November 6, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 12]

Originally posted @ on November 5, 2012

Narration: “Even if I like Nacchan, but, these romantic feelings already can’t be actualized. So, I want to try out and move forward to the [next] romance stage. Thus, today’s date is the step towards that.” Already dressed up, Koharu puts on some of her honey perfume and gets ready. Narration: “It is obviously because of that, that I came..” In front of AQUA theme park, the childhood friends are surprised to see each other. Koharu exclaims why he is here. Pointing to the theme park, Natsuki exclaims if her date is actually in this place. He tells her that it is such a coincidence, for he is going to have fun with Aki there today. Looking around, Natsuki says that it seems that Aki isn’t around yet. Koharu feels pained for Natsuki is going to have a date with Aki. Natsuki calls out her name that she snaps out of it. Telling herself not to be depressed, she just laughs it off that it is quite a coincidence and she was startled by it. “For you to go on a first date, you’ll definitely have fun!” Natsuki is surprised by Koharu’s happy reaction that he just timidly says ah, ya. Konoha arrives and calls out to Koharu. Koharu anticipates meeting Konoha’s boyfriend. Konoha happily introduces her boyfriend, Kouno Makoto [河野誠; name courtesy of Asahi]. Makoto tells them to just call him Makoto-chan. The two childhood friends are shock since they find Makoto scary because he is dark-skinned, wavy hair, has an earring and skull pendant for a necklace. Konoha asks why Natsuki is here. Natsuki tells her that it is just a coincidence that they encounter each other. Konoha asks him why he is talking politely. She shrugs it off by saying that it doesn’t matter, she’ll introduce Koharu’s partner, Mikami-kun. Koharu is freaking out for what kind of friend a person like Makoto would have. A somewhat good looking guy introduces himself as Mikami Naohiro [三神直弘; name courtesy of Asahi]. Somewhat bored Natsuki says that he isn’t a bit friendly. He looks at Koharu who is already blushing over Naohiro. Soon, the theme park attendant takes their tickets. Konoha tells Natsuki and Aki to have fun and they will also have more fun. While Natsuki still looks surprised, Aki somewhat laughs for it is really such a coincidence that it is unexpectedly, the same place [where the others went]. Koharu tries to bid Nacchan goodbye but Konoha urges her to quickly go. Natsuki starts to look flustered and sweating over seeing Naohiro talking with Koharu. While walking, Konoha worriedly asks Koharu if she is okay. Koharu says yes, and thanks her for her concern. Konoha says that she didn’t think that unexpectedly Natsuki and Aki will also have a date there, and God is quite spiteful. Koharu agrees with her and laughs it off again.

