October 7, 2012

From Five to Nine [Chapter 28 - Family Business]

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[Free Talk: Ah, the author wrote the English names of the guys so it isn’t Sorane but rather, Amane. It seems that they will have a popularity poll for the male characters =P Volume 5 is now on sale!] Junko is taken aback when Amane asks her if she wants to join forces with him to give that opinionated [/believes oneself is infalliable] king-sama some color. [<- probably be embarrassed or angry rather than acting all cool].

Then, he smiles widely to say that he’s just kidding so please don’t have that alert kind of expression towards him. Junko is thinking that this person is really suspicious. Junko says that even if Takane had somewhat said that he has a younger brother who is also a monk but looking at him, he doesn’t look like a monk at all. She asks for proof that he is indeed Takane’s younger brother.

 Amane asks if he doesn’t look like it and he always tends to dress like this when he goes out. He clearly separates his work and private life. He smiles and says that his brother is just overdoing it so he is always acting like a monk at all times. Junko says that she thought it is a regulation.

Shaking his head, Amane says that according to what she said, he is a monk at such a young age but honestly, he also doesn’t like that outfit because it is hot and annoying so he doesn’t wear it as much as possible. Junko couldn’t believe that they are brothers for this guy is frivolous. 

Amane asks what about her, she always clamor about not wanting to get married to a monk and even rejected that marriage with his brother but she actually loves his brother deep down in her heart. This made Junko blush really red. She exclaims that she doesn’t love him.

Amane doesn’t believe it for that isn’t what his brother said. Pouting, angry Junko thinks that Takane obviously no longer favors her and yet, behind her back, he would recklessly say things to others. Junko says that she is leaving for she has to go to work. She is surprised when Amane says that if it is that way, then it’s good.

Junko exclaims, ha. Amane says that he means that it isn’t easy to be engaged with him so it would be quite scandalous if she still likes his brother. Grabbing his collar, Junko exclaims for him to wait, they are not engaged. Junko says that didn’t he say that he is a person who doesn’t involve private life and work so isn’t it too strange that he would nicely obey this arrangement of his family. 

Amane admits that is true but about their family, their parents are the ones who decide. He says that his brother also said that tomorrow, he is going to meet with the next miai [arrange marriage] partner at the temple. They were interrupted by Yuki who tells Amane that he’s annoying so go away, and don’t get too close to Junko.

Junko tries to explain to Yuki who Amane is but Yuki says that she has classes from 7 to 8. Addressing Amane, Yuki says that outsiders can just flirt at the reception desk. Amane comments that the level of girls in this school is quite high. While Amane thinks that girls are not bad, Yuki is already pushing protesting Junko away to quickly go.

He tells Amane to go to the reception desk by himself. To Yuki’s surprise, Junko tells Amane that she’ll get her luggage/s tomorrow from the temple. She says that she will properly greet the others at the temple and it APPEARS That Takane is ALSO VERY BUSY tomorrow so it is something that she can completely deal with without seeing him face-to-face. 
Amane says okay, he’ll tell his brother. As he starts to walk away, Junko tries to tell him that he doesn’t have to tell Takane since they aren’t going to see each other. Yuki asks Junko if she is moving out of the temple because she mentioned luggages. “Did you finally break up with the monk?!” Junko says not really for they aren’t officially going steady.

Putting his finger on her lips, Yuki says but still, she is moving out. Junko tells him to forget it because Takane appears to have already a new miai partner. Yuki exclaims in disbelief if that is true. Junko drops the topic by telling him that class is about to start. She asks him where is Renji. Yuki says that Renji is skipping class today and there’s a 80% chance that it is because of a date. 

Yuki mutters that compared to that, he must strike the iron while it is hot. Yuki asks if he can go with her tomorrow for doesn’t she need someone who is physically strong to move her things. Junko says that he has class. Yuki tells her that there is no class because tomorrow is Saturday.

