November 6, 2012

Sakura Juuyuushi [Chapter 1]

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Sakura is in a kendo competition. Because of looking at a handsome guy who is her type of guy, she lost and got hit on the head. And, it is noted that Sakura has a special antique style comb which she uses when she was young. She is still thinking of the handsome guy when a guy with his friend complains over his missing shirt. Those reeks of sweat guys aren’t her type. The Ueda city where she lives is famous for where the Sengoku hero, Sanada lived. It seems that her grandfather runs a sake/wine brewery. Her grandfather asks about the competition but she avoids his lecture because she claims to be tired. She plans to go to Tokyo in college when she graduates. She is angry that her younger sister messed up the room. Her sister claims that Sakura is being loggerheads with her because she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Sakura remembers handsome guy again. That night, a long haired guy wearing ancient clothes stand in front of her while she is sleeping. He calls her name and tells her to grab hold of the sword. Then, she wakes up and wonders if it is a dream. During practice, she sees the handsome guy again but she couldn’t go to him because the teacher scolds her.

On the way home, handsome guy meets with her and he says that he has been waiting for her. Later on, she shows him around their winery’s storage room. She is telling him something about the well but the guy suddenly exclaims about not talking about it outside. She finds his reaction bit strange. Then, they go in the storage room. Just when she is saying that there are no treasures there, she bumps into something and things start to fall on her. The guy shields her after calling her name. He then asks if she can’t remember him. Flustered Sakura says that she doesn’t understand what he is saying. Then, they see a glowing white katana with lots of sakura [/cherry blossoms] decoration. The guy asks her to give it to him. She refuses to do so <- more on freaking out over it. So, the guy grabs it and the glow is gone. Then, it glows again when she unsheathes the katana. The guy calls her name again. They are enveloped in the light. The next moment, Sakura finds herself in a forest while holding the sword. The guy is missing. Then, some bandits want to get the sword because it is a well-made one. Freaking out, she runs off and thinks that this is a nightmare. She trips and just when she is about to be slashed, a samurai/long haired handsome guy on a horse arrives to save her. He thrashes the bandits with his spear and scolded them for brandishing their sword at a weak girl. That is something he won’t allow as long as Sanada clan rules Ueda. The bandits scream that it is Sanada Yukimura. Yukimura asks if she is alright. While he holds out his hand to her, she is freaking out over Sanada Yukimura [because he is a famous samurai in the Sengoku era; one of the lead characters in the game/anime of Sengoku Basara].
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