Konoha feels sad for Koharu. She suddenly pushes Koharu towards Naohiro. To Koharu’s surprise, Konoha winks and says that fundamentally, it is suppose to be a goukon but it won’t do anymore so the two of them should use this rare opportunity to enjoy themselves. Makoto tells Nao [nickname of Naohiro] that he’ll leave it to him. Naohiro smiles and says okay. Konoha wishes Koharu gambatte. Koharu is freaking out over what to do since she is all alone with a guy whom she doesn’t know. Naohiro tells her that they should have fun first, for he really likes theme parks. Soon, at a roller coaster ride, Koharu exclaims that it has been a long time since she rode on a roller coaster. Naohiro asks if she is the type who’ll scream out loud. Koharu says yes. Naohiro says that he’s the same and they are quite compatible. This made Koharu blush. She thinks that Naohiro is handsome, nice and a good conversationalist. Naohiro asks her if she is the type who’ll raise her hands up when the coaster goes down. Holding up her hands, Koharu exclaims of course she’ll raise them up. Naohiro says that he also does that. He asks her how about they hold hands while raising their hands up. Just when Naohiro is about to hold Koharu’s hand, Natsuki appears from behind and tells them that guests should hold the bar because it is dangerous. Koharu is shock to see him. Natsuki claims that it is a coincidence. Koharu is troubled for it turns out that being in the same place with him, it is unavoidable that they would keep bumping into each other. “When, it isn’t easy to go out on a date to forget this love for Nacchan~~” Soon, they meet again in a different thrill rides and even the haunted house. Koharu can’t concentrate on the date for Natsuki is always there. Later on, Naohiro gets a drink from the vending machine. Upon seeing Natsuki, Naohiro says that they really always encounter each other. Natsuki replies that this time around, it is really a coincidence. Then, he covers his mouth over his slip of the tongue. Naohiro slyly smiles at him. He tells Natsuki that it doesn’t matter at all and he would want to say beforehand, he isn’t a cold indifferent person. He says that if he will make a move, he will make a move in a very normal way. “Koharu-chan is really cute.” Natsuki is quite flustered. He turns around and notices Aki looking ill. He goes to her and she apologizes for she is feeling a bit unwell. He asks if she is okay and would she want to go to some shop to rest for a while. While riding a teacups ride, Koharu is looking around that Naohiro asks what’s up. Koharu says that it is nothing. Koharu laments over her capriciousness because if Natsuki is around, she is troubled, and if he isn’t, she’s thinking of him.
Koharu is puzzled when Naohiro comments out loud that if it is that, he won’t be far away from them. He then asks Koharu if Natsuki likes Koharu. Surprised Koharu exclaims that it isn’t so, they are childhood friends and it might be just because of that. “Nacchan he.. likes that girl whom he is dating with.” Naohiro asks if he is right that she likes Natsuki. Koharu immediately apologizes to him for obviously she likes someone else and yet, she will still do this kind of thing, going on a date-something.. Koharu looks embarrassed and Naohiro blushes a bit over this. Naohiro tells her that at the start of the year, everyone has this casual attitude to go and date so that’s how it is, well, he can understand the feelings of her childhood friend [since] she is quite cute. This made Koharu blush for how come things ended up this way. He tells her that guys are idiots who easily get moved merely based on beauty, cuteness, looking sexy, looking mature. “Is being moved = like[/love]? That is the simplest equation. Afterwards, taking the initiative to solve it, think of it, and go into action, guys are this kind of living creature. *glance at the side* But, he might have be aware of it today, the desire to monopolize within his heart.” Meanwhile, lost in thought Natsuki is looking out the window of the cafe. Aki calls out to him that Natsuki snaps out of it and apologizes. “What is it?” Aki says that it is nothing. He asks her if she is okay. She tells him that she is fine and sorry for the trouble. He tells her that after they finish their drink, they should go have some more fun. He asks her what she wants to do next. Aki admits to him that she is actually isn’t good at those rides. Aghast Natsuki exclaims in surprise. He apologizes for not noticing it. Aki says that it is alright, she should have told him earlier about it. After some pause, Natsuki says that they’ll go to a place where she likes to go. “Where do you want to go?” Aki says that it is library or art gallery-type of place. Natsuki nervously smiles and repeats about going to the library. He wonders if there are manga in the library. Natsuki overhears Konoha talking with Makoto at the other table behind him. She tells her boyfriend that she got a message from Naohiro that he is now going to ride the Ferris Wheel with Koharu. Makoto exclaims if that is true, he also got a message from Naohiro and he will be confessing to Koharu. At the Ferris Wheel, Koharu wants to pay for the ticket. Naohiro says that he already said that it is fine. Koharu protests that he has already treated her to everything. He tells her that it is because he has an ulterior motive.
This freaks out Koharu that he tells her that he’s just kidding. He apologizes for the joke and tells her again that she’s truly very cute. He smiles and tells her that he feels relaxed while he’s with her. Koharu blushes over this. She thinks that today, she is totally being treated like a girl. Supporting her from behind, Naohiro tells her to be careful over the step. Then, he holds her hand to help her walk. Koharu thinks that being treated like a girl like this, it makes her feel a bit nervous. “Could it be that this nervous feeling can turn into ‘like’ feelings? Towards a new romantic love, would it be like this, falling for this guy.” Then, the carriage arrives. Koharu is happy that it is the color red. Then, Koharu is surprised when Naohiro[?] says, “..Koharu-chan, if it is okay, will you..” [<- confession] Suddenly Natsuki is standing behind Koharu just when she is about to go in the carriage. Just when Koharu exclaims in surprise, Natsuki quickly tosses Koharu inside the carriage and tosses Naohiro away. Then, Natsuki rides in the carriage with Koharu. Koharu looks flustered and shouts at Natsuki as to what he is doing. Koharu is surprised when troubled Natsuki scolds her for being an idiot since she has that sexy[?] look and smiling silly at a guy whom she didn’t know really well. Also, what’s up with her for a single guy and single girl to ride a Ferris Wheel alone. “What if he gropes you, what are you going to do!! Are you a frivolous person!?” Koharu gets irritated by that. She mutters if he even knows what kind of feelings she brought along to come to this date. He asks what. Koharu shouts that it has nothing to do with him and he is obviously also on a date. “Don’t say bad things about Mikami-senpai!! He is more of a gentleman than you.” Natsuki exclaims, ha, she doesn’t know guys, and if he didn’t come and stop her, she would be crying for being attacked. Koharu tells him that in case that happened, she can run away, even if he isn’t around. She looks at Natsuki and is surprised to see him scowling. He asks her if she can run away, if it happened, can she? He corners her to the wall and tells her not to belittle guys. Thinking about totally not moved, Koharu becomes flustered and tells him that she knows already, so let go.. He tells her that it really makes him angry. “Don’t be cute towards other guys.” Blushing Koharu looks surprised at him and she remembers Naohiro telling her about Natsuki becoming aware of the desire to monopolize in his heart.
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