November 17, 2012

Akai Ito [Chapter 3]

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Chihiro is totally shock that she had accidentally kissed Hinase’s bare neck. Hinase teases Chihiro that it is his first to be kissed on his neck. Chihiro freaks out even more. Backing away, embarrassed Chihiro exclaims that no, just now, that is.. She loses balance again and grabs Hinase’s scarf again. Hinase also loses his balance that he falls towards her. And, while Hinase steadies himself on the train’s door, she really kissed Hinase’s neck this time around. ^^; After pause, someone groans. At the gate of Murasakioue Academy, Rino talks with Chihiro on the phone. Apparently, Chihiro told Rino to go to the classroom and wait there for her. After hanging up, Rino tells Kirigaya that her friend is quickly heading back from the station to the school so it appears that she’ll be there soon. Kirigaya says is that so, then that’s good, they should head to the classroom first. Rino apologizes for making him wait with her. Kirigaya says that it is okay for he also came together with Hinase. While walking inside the school, Rino says that she was quite shocked for it turns out that he is also taking an exam for Murasakinoue. Kirigaya says that he is also shock but felt that it is quite fortunate. Rino is puzzled. She looks at Kirigaya who smiled at her. Not knowing what they should talk about, Rino just says that they haven’t seen each other since summer so how is he doing. Kirigaya answers by saying that the cookies were delicious. Rino says that’s great for she wondered what she’ll do if he thought that it tasted yucky. Just when Kirigaya is telling her that he had picked up something, Yuuto arrives and asks what Rino is doing - loitering and chatting at this place. Yuuto is wearing his kendo uniform. Rino calls out to Yuu-chan [Yuuto] and asks that isn’t he on a break today. “Could it be that you are worried about us, that is why you specially came here?” Yuuto answers, “Stu.. it’s club activity. You’ll know just by looking. I’m just checking whether or not you guys would be mistaken about the classroom that is why I conveniently came to see.” Then, he notices Kirigaya and asks if he is North Junior.. Rino tells Kirigaya that this kid is Tachibana’s younger brother, and he’s a third year junior student here. Kirigaya says is that so. Yuuto tells Rino not to call him a kid. Rino happily says that if they got in, they will be in the same school. Yuuto says that she talk about it when she gets in because she tends to be lost in thought and don’t well in exams. He says that Rino tends to forget all of the answers from the start. Rino nervously says that it is possible that she can’t deny it. Kirigaya looks a bit glum for the two are calling each other by their [first] names [which means that they are close].

They were interrupted when someone says that it is great, they’ve caught up. Rino calls out tired Chihiro and asks if she is alright. Chihiro says that it’s great but she’ll fail because she feels that there is no hope to get qualified in. Rino asks her what’s the matter. Also breathing hard, Hinase tells her not to say such ominous words. Looking gloomy, Hinase touches his neck and says that because of her, he felt that he lost something important. Aghast Chihiro exclaims what is that. “Wait a minute! Don’t say things that will make others misunderstand. I’m the one who felt like I’ve inexplicably lost my first kiss, okay!?” Rino exclaims, “First..first kiss!?” Chihiro tries to say no, it isn’t like that. They were interrupted when a student in the class comments out that they are quite easy-going. The foursome looks in to see all the other students looking serious. This made Chihiro embarrassed. Hinase tells her that it is an accident so she shouldn’t mind it too much. He goes in with Kirigaya to look for their seats. While Kirigaya points out to him where it is, in accordance to Hinase’s exam certificate, Hinase somewhat blushes and touches his neck again. Rino looks at Chihiro who looks a bit flustered. As the exam starts, Chihiro thinks that since Hinase is quite popular, that kind of thing fundamentally is no big deal for him. “Don’t mind it.. Don’t mind it..” She remembers him putting his finger on her lips and, she kissed his neck. “Even if I really do mind it but right now, I shouldn’t mind it.. If I fail, I blame it all on Hinase~~” And, soon, it is spring. During graduation ceremony, Hinase reads out his speech on remembering what they’ve learned in school and from today on, they are going towards a new journey--.. Some girls tearfully tell Rino that even if she goes to high school, they should still hang out together. Rino says yes. They ask for her email and Rino tells them to take care. Chihiro sweatdrops when her male kouhai-s [underclassmen] say that even if she graduates, she is to continue to ferociously stare at them because without her glare, they totally couldn’t bring up their level since summer vacation. Chihiro says is that so, then they should take care. Looking up the sky, Chihiro says that they’ve graduated. Rino says ya. Holding on to Chihiro’s arm, Rino says that even if it feels a bit lonely, she really anticipates going to high school with her. Chihiro says that it is the same with her, and she’s very happy that they’ll be together again. Then, Rino tells her to quickly look there. Chihiro sees Nanjou surrounded by some girls. Rino says that it is amazing since he is surrounded by girls. “..Is it okay? Not going over to say a word.” Chihiro sadly says yes. Chihiro notices that Nanjou looks back at her and smiles. Chihiro blushes and slightly nods. As Nanjou leaves, Chihiro sadly smiles. She tells Rino that they should go and if she wants to go on a walk. Rino says that even if it is early, why don’t they go and look around for the school supplies that they’ll use for high school. Chihiro says okay, they should go. Rino mutters about whether or not Kirigaya and others got in Murasakinoue Academy. With eyes widen, Chihiro asks what did Rino just say. Chihiro gloomily looks sideways and sincerely hopes that the guys weren’t able to get in.
