October 3, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 15]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 2, 2012

Cover page: “Weak and also very cute(!?) Everyone fully anticipate Makoto’s romance [/with everyone having added confusion]♥ Volume 3 will be out on October 15!!” Narration: “When does one have to smile, what do you say to people upon seeing them, things to do at certain times. It all has to be done prudently and not make a mistake. If [I] were to be detested, then everything will be over..” Makoto sighs in relief for she had finally finished cleaning up her room. She goes to the balcony and felt the wind quite comforting. She wonders when her feelings start to feel carefree [/cheerful] and in the end, cleaning up one’s room can also make one feel good. “Today, I woke up early, made my own breakfast and did some morning exercises. And I even did a new hairstyle though it took me 30 minutes. While I’m at it, I might as well start preparing for the lesson for this coming second term of school. *She imagines Iriya saying that she is amazing and he’s changing his view about her.* That will be really awesome!! Then, I must go and prepare some tea♬ And later on, eat some chocolate..” A note mentions that Makoto is the type of person who is into appearances..probably about having something to eat while studying. Just as she is going out the door, her cellphone rings. She answers a phone call from Uki. Uki asks if she is free today. Forgetting about studying, Makoto says yes, and is something up. Uki tells her that the afternoon club activity has been cancelled so she heard from friends that Iriya is currently working at some store so does Makoto want to come along and check it out. Makoto says eh. Uki asks if she knows where that store is. Makoto stutters while trying to tell her that actually..generally it is like this.. After Makoto explained, Uki exclaims that she is quite cunning for she has gone there yesterday. Makoto says that it isn’t so, her sister brought her along to that place so if they are going to have fun, how about they go some place else. Uki insists that they go there together today. “Aren’t you also happy if you get to see Iriya? That’s right, I’ll also invite Shiroyuki to go with us.” Makoto nervously realizes that she hasn’t told her friends that she got rejected. Makoto tries to say something but Uki already tells her that they will meet at the station at 2pm, and she promptly hangs up. After looking at the cellphone, Makoto freaks out.

At the restaurant, Uki, with Nanami, drags Makoto in. The waitress is about to welcome them but Uki exclaims they are three people. Makoto is puzzled when the waitress is staring at her. Iriya is calling out to Serizawa [guesswork from 芹澤; the waitress] as to where to put the box when he notices Makoto and the others. He exclaims that it is Makoto, Uki and Nanami. Uki tells Iriya that his working image really suits him. Iriya says is that so, that’s good. Makoto nervously apologizes to Iriya for she knows that she dragged here for two straight days but Uki said that she wanted to go and she also really wants to go but she is absolutely not some sort of stalker or anything like that. Iriya lightly pats her forehead. He smiles and says that he knows. This made Makoto blush a bit. Iriya asks them if they want to sit by the window but then, it is a bit hot. Uki says that it is fine. After giving them their menu, Iriya tells them to take their time. After Iriya left, Uki smiles and says that the mood between them is really good and Iriya even said, ‘I know’ so from how she sees it, it looks very suspicious. [<- something is up between them] Nanami joins in saying that for Iriya, it isn’t a bother for Makoto to come in two consecutive days. Makoto is speechless then she finally tells her friends, “Uki, Shiroyuki, I’m really sorry. Obviously, you guys always encourage me on and yet I didn’t tell anything to you. (Even if I tell things clearly, my chest still hurts a bit..) Actually, I’m already been rejected during the fireworks display.” Her friends are speechless. Then, Uki exclaims in disbelief for Makoto hasn’t.. Nanami quickly covers Uki’s mouth and tells her to be calm down and be quiet. Makoto tells Nanami that is alright, it is fine and she doesn’t mind. “Right now, I’ll just do the best that I can with the things that I can do. That is what I have already decided.” Her friends smile at her. Uki offers to treat Makoto to any food that she wants to eat. Nanami says that since she said that, she’ll get pudding, banana chocolate ice cream, seasonal fruit pie and.. Uki exclaims that Nananmi also wants to be treated. While Makoto happily laughs over this, Nanami tells Uki that she is a fairy of the sweets kingdom. Uki comments that no matter what, Nanami wants to eat sweets. Iriya glances at them and smiles. Serizawa is also glancing at Iriya and she doesn’t look happy.
Walking home, Uki tells Nanami that they enjoy themselves to the fullest at that sweets store. Nanami says that the tea leaves used in that store is really high grade and those sweets are delicious. Uki says that Nanami must have like it so next time, they should go there again. Nanami agrees. Makoto looks up to see the beautiful moon. She decides to take a picture of it. Uki asks what she is doing. Makoto is telling her that the moon is.. Then, she stops to wonder what to do for she really wants to send the picture to Iriya as a thank you gift but then, it might just trouble him. In the end, Makoto sends the picture to Iriya. At the staff room, Iriya has finished his shift. Serizawa tells him ‘good work’ and that girl came again. “Actually, are you guys going steady? Is she your girlfriend?” Iriya says no, it isn’t, but.. Serizawa says that girl definitely thinks of Iriya quite favorably [/likes Iriya] and it is totally obvious. Iriya just says, ah.. Then, Serizawa says, “-if it is like that, ISN’T SHE an annoyance?” Iriya looks at Serizawa in surprise. Before Iriya can say something, Serizawa continues to say, “Because that girl isn’t even particularly cute- But, she is Kisaragi Rika’s younger sister. She always seem to be oblivious of the mood [/stupid], her face is also awful [/not feminine looking] and her taste is also very ordinary. So, I’m saying- *smiling while pointing to herself* How about going steady with me [instead]?” Somewhat surprised Iriya tells her that he only recently know her, and.. Iriya isn’t finished talking when Serizawa suddenly kisses him. While Iriya is trying to tell her to wait, Serizawa pushes him down onto the boxes behind him. Holding up his chin, Serizawa continues to kiss Iriya and she seems to put her hand inside his shirt. O_o After Serizawa breaks it up, Iriya tells her not to be like this. Licking her lips, Serizawa suggests that they go steady first then, get to know each other later on. Serizawa says that from the first time she met him, she always thought that he is quite handsome. “I can give you a lot more[/can make you know me more] and aren’t I cuter than her this way?” Iriya suddenly remembers Makoto telling him that she likes him. He also remembers his other memories of Makoto and lastly, of Makoto smiling to say that it is great that she told him. Pushing Serizawa away, Iriya says, “Not passing through those assessments don’t matter at all. She is 100 times cuter than you. *Serizawa is shock* Move, I’m going home.” As he goes out of the staff room, Iriya wipes his lips. Serizawa is furious over the rejection.
Going to the train station, Iriya notices a message from Makoto on his cellphone. With the picture of the moon, Makoto writes that she has troubled him a lot today and thank you very much. “Tonight’s moon is very beautiful.” Iriya slightly smiles and takes a picture of the moon, too. While studying, Makoto’s cellphone rings. She quickly throws away her book for Iriya has replied to her. With his picture of the moon, Iriya thanks her and says that it is really beautiful. Makoto is so happy that she wants to print it out and decorate the picture. Meanwhile, while Serizawa is mopping the floor, the owner is at the cashier. The troubled owner is holding some receipts. He says that the accounts do not tally and it is quite strange for where did he made a mistake. Serizawa says that if she tells him about it, she would be like sort informant[/telltale].. The owner asks, “What is it, Maria*-chan?” [*guesswork from 麻里安] After looking thoughtful, Maria smiles and says, “I saw Iriya-kun stealing something.” Scans by 離境漢化組.