October 9, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 73]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 9, 2012

The chapter starts with a lengthy flashback on Shouta’s reasons and feelings on various scenes. He fears being too close with Sawako so he took her hand away from him when she touched him before. When Kent told him about being alone with Sawako, he thinks that Sawako will hate it. He feels that his heart is quite narrow[/selfish]. He wanted her to belong to him but that will make Sawako’s hard work [to blend with others] become meaningless. And, every time they meet, the one who falls deeper in love is him. End flashback. He says that he isn’t as good as she thinks yet he doesn’t plan on giving her to someone else. Then, he repeats about liking her and yet, perhaps, he can’t treasure her. And even if that is so, he absolutely does not want to leave her. He might be the one who is hurting her more than anyone else, when he obviously wanted to match[/suit] her. He becomes more afraid that he is becoming more selfish and all the more he becomes unreasonable. Shouta is surprised that Sawako is holding his hand with both of her hands. She asks if he didn’t notice..that he’s the only one who can hurt her. She isn’t move if it is with other people, it is only him and from today on, if they are at loggerheads or a quarrel, but even if they are, it is okay, only if the other party is him, and even if this is wrong[/a mistake], it is okay. Towako thinks if both of them can eliminate their problem together, their love will continue to mature. Then, they exchange gifts and to their surprise, they gave each other gloves. They happily tried it on together. Then, they tied some ‘wishes/charms’ in the café.

As they leave, they are about to hold their hands but Shouta apologizes and says they do it again. This time, they removed their gloves and hold hands. While walking, Sawako says that about what he said that the Shouta she thinks in her heart isn’t the same in reality, but she thinks that she isn’t mistaken for the impression he gave her and the things he said are all true. Shouta smiles at her. Sawako thinks that even if it isn’t true, it is alright even if everything is fake for simultaneously, everything is real. At a ramen store, Pin is airing his complaints about Shouta being too stubborn and inflexible when he made up his mind. He would be even too strict with himself but of course, it isn’t a bad thing. It is shown that Pin is eating with Ryu and Chizuru. Pin kept on yapping about Shouta not showing his weakness though he understands him. If one doesn’t recognize one’s weakness then he won’t recognize other people’s weakness. He tells the two to remember the thing he is saying just now. Chizuru has had enough that she shouts that he’s too noisy that she can’t concentrate eating. Pin says that she’s noisy when he is obviously saying some good counsel and they should be grateful. Ryu’s father[?] says that it is unexpected for Pin to argue with his students on Christmas eve. Ryu just continues to eat his ramen. Pin urges them to make Shouta expresses weakness but Chizuru exclaims that Shouta will only do that towards Sawako. Seeing Ryu smiling at her, Chizuru exclaims that it is really hard to do. Pin comments that Chizuru is overly excited about Christmas. At the train station, Ayane and Kent are waiting together for the train to arrive.
And back to the main couple, Shouta puts their hands in his pocket. Then, some more thoughts from Sawako about ‘going steady’ – more love, more trouble and everything can’t just be regarded as ‘nothing at all’, she would want to properly confirm these feelings between them. Sawako tells Shouta that ‘not knowing oneself’ also exists within her heart for she was jealous of that guy [whom Shouta exchanged gift with]. This surprises Shouta. Sawako admits to him that she can be jealous and her desire to monopolize is very strong. Near her house, Sawako tells him that it is okay for him to walk her up to here. When Shouta tries to protest, she leans towards him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Blushing really red, Sawako apologizes for calling him a liar-something. Then, she runs towards her house. Touching his face where she kissed him, Shouta starts to blush. He bends down and says that everything doesn’t matter anymore even if he is a liar throughout his lifetime. Inside, Sawako says that she is home. To her father’s shock, Sawako’s mother says that Sawako is early for she thought Sawako is going to pass the night with Shouta. She asks Sawako if Shouta brought her home. Sawako says yes. She apologizes for coming home late. Sawako’s father nervously tells her not to mind it because in the end, she respected the agreement and today is special. Her mother says that she is freezing so she better take a bath first. Sawako says yes. While taking a bath, she remembers the kiss. She blushes while touching her lips. “16 years old, ultimate[/final] secret.”
It is really amusing how much these two are alike, even their issues, that is why they were in a ‘stalemate’ for so long. They do seem to overanalyze things, being selfish = bad, wants to share the other to the others, etc. The way Shouta was saying that, I thought, it is pretty much what Sawako has been agonizing about. They even gave each other the same type of gift. =P I think it is good that Shouta is a ‘good guy’ regarding how Sawako thinks that everything, if it is him, is alright. It gave me a feeling of being ‘martyr’ type but maybe it is okay because it is Shouta. ^^ With Sawako’s kiss, I guess this couple has overcome this major bump on their road. As for Chizuru, it seems that she is somewhat a long way to go before being honest with Ryu regarding her feelings. I think regarding what Pin said, she meant that she can’t easily show her weakness to Ryu = hard to do. Christmas is over so perhaps, more lovey-dovey in New Year at the next chapter? Scans by 夜莺工作室.