November 6, 2012

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 1]

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[Free Talk: Sorry, I didn’t bother knowing the names of the series. ^^; This is just a preview. Edit: Thanks to zaza for the name of the girl.]

The story is about Himari, a moving back to her hometown after her mother remarries. She is a bit uneasy about going to school and more so because there are a lot of guys in it. It turns out that she has a bit of trauma. When she was a kid, she likes Boy 2 and plans to write a letter to him before she moves away but Boy 1 got hold of it. Boy 1 showed it to everyone and made her a laughing stock. She tried to get the note back from Boy 1 but it torn in half. Himari started to cry and Boy 2 arrived. He told Boy 1 to apologize and gave her torn note back. End flashback. Upon arriving in her class, she is glad that some female old friends still recognize her. Upon sitting on her seat, her seatmate turns out to be Boy 2. He immediately recognizes her. Unfortunately, Boy 1 is sitting in front of her. Later on, she starts writing on her notebook like before, on what to ask Boy 2 to start a conversation. As usual, Boy 1 sees it and grabs her notebook from her. She tries to get it back. Boy 2 grabs the notebook and returns it to Himari. Himari is irritated that Boy 1 didn’t changed a bit. Boy 1 gets jealous when Himari is happily talking with Boy 2 that he kicks her table.
Himari returns home and meets her new stepfather. Since he is nice and everything, she imagines his son would also be as nice as him. She looks forward to meeting her younger brother...who turns out to be Boy 1. Himari is in total denial at his door. Then, Boy 1 teases her with having her letter for Boy 2. He starts reading it out and calls her disgusting. Himari got irritated and tells him that she can bear his bullying but he better not do anything to her mother. She wished her mother would find happiness after single-handedly raising her after her father passed away. Because of this, she will endure it even if she hates him and at least maintain the barest minimum of being siblings but she will absolutely not lose to him. Starting to leave, she says that is what she wanted to tell him. He suddenly pushes her down on the bed and said about ‘won’t lose’ and even if they are siblings, he is a guy and she is a girl. With his strength, he is definitely stronger so she better wake up and pay attention on how she phrase her words. She can’t move and freaks out that she’ll be violated. He then tells her not to take it seriously and relax because from the start he hates her. He then waves her to go out. He says that whatever is being said, they live in the same house so, ‘I’ll be under your care [/yoroshiku], older sister’. Himari stands outside blushing and thinks she has an extraordinary younger brother.
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