To Yuki’s delight, Junko thanks him for his help. Junko thinks that even if they won’t meet, she has to be careful upon meeting Takane for she might carelessly say idiotic things.

Later on, at the hotel, Masako looks at Satoshi’s message about meeting at 8pm. She wonders what is going on for it is almost 9pm and yet, he didn’t even send her a message when normally, he won’t be late. She wonders if upon going out, Junko went to his house..no, no..after that, Junko went to her classes.

She decides to call Satoshi again. She doesn’t want to be seen as a woman who is worried and impatient while waiting, so she plans to pretend to be calm about everything. Sick in bed, Satoshi’s phone is ringing. He realizes that he has forgotten about the date. He tries to reach for the phone but he passes out.

Masako’s phone isn’t answered. Standing up, she wants to go to his company since it is nearby. She sits down because she doesn’t want to since there is a 120% chance that she’ll be seen as an impatient woman. She stands up again and thinks that this will show to him that she is a persevering sincere girl. She sits down again and thinks no, she must think of the most effective way.
To her surprise, Renji approaches her and asks what she is doing just now. Is she doing some exercises to get rid of edema[/swelling and in this case, legs]? Masako exclaims why he is there. Renji asks if she is waiting for glasses guy. Masako denies it for she only has a date to eat with someone. She asks if he is going to eat all by himself at some luxurious restaurant again.

Looking around, Renji asks where the other person is. Masako says that guy is annoying for saying that he’ll get a room so she ran away. While embarrassed that someone caught her at an awkward moment, Masako says that she is going home soon. She stands up and bids him goodbye. Then, she stops and looks at him. She asks Renji for his opinion which had happened to her FRIEND.

A guy made an appointment with her friend and for almost an hour, he didn’t come, so does that mean that her friend has been stood up. Masako says that she has never been stood up so she has no way of giving her friend a suitable opinion. Renji says that he also has never been stood up and he never gives time when to meet because that is quite troublesome.

“-But forgive me for being blunt by saying this, are you being stood up by that glasses guy?” Flustered Masako exclaims that she said that it isn’t like that and it isn’t she.. A pretty woman arrives and tells Renji that she has finished dressing up. The woman says that the night scene of the [hotel] suite is praise-worthy so they should quickly go.

Putting his arm around the woman, Renji says ya, and thank you. Turning away, Masako thinks that she is stupid for at this time, how can this kid be all alone in this place. Renji asks Masako if she is alright all by herself. Backing away, Masako asks what he is talking about, if she calls someone to pick her up, someone will immediately come. Then, her phone is ringing so she goes to answer it. Renji is saying that isn’t what he meant.

Renji overhears Masako exclaiming Satoshi’s name. Masako is happily saying that it is really alright and it’s great that he called. Preparing to leave with the woman, Renji says that it appears that there is no problem so they should go to the suite. The woman asks who that is, she’s so cute, is she one of his girlfriends. 

Renji says no, it isn’t like that, and how can he say it, he finds her[/the situation] interesting but it will be troublesome if it is a deeper relationship so maybe a friend type. Renji overhears Masako asking Satoshi if he has a cold because from the sound of his voice, it seems serious. She asks if he has a fever. 
Masako says that is serious for he is feeling hot. “Okay, I know. You quickly rest up. I’ll go to you. This place is also near your house. Don’t think of me like that, for I have taken care of someone and I have a suit that I can give you.” Satoshi tells her that there is no need, it is alright. Masako tells him that it is okay for him to just sleep. 

Satoshi insists that there’s no need for her to come. He apologizes for he was obviously the one who invited her and yet he couldn’t go so he only wanted to apologize. After saying goodbye, Satoshi turns off the cellphone. Masako decides to call him back but she is only answered by an answering machine. Masako thinks that Satoshi doesn’t want her to see his weak side.

She sits down and sees Renji standing in front of her. She looks up and asks where his female companion is. He bends down to her and says ah yes, he wants to ask what she thinks of a threesome. Masako looks away and says that isn’t funny at all.