And, it is the first day of school. Chihiro is looking at the mirror in the bathroom. She is muttering, “Bless me that I won’t encounter Hinase~~ Bless me by making Hinase not pass from the start~~ If I did encounter him and he did passed, also bless me that we aren’t in the same class~~~ And even..even if he passed! And he would be in the same class, also bless me that he won’t talk with me~~ In short, no matter what, bless me that absolutely, totally, I won’t encounter that guy~~” Her younger brothers are standing by the door. Yuuto complains what she is doing. “Just quickly wash your face and get out. If you’re like that, we can’t use [the bathroom]-” Souta teasingly points at Chihiro and says, “Sis- are you planning a high school debut? Even if you always look at the mirror like that, nothing will change at all, okay?” Chihiro darkly glares at them and says, “Ha?” This freaks out her younger brothers. Then, Chihiro snaps out of it and thinks that this is bad, she has been praying too hard about Hinase until now that she forgot to practice her smile. She does a cool smile and then, a cute smile with tongue out. She leans on the wall and gloomily that it doesn’t suit her at all. Yuuto asks if she is alright. Putting her hands on her head like a monkey, Chihiro thinks that she already doesn’t want to be thought of again as a glaring, scary, penetrating look, S[adist] temperament type of girl. “I’m going to change starting today!” At school, it’s 9:03 am, and the opening ceremony is starting. The announcer calls out the new students to come in. Chihiro is looking tense when the other students are muttering about her. She thinks that she wanted to change. “I obviously wanted to change.. but I wasn’t able to take a step forward.. THIS!” Embarrassed Chihiro is wearing slippers from the faculty instead of her school shoes. She thinks that unexpectedly, she kept on making a wish as if her life depended on it that she forgot something. “I’m such an idiot. At least, the teacher lent me slippers, which is in a color that isn’t low-keyed at all. It is unexpectedly colored red.. Ah..the whole high school is looking at me and they are stealthily laughing at me. How embarrassing. Because I’m too tense, I have no way of walking properly.” She slips and falls down on the floor. The other guys are blushing in surprise over Chihiro’s fallen form. She quickly sits up and holds down her skirt. Hearing the snickers of the others, embarrassed Chihiro thinks that it is enough already. “I really want to disappear..” Her thoughts were interrupted when someone exclaims, “Oh no, has it started already!?” It is Hinase who is still carrying his bag. He exclaims, “I’m sorry- I’m late. I’m first year’s new student.” Chihiro looks back at him and Hinase looks surprised to see her. The other students are looking at them. Standing up, Chihiro exclaims, “Hi..hinase!?” Hinase exclaims back, “Shichimi!?” The two exclaims together, “You didn’t fail!?” Soon, the others are talking about what’s going on with those two. The announcer[/principal] says that first year’s new student to quickly go to his seat. The two looks surprised. While Chihiro groans, Hinase sheepishly apologizes. The other students continue to laugh. Chihiro gloomily thinks, “It’s over.. My youth[/spring] is thoroughly over..”
