn’t. Chizuru says that it seems that she was mistaken. She asks if Ayane knows about it. Ayane says yes, though it is a coincidence.

Ayane asks about what happened between her and Ryu. Chizuru screams to give her time for she has to prepare herself. So, Ayane announces that Kent is now her boyfriend. After a lot of flashbacks, Sawako is happy for Kent has conveyed it to Ayane. Chizuru is shock that she repeatedly asks if it is that idiot Kent, why? Ayane realizes that Chizuru didn’t know. She has to pinch Chizuru’s cheek hard to make her realize that it isn’t a dream. Chizuru asks if it started in second year when she is calling Kent’s nickname[/being friend with him]. Ayane says no. Chizuru notices that Sawako isn’t surprised that she asks if she [Chizuru] is really ‘slow[-witted]’. The two said yes. Chizuru says that it wasn’t like that before the party yesterday so what happened. Ayane says that it isn’t suddenly but rather during the field trip, after she broke up with Mogi, she bumped into Kent and cried. She didn’t cry over the break up but rather, she felt relaxed. She just thought that reason is not bad, being with Kent relaxes her mood. Kent is a nice and good person. She wonders if this is okay. Chizuru asks if Ayane is uneasy because Kent is too boring. Ayane says no, Kent is okay and he isn’t the same with the ones she had gone steady with before so he had moved her heart. She doesn’t know if it is the same ‘like’ between Shouta and Sawako but this is the first time she felt about wanting to do her best. Putting her head on the table, she admits to them that she is really happy and it isn’t boring at all. The problem is not with Kent but with her because she doesn’t have self-confidence. She is wondering if it is okay to continue on like this. Chizuru says that it ought to be fine. Ayane asks how come she can say it casually. Chizuru laughs and says that she doesn’t know. Chizuru says that she also doesn’t know what’s not boring about Kent but since he can make Ayane feel at ease and cry, it is alright for her to lend Ayane to him. Anyway, if she wants to ‘return the merchandise’, she always have them. Ayane sweatdrops and says that she said it in such an ominous way. Then, Ayane smiles and thanks them. Chizuru asks, and then? The two look at her but Chizuru clams up. They urge her to say it but Chizuru nervously says that after hearing some serious stuff, she can’t bring herself to say it. Ayane[?] says no, she has to clearly tell them from start to end. Chizuru says that if she knew earlier, she should have been the one who first talked. Next-Chizuru.
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