November 22, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 15]

Originally posted @ on November 20, 2012

Page 15: Beautiful Life. Cover page: “I only have to be with you, and the world becomes more radiant than yesterday.” Narration: “Okamura Nino.. strange neighbor. A person whom I haven’t exchanged glances with throughout my life. That is the very first impression.” At the train station, Nino nervously looks at Kira who is lost in thought. Nino tells him that he looks very tired today. Kira groans and says that compared to what he imagined, working takes a lot more effort. “But, it’ll end today. Just thinking of the thing [I’ll do] afterwards makes my vigor become fully restored!” Nino asks afterwards, what is that thing. Kira looks away and says that it is nothing, he can sleep. Blushing Nino glances at Kira. Narration: “November 24th. It has been 3 days since that [almost kiss behind the curtains] and it seems like nothing has happened at all. But..” There is an announcement of a train coming so Kira stands up and says that his train came first so he’s going. Nino says okay. To her surprise, smiling Kira touches her head and says, “Don’t catch a cold.” As Kira left, Nino blushes. Sensei thinks that Kira is putting on an act [= nothing is happening]. After a while, Nino says, “Sensei. Kira-kun really puts importance to me.” Puzzled Sensei asks why she looks downcast. Nino tells him that because of the balcony incident, it brought about expectation within her. “I’m expecting ‘Is it possible that Kira-kun also thinks of me as..?’ But, I’m mistaken. On the second day when we met, it is quite ordinary. And just now, I felt that I’m the only one who is thinking of that. For Kira-kun, fundamentally, it isn’t something special because it just means ‘important friend’.” After a pause, Sensei thinks, “Don’t worry. Curly generally will tell you tomorrow, Nino!! –I really want to tell her~~” Sensei has been told by Nino about the balcony incident.

