October 7, 2012

The One [Chapter 94]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 6, 2012

Feidna calls Mandy and asks how the situation at her side is. Mandy says that everything went according to plan. Feidna will show the pictures to Lele and in the end, she will immediately go to where Eros is. And, Mandy will make Lele see that ‘I can’t part with you’ scene. Mandy says that Feidna is right, if they narrate things in detail to Lele, she will perhaps be very shock but she would most probably understand and forgive Eros for everything. If they use this way to make her think that Eros has betrayed her, she will be hurt deeper. She comments that it isn’t hard to break the trust to make Eros lose Lele. Lele arrives home. Just when Anji is asking her where she went, he is horrified to see her awful expression. Lele immediately hugs on to Anji and starts crying. She asks Anji to let her hug and cry on him for a while for she needs some supporting strength. Anji thinks that upon saying that, Lele recklessly sobs out loud. And it is a hurtful cry which he has never seen before. And, his shoulder is getting wet from her tears. Outside her house, Eros looks out the window and wonders what Lele’s message is about - if he has forgotten to tell her something about what happened in Sweden. He wonders if she knows something but he dismisses it because their [his and Mandy] relationship wasn’t publicized and Mandy couldn’t have known of Lele’s existence. Yet, he wonders why Mandy would suddenly try to entangle him at this time. Mandy was telling him that she knew that they were twins and he acted like that because of his father but it doesn’t matter to her, Angus didn’t give that feeling to her and she really loves Eros. Eros thinks that it is all a coincidence. He wants to confess everything to Lele right now but it isn’t easy for him to summon up the courage. And, tomorrow is her very important day so he cannot just disturb her at this time. “I hope that you’ll sleep well, my love! I will always be here to watch over you..” Flashback: While fishing, young Anji asked his father how he fell in love with his mother. His father told him that when he knew his mother, she is hotheaded, confused, coward and yet unexpectedly have a sense of justice to aid those who are suffering. And what’s amazing is she never loses at a quarrel. Anji asked if that is true. His father laughed and it is too bad that she lost to him. Because she lost face, she sobbed loudly.

Anji asked what happened in the end. He happily said that he feared that no one will take her in because she cried in such an unsightly way so he took her as his wife. “So Anji, when you’re grown up, if you meet someone who can unload her feelings in front of you, even if her crying is unsightly, a girl who isn’t fake at all, then she is a good girl who is worthy to be chased after by you!” End flashback. Anji wakes up and mentally tells his father that he thinks that he has already found that girl. He suddenly sits up and looks at the side. Lele is already sitting at the side of the bed. Nervously wondering when he fell asleep, Anji asks if she woke up early or she didn’t sleep at all. Lele turns around to look at Anji and her eyes are all bloodshot from crying all night. As Anji screams in fright that it is a ghost, Lele asks him what time is it. At Glenn’s mansion[?/or where the show will be held], Anji frantically asks Glenn if Lele can go onstage. Somewhat sleepy Lele is sitting calmly at the side. Glenn says that he’ll let Lele herself decide on that for this is a show wherein her future is at stake – if she can go up or not. Glenn tells Lele that he doesn’t want to hear the reason why she ended up like that. “I only want to ask you, can you do it or not?” Looking determined, Lele says, “No problem!” Backstage, the audience is already seated. The make-up artist is worried about Lele’s blood-shot eyes but Lele calmly tells her not to mind it. Glenn tells the make-up artist to make Lele look as natural as possible. Glenn tells Lele that he’ll give her a ‘prince’s cloak’ and he anticipates what will she make it into. Soon, Lele offers her hand to Anji and tells him to come. They hold hands as they go onstage. Everyone is mesmerized by the couple. The audience thinks that Anji is very beautiful today. With that white gown, she looks like a goddess that the other female models can’t compete with her. The audience wonders who that male model is because they have never seen ‘him’ before. ‘He’ gives out a mood of darkness and mystery but how come he always lowers ‘his’ head, they want to see ‘his’ eyes. Lele lifts up her head and opens her eyes. Everyone is shock to see Lele’s bloodshot eyes. Then, Lele slightly smiles. They comment that Lele’s slim build makes ‘him’ seem like a minor, but ‘his’ eyes look imposing yet sharp. The women are captivated by Lele when she looked at them with those bloodshot eyes. Anji is happy for Lele is amazing. To Anji’s surprise, Lele holds his neck and pulls him in for a kiss. This show is like Satan’s seduction.
After the successful show, everyone is wondering who ‘he’ is. The press are asking Glenn what the name of his young model is, and is ‘he’ Glenn’s touted newcomer. Does Glenn plan to make ‘him’ formally come out for them to know ‘him’? Glenn coughs and says that he’ll answer their questions at his latest new season’s clothes collection. By the Rhine river, Eros goes to Lele and hugs her. He tells her that her show is successful and congratulations for she did it. He turns her head to him and kisses her. Lele kisses him back and hugs him tight. Just when they are doing some French kiss, Lele suddenly bites Eros’ lower lip and gives him a punch on the stomach. Eros falls down in pain. He shouts what she is doing. Crying Lele shouts that he is a jerk for how can he treat her like this. He is having an affair with that old woman Mandy and unexpectedly, it is his ex-girlfriend who told her that. “After everything, what do you take me to be?” Eros is shock that Lele knew, and he planned to come clean with her today. Eros nervously asks how come Feidna knew when he didn’t tell anyone. He asks her what Feidna told her. Lele wipes her tears and says that it doesn’t matter since from head to tail, she is taken for a fool. “Even if I don’t believe you would truly like that woman Mandy, but I also won’t endure you for duping me! Clearly, you totally do not trust me! Since it is like that.. then, let’s stop[/end] it here!” Eros goes into shock. Next chapter will be out on November 5 in Taiwan. Blurb for the next chapter: “Eros went to find Feidna to ask her about the truth of the matter, and he severely rebuked her!! Since Lele is avoiding Eros, it made Eros fall into unprecedented distress. And, at the same time, Angus has realized that his brother is actually in the same city..”
Scans by Icy_Chrisy