October 16, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 4]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 11, 2012

Narration: “Because of some reason, twin siblings, older brother Mitsuru-kun and younger sister, Mego are currently cross-dressing. And, for a week, they are visiting each other’s schools. After smoothly(?) passing through a stormy-type of first day, they manage to peacefully(?) arrive home at 6pm--..” Pointing at Mego, Mitsuru exclaims, “What-?! You have defeated Moyuyu-senpai!?” Trembling and teary-eyed, Mego says that it is Mitsuru who’s at fault and she really thought that she is definitely going to be killed. Holding his hands together, Mitsuru apologizes to angry Mego for he had dated his senpai’s girlfriend a few days ago yet she [girlfriend] didn’t mention it [having a boyfriend] to him. Mitsuru comments that even if he likes girls, he doesn’t snatch away other people’s love. Mitsuru says that he didn’t think that Sachan would unexpectedly help her. Mego asks who Sachan is. Mitsuru says that he is referring to second year’s Sanada Aoi. He ranks number 1 in AKC so everyone would secretly call him ‘Sachan’. “That guy is super amazing for he just entered our school and he became our school’s top, which is the ‘legendary center’. In case you provoke him, you’re asking for a huge trouble. He is such a scary person, even if I still haven’t seen him yet. *imagination of some ruthless rugged guy* According to reports, up to now, he has already sent 100 people to the hospital. Also, his right eye, which is covered with an eye patch, it can fire out a lightwave-type of missle. [<- probably from Gundam] In short, he is rumored to be invincible. *Mego is in disbelief about that missle.* Do not fall for him just because he saved you once. Ever since you’re young, you have very little immunity against eye-patch role [characters]. You are definitely thinking ‘Ah, it’s a real life Masamune-sama♥’ type of thing.” Embarrassed Mego tells him not to recklessly say such things. Mego asks him how come Aoi is wearing an eye patch. Sticking out his tongue, Mitsuru says that it seems he heard someone telling him about it before but he forgot about it. “Ah, the great me is only interested in girls.” Mego thinks that Aoi is one year older than her and he doesn’t seem to be a bad person.

Then, she notices a book on sign language. Mego asks if Mitsuru is interested in sign language. Mitsuru suddenly blushes really red. He tries to say that it isn’t that way. After a pause, he asks if she knows Takenaka Shino. Mego asks if it is the girl from section A, who just transferred during the second term, but she hasn’t talked with Shino. Mitsuru tells her that today, he became friends with Shino and that girl is deaf. “I’m thinking that I should more or less know some sign language so that I’ll be able to communicate with her more..” Mego is surprised that Mitsuru is embarrassed and this is the first time that she has seen his face this red. She wonders if Mitsuru has fallen in love with Shino. Mego exclaims that she’ll learn sign language with him. “It’s because Takenaka-chan would think that she is friends with me so later on, I would have to know sign language! Won’t it be very strange [if I didn’t know] after this exchange identity ends?” Mitsuru says that she is right. Then, embarrassed Mitsuru learns ‘good morning’ together with Mego. Mego thinks that it is quite baffling for their natures are completely different and perhaps, this is the first time that they are working together as one. Mego is really moved for Mitsuru really hates studying and yet, he is studying sign language as if his life depended on it. Mitsuru is learning how to ‘how are you’ in sign language. Mego says that it is quite unexpected for she thought that he would like Tokugawa-chan type of girl for didn’t he used to have a beautiful model girlfriend. “Tokugawa-chan is like an angel. So cute~~” Mitsuru nervously thinks that based on this situation, there’s no way he can tell Mego of Azusa’s true nature. “Tokugawa Azusa, that girl is definitely has her eye on me. If I don’t do anything within this week, she’ll also give trouble to Mego. I should quickly resolve this issue.”
On the second day, ‘Mego’ Mitsuru loosens up ‘Mitsuru’ Mego’s necktie and tells her that she tied it too tight. Mitsuru tells her that he’ll leave today’s cram lessons up to her again. Mego says, okay, okay. While her heart is beating fast, Mego wonders what’s wrong with her when she obviously encountered such a scary incident yesterday and yet, she still agrees to go to her brother’s school. “Will I be able to meet him again today--..” At Akechi Gakuen (Mitsuru’s school), furious Mogami is waiting outside the gate. The other students are gossiping and snickering that it is third year Mogami who got defeated in a fight with a first year boy. “Falling from third place to seventh place, he really~ sucks!” Mogami angrily curses Kobayashi. Mogami’s underlings tell him not to take those stuff seriously for they think that he is the strongest. Then, Mogami notices Kobayashi passing by. Just when Mogami is shouting for Kobayashi to [return] his hardwork [for getting third place back], Mego notices him and apologizes about yesterday. “Is your injury okay?” Somewhat puzzled and surprised, Mogami says that it is okay. With a girlie expression, Mego says that’s great. Mogami is taken aback by this. Mego bows to him and apologizes about that thing with Mogami’s girlfriend because ‘he’ didn’t know that girl is his girlfriend and ‘he’ won’t commit that kind of mistake again. Holding a package with a ribbon, Mego says that this cake is just a small token which ‘he’ made ‘himself’ so if he doesn’t refuse it... After Mogami takes the package, Mego slightly bows again before leaving. Mogami’s underlings ask what’s up with Kobayashi for being so moe. “A guy would unexpectedly make a handmade cake!? Moyuyu-senpai, you better be careful for maybe it is poisoned..” To their shock, Mogami is cured of his anger and he has fallen in love. Blushing Mogami mutters that he has seen an angel’s wing.