At a shopping center, Kira is holding on an envelope which contains his salary. Leaning at railing of the stairs, Kira thinks that finally, with this, he can buy Nino’s birthday gift. “But all the more I don’t have physical strength. I obviously didn’t do much serious exercise and it is only doing things that are different from what I usually do. Yet, unexpectedly, it is already like this.. *pause* Generally, it is still approximately 10 more months before death. *holds chest* I’ve already agonized about it, knowing that I’ll die first. Is it really okay to like someone like this? But Nino told me this. *Nino said, ‘Definitely, there’s a meaning’* So I want to convey this feeling to her.” Then, his thoughts are interrupted by two women walking downstairs who were chatting quite loudly. “No joke, that child’s husband is only 27 years old?!” “That’s right, but I heard that it is because he met an accident!” “No way, it is really hard to believe when someone dies unexpectedly.” “That child also couldn’t even eat that she has become thin. She repeatedly says, ‘Why? Why?’ the whole day and kept on crying. Even if I want to accompany her to go out for a change of mood but she’ll only shut herself in the house.” “Is that so, what can I do for her.” After they passed by, Kira smiles and says, “What can I say- Even picking this time to talk about it. But, since I’ve decided to tell her. *looks doubtful* Decided.. Really?” The next day, Kira is waiting downstairs by the gate for Nino. He is looking at his cellphone when Sensei flies down and lands on his cellphone. Sensei exclaims, “Good morning- Curly-kun!” Kira exclaims that he startled him and what’s up. Sensei tells him that Nino will be out soon so just wait for a while for her. Puzzled Kira asks him what’s up with that subtle consideration. Sensei just says that it’s nothing~~ Sensei happily thinks that today is the day when Nino will be answered back so he’ll just treat Kira a bit better.
Sensei asks him what he is looking at on the internet [on his cellphone]. There is a Scorpio horoscope wherein the fortune is 3 out of 5 good. Sensei exclaims that it turns out that he’s interested in that. Kira says no, he is a bit nervous. “Something had happened that made me hesitate. I don’t know whether or not I should go on forward with it.” Sensei realizes something. Then, Nino hurriedly comes out and apologizes for the wait. As the two greet each other good morning, freaking out [ala The Scream] Sensei exclaims, “What!? You’re saying that you’re giving up on confessing!?” Walking at the hallway, Nino wonders why Kira didn’t go to the other class [that requires going to another classroom]. “What’s going on? It should be because he’s tired, right? But, this morning, it seems like something is on his mind. It’s quite strange.” She is surprised when someone calls out to Kira. Ikigoma, with Hyakuta, asks if Kira is skipping class just to be lost in thought. Kira tries to deny it but Hyakuta says that he is concentrating in staring at the sky. “What is it?” “Very curious, very curious” Kira somewhat sweatdrops. Nino thinks that it is a stroke of good luck. Looking up the sky, Kira says that according to the internet, if he sees 5 airplanes within a day, something good will happen. “That makes me feel that there is a helping hand that will give me the push forward..” Hyakuta squeals and says that he is a pure person just like what Nino said. “So cute.” Looking at the side, Ikigoma says that it is Okamura-chan. Wondering if it is true, Kira looks at the side and becomes surprised to see Nino standing at the side. He exclaims in surprise her name and if she just heard.. While Hyakuta thinks that those two’s relationship is good, she and Ikigoma start to leave. Nino happily says, “Kira-kun, you have something you want to do, right!! I’ll also help you.” Kira sweatdrops and slightly blushes. Looking away, Kira replies, “, this has nothing to do with you..” This surprises Nino. While the two are walking home together, Sensei is scowling. He thinks that this is no good, this kind of mood. The two are gloomily quiet. Sensei thinks that it isn’t like he’s supporting Kira but right now, like this, he doesn’t approve of it. To Sensei’s surprise, Nino tells Kira that she’s going to the convenient store so she’ll leave first. Puzzled Kira says okay. At the Otowa Mart, Sensei nervously asks Nino if it is because she’s sad that she doesn’t want to stay together with Kira. “Actually, you don’t have anything to do upon going in the convenient store, right?” Nino stops and tells Sensei something. Sensei looks surprised.
The next day, Kira looks at his cellphone that has a message from Nino – ‘I’m sorry. I’ll go to school a bit late today.’ Kira wonders what had happened to her or could it be because she’s that angry yesterday. He is surprised when Nino calls out to him. He exclaims that she doesn’t look good. Nino giggles and says that she is just feeling a bit unwell. Looking for something in her bag, Nino says tells him that anyway, there is something that she wants to give him. Nino looks surprised then suddenly bends down. Upon seeing her looking ill, Kira calls out her name. Soon, at the clinic, Kira looks surprised and says, “Ha?” At the door, Mio answers, “So, I’m saying that she ate 30 pieces of popsicles. Just now, she already drank medicine and fell asleep so after a while, I’ll send her off. *holding stiff Sensei to him* Also, this specimen is quite a hindrance. Here, take care of it for her.” In the classroom, while ‘old timer’ homeroom teacher is teaching, Kira is wondering what’s going on. “Ice cream.. Is it necessary to eat that much? *looks down on the floor and notices an envelope* This.. *picks it up* It seems that Nino wants to give this to me...” Then, someone tells him to look inside it. Kira looks at Sensei who repeats that he open and look inside it. Surprised Kira exclaims [in a whisper] that he’s an idiot for talking [here]. Sensei tells him that is enough, just open it, and take a look. Wondering what’s going on, Kira opens the envelope to see three popsicles with words ‘win a prize’. He sweatdrops and wonders if she ate popsicles for this. Then, he notices something. He lines up the sticks on his notebook and flips the popsicles. Kira felt like crying. At the back of each popsicle sticks, Nino has written, ‘G-O- (^o^)/’ Sensei recalls what happened yesterday. Flashback: Sensei asked what Nino is going to do in the convenient store. Nino told him that speaking of stroke of good luck, she cannot think of any other thing except getting the prize-winning stick upon eating popsicles. “If it’s 30 pieces, I should be able to eat down all of it. *Sensei looked shock* I have decided cherish this feeling of liking Kira-kun so right now isn’t the time to be downcast. *looks up the sky* In short, if Kira-kun doesn’t have a smile, my everyday completely lacks meaning.” End flashback. While Sensei looks at him, Kira mutters if Nino is telling him to ‘go ahead’.
Then, there’s a knock on the door and Nino comes in the class. The homeroom teacher asks if she is alright now. Nino says yes, and apologizes for the trouble. They were surprised when Kira suddenly stands up. The teacher asks what it is. Kira didn’t reply and just walks towards Nino. To everyone’s [including Yabe] surprise, Kira hugs Nino tight. While Sensei looks happy about it, Kira grabs Nino’s hand and starts to go out of the classroom. The teacher can only helplessly call out where they are going. At the roof, Kira is facing away from blushing Nino. Kira turns to her and says, “About that..” He bends down and curses that the birthday gift is left at home. He looks up to her and thanks her for the popsicle sticks. Embarrassed, Nino says no, she felt that she did something unnecessary. Kira says, “Nino, I want to confess to you.” After a pause, puzzled Nino asks, “So, you’re saying that you have some sort of secret..” Kira interrupts by saying, “No, it’s about love.” Nino looks at him in surprise and she blushes. Kira continues, “When I was 13 years old, I learned for the first time that I won’t live for a long time. *Scene of young Kira drinking and smoking with friends* At first, I had fallen into depression. At the same time, I felt that it has no meaning. So, I’ve pulled away and distanced myself from the people I’m with. I started to think, ‘I want to have a meaningful existence’. But, it isn’t something that is easily found. *flashback of Kira looking out from Tokyo Tower* It is only like this, wasting time on worthless activities and making people get scared. *flashback of Nino holding out her hand and said, ‘I’ll be at your side’* At that time, you appeared.” Nino looks touched as Kira looks up to her. With a pained smile, Kira says that this is a serious issue.. To his surprise, Nino sits down and becomes teary-eyed. Kira starts to become teary-eyed, too upon recalling Nino sewing by herself at her table in class. Kira says, “Throughout my life, I fundamentally thought that I wouldn’t come across it but I’m totally mistaken. *holds both of Nino’s hands* The meaning of my existence is you, Nino. I like you, Nino. I felt that when I’m together with you, it will definitely be happy until the last moment. So, will you go steady with me?” After a pause, Nino wipes her tears. Still teary-eyed, she smiles at smiling Kira. While mentally calling out his name, she says, “Yes.” And, they happily hug each other. Blurb: “Finally figuring out Nino and Kira’s feelings. The two will sparklingly shine over the remaining time.”
Scans by 離境漢化組.