November 22, 2012

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Side Story]

Originally posted @ on November 19, 2012

Cover page: “After a long time, finally, was able to be mutually happy with Kyouta. Since high school graduation, in order to accomplish each other’s dreams, from far away places, the two started a long distance relationship..?” Narration: “The way Tsubaki Kyouta entered high school is ‘long hair’, ‘talks rubbish’, ‘rude’. The first impression is really awful! ..fundamentally it is like that. It has become ‘like’[/love] when I’ve noticed it. *flashbacks* Each time, I get to understand him more. Being in love with him is like some thing is rushing forth and expanding. Upon reaching 24 years old, having this kind of romance with him still continues..” At parfait beauty parlor, Tsubaki holds the mirror to her customer, Matsui [guesswork from 松井] and tells her that this is what she did. “Is this okay?” Matsui happily looks at her beautiful braided hair and squeals in glee. She happily says that her boyfriend will definitely be shocked upon seeing her. “I’ll be going on a Christmas date with my boyfriend after this. Ah~ I want to let him see it right now♡ I’ll make the appointed time earlier~~” Tsubaki looks somewhat sad. As Matsui happily clings on her boyfriend and leaves, Tsubaki thanks them for their patronage. While Tsubaki is glumly tidying things up the umbrellas at the porch, someone says that it has been a year since she is holding scissors. It is Hiro. Hiro comments that she has become very mature and her reputation has increased. While Hiro helps tidy up the folding chairs, Tsubaki says no, the difference is still far. “Before, during the time I’m interested in becoming a hairstylist, I wondered whether or not, I can do it well. Would I make a mistake? Will I feel embarrassed? If I don’t practice more and more..” Hiro asks if she is going to practice tonight until it’s very late. Tsubaki exclaims yes, of course. Hiro asks, “On Christmas night?” Puzzled Tsubaki asks what he is implying. Hiro says that it is because no matter what, they are still continuing it, right? “Continuing that long distance relationship with your boyfriend who is studying at a university in Kyoto. The position of a student and a person in society isn’t the same especially in terms of money.” Tsubaki says that even if he says student, but in school, Kyouta is also working as the professor’s assistant so no worries about that. Hiro says that because of that, Kyouta is very busy, right? “So, how long has it been since you’ve met each other?” Tightly holding her hand with her ring on it, Tsubaki admits that it has been almost half a year. Waving her hand, she smiles and says but she is also perfecting her skill that she is busy practicing so it is totally alright.

