November 17, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 71]

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Cover page: “Speech- cannot convey my love for you.” It is spring. Misao is writing on her journal. She puts down the pen for she is tired. Leaning backwards, she sighs and says that she couldn’t maintain this position for a long time. She is startled to see Kyo peeking at her journal from behind. Embarrassed, she quickly covers her journal and exclaims, no, he’s not allowed to see. Kyo laughs and says that she is still hiding it when she totally has no guard against it[/him looking at it]. “I simply just have to find the place where you’re hiding it so fundamentally, I’ve already seen it.” Misao exclaims that his probing ability and degree of persistence can’t be covered. There is a scene of Kyo happily saying, “I found it♡ *holding the notebook* It is in the underwear drawer.” Misao was embarrassed over it. End flashback. Kyo proudly says that if it is about her, he knows it like the back of his hand. Misao pouts and sighs. She tells him to forget it, if he has seen it, he has seen it. “There are things that cannot be properly said. There are things that cannot be conveyed using only speech. So, I thought, it would be good if I wrote it down and more or less conveyed my feelings to everyone.” Kyo glances at her and tells her to just personally say it. Misao smiles and says, yes but by writing, it is preserved. After a pause, Misao puts down her notebook on the table and asks Kyo about his work. Kyo asks how he can be in the mood for that, when she obviously had passed the anticipated day of birth. Kyo starts to stand up and tells her that the water for the bath is already done [/warm] so even if it is early, they can go take a bath. He asks Misao why she is making a face at him. He shouts if that expression is because she is shy and she is avoiding it. Misao shouts that it is because Kyo said that her belly is quite strange. He said ‘ugly’ when he saw the vein on her belly. Kyo exclaims that he never said that again. When he saw it, it is a bit ‘wha’ then he is quite moved.. Misao angrily shouts, see, what is that ‘wha’. She tells him that even if he is reliable and mature, but regarding this kind of thing, he is really childish. Flustered Kyo says, ya, he’s like that. “I’m still a kid so I have no way of taking a bath alone. Please, mama.” With that, Kyo drags her to the bathroom.

In the bathtub, Misao says that it moved again. She wonders if the baby felt warm and comfortable. “Sou-chan, he always moves during baths.” After going in the tub to join her, Kyo tells her not to say promiscuous things for isn’t it always warm and comfortable inside. Misao asks him if he is an idiot. “Sou-chan, your father is a stupid and lewd Tengu! By all means, don’t imitate[/learn] him-” Kyo hugs her and tells her not to be too quick in turning into a mother for he wants to monopolize her for a while. Just when Misao is asking that isn’t he a father and he’s being so childish, Kyo kisses her. After the deep kiss, Kyo tells her that her expression is like a mother whose desire can’t be satisfied. Embarrassed Misao splashes the water on him and calls him an idiot. Kyo looks serious then kisses her again. Misao thinks that this feeling, surges out from deep within her body and it can’t be restrained. While the two are making out, Misao says, “Kyo, like.. I like you. (Using speech, can I convey it to you? He always knew so..)” Later on, blushing Misao is on the bed. Kyo asks her if she is alright. “Unexpectedly because of being engrossed in kissing that you’ve become anaerobic[/lack oxygen]. No wonder you’re a kissing demon!” Glancing at him, Misao tells her that it is because it is with him that is why it became like this. Kyo says that is right. He puts his hand on her shoulder and says that he doesn’t know what’s up that he can’t stop. He bends down, touches her face, and kisses her. Misao looks at the sakura petals flying inside. After partly sitting up, he looks at her and pinches her face. He tells her that it is because she has this promiscuous expression that he couldn’t stop so don’t put all the blame on him. Misao tells him that she remembered the first time she did it with him – the first thing in the morning, the whole room is filled with floating sakura petals. Looking up, Kyo says that is right, it has been a year already. He remembers that day’s incident now and it is a food for thought/aftertaste for him.[<- I think it is a joke for Misao says that she is already tired of playing tsukkomi/straight guy of a comedic act] Somewhat nostalgic, Kyo says that a lot of things had happened. Misao says yes. Kyo says that a lot of things have changed. Sitting up, Misao says yes. “..but, there is something that always doesn’t change.” Kyo says, yes. Misao asks what that is. Kyo says that when he first met her when they were young, he always thinks of her and it won’t do if he doesn’t think of her. Misao asks if it is because she is the Immortal Fruit. Kyo tells her that for others, they would only think of her as food. Misao smiles. Then she pouts and says that from the start, he would always bully her. Kyo says that is because at that time, she doesn’t belong to him. “I want to know up to when you can endure my tormenting of you. Even if it isn’t quite like love.. but when you are red-faced [from crying] and wanting to come to my side, I would hide from you but I’m also very worried what had happened to you. In the end, I went through a lot of trouble to become the head [of the clan]. And I even did ‘troublesome that I’ll die’ type of work. *pinches Misao’s nose* My life has been tormented tragically by you. If there’s no you, right now, I generally don’t know where I’ll be spending carefree days, all by myself, and *hugs Misao* I also couldn’t experience this kind of happiness--..”
