November 10, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 47]

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Cover page: “Anna has break up with Hinata.. how will this romance progress?” On the television, there is an interview of an actress named Saitou Megumi [guesswork from 佐藤純] who is suspected of bigamy. In her tearful press conference, Megumi says that she sincerely likes both guys. “And, the two of them also equally and sincerely likes me. Is it wrong to mutually love both guys? I cannot accept..” While giving some milk to aghast Anna, Anna’s mother says that this Megumi is saying reckless things and in the end, there are a lot of weird people in the showbiz world. “And, I used to really like that actress.” The male announcer tells his co-announcer that he feels that Megumi’s way of talking is quite childish. The female announcer agrees with him and it is quite hard to believe. The male announcer says that it is quite problematic if Megumi herself doesn’t think that she is wrong. Anna gloomily thinks that if that is directed at her. “Are the people in society condemning me? (having delusions)” Anna tells her mother that she’s going. While riding on the train by herself, Anna thinks that it is quite baffling for right now, she feels quite lighter. She tightly grips the pole when she remembers Hinata somewhat smiling and saying okay, let’s break up. She thinks that seeing Hinata smiling and accepting her willfulness, she wanted to disappear on the spot. “What the heck am I doing? I seriously hate myself. *arrives at the clubroom* I don’t know if Ayane-chan has already arrived. After yesterday, I totally don’t know how I should see her. *Aya smiling and telling Anna that she likes both Sou and Hinata at the same time.* There’s only one thing that I know. That is, Ayane-chan truly, really hates me.. Ah, but, in the club, there is also Nanoka..” Her thoughts are interrupted when Aya calls out to her and asks if she isn’t going in. “Good morning, Anna-chan.” Anna freaks out while greeting Aya back. Looking around, she asks where Nanoka is. Aya tells her that Nanoka won’t be coming today. Opening the door, Aya says that she asked Nanoka not to come because she wants to talk with Anna alone. Anna looks nervous over this.

Nervously going inside the room, Anna wonders if Aya hasn’t finished telling things to her. Aya asks her if she had watched the news this morning. “I couldn’t stop laughing this morning. Because seeing Saitou Megumi’s press conference made me think of you. Don’t you think that it is such a coincidence?” Looking aghast, Anna thinks that today Aya is completely in attack mode. “But, today, I won’t run away!!” Anna laughs and says that it made her thinks that she is being criticized. Looking surprised, Aya says that for her to say that, she is now aware of it. “So, who do you like, is it Sou or Hinata-kun?” After a pause, Anna darkly says that it can be said that she likes both and she thinks that it can’t easily be concluded and be resolved. Ayane says that until now, she is still saying that. “Is that what you have planning? Because ‘don’t quite know’ so you’ll continue to stay at their side.” Surprised Anna exclaims no. “I know that I can’t continue on being like this, not knowing thoroughly, so I broke up with Hinata--..” Aya asks if they broke up. Anna covers her mouth and thinks that it is bad, she said it out when it is something that she temporarily doesn’t want to tell anyone. Aya says is that so, and it is such a coincidence for she also broke up with Sou yesterday. Anna is surprised. Aya says, “But, whether or not it is really going steady is a bit worthy of debate. Sou didn’t go steady with me because he likes me.” Puzzled Anna asks, “Then, why?” Aya says that it is to make him have a genuine feeling that he has given up on Anna. “In order for you and Hinata not to have any misgivings. It is only for that reason that Sou has gone steady with me. But, it is alright, for me, that is an opportunity that I can use. I thought that we only have to start going steady, and this time, things can go on smoothly and continue to progress. I already know of Sou’s strategic plan from the start, before we gone steady.” Anna asks what this is. Aya says that it is ‘accepting the fact that a childhood friend is more important than a girlfriend.’ “..Even if the brain knows but it is no good. Something that one doesn’t like, in the end, still can’t be liked. But, because I can no longer be nice like before and just go away, so I decided to mine sweep [/step on the land mine] in front the three of you. *flashback of Aya confronting the three* In the end, I planned to destroy the relationship between the three of you. Are you intimidated? I’m sorry for always pretending to be nice. You also have a lot of things that you want to tell me, right? Come and say it. It isn’t fair that I’m the only one who’s talking.”