At the hallway, where everyone are going to their class, Hinase looks back at Chihiro and tells her what’s up that she’s following him. “Could it be that you have a thing for me?” Chihiro angrily says, “Ha? *taking bigger steps forward* What are you talking about? You’re obviously the one who’s following me, okay!? Are you really that stupid?” Soon, the two are racing to their classroom in order not to be accused of following the other. =P Hinase touches the door and tells Chihiro that he came first. Showing a thumbs up sign, Hinase happily gloats at Chihiro. While Hinase happily goes in, Chihiro thinks that she is out of luck for Hinase is unexpectedly in the same class. Rino tries to tell Chihiro that she is no longer an elementary student. Standing behind Rino, Kirigaya asks if she cut her hair and are they in the same class. Rino greets him that she’ll be under his care [/yoroshiku]. Almost touching his hair, Rino says that his hair became a bit longer. Kirigaya looks surprised and Rino stops midway. She pulls her hand back and apologizes for it is out of habit. Blushing a bit, Kirigaya says, ya. A couple of girls look jealous. By the window, Chihiro tells Rino that it is really great that she can be with Rino because if they aren’t classmates, she wouldn’t have recovered over this minor setback. Rino smiles and tells her that she is exaggerating when obviously, she and Hinase are happily frolicking with each other. When embarrassed Chihiro is going to deny it, a couple of girls interrupt them by asking them if they are going steady with Hinase and others. A bit nervous, Chihiro asks what do they mean by going steady and what’s going on. Long haired girl says that is why they are asking if those guys are their boyfriends. The short haired girl asks if it is so because they really mind it. Chihiro and Rino looks at each other then exclaims, “Eh--” Both girls hold up their hands and say no. Chihiro wonders why she would be mistaken with Hinase. Rino asks how come they would mistake her with Kirigaya. Long haired girl asks if it is true for she and those two guys are from the same junior high but Tachibana and others aren’t since they haven’t seen them. “But, obviously, not from the same junior high, on the day of the entrance exam, you guys came together and it seems that your relationship with each other is quite good, right?” Short haired girl says that’s right. Chihiro thinks that it seems that things are going towards trouble and up to here, Hinase is also involved.. The two girls ask if they are the type who’ll say that they are truly not going steady but actually, at the back, they are going steady. The girls happily say that it is possible, and if it is like this they will be quite dejected. “If you didn’t properly tell us, we might cry, right?” Chihiro got irritated that she darkly tells the two, “ any case, even if we are truly going steady.. we are also under no obligation to tell you, right?” Rino grabs Chihiro’s arm and Chihiro snaps out of it. The two girls retreat and angrily ask what that is. Chihiro sighs and thinks that this also failed from the start. “Wanting to be a friend is also gone.. Forget it, anyway, I’m not good in dealing with those kind of girls so it doesn’t matter..” Chihiro sighs again. They didn’t notice that the two guys has seen the incident.
In class, the teacher says that they are going to first decide on the class committee so who wants to volunteer. The teacher asks if no one wants to volunteer but then, it is possible that they still don’t know their classmates very much so does anyone one to recommend someone. While Chihiro is thinking that she doesn’t want to be the class president from the start, the long haired [jealous] girl recommended her because she tends to speak bluntly towards others so she thinks that Chihiro should be very good in handling situations. The short haired girl also tells the teacher that she thinks that Chihiro is suitable for that. Flustered Chihiro realizes what they are trying to do. The teacher says that a few students are recommending Chihiro so what does she thinks of it. The other girls are smirking and Rino wants to help Chihiro out. Chihiro suddenly stands up and shouts, “Okay already! I’ll do..” Someone suddenly says, “Teacher, I’ll be the class president.” It is Kirigaya. To Chihiro’s surprise, Hinase volunteers himself to be the vice-president. “In the end, it isn’t good to simply decide on this one-sidedly. Just let those who want to do it, do it.” While Chihiro looks flustered, the jealous girls grumble over Hinase siding with Chihiro. The teacher says that in this situation, it would be better to let the ones who enthusiastically want to do it. “How about it Tachibana, want to give this opportunity to Hinase?” Determined Chihiro says that there’s no need for she is up to the task. Hinase looks surprised-frown. The teacher asks if it is okay, the class president is Kirigaya and the vice-president is Chihiro. Chihiro/the others say okay-no-problem. While looking at Chihiro, Hinase somewhat pouts. Rino is thinking that Kirigaya likes Chihiro. The teacher says that they are now going to decide on their sitting arrangement. They will do it through ballots. The number they pick will be their seat in accordance to the illustration on the blackboard. Chihiro got 33 and Hinase got 34. They look at each other then look away. Chihiro wonders why..just now he obviously just sided with her but she snubs him and doesn’t have the courage to look at him. Then, the jealous girls are complaining that it is Chihiro again when they want to sit next to Hinase. Chihiro feels uneasy over this. Hinase stands up and asks if anyone wants to exchange seats with him. He claims that he doesn’t want to sit beside an uncute girl for it really makes him lethargic. This irritated and made Chihiro flustered. While Hinase is talking with a guy about wanting to change seat that is located at the last row with him, unhappy Chihiro exclaims that it’s fine if she’s the one who exchanged seats. She gives her number to the long haired girl and says that she can’t see the blackboard if she sits at the back. The long haired girl is really happy about it. Hinase looks at Chihiro. They look at each other then, both looks away. Chihiro thinks that compare to anything, she hates Hinase the most but how come she is quite bothered by it.
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