October 16, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 41]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 10, 2012

Cover page: “Television anime adaptation finally starts!! Everyone bravely confronting oneself, once again, looking ahead.. An irreplaceable being, evoking limitless thoughts[/longing]--” Title: Two Weeks After. Narration: “It has already been two weeks since Haru didn’t come to school. Accompanied by his friends, Yano [Shitayanagi] calls out to Shizuku from her classroom. Shizuku greets him a good afternoon and asks what the matter is. Yano asks her to ask Haru on his behalf for a signature of a NASA astronaut. Yano says that he really likes UFO type of stuff. Puzzled yet deadpan Shizuku tells him to wait, is Haru currently in NASA. Yano asks if it isn’t so, but that is what the rumors say. The other friend says that isn’t Haru hospitalized after fighting with one of the four kings from a business high school. Glasses friend asks didn’t Haru went to Tottori Sandy Dunes. Someone says that they are wrong, Haru is taken away by some research institute. While Shizuku is utterly speechless over all of this, a girl with friend passes by, to tell Shizuku that Haru forgot to water the flower terrace. Shizuku remembers Haru saying that she, Yuuzan, and everyone at the party are the same and they should all get lost. She thinks that every since that day, she didn’t see Haru again. She obviously always turns her cellphone on but there is no phone call. Then, some glasses guy calls out to her and timidly asks if Haru would want to join the Go [Japanese chess-like strategy board game] club. Shizuku tells him to ask Haru himself. She wonders if this place is some sort of information center. She looks serious and thinks that in the end, it is because of her. By the building outside, after school dismissal, Nagoya is wandering around. By the stairs, Chizuru tells Sasayan and Asako that Saeko-sensei [紗子] that there is no problem with the number of absences and discarding how Haru normally is, his attitude in life is actually serious. Sasayan says that he had asked Boss [Mitsuyoshi] about it and apparently, Haru didn’t come home either. He wonders out loud what’s up with Haru for this is quite unexpected. Tearful Asako tells them that Shizuku would only confirm to her that she had a quarrel with Haru but she [Asako] still couldn’t contact Haru. Sasayan asks if the two broke up. Asako exclaims in disbelief as to what Sasayan is saying. Sasayan tells her that if it is that, it would make sense like after breaking up with Shizuku, Haru would no longer have any reason to come to school. Asako exclaims again in disbelief.

Shizuku passes by them and asks them what they are doing. Showing some papers to Shizuku, Asako exclaims that they are going to look for Haru and she made flyers. Shizuku asks what’s the use of those things? Shizuku apologizes for she is leaving early to check on the grades of the mock exam that will come out today. Asako exclaims if she isn’t worried at all about Haru. Shizuku just turns away and leaves. Shizuku gets angry when Asako kept on calling her stupid and that Shizuku is a fairy[/evil spirit] from Siberia. Chizuru tells Asako that she thinks that Shizuku is also worried about Haru because just now, Saeko-sensei also said that Shizuku had asked her about Haru. Then, Iyo passes by and says that they are all together, and it has been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Iyo says that a while ago, just like before, she had asked Shizuku, ‘if things aren’t going smoothly with Haru-senpai, please give Haru-senpai to Iyo’ then Shizuku’s expression isn’t quite subtle like before. The others sweatdrop for Iyo is ‘hitting Shizuku while she’s down’ [<- idiom; to throw stones while one is down in the well]. Chizuru tells Iyo that this isn’t the time to make jokes like that because right now, Haru can’t be contacted so Shizuku is also very worried about Haru. Iyo asks Chizuru what’s wrong with a girl flirt[/tease] with another girl. She finds it quite comical for girls to mutually lick their wounds. With a frozen smile, Chizuru asks if that is so but she doesn’t think that way. Asako sweatdrops for the two seems to be on the verge of.. Asako whistles and shouts that Iyo is going to be send off [like committing a foul in a game] since the two from this side, if they don’t quickly stop, a senseless dispute will start. Sasayan laughs and says that Iyo is amazing for she made Chizuru angry. While Iyo is bickering with Chizuru if she can get a guy to like when she is plain and simple, Asako glances at Sasayan. Asako says that Sasayan is also acting very strange, because ever since the cultural festival, he looks quite listless. After frowning, Sasayan denies it and says that nothing’s up with him. Asako says if that is so, then she’s relieved. They continue to watch Iyo pointing at Chizuru while shouting that even so, Chizuru likes Haru. This made Chizuru blush in surprise.