Teary-eyed Misao says, “Kyo, since I was young, I’ve always have a scary recollection. When I’m 16 years old, my life will be threatened. I’ve always thought how come I’m the only one who had encountered such an unfair thing. I felt that I couldn’t be happy compared to the others. *smiles* But, right now, heavens has given me happiness that far, far surpasses the sadness. It really is not necessary for it is destined how much happiness and sadness people would have. Even if the form changed, the destined thing will still come back to one’s side.” Kyo’s expression looks black as he mutters, ‘Changed form..” Misao continues to say, “It’s okay for me to be sad. Pain is okay. Happiness is okay. Gladness is okay. Everything is given to me by you, Kyo. I’m very happy over the gentleness that you’ve treated me. I also feel sad when we quarreled. I only have to be with you, and I feel very happy. (Kyo is my entire life) If I weren’t able to be with you--..” Kyo’s hand that is holding Misao is trembling. He says, “Misao. I like you. I love you.” This surprises Misao. She blushes and smiles. She cries in happiness. She says, “I knew that early on.” They hug each other and kiss. Later on, Ayame goes to Misao’s room and calls out to her. She looks surprised and Sagami tensely goes to the side. Houki has called the doctor who is getting ready for the child birth. The kids are busy carrying blankets. Buzen and Zenki look tense. Misao’s pen and notebook is on the table. Narration: “-Kyo, how come until now you haven’t told me that you like me. I think I understand. I think it is generally like the current me who is writing down my feelings. It is the same principle- *holding up her hand* No matter what speech is used, it is also not enough to convey one’s feelings. It feels like no matter how beautiful the words used, it also cannot be conveyed. *Kyo holds Misao’s hand* Towards this uneasiness, I would write some trivial long writing[/journal]. But on contrary, Kyo didn’t write anything. And because he has decided on something, that can’t be told to me. *nervous Kyo is holding on to laboring Misao’s hand* But Kyo, he would use his own approach to convey so Kyo, he bet his own life to come and love me. *Young Kyo holding young Misao’s hand* I know it. *Misao grabs Kyo’s hand tightly* It has been conveyed. Even if I also personally told Kyo that I like him. But that is because I couldn’t stop myself from saying it. But I still felt that solely with that, it isn’t enough, so I would write it down again. Forgive me. But, it is good if once in a while, Kyo were to react instantly and say it out. *scene of Kyo kissing Misao as the sakura petals float around* Kyo, I really like you. [I] Like you the most. Thank you. If I were to thoroughly use up my life to be able to convey this [feeling] even more to Kyo, I’ll also be perfectly contented. Kyo, I like you. I love you. I love you.” As the sakura petals continue to float around, the sound of a crying baby can be heard. Blurb: “Finally, the fated day has arrived.. What is waiting for Kyo and Misao. Is it hope? Or is it despair? Next chapter, finally, welcome the finale!!”
Scans by 深雪汉化组