November 22, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 6]

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[Ah, before I start getting confused on which pronoun to use so for it to be the same all throughout. When they are talking, I will be using ‘he’ for Mego if she is acting as Mitsuru, and of course ‘she’ if it is Mitsuru acting as Mego. The correct pronoun is used when it is narrative.] While walking in the street, Mego happily looks at the picture of Aoi and the cats that she took. She giggles and thinks that Aoi is so cute. Narration: “Kobayashi Megumu, 15 years old, (female). Because of some special reason, she currently switched identities with her twin brother, Mitsuru. Megumu replaced Mitsuru in going to an all-boys school. In the end, she has fallen into the river of love.” Cover page: “He is Sanada Aoi. It is good if one day, as my true self, I can say out to him, ‘I like you’--..” At the roof, holding a bento box, Mego calls out to Aoi and asks if ‘he’ can eat together with him. Aoi sweatdrops and says that it is ‘him’ again. “I just finished eating lunch and right now, I’m preparing to take an afternoon nap.” Mego is shock for she made a mistake with the timing. “I.. I came too late (ToT)” Brokenhearted, Mego apologizes for intruding. Lying down, Aoi tells Mego that if ‘he’ isn’t noisy while he is sleeping, it is also okay for ‘him’ to eat there. He also tells Mego to please tell him about that generals[from Sengoku era]’ story that ‘he’ is an expert it for he wants to listen to it before he falls asleep. This made Mego blush. Her imaginary Aoi troops are charging for Aoi is moe to the max. She starts muttering something about being spoiled to the max on year 201X. She thinks that she heart is beating so much that it seems that it would stop. While Aoi asks ‘him’ what he is talking about, Mego giggles and thinks, “After this week, when the identity switch is over, I will properly tell Aoi-kun, ‘I’m the girl whom you helped before. I really like you. Afterwards, I would want to still [continue to] see you--..’” After the school dismissal, Mego asks Moyuyu-senpai if he is giving all of these snacks to ‘him’. Blushing Mogami says that is just a return gift for the homemade cake that ‘he’ gave him. Teary-eyed Mego thanks him and that actually Moyuyu is such a nice person. Mego said that because her twin brother made a move on Moyuyu’s girlfriend and she had ruthlessly hit him. Blushing Mogami claims that he is the type of manly husband who doesn’t hold grudges. Holding up a snack, Mego cutely says that there are even marshmallows. “I like sweet and soft ones the best♡♡ Thank you very much.” Blushing Mogami holds his chest. Thinking that Kobayashi is his marshmallow, Mogami tries to bear hug Mego but he only hugs the air for Mego has bend down to a cat. Later on, Mego and the cats are looking for Aoi since she wants everyone [including cats] to eat the snacks that she received.

Then, she is surprised to see Aoi with a female teacher. She overhears a couple of guys gossiping that it is Teacher Houjou [guesswork from 北條], the English teacher. They mutter that it seems that the rumor is true about Houjou making the student, whom she has an eye on, to come and help her and this time around, it seems that she is eyeing on Aoi. “Not only does she have those humongous boobs, she is also pretty that even if it is Sanada, he can’t dare be dissatisfied about it.” “In this whole school’s male compatriots are drooling over her for a long time.” “Geez- I also want to ask teacher to come and love me♡” “Idiot, Houjou-sensei wouldn’t even take a glance at you.” Mego is freaking out over this. “What to do--!!” In a room, Aoi asks Houjou what she wants to talk about with him. With a flirty look, Houjou says that he obviously knows what she wants and she is quite sad that he always doesn’t want to come over to her. Aoi is startled when Houjou tries to touch him. He immediately turns away and apologizes that he still has something urgent to do. To his surprise, Houjou grabs his necktie and kisses him on the lips. While touching his neck, flirty Houjou says that he really doesn’t understand her feelings. To her surprise, Aoi pulls him away from her and says that lately, she is currently in a miai [/arranged marriage date] with the headmaster’s son. “If you can’t satisfy your desire[/lust], then go find some other guy. A cheap frivolous woman like you cannot catch my eye.” This startled Houjou. Opening the door, Houjou exclaims what’s up with that, and Aoi is too opinionated. After she left, Aoi starts to wipe his lips. Remembering Houjou’s ‘attack’, he starts trembling and he clenches his fists tight. A bit flustered, he curses as his whole body is already trembling. With her face plastered on the window, Mego tearfully wonders what’s going on for they have kissed. “Could it be that Aoi-kun also likes the teacher..? *seeing Aoi wobbly and losing balance* Huh? But, it seems that like that he’s..” To her surprise, Aoi suddenly falls down on the floor. She quickly opens the window and calls out to Aoi. Aoi looks up and sees Kobayashi. Aoi asks why ‘he’ is there. Mego lies by saying that ‘he’ just happens to pass by. “Let’s not talk about that, are you okay?” Aoi immediately hits ‘his’ hand away and tells ‘him’ not to make a big issue out of something small. While trembling with labored breathing, Aoi claims that he is alright. “It’ll be fine just after a rest a bit. Just let me stay here alone..” Mego looks at him and thinks that he looks pale and it doesn’t feel a bit like it is alright at all.