Anna says that actually, she is very afraid over Aya telling her so many things. “Thinking that you hated me very much, really astonished me. ..but, when I think of it in detail, everything that you’ve said is right... *Aya looks surprised* Afterwards, I generally will still make you angry and perhaps, [I] can’t clearly see the surrounding [= clueless]. I will carefully pay attention as much as possible so I hope that next time if you have something to say, don’t restrain, and just straightforwardly tell me.. because I’m already used to friends scolding me about something, so you don’t have to be polite about it!!” Aya looks dumbfound. Anna is referring to Hime, Rui and Nanoka. Aya asks if Anna means that she is to continue being friends with dreadful Anna who caused her and Sou’s relationship not to progress at all. Anna is shock by this and becomes nervous for saying those things. Aya says that Anna really just ponder on things in such a simple way. “You only see the things that are in front of you. And, you are the one whom Sou likes so I thought that there is definitely no way for me to become friends with you.. *flashbacks of Aya spending time with Anna and Nanoka* Geez. How come I have no way of hating you. *teary-eyed* It’s really baffling..” Then, the school bell is ringing. Aya tells her that the bell is ringing so they should quickly go to class. Anna agrees with her. Before leaving, Aya says, “One last thing, I think that compared to Hinata, Sou is more suitable for you even if it really infuriates me.” At the hallway, Aya notices that Anna looks nervous. Anna has spotted Hinata and Sou walking ahead. Anna is wondering how she is going to normally call them out. Her heart beats when Hinata turns around to her. Hinata smiles and greets Anna a good morning. Somewhat smiling, Anna greets him back. Sou nervously thinks that Hinata won’t greet Aya but then, that isn’t strange. Aya asks Sou if he has heard of it. She smiles and tells him that just like them, Anna and Hinata has broken up yesterday. Anna goes in shock for Aya said that. Smiling Aya tells the three that she’s going to her classroom now. Sou mutters that girl’s illness is really serious. “..What strange thing is she talking about now..” Hinata says that even if he thinks her feelings are unstable but it is true that he and Anna broke up. Sou looks surprised and darkly says, “Ha?” This reaction surprises Hinata and Anna. Yasumoto, the teacher, calls out to them that the bell has rang so quickly go in the classroom. Sou turns away and goes in. After Hinata looks at Sou, Anna apologizes to Hinata for not being careful and told Aya about it. Hinata tells her that it is okay for anyway, he doesn’t plan on keeping it a secret. “Sooner or later, [I] will tell them.” Anna thinks that even if Hinata[?] is right.. In class, the two guys seem to be in deep thought. Anna is thinking about Aya telling her that reason why Sou went steady with her.

After classes is over, Anna asks Nanoka how many times is she going to keep on asking the same question. “I’ve told you that I’ve only discussed with Ayane-chan about Saitou Megumi’s press conference and thought that it is really amazing!” Nanoka shouts that it is definitely a lie or else, if it is just talking about that, how come she can’t go [with them]. Carrying the props, Anna tries to evade it by saying that okay, today is stage practice day. “It is only today and on the day of the performance we can go on stage so we should work swiftly.” Hinata asks Anna if she knows where Sou is because he hasn’t seen him around. Nanoka angrily shouts at Hinata for interrupting when they are talking about something important. Puzzled Anna asks Hinata if Sou isn’t around. A girl says that if it is Sou, he just went out. Anna is surprised. The girl says that she saw Sou carrying his bag. Hinata looks at their direction and overhears it. He looks thoughtful-sad. Hinata asks Anna if Sou has work today. Anna says no, before the cultural festival, he only works during weekends. Anna recalls Sou’s ‘ha?’ reaction and starts to look nervous. Hinata tells Anna to go and get Sou back. Anna exclaims, “Me?” Hinata says that she is a committee member. Anna exclaims back that isn’t he a committee member, too. Hinata tells her that if she isn’t quick, Sou will really go [home] and he’ll help her bring those things [/props]. Anna quickly runs and finds Sou just about to leave the shoe lockers. Anna grabs his arm and asks why he is going. “Wasn’t it mentioned that there is a stage practice today?” Anna is surprised over Sou’s serious reaction when he turned around to her. Looking nervous, she lets him go. Sou asks if she really broke up with Hinata. “Were the two of you brainwashed by Ayane’s delusional speech?” Anna looks tense. She says that no, [she] wasn’t brainwashed. “It is only that, *looking down* I thought that what Ayane-chan said was right.” Serious Sou is now looking quite dark. He says, “I don’t understand. You’re saying that you like Hinata but at the same time, you also like me? Afterwards, Hinata also said, ‘Okay, I understand’ then [you two] break up?” Looking at him, Anna tensely tells him that Hinata didn’t do anything wrong. Sou looks away and says, “...idiotic to death. I have no way of keeping on being with [/hanging out with] you crazy guys anymore--” Anna looks stunned. Sou turns around and left Anna, standing there.

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