On Saturday, Junko thinks that with Yuki by her side as support, she can act calmly even if she sees Takane. But then, she can’t needlessly say some stupid stuff or else, it will be over. They arrive at the temple to find it completely filled with people. They wonder what’s up with this situation.

Junko wonders out loud what activity is going on for it is the first time she has seen it this large scale of activity. Yuki comments that it is amazing for there are a lot of people there. Narita welcomes Junko and says that she showed up. He says that this is good for Takane can be at ease. While wondering who this handsome guy is, Junko tells him that she isn’t going back there and, before that, what’s going on today.

Narita tells her that about this, it is only a family gathering for the third year death anniversary of a slightly prominent [temple] donor. With raised eyebrows, Junko asks if this is just slightly. Narita asks if it is her first time to participate in a religious ceremony there. Their temple has many donors who are from famous aristocrats and this scale of religious ceremony is commonly seen. 

Junko thinks that meant this large scale is a common sight. Junko asks him what are those people doing. She is referring to some women who are preparing some bowls. Narita says that they are the wives of the donor’s family who came early to help out and this time, when the madam [Takane’s mother?] arrive, she will personally direct the logistics. 
Junko looks aghast for it turns out that wives also help in doing this kind of thing. To her surprise, Takane holds her shoulder and asks what she is doing there. He tells her that he obviously told Amane to tell her that today and tomorrow, there is a religious ceremony. After looking at him, Junko snaps out of it and turns to look for Yuki but he is gone. 

Takane tells her to go with him first. Junko tells him to wait, she didn’t know that there is also a ceremony today she only plans to take advantage of the time while he isn’t around to get her luggage. He tells her that today isn’t convenient. She remembers Amane telling her that Takane has a miai at the temple that day.

Taking her wrist, Takane says that his room is near this place so before the ceremony ends, she should first stay there. Junko tells him that there’s no need for him to worry for she won’t hinder him so he can go ahead and see [that person] at ease. Takane is puzzled. Pulling her hand away from him, Junko asks if that person is already here.

Takane says that not only did that person come but she is giving her all-out effort in conducting the logistics. “If she were to see you right now, who knows how many rude things she’ll say.” This surprises Junko as she wonders if it is a nasty woman. Junko mutters that it doesn’t matter at all for she’ll accept the fight, and try quarreling with her, for throughout her life, she hasn’t lost yet.

Then, she wonders what she is saying. Takane is surprised when a woman is gesturing to another woman to go to that side [where Takane and Junko are] to get those seat cushions. To Junko’s surprise, Takane pulls her into a room and says that there is no more time, come here.
Inside the room, Takane is hugging Junko while listening to the women outside who were talking if it is okay to use those seat cushions. Takane says that it is good that they were able to hide. Junko looks at him and her heart is beating loudly. She laments over feeling dizzy just having a whiff of his scent. 

Takane says that he feels that he is wronging her for making her stay in such a narrow room but she can hide here temporarily. “Speak in a low voice, I don’t want [paternal] grandmother to find us.” Realizing that he wasn’t talking about his miai partner and today isn’t a miai day, Junko asks what’s going on.

Takane tells her that for this ceremony, his grandmother and Amane immediately came together from Kyoto. His grandmother had more or less heard about the things between him and Junko which she greatly objects to. Junko tells him that even if he said that, there’s no need for it to seem quite urgent. He tells her to be more quiet and don’t talk.

Looking away, Junko tells him to let her go. To her surprise, Takane hugs her tighter. Junko looks at him and asks why he is doing this and didn’t he give her to his younger brother. Takane tells her not to talk anymore. Junko says that he obviously gave her away to his younger brother.. Takane finally says that he didn’t give her to him.

Then, he says that it is all her fault and she’s the bad one. Junko thinks that she is feeling dizzy. “The sandalwood [scent] mixed with this person’s scent is making me become very strange.”

Scans by 深雪汉化组.