To Aoi’s surprise, Mego suddenly grabs his feet and drags him to the door. Using his elbows to stop her from pulling him, Aoi exclaims what ‘he’ is doing for didn’t he already told ‘him’ to just let him stay there by himself. Mego exclaims that seeing him like that how can ‘he’ just sit there and do nothing. “Even if I have to drag you, I will bring you to the clinic!!” Angrily pushing her face to make her stop, Aoi shouts that he isn’t sick so quickly let go of him. Mego angrily answers back how he would know if he didn’t go and see the doctor. “Just properly be diagnosed in order to determine if you’re sick or not!! You can’t just depend on amateurish confirmation.” With no choice, embarrassed Aoi exclaims, “I said that it isn’t a disease. It’s just that I’m not good at being touched by females.” Mego stops pulling him. She looks back and asks, “Huh?” Lying back down and looking away, Aoi admits to Mego that from the very start, in case he has been touched by a female, he will become like this. Sitting up, Aoi says that with only a female near him around 50 cm, he would palpitate, become dizzy[faint] and have labored breathing. Mego is shock for it is that serious. Leaning by the locker, Aoi says that he only has to lie down and rest a bit and it will be okay. He had already gone to see a doctor who said that it is due to a psychological problem. Mego recalls that upon meeting him at the roof, he also looked awful. Mego says that the first time ‘he’ saw him, he was resting at the roof so could it be that.. Touching his lips, Aoi says, yes..for the day before, he had bumped into a girl. Mego stiffens. Aoi continues to say that at the pedestrian bridge, a girl almost trips that he used his body to support her. “It was quite dark during that time so I wasn’t able to see her face clearly. I think that girl should be almost my age.” Aghast Mego thinks, “Ah, sorry, that person is me.. For me, it is an encounter that got my heart beating and also my first kiss but for Aoi-kun, it is unexpectedly some sort of nightmarish thing..! I couldn’t say it.. Actually, I’m that girl, those words, I absolutely couldn’t say it..” Trembling to the verge of tears, Mego just says that is quite a disaster. Aoi says, “But, it’s good that girl is safe and sound.” Mego is touched by what he said. Aoi tells Kobayashi that if ‘he’ beats him up now, ‘he’ can become number 1. “It’s quite funny, right? That gang believes that I’m the most terrible[/awesome] person in this school. But only being touched by a female, I’ve become like this. I’m pretty much the weakest guy.”
Mego says that it isn’t funny at all. “If there is anyone who’ll dare laugh at senpai, I’ll be very angry!! You obviously couldn’t touch a girl and yet, you saved a total stranger. That is something that a weak person can’t do. Sanada-senpai, you are a strong and kind person!! That girl whom you saved would also definitely thank you, senpai, from the bottom of her heart. (thank you, thank you.) I absolutely don’t tell anyone about this secret. *tightly holding on his knee* I’ll protect you, senpai. (It is fine that I couldn’t tell him, ‘I’m a girl’. It is also fine that I couldn’t say ‘I like you’ I want to stay by your side.)” Puzzled Aoi says that he doesn’t know why but he is starting to palpitate again. Mego quickly lets go of touching him. Aghast, she asks him if he is alright. He mutters that he is okay but it doesn’t seem like the usual flare-up. Blushing a bit, Aoi thinks that it felt sweet like honey. To his surprise, Mego puts him at her back to carry him. Mego says that in the end, they should go to the clinic and it is definitely no good to have an amateurish confirmation. Since Mego is weak, she falls down with Aoi on top of her. Holding his head, Aoi angrily says that hurts and ‘he’ is really too reckless. Mego becomes tense for Aoi is too near. “No good, I can’t let him notice that my heart is beating fast. It’s fine that I’m a girl. It’s also fine to have these feelings of ‘like’ for him. But, if I were to be found out, I cannot stay at his side. *teary-eyed and blushing with girly expression* No--..” Aoi looks surprised. While apologizing, Aoi tries to get off Mego. He is thinking that they are obviously both guys but how come his body is in bad shape. He loses his strength and blacks out temporarily. He falls down on Mego. Mego couldn’t move and she calls out to Aoi. Aoi apologizes for he still doesn’t have his strength back. Mego is drooling and very happy as if she had died and gone to heaven because Aoi’s breath is on her ear. She snaps out of it and tries to mentally tell herself that she is a guy and her heart should act normal. Mego lightly pats Aoi’s back and tells him that it is alright. Somewhat hugging him, Mego says, “There’s no need for you to hurriedly try to do something that you can’t do [because of pain/adversity]. Until you feel a bit better, please stay like this.” Mego thinks, “When I was young and sick, my mother will gently pat my back like this. A gentle hand can make the heart feel warmth. It stabilizes me better than any medicine can. It would be good if this is useful for Aoi-kun. And, if I’m allowed [to hope], I hope that this can make Aoi-kun feel better.” Aoi slightly touches Mego’s finger. He is surprised for his breathing has become smoother [/less labored]. As Aoi bends down to Mego, she thinks that it is really great that she was able to meet him disguised as a guy. “Even if I can’t appear as a girl beside you, I can touch Aoi-kun like this right now.”
Later on, Aoi wakes up and sits up from sleeping Mego. He is surprised that he had unexpectedly fallen asleep and he wonders when he did so. Blushing a bit, he looks at sleeping Mego. Recalling Mego saying that ‘he’ll protect him, Aoi mutters that ‘he’ is a strange fellow. “The students in this school really want to defeat me. They are so afraid of me that they would avoid me while they have time to do so..” Just when Aoi is about to touch Mego, Mego suddenly bites his finger and mutters, ‘Marshmallow’. Aoi hits her head and tells ‘him’ not to bite his hand. While Mego happily drools and mutters about eating ‘his’ fill, Aoi says, “..geez ... thanks..” Narration: “In a marshmallow, sweet-type of dream. I never knew that..” At a bowling center, Mitsuru manages to get a strike. He starts to ‘hi-five’ with his friends. Mitsuru tells Shino to come and ‘hi-five’ with ‘her’, too. Aoi gives him a high-five. Then, it is Shino’s turn to bowl. Narration: “..that in this world, there is one person, a girl, who can get close to Aoi-kun and touch him.” [<- most probably referring to Aoi] Scans by 夜莺工作室