November 3, 2012

The One [Chapter 95]

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One week after, Lele goes to see Glenn and Andre [formerly Anji; the author wrote his English name] and asks if they are doing well. The two angrily shout where she has gone to, just disappearing after the show. She sheepishly tells them that she thinks that it is no big deal so she went for a trip. To her surprise, Andre exclaims that she had caused such a ruckus. She is called ‘Scarlet Satan’ and ‘Smiling Goddess’ in the fashion industry. Lele couldn’t believe it that Andre gives her an album of some pictures taken of them backstage. He says that they are getting along well. Lele easily made him laugh and her smile is infectious. Andre admits that it was Lele who leads the mood of the shooting that the other staff likes her more. Then, Lele laughs over a picture wherein Andre looks handsome. Andre happily holds her hand and asks if she really thinks that he’s handsome. Soon, posters of her show juxtaposed with a shot of her behind the scenes are all over the city. The title is ‘He is a She’. It is Glenn’s latest autumn-winter fashion advertisement. In the streets, Andre comments over how amazing Glenn is to think of this. He took advantage of Lele smiling as something new in the fashion industry wherein models usually look cold. This widens up their modeling paths. Lele doesn’t want to take the credit for herself and says that it is because she is just happily working with the friend she likes. Andre is already happy for being called a friend Lele likes. Lele thinks of wanting to immediately go to work, and leave this city where Eros is currently is..the farther away, the better. While walking, Angus notices a poster of Lele. He attributes her success because she had work together with him. Then, his phone rings. It is Eros who asks where he is, has he forgotten to give him a call because he is too happy with Ulysses. He asks if everything is okay. Angus is teary-eyed. He scolds Eros for being an idiot for he obviously called him so many times already. A note says that Eros has been too busy sobering himself from the drugs and being in love. Eros sheepishly says is that so. Angus asks how come Eros is calling him. Eros says that he is feeling down. Angus asks if he has been dumped by a girl again. There is no answer so Angus exclaims if Feidna has been two-timing again. Eros says that it isn’t her. Angus says that is right, for he hasn’t seen Eros feeling hurt because of Feidna. Then, Angus realizes something..since it isn’t Feidna.. He shouts if Eros got a new girlfriend.

Actually, Eros has already called two other persons earlier. Eros told Taylor that he loves him and he should keep himself healthy. Sweatdropping Taylor told him to calm down, Lele will quickly come back. Eros told Leo that Leo has always been concerned about him and he isn’t perfect as he thinks he is. Leo told him to cheer up, he’ll help him find Lele and she doesn’t have the heart to abandon him. End flashback. Angus asks who the girl is. Eros remembers Taylor’s warning about being cautious with Angus regarding Lele for Angus is quite possessive of him. Eros asks Angus instead if he will be happy for him if there is a day when he found the girl whom he would want to spend the rest of his life with. Angus asks again who the girl is. Eros says that he is his most important younger brother and this is a fact that won’t change forever. Angus asks again who she is. Eros says that is why he needs his approval but right now, he might lose her so he’ll tell him everything once he gets back to New York. Before then, he must chase after her and after then, he’ll arrange for them to meet. Angus doesn’t look happy about it. After hanging up, Eros thinks that he has always been evading Angus’ question and they can’t forever be like how they were before. Then, he notices Lele and Andre passing by. Andre is surprised when Lele just passed him by. Eros grabs Lele’s arm and asks won’t she let him explain. He is really worried about her since she just disappeared for a week. Lele claims that she doesn’t know him so there’s no need to explain. She tells Andre to go ahead and she’ll catch up. Eros asks how come Andre is still staying at her place when the fashion show is already over. Lele says that it is none of his business and did he forget that she said that it is over between them. Eros says that he has already gone to see Feidna. Mandy has found Feidna through media and helped in tricking Lele. The goal is revenge so she used Feidna and Feidna also.. Lele asks him what’s the use of telling that to her, it isn’t a bit important and anyway, she doesn’t want to see him again. As she leaves, Eros is shock that she would say that to him. Later on, Eros sweatdrops for Leo is pitying him since he is an idiot who has fallen madly in love. He tells Eros that even if he has already explained things clearly to Lele, but it isn’t important whether or not, he is with Mandy. What’s important is he didn’t trust Lele. Thinking that it isn’t because he didn’t trust Lele, Eros asks what he should do. Leo suggests that he let Lele be until Lele blows off her anger, then he comes back to explain again. Leo tells him to relax for Lele won’t easily let go after being quite stubborn/attached with him before. If it really won’t do, just force[/rape] her and she definitely couldn’t resist his charm. Soon, Leo is laughing that Eros wonders if he can trust what Leo said.
The next day, Glenn gives Lele some papers about the plan for the advertisements which he had already chosen. After a pause, Lele tells him that she had fun working with Andre and she wants to quickly get to work. She thinks that it would be better if she can work overseas. Glenn asks if she has been bitten by the travel bug and lately, she isn’t a bit the same as before. No matter what happened, she would easily adjust and be in a good mood. That is what the netizens like about her, it is her smile. She is weak and strong at the same time and that is why she is able to finish her work with Andre. The fact is, she doesn’t look boyish but her inner strength made her look strong. The most important thing is she is lively and infectious[/inspirational] and that isn’t something that every model has. After this work with Andre is finished, he won’t make Lele act as a guy again and it is enough to have one androgynous model. Glenn advises her to do her best in keeping up with the name of ‘Smiling Goddess’ as her selling point. He tells her to quickly cheer up for so many people in the world are drawing strength from her smile. Lele sheepishly smiles and asks if she is that influential though she likes to smile. Glenn tells her to try it out for models to have the so-called personality, more than half just act cool but she is different. She really has personality and affinity which is her strongest weapon. Lele wonders if this is the magic born out of her name which her grandma gave her. [Note: ‘Le’ of Lele in Chinese means ‘happy’] Her grandma would call her name and tell her that if she is forever happy, it would seem that everything is beautiful in this world. She recalls Eros scolding her for not attempting big, and giving up her dream just because of love, and didn’t she have any dream. Determined Lele smiles and thinks that she now knows the direction which she ought to do her best. Outside the office, there is a ruckus for drunk Feidna has been tearing down Lele’s posters. The people there are trying to stop her and calm her down. Lele and Glenn wonder what the ruckus is about. They were surprised to see crying and flustered Feidna coming in the office. Next chapter will be out in Taiwan on Dec. 5th. The blurb isn’t new about Feidna knowing Eros’ secret and threatening the two’s relationship.
Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu