November 17, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 16]

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Beautiful cover page: “God, I sincerely request that you bestow me the knowledge of knowing true courage.” In her room, Makoto hums as she takes out a small picture frame from a plastic bag. Then, she hangs the picture of the moon [that Iriya took] on the wall. She thinks that after having it developed, the result came out more beautiful than she imagined♡ “How come I felt good after I was rejected.. Perhaps, the attitude during the time I’m in contact with him is a bit not the same as in the past. A bit complicated. Hihi, I’ll stick the pictures taken from the beach together♡” She also got those pictures developed. While looking the a picture of her and Iriya, she recalls what Iriya said about not being nice at all, and whatever the other expects & hope he’ll say, he wound unconsciously plan in order to maintain their relationship. Makoto thinks that she was quite shock at that time so she can only quietly listen to what he said. “What does..those words mean..” In the street, Yusa angrily asks Iriya why he is the only one whom he didn’t tell where he is working. Iriya thinks that he’s quite noisy. Yusa asks how come with Makoto and others had already gone [to his workplace]. Iriya says that he just thought that if he told him, it will be quite now. Then, Yusa sees Makoto’s name as the sender of some messages in Iriya’s phone. Yusa grabs the phone and exclaims that they would unexpectedly send each other sms/texts. To Iriya’s surprise, Yusa starts deleting them. Grabbing back the phone, Iriya exclaims what he is doing, and the photo is also gone. Yusa says who told him to hide things from him and be lovey-dovey with someone. Iriya asks what is he to him [<- something like are you my mother]. Entering the store, Yusa just sticks his tongue at Iriya. Just when Iriya is saying geez, the boss with Maria greets, “Good morning-” The two guys notice that something is wrong. While lighting up his cigarette, the boss says that Maria said that she saw him stealing the money. Iriya tries to interrupt but the boss says that admittedly, Iriya is doing a good job and he doesn’t want to doubt him. “I just want to ask whether or not, there is some reason for it.” Iriya exclaims that he didn’t steal anything. Iriya is surprised when the boss says that he should just tell the truth and he’ll let it pass or else, he’ll contact Iriya’s family and school. Iriya notices Maria smirking. The boss asks Iriya what he wants to do, if he comes clean.. Yusa tells the boss to listen to what Iriya is saying. To their shock, Yusa grabs the boss’ collar and gets ready to punch him. “I’m warning you not to say nonsense things, stinky old man!! Try saying that one more time!!” Iriya exclaims for Yusa to let go. The boss orders Maria to call 110 [emergency hotline for the police in Japan].

Later on, the boss is ushering the policeman inside. He tells the policeman that he’ll leave this to him because he beaten [/troubled] in dealing with it. “Please, policeman-san, you definitely should reprimand them. It’s this way..” The policeman recognizes the guys. Yusa exclaims that it is Ken-san. [Guesswork from 健] Ken exclaims, Issei! The boss asks if they know each other. Ken says yes, Yusa is his nephew [/sister’s son]. Just when he is about to ask what Yusa did again, Ken notices Iriya and asks, “Shun-kun..? It has been a long time.” Yusa interrupts by saying that in this situation, Ken is the police officer who is called so it is fitting for Ken to stand on their side. Sticking out his tongue at the boss, Yusa claims that is their mistake. After hitting Yusa on the head, Ken tells Toda [the boss; guesswork from 土田] that actually, he finds it hard to believe that Iriya would do such a thing. Toda tries to protest but Ken says that he thinks that there is some sort of mistake so he wants to properly ask questions to Iriya and Maria so can Toda step aside for a minute. Toda grudgingly agrees. Ken asks Maria if she has seen with her own eyes that Iriya stole the money. Maria exclaims, yes. Taking out a notebook, Ken asks what time did this happen yesterday, for she is always at the cashier in the afternoon. “You’ve said that around 7:10pm, Iriya had left first when the owner came.” Maria says that she remembers that it is around 7:30 and it was when the owner just went out for a while. “I’m definitely not mistaken!!” Then, Ken probes on Iriya, who is with Yusa. Ken tells them what Maria said, so what is his story. Iriya says that is wrong for he was in the train station around that time. “After something.. *recalls Maria forcing herself on him* I immediately went home yesterday.” Ken says that what they are saying contradicts so is there any proof or witness who can verify this. “Like meeting someone at the station..” Iriya thinks and says, “Proof.. ah, actually, yesterday at that time, near the station, I have taken a picture and sent it as a mms. Ah..but, by.. it is all deleted.” Yusa bites his fingers and freaks out. He exclaims that was actually important and maybe he had saved it since it is a picture. Iriya laments that didn’t he erased all of it. Ken asks whom he sent the picture to for surely, the other party hasn’t deleted it yet. Yusa perks up and says, that is right. “Just call Kisaragi here and show us the message so that we’ll know [the truth].”