Leaning to her, Hiro tells her that is enough, it is still best to break up. “You’re obviously very lonely but you’re pretending that it is alright, Hibino. I have already seen you [like that] for so many years. Just now, I saw you felt dejected upon seeing that customer who can immediately see her boyfriend. *Tsubaki looks flustered and surprised* If it is me.. *holds Tsubaki’s hair* I’m obviously at your side..” Jerking away from him, Tsubaki exclaims, “Ha..hananoi.. *points to window* madam[/mrs] is watching..” Hiro nervously lets go of Tsubaki as he sees a woman [/the receptionist-boss?] looking dark and scratching the glass window with her nails. While the woman darkly calls his name, Hiro nervously tells her that it isn’t like that, they are only discussing whether the quality of the hair is good or bad.. Holding both hands to her chest, Tsubaki says, “About that.. thank you for worrying about me. But, that is something I can’t do. *blushingly smiles* If we break up, it will only be when Tsubaki-kun dumps me.” As Tsubaki walks away, she thinks, “It is because, even right now, every time I see Tsubaki-kun, no matter how many times.. *walks away and sees a familiar figure standing at the front of the store* I would still fall in love--” Tsubaki blushes in surprise to see smiling Kyouta turns to look at her. While walking home and holding hands, Tsubaki exclaims that she is startled because he didn’t mention that he’s coming.. Kyouta says that it is because there is something that he wants to tell in front of her. “I.. can go to the Unite States to become an assistant at a university.” Tsubaki is surprised. She exclaims that is amazing, for that is one step closer to NASA. Kyouta happily says yes. “Next year’s September, I’m moving to the United States.” Tsubaki’s smile freezes. She thinks, “..United States.. We already seldom see each other between the distance of Tokyo and Kyoto. If he goes to the United States, it will be more..” Tsubaki shakes her head upon remembering Hiro telling her that it is enough, it would be better to break up. Kyouta continues to say, “, it is no good to go steady while being separated between Japan and United States. What I’m going to tell you is very mean. *Tsubaki looks surprised. She felt a sharp pain and thinks, huh, wait a minute..* But, I think, right now is the best opportunity.” Thinking that Kyouta wants to break up with her, Tsubaki nervously looks up to him and says, “It’s.. it’s alright! United States isn’t quite far.. *force smile* there’s not much difference with Kyoto. We can still continue a long distance love relationship! (Even if fundamentally, it is alright not to see each other. By just having Tsubaki-kun, I can be supported to go on. I don’t want to let go of this hand.)” Kyouta answers her, “I don’t want to so let’s go together.” Pause. Still holding his hand, Tsubaki continues with, “..ya.. I know.. that is.. much better than breaking up.. *pause* Ah wha!? *looks at him in surprise* What did you just said?? It is something different from what I anticipated!?”
Kyouta looks irritated. Pulling her, Kyouta continues to walk and says, “Geez.. because you are an idiot that you can’t speak in English. *Tsubaki angrily says, ‘ha’* You can only give up your wish to work as a hairstylist. I think that for you, it will be a more painful thing. *Tsubaki perks up and thinks that this place is..* But, I will strive my very best to accompany you. *standing in front of the candle tree where Tsubaki wrote their names on Christmas before* I hope that you’ll marry me and we go together to the United States.” Tsubaki blushes in surprises. Losing strength, she bends down on the floor. Kyouta asks her if she is alright. “Reply.. I’ll wait for your reply. Just think of it for a while then decide on it. If you only depend on feelings to decide--” He stops when Tsubaki holds his hand tightly and says in English, “I won’t lost in emotion, you know? (You obviously know that I won’t act on impulse) I[‘ve] expect[ed that] you’ll decide to study in the United States someday. [So] I’ve studied English conversation. So, if you ask me to go there, I can say ‘YES’ without hesitation. *smiles*, let me become ‘Tsubaki Tsubaki’.” The two Tsubaki-s happily hug each other. Narration: “Eight years ago, in this place, for us who are still in first year high school, the future is quite far away. It started in a half-joking way, ‘Tsubaki Tsubaki’ [on the candle]. From then on, because of so many trials and tears, striving hard to overcome difficulties, and saved by a miracle. Today, it is finally realized.” At the church, there are two wedding teddy bears with a note, ‘Welcome to our wedding reception. Kyouta & Tsubaki. September 3.’ While drinking some juice, Sakura complains that it is so hot and her sister is an idiot for why would she want to hold the wedding when it is quite hot. “It is pass 30° I’m going to melt~~” Playing with their child in the carriage, Nishiki says that it can’t be helped for in the middle of this month, they are moving to the United States. Sakura asks if her sister can really go to the United States.. Carrying their child to Sakura, Nishiki asks ha. Sakura sighs and says that this morning.. In a different room, someone says that the veil symbolizes tranquility that protects a person to be far away from all sorts of disaster, disease and bad people.” While Kyouta is standing beside her and touches her head, Tsubaki exclaims is that so. The priest says that afterwards, the father will accompany the bride and walk together on the red carpet. “And before that, we are going to do the important ceremony of putting down the veil. Mother, please come forward. *nervous* So, mother.. is it okay..?”
They look nervously at Tsubaki’s mother who is looking really dark. She is angrily muttering about Tsubaki going to live in the United States that is a dangerous society, and if it is the former Tsubaki, she absolutely won’t say those kinds of words. Tsubaki’s father tries to pacify his wife by telling her that Kyouta has been headhunted [/poach/recruited from here] to go to a university in the United States and as a guy, that is a really amazing honor.. Tsubaki’s mother angrily shouts for him to shut up. Slightly bowing, Tsubaki says, “Mama, please..!” Somewhat flustered, Tsubaki’s mother relents. Kyouta slightly bows to her. The priest says that the veil represents the parents’ love. While Tsubaki’s mother puts the veil down on Tsubaki’s face, the priest says at one side, it is recalling the bountiful love that one has given in raising up the child during these 25 years, and at one side, it is making her wear it. While holding the veil, Tsubaki’s mother says, “..really beautiful.. you have already become an adult.. *Tsubaki looks up to her mother* Because it is you, you have seriously thought about this going to the United States thing. So, it isn’t necessary to be this worried.. *flustered* Live a happy life together with Kyouta.” With tears welling up in her eyes, Tsubaki exclaims, “Yes..!” At the altar, the priest holds a glass shoe where they put the rings. The priest says that symbolizing the two’s love, they are now going to exchange rings. The two Tsubaki-s mutter, “Spent 6 years..” They look at each other and laugh. Flashback: Kyouta told her that even if he doesn’t know how many years will be spent, before he can give her the real ones, but before then, they are going to mutual wear [these rings].” End flashback. Kyouta puts the wedding ring on Tsubaki’s ring finger. Narration: “After a long desire, the realization of the future. *Kyouta removes her veil and they look at each other* From today on, no matter what, I also want to realize the future. And, it is only one – I hope that in my life, I can be together with you forever.” The two happily kiss. Soon, at Narita airport terminal 1, Kyouta tells Tsubaki that they are going to register [/go to immigration] so prepare her passport.. He stops upon seeing Tsubaki staring at her passport. Putting his arm around her and taking the passport, Kyouta tells her that even if she is happy over the name but she shouldn’t look at it for such a long time. Tsubaki is embarrassed. While walking with him, Tsubaki says that it doesn’t feel real. Kyouta tells her to just take her time and get used to it. “Anyway, from today on, that will be your name throughout your life.” Blushing Tsubaki says, “That’s right..!” And, on her Japanese passport, her name is Tsubaki Tsubaki. The end.
Scans by DayDreamy.