Walking at the outside corridor, Mego looks a piece of paper where Mitsuru wrote his schedule. Mego thinks that first, it is an hour at the art room. “If I go to the roof today, can I meet him? Sanada Aoi..” Then, she notices some noise at the side. She sees Aoi near the fence and he is covered by cats that lovingly cling on him. Mego thinks that she can even meet him without going to the roof. While removing one of the cats from Aoi, Mego exclaims what he is doing. Aoi asks what, it’s ‘him’ again. Aoi says that he came to school early so he dozed off for a while there. “I don’t know when, these guys had already surrounded me.” Mego wonders if the kitties are naturally attracted to him. Aoi continues to say that even if he doesn’t know what’s going on but from the start, if he always stayed at a certain place, there will be animal/s running to his side.. Mego wonders if this troubles Aoi. She thinks that this is so moe, delinquent(?) + kitties = straightforward shoujo moe. “Wai.. really think it’s cute..” Aoi notices a ‘click’ sound. He asks what Kobayashi is taking a picture of. Holding her cellphone, Mego apologizes and says that the kitties (and Sanada-kun) are truly so cute. She thinks that she can’t resist it. Aoi notices the Masamune figurines on Mego’s cellphone that he asks why all of them are that guy, who wears an eye patch. Mego says that she..or rather ‘he’ is a fan of Sengoku generals[/daimyo] and her favorite is ‘One-eyed dragon Masamune’. “He is Tohoku general and that is Date Masamune’s alias. When he was 5 years old, he had a serious illness and it lead to the lost of his right eye. *Aoi looks surprised over that* But in the end, he unified Tohoku and he is a really amazing person!! Overcoming adversity, he lived on to become a hero during the Sengoku era!! Ever since I was young, I really adore him!! And, he is so very popular among history buffs. Ah, there is also a general named Sanada Yukimura and he is also very popular. His surname is the same with yours♡ *talking non-stop and Aoi is just silent* Sanada-kun unexpectedly have the same surname as Yukimura-sama, this is really amazing.. and I’m quite envious.. (Oh no..I totally went into rekijo [history otaku] mode and couldn’t stop..) I’m.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t notice that I have been talking a lot about boring stuff to you..”
Aoi smiles and says no..it is quite interesting and please, continue on. This made Mego blush for she couldn’t believe it. It is the first time someone would happily listen intently on what she as a rekijo would say. Thinking that Aoi isn’t like bad like what the rumors say, she starts telling him about Sanada Yukimura’s famous red armor.. Mego notices a white kitten sleeping on Aoi’s leg. She had an idea. She suggests to Aoi that they give a name to that white kitten. “How about..we call that one.. ‘Mego’..” To Mego’s shock, Aoi says that is such a weird name. As the white kitten wakes up, Mego is furious for Aoi is quite mean. Mego exclaims that it isn’t weird at all for it came from name of Date Masamune’s wife, ‘Megohime’ and in Tohoku dialect, ‘Mego’ means cute. Mego laments that she was quickly overruled when she just wants him to at least call her name once and isn’t it a bit thick-faced for her to do so. She is surprised when Aoi says that since ‘he’ says that it means ‘cute’. Aoi kisses the kitten and says, “That’s great, ‘Mego’.” Aoi is shock when that hits Mego in the heart and she starts to nosebleed. ^^; Mego is thinking that it was even kissed. <- note says that it’s not even you. She laments that she would really want to record that and make it into her ringtone. Aoi worriedly asks what happened. Mego says that it is nothing, it’s just that the destructive power is too great. Holding her blushing face, Mego wonders what to do for she is so happy that her face is burning up. “Ah, I possibly know how to express this current feeling. Using the shortest sentence, it’s ‘I like you’..” Aoi looks surprised for he suddenly imagines Kobayashi as a girl smiling back at him. Aoi snaps out of it when Mego asks if she can also hug that kitten. While saying okay, Aoi wonders if that is some illusion because for a second this guy is.. While blushing Mego holds the kitten, Aoi quickly turns away. Mego asks what it is. Aoi says that it is... Blushing really red, Aoi says that it is nothing. ‘Mego’ the cat quietly looks at Aoi. Aoi is puzzled when ‘Mego’ is ‘kissing’ him. Aoi says that it tickles. Then, ‘Mego’ turns around to ‘kiss’ Mego. While the cats are meowing, the blushing two touch their lips and think that it is an indirect kiss. Narration: “Ah, I hope that one day, I’ll appear as a girl in front of you and tell you, ‘I like you’.”
Meanwhile, at Toushou [東照; not Igaku] High (Mego’s school), Mitsuru is thinking that Tokugawa Azusa will bring him trouble so for Shino and Mego, he must break it up with that girl. Then, he notices Shino coming to school. Remembering how to do it, Mitsuru greets Shino a ‘good morning’ using sign language. Shino smiles and ‘greets’ him back. Mitsuru thinks that she is so cute. “It feels like we’re using this special way to greet ‘good morning’. Just using sign language to communicate, it is simply like a secret code that belongs only to us.” Then, Shino looks surprised. Mitsuru looks up to see Azusa looking at them from the window. Mitsuru grabs Shino’s hand and tells her not to be afraid. “I’ll definitely protect you, Takenaka-chan.” Shino blushes in surprise over this. Mitsuru looks at up Azusa who darkly smiles and gestures a thumbs down sign. Mitsuru sticks out his tongue and confidently gestures a thumbs down sign back at Azusa. Narration: “Then, the battle begins.” Blurb: “Mitsuru’s romance rapidly develops!” Scans by 夜莺工作室.