After some thought, Iriya says that he doesn’t want to. “If it is Kisaragi..I don’t want her to know and get her involved in this kind of thing..” Yusa exclaims in disbelief that aside from that, there is no other way to prove his innocence. “By the way, no matter what happens, Kisaragi will stand by your side.” Iriya suddenly burst out, “How do you know that!? Because of like[/love], willingly to do anything. I don’t believe that kind of thing. *there is a flashback of a long haired woman looking down on Iriya who is on the floor[?]* That kind of person doesn’t exist.” [The other Chinese translation says, ‘I don’t believe that. People won’t hate me for whatever I do,’; something like he’ll be criticized for whatever he does.] Yusa protests that he actually didn’t steal so it will be okay. Iriya says that involving Makoto in this dispute would show that he’s a useless person. Curling up on the sofa, Iriya adds, “She’ll definitely be disappointed.. I don’t want her to know..” Yusa looks flustered for Iriya. In her bedroom, Makoto is eating and reading a magazine. Her cellphone is ringing. It is Yusa. Just when she greeting him on the phone, Yusa shouts for her to quickly come over. Makoto is puzzled and asks go where. Yusa angrily shouts for her to come over to Iriya’s work place right now, within 3 seconds. Makoto sheepishly says no, for if she goes there today, she would have gone for three straight days and that is a bit too.. Yusa shouts what stupidity she is talking about. “If you like Iriya, at least have an attentive response when he is in front of a crisis!!” Makoto asks what this crisis is. Yusa starts explaining things to her and Makoto looks surprised. Later on, Toda sighs and asks if the interrogation is over. “I just want the money back and let this pass. *looking at Ken* For him [Iriya] to always not tell the truth, then this won’t be resolved. Better call his parents.” Yusa tells him to wait for in a while.. They were interrupted by Makoto banging on the door and shouting that she’s intruding[/excuse me]. Toda asks what that is. Ken opens the door and asks who she is. Iriya is surprised to see Makoto. Breathing hard, Makoto holds up her cellphone with Iriya’s moon photo. She exclaims that she brought Iriya’s.. She becomes dizzy and bends down on the floor. Toda exclaims if she is alright. She tells them that she is fine, she has always been running until she got there so she is a bit.. “Compared to this, quickly verify it..” Yusa praises Makoto that she’s amazing since she really did come quickly. After catching her breath, Makoto says that it is because Iriya got into a crisis. Maria sarcastically asks if that is already a terrible mess. Iriya glares at Maria who becomes timid.
Ken verifies that it is correct, it is exactly like what Iriya said about the time the picture is taken and the message was sent. While holding her cellphone tight, teary-eyed Makoto exclaims, “Right!? And by the way, suspecting Iriya of stealing things, that is, something by itself, really ridiculous!!” Iriya seems to be touched by what she said. Ken tells them that he’ll investigate it in detail by waiting for the GPS news. He asks Maria to think of it in detail if she was mistaken about it. Maria says ya, [she’ll think about it]. Then, the door opens and a woman with some shopping bags comes in. The woman complains over how hot it is and if there is anyone around who’ll give her some cold drink with three scoops of sugar. Toda welcomes the woman, Takako [guesswork from 貴子] home. She is surprised that there is a policeman there. While Ken salutes to greet her, Takako asks what they are doing. Tado tells her that the money in the cashier won’t tally up. After telling Ken that she is his wife, Takako asks if she didn’t tell him. “The cash-on-hand before isn’t enough so I took some money from the cashier.” Everyone is shock-aghast by it. Takako tells them that she did it, yesterday, 10 days before, and also 3 weeks before. “Dear me- you guys are making such a big issue over a small thing. Quickly give me some cold drink. *fanning self with hand* Ah, it’s hot to death-” Toda is still in shock while saying, ‘You..let me tell you..” His wife asks him what’s up for can’t she even take a small amount of money. Yusa angrily shouts at Tokako not to easily do things that can make people misunderstand. Ken says that’s how it is. “Serizawa?” A bit flustered Maria grudgingly admits that she was mistaken. Later on, standing outside the store, Ken sheepishly says that the misunderstanding has been resolved and they have properly warned the madame about it. Iriya bows and thanks him. Yusa says that Ken should have arrested that stupid woman and the owner. A note says that Yusa totally ignores the fact that it was because of his mistake that the issue became big. Yusa asks Iriya what had happened because it is rare to see him having hatred [/grudge] towards someone. Looking somewhat surprised, Iriya remembers the time when he turns down Maria after she badmouths Makoto. Looking at her shirt, Makoto laments that she is really a mess. She is surprised when Iriya is looking at her. Makoto smiles and tells him that it is because she was in such a hurry that she pretty much dashed that she didn’t notice it. “How embarrassing--..” [<- probably referring to her casual outfit] To her surprise, Iriya hugs her tight. While Makoto mutters his name, Ken pats Iriya’s head. Narration: “I never thought.. that my heart can still be moved [/be intense] like this. For I’ve obviously left my whole heart at that apartment.” There is a scene of an [cheap?] apartment’s door. And, there are a lot of garbage bags outside the door.
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