At the game center, Mitsuyoshi apologizes to Shizuku that he still wasn’t contacted by Haru regarding his whereabouts. Shizuku sighs and says is that so. Mitsuyoshi wonders what Haru is suddenly doing. At first it was quite unexpected. Flashback: Mitsuyoshi got a phone call from Haru shouting that it hurts, ouch, what the heck are you doing? Then, he addressed Mitsuyoshi to apologize that he won’t come home for a while. End flashback. Mitsuyoshi says that after that, he didn’t get any news from Haru. Shizuku thinks that Haru is quite lively even if he is missing. Mitsuyoshi tells her to forget about that, and he thinks that Haru won’t do anything that will make her worried. Shizuku looks somewhat sad, before asking about Yuuzan. Mitsuyoshi says that latey, Yuuzan is busy at his college that he thinks Yuuzan won’t drop by for the time being. He asks why Shizuku asked but Shizuku says that it is nothing, and she’ll be going ahead. Before Shizuku leaves, Mitsuyoshi tells her that he’ll immediately contact her once he gets in touch with Haru. While walking, Shizuku thinks that it is definitely because of her. She had also thought of this because at that time, Haru showed an expression that she hasn’t seen before. Looking at her cellphone again, she thinks that this is too much for she can’t even apologize. At Master Donut, Iyo laments that she obviously went to a co-ed school in order to create romantic music with a handsome guy and yet, how come she is drinking tea with these bunch -> Yamaken’s friends, who are playing PSP. While Iyo is screaming about wanting to have a boyfriend, Tomio asks Mabo if he has an antidote. Mabo says that he’ll see. Mabo says, “Bro Yamaken, it’s too noisy. Do something with your family’s DNA, okay?” Reading a book, Yamaken apologizes and says that he doesn’t have any blood relationship with that girl. Iyo is shock. Tomio says that Iyo is quite annoying to death so quickly just find her Haru-senpai and leave. Embarrassed Iyo exclaims for him not to suddenly say such a tasteless thing. Iyo says that of course, it is a good opportunity for her right now but her beloved Haru won’t come to school. Someone asks her when did she have an opportunity. Another one tells her that if she is talking about dreams, then she should say it while she’s sleeping and that will be closer to reality. Iyo tells them that they’re stupid because as a lover, if one unexpectedly didn’t tell the other about one’s whereabouts, then definitely something happened between them. And actually, it appears that Shizuku didn’t even get in touch with Haru. Removing his glasses, Yamaken looks serious. Mabo exclaims if that is true for he went to the party at Haru’s place and at that time, they looked totally okay. Thinking that she wants to go to that party, Iyo says that it could have happened afterwards. Tomio asks how come she is so confident. Slurping her drink, Iyo says that it is because Shizuku looks listless and she [Iyo] is a bit bored. Yamaken stands up and says that he’s going to cram class.
Looking at the picture of Mabo and the couple at the party, Yamaken wonders, what Haru is doing? “Forget it, it has nothing to do with me.” Near the cram school, Yamaken freezes upon seeing Shizuku semi-sitting and lying on the stairs. She is casually munching on what seems to be rice crackers. Yamaken wants to ignore her while she munches loudly but in the end, he couldn’t resist to call her out. =P He tells her that a girl shouldn’t lie on the road and eat crackers. Shizuku glances at him and says that he ran away from the mock exam this time. Then, she goes back munching her snack. Yamaken asks if she has been abandoned by Haru so she came running to this place. “You’re still such a cheap girl.” She glances at him and says that it has nothing to do with him. And, she once again goes back to eating. As Yamaken tsks and prepares to leave, Shizuku says that even if it is her, she also has feelings. “I didn’t think that things will turn out this way. I thought that I would only be scolded and yet, he unexpectedly acted this way. It doesn’t matter. Even if that side [Haru] is acting this way, I also won’t want to say more about it. *munch munch* ” Shock Yamaken wonders if Shizuku has given up and stopped bothering about it. While Shizuku is angrily eating the crumbs from the snack bag, Yamaken wonders if she is unexpectedly making him want to encourage her yet he totally didn’t know what had happened. Yamaken sighs and asks if she hasn’t been hated by someone. He says that if someone hasn’t thought of what others would think of them, that person won’t be afraid of being loathed by others, and that is how it is. Shizuku asks him if that is wrong. Yamaken says who knows for he didn’t fundamentally didn’t know what unexpectedly happened between them. “Never mind. *smiles* If you’re troubled, you can still come and talk with me about it.” Shizuku looks surprised then she looks away. She thanks him for the offer but forget it, just now she had a thought. “In the end, it is useless to think about it by myself. I still have to see Haru because after all, it is between me and Haru.” Yamaken looks at her and says, “Is that so..” Shizuku stands up and pats the dirt from her skirt. Shizuku tells Yamaken that it has been a long time since they’ve seen each other and if it is convenient, she can accompany him to the station. Yamaken refuses. Shizuku says that wasn’t he roaming around in circles before he came to talk with her. Yamaken says that since she has seen him, why she didn’t bother calling out to greet him. He is puzzled when Shizuku looks at him. Shizuku says that didn’t he plan to cheer her up. Yamaken tries to deny this. To his embarrassment, Shizuku pouts and says that he obviously doesn’t plan on becoming friends with her. Yamaken is speechlessly aghast and angry.
