November 17, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 13]

Originally posted @ on November 13, 2012

Flustered Koharu is surprised by Natsuki’s “Don’t be cute towards other guys.” She asks him what that is. “What do you mean by that? (What is Nacchan saying?)” A bit flustered, Natsuki replies, “Asking me what it means.. That is.. *looks away and scratches head* What does it mean? Meaning..I totally haven’t thought of it.. *looks at Koharu* Anyway, Koharu, you shouldn’t go to this kind of date..” He didn’t finish for Koharu has already smack him with her bag. She exclaims that he obviously had a girlfriend so he shouldn’t be too opinionated about this. While Natsuki looks surprised at her, Koharu is angrily thinking what the heck is that? That night, Koharu angrily tosses a pillow on the bed and shouts that Nacchan is an idiot. “Not knowing a bit of someone’s feelings.. Doing that kind of thing.. *blushes upon recalling Natsuki’s serious expression, and she jumps into bed* Geez.. he really don’t understand one’s feelings even for a little bit.. (It wasn’t easy to go on a date to forget Nacchan and it became all about Nacchan.)” Koharu looks out the window to see Natsuki chatting on the phone. From his expression, Koharu guessed that he is talking with Aki. Putting her face on the pillow, Koharu thinks that she’s the only one whose head is totally about Nacchan. “Geez.. I’m like an idiot..” At the other side, Natsuki tells Aki that he’ll see her tomorrow and sorry about today. After bidding her good night and hanging up the phone, Natsuki looks out the window. He sees that Koharu’s curtains are closed. A bit flustered, he wonders if she is already asleep. Natsuki remembers Koharu’s flustered expression. He starts to scratch his head and mutters that it [expression of Koharu] totally won’t disappear from his mind.

The next day, during lunch break, Koharu sweetly says, “Ko∙no∙ha♪ *holding hands together like a prayer/favor* About that, if there is a goukon again, call me..” While erasing the blackboard, Natsuki promptly bumps his head on the board upon overhearing that. Konoha says of course, and she should go. Konoha assumes that Koharu wants to see Naohiro again. Determined Koharu thinks, “Since it is like this, I might as well do my best towards a new love.” While walking at the hallway, Natsuki follows Koharu and asks what’s up with that just now. “Didn’t I say not to go to that goukon thing?” Covering her ears, Koharu exclaims that he’s annoying to death. Turning towards him, Koharu shouts that it has nothing to do with him. “You already have Saionji-chan.” Koharu is surprised when Natsuki exclaims that if it is about her, he has a concern about it. Then, Koharu caught herself being moved by what Natsuki said. She is flustered about that when Natsuki obviously doesn't have any deep meaning about that. Koharu says that he doesn’t know. “It isn’t easy for me to decide to do my best towards a new love so quit bothering me.” Koharu turns around and runs off. Puzzled Natsuki mutters about what this new love is.. “Does Koharu have someone she likes?” While running, Koharu really hates it for obviously Natsuki didn’t do anything wrong. “But, I really hate the me who is putting the blame on Nacchan. I’m the one who’s wrong for voluntarily being moved [by him]? *stops running* Geez.. My heart, don’t go jumping thump thump [on me]. *Then, hears some music.* It’s that piano music and it’s coming from that music building. Could it be.. that person? *standing in front of the door of the room* Ah, it’s that person. *closes her eyes and listens* Even if I don’t quite understand piano [music] but I do know that this is the same with that nice melody before. It’s a melody that can calm down my feelings. It’s like being surrounded by gentleness. I want to talk with this person..”
Later on, Koharu is sitting by the door and talking. “..and then, my childhood friend dashed into the Ferris Wheel.. and even said something like ‘Don’t be cute towards other guys.’ Haha, I’m really something because I’m moved again because of that. His words obviously doesn’t have any deep meaning to it.. *looks sad upon remembering Natsuki on the phone with Aki* I’m the only one.. *happily looks up the door* I’m sorry for making you listen to me talk. And, you even make me listen to the piano. Thanks to you, I have already calmed down! Your piano playing is like magic for it can revive one’s mood.” The guy inside seems embarrassed by what she said. ‘Tong’. The guy inside had pressed on a piano key. This perks Koharu up that she wonders what kind of person is inside. “It is definitely a very wonderful person.” Soon, at the park, Koharu is playing with Conan, the panda dog, with catch ball. Every time, Conan successfully catches the ball that Koharu threw. He can even amazing hold the ball on the brick. Koharu happily claps her hands in praise of how amazing Conan is. She hugs him and exclaims that it should be in a circus for he is a genius. Then, she overhears a girl telling Shin [guesswork from 真] not to ruin it. Shin says that it is Chi [guesswork from 千] is the one doing it. Koharu sees a boy now placing a leaf on top of their sand house. Shin exclaims that their house is finish. Pointing to the house, Chi says that this is the entrance. Koharu fondly recalls that she used to always play ‘play house’ with Natsuki. “When playing house, we are always a married couple.” She lies down on the ground and says, “But in reality, things can’t satisfactorily, go as one wishes, Conan.” Conan seems to say who said so.
Upon arriving home, Natsuki exclaims in surprise that Koharu hasn’t come home yet. The twins exclaim that Conan isn’t around so they went for a walk. Koharu’s mother laments that it seems that during this time, it is no good not to have a [cell]phone. Tossing his bag on the ground, Natsuki says that he’ll go and look for her. Running around, Natsuki shouts for Koharu. While catching his breath, Natsuki says that Koharu isn’t in the path that they usually take for a walk [with Conan]. “Then, where could she have gone to? Did she go and see someone? *surprised and tense* Could it be that she is with the person she likes..? *grabs chest* ..what is this.. And, it was also like this at that time.. *flashback of Natsuki overhearing Konoha saying that Naohiro is going to confess to Koharu. Recalls flustered Konoha asking what he meant.* Meaning..? It means.. ” His thoughts are interrupted when Koharu calls out to him from behind. Natsuki asks her where she run to. Carrying a shopping bag, Koharu tells him that there is a special sale in the supermarket there so she conveniently went there while taking Conan for a walk. Natsuki mutters, supermarket. He bends down in relief that Koharu asks what’s the matter. While walking home and carrying her groceries, Natsuki tells her that they are going to get a cellphone. Koharu asks why when there is no need for it until now. Natsuki says that like today, during this kind of time, he was quite worried. “If you had encountered something, even if I ran I won’t be able to quickly go to your side and that’s not good at all.” This made Koharu blush. Koharu says is that so. “No, actually, that’s true. It’s also good to be able to contact all sorts of people.” Natsuki seriously asks, “--.. All sorts of people refer to?” Koharu is puzzled. Somewhat flustered Natsuki asks her, “Who is the one that you like?” This somewhat freaks out Koharu. Blushing Koharu wonders how come Natsuki knew that she likes someone. Fearing that it will be exposed, Koharu just tells him that this has nothing to do with him. Natsuki bites his lips and says, “..what. *holds forehead and troubled* but I’m really do mind it..” Koharu looks at him in surprise.
Scans by 夜莺工作室