In the end, Shizuku is walking Yamaken to the station. =P Shizuku is thinking about Haru saying ‘Then, do you understand my feelings?’ Being told that, at first she knows, since she said ‘You don’t even understand my feelings a bit’. That is an unproductive feeling because she should continuously strive hard to understand [their/his] feelings. Shizuku tells Yamaken that at the party of Haru’s family, she had realize, why she is striving hard as if her life depended on it. There is a scene of young Shizuku looking at her mother. Shizuku thinks that obviously before, she always didn’t realize it because she doesn’t want to be hurt. “Could it be that I’m a person who doesn’t possess anything? Thinking this way..” Shizuku tells Yamaken to forget it, she thought that she and Haru are birds of the same feather, but she unexpectedly realizes her mistake. This issue is her acknowledging the mistake’s opposite effect. Yamaken comments that she is still too mean. Shizuku says yes, she also thinks that way and it is also inevitable that Haru got angry. “I had taken up my burden and shove all of it to Haru.” Yamaken tells her that it is okay for her to be like that. “Just be stubborn. Shoving everything to that guy is fine. That is why Haru is attracted to you.” Shizuku blushes over this and says is that so. She thinks that it would be okay if she had asked Haru more [questions]. “At that time, it would be okay if I had properly raised up my head. Always looking for Haru’s bonds. *remembers Haru saying at the summer vacation trip that he always think that she will also say ‘forget it’ about him.* Are you kidding? It is because I can’t do that, that is why things ended up this way. How can I tolerate this kind of end.” Yamaken remembers Yuuzan asking him if he is afraid of getting hurt. Yamaken asks Shizuku if right now, she has any clues as to where Haru might be. Shizuku says that she was just thinking of that. “Just now, I have a very strong feeling towards a tuna ship. If that is so, I better prepare for a long term battle.” Yamaken says that he wants to know why this plot suddenly turned out that way. Shizuku asks, “Huh?” Then, she thinks, “Eh? Wait a minute.. I basically thought that, sooner or later, Haru will come back home. But if it is because of our quarrel that he left-- there also exists a possibility that he won’t come back like this--..!? *shock*” <- she only realized this now. Yamaken looks puzzled over Shizuku’s expression. While wondering if it is a tuna ship, Yamaken decides to call someone. While aghast-shock Shizuku is walking ahead, Yamaken listens to the other line ringing. He thinks that normally it would get through. The other party says, “What’s up.” Yamaken answers, “Hello. What are you doing, idiot?” On the phone, Haru says, “Ha? What doing what?” Shizuku passes by a takoyaki stand where Haru is just about to eat a piece of takoyaki. Shizuku turns around to look at him. Haru glances up to her. The two are shock speechless upon seeing each other. Aghast nervous Shizuku asks, “What are you doing, Haru?” Aghast nervous Haru replies, “...eat.. eating takoyaki?” Shizuku exclaims, “I can see that!!” Narration: “I never thought that [he] is unexpectedly quite nearby.” Blurb: “..shock..? Meeting again.” Tonari no Kaibutsukun fan book will be out on November 21st.
Scans by 離境漢化組.