October 3, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 10]

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And, Natsuki had told Koharu that he has fallen in love with Aki. Narration: “After a month of falling in love with my childhood friend Nacchan [previous Nats-chan; corrected by Asahi] I never thought that Nacchan unexpectedly likes someone else.. My romance has already died at a ripe old age. I wholeheartedly thank everyone who had cheered me on my first love. By Koharu.” Koharu is gloomy lay her face on the table while her younger brother, Uchuu is eating at the side. Koharu thinks that she has only two paths from. She writes it down on her notebook. One is ‘Do not give up, convey one’s feelings. Confess again. I want to become his girlfriend!’ Second is ‘Like this, just give up this romantic feelings towards Nacchan and thoroughly forget it.’ About the first one, Koharu wonders if it is right now, will she succeed in conveying her feelings. About the second one, it was obviously not easy for her to realize her own feelings. Natsuki suddenly opens the window and calls out to her. Koharu quickly sits up, tears the page from the notebook, crumbles it and throws it to the side. Natsuki asks what that is. Koharu says that it is nothing, she is just doing her homework so is something’s up. Natsuki asks if Koharu’s mother and others are going to the sports festival since his father offered to drive them there. Koharu says that they are downstairs so she’ll go and ask. Natsuki timidly asks her if she didn’t tell the others about it. Koharu innocently asks what. Natsuki says that it is about Aki. After looking surprised, Koharu goes out the door and says that she didn’t say anything about him being in love. He calls her an idiot for it might be heard downstairs. He immediately covers her mouth. Koharu blushes but quickly turns away. Natsuki says that her voice is too loud. Koharu apologizes. Starting to leave, Koharu tells him that she’ll go ask. Natsuki asks her to also help him ask how many are going. Then, Natsuki notices the crumpled piece of paper on the floor. He wonders what Koharu wrote on it. Before he can pick it up, Uchuu quickly grabs it. ^^ Then, Natsuki’s father calls out the balcony to Natsuki as to where he put the digital camera. Natsuki tells him, okay, he’ll go over and get it.

Koharu goes to ask her mother about tomorrow’s sports festival when she notice that her mother and sisters are watching some videos of young Koharu during the sports festival. The twins are cheering Koharu’s race until she trips. Koharu is embarrassed that they are watching the DVD where she tripped. The twins say that Koharu is cute. Then, Koharu’s mother tells the others to watch this. Young Natsuki who was in first place came back to help Koharu who had tripped. He cheered her up and said that they run together towards the finish line. End video. The twins say that Nacchan is so cool. Koharu’s mother says that no wonder that they are childhood friends. Koharu comments that compared to anyone, Natsuki is concerned about others. Her mother says that she [Koharu] is the same. “The two of you always mutually think of the other. I have a sense of pride towards you two. So, go marry okay?” Walking away, Koharu asks how come it became like that. Her mother says that it is quite regretful that it isn’t that way. While her mother and the twins decide what to watch next, Koharu mentally apologizes to her mother for it is just a one-sided love. From her bedroom, just about to sleep, Koharu looks out her window and notices that Natsuki is still awake because the lights are still on. She covers her curtains and remembers that sports festival before. Koharu thinks that because Natsuki is so nice, he will definitely be troubled if he knew of her feelings. “I don’t want to see Nacchan having a pained expression. I’m sorry, Nacchan.. I’m obviously your childhood friend but I couldn’t congratulate you.. In the end, I should just give up. Even if it is a love that didn’t easily sprout, should I just strangle this romantic feelings to death? I couldn’t find the answer. What should I do with this love of mine?”
So, it is the sports festival of Asuka [guesswork from 愛華] school. While Sumire looks surprised, Konoha says that she couldn’t believe it. Posing a forward punch, Konoha says that she joined the 100m ball hurdle race, relay, high jump, and also obstacle race. She exclaims that for the red team, she must do her best. While stretching, Koharu asks Konoha which sports event did her boyfriend join so that she can see him. Konoha laments that it is quite regrettable but he got rejected [/eliminated?/escaped] so she’s quite lonely. Sumire comments that he doesn’t seem to be a serious guy. Konoha tells her to wait for he is just a bit naughty but next time, she’ll introduce him to them. Koharu is happy for Konoha whereas her love is going to disappear and be gone soon. Looking at Koharu, Souji[?] comments to Natsuki that his childhood friend is becoming more and more feminine, or is he just mistaken? Natsuki goes, huh. Souji says that he always felt that compared before, later on, Koharu is making people.. Souji didn’t finish what he is saying because frowning Natsuki is looking darkly at him. Souji turns away and says, no, even if he says that, Koharu can’t compare to the charm of the other side. Souji is referring to Aki. Natsuki blushes upon seeing her. Souji comments that Aki’s chest is really awesome. Natsuki agrees. Souji laughs and says that Natsuki is obviously angry if he’s talking about Koharu. Running to her 50m run event, Koharu notices Natsuki. Just as she is about to call him, she sees that he is looking at Aki. Koharu wonders what to do if she has the courage to watch Natsuki and Aki together in front of her. She looks up again and notices that Natsuki has disappeared. She looks down again to see Natsuki is crouching down at the side. She calls out to him. Natsuki timidly tells her that ever since he told her about it, he no longer knows how to face Aki. Koharu thinks that this is the first time she saw Natsuki like that. She is pained for this is an awkward Nacchan. “I’m so strange.. Seeing Nacchan like this, I feel that I should do something for him. In my heart, there are two completely opposite feelings. I obviously still do not have courage to give up my romantic feelings.” Souji[?] seems to be looking at them and he says that it seems that a strange wind is blowing.
Soon, it is the first year’s men kibasen event. [/Calvary battle wherein 3 people act like the horse/carriage to carry the ‘rider’ who is in charge of snatching the head band of the other ‘riders’] Natsuki and his team are surprised that one of their opponents is Koharu and three other girls. Natsuki exclaims why she is there. Flashing a v-sign, Koharu answers that the ringleader isn’t enough so they let her join. Natsuki isn’t too happy about it especially with his teammates drooling over the possibility of touching girls. The event starts. Koharu manages to get some head bands of the opponents. Natsuki’s teammate says that Koharu is amazing. Natsuki comments no wonder it is Koharu for she’s so reliable. One of the guys say that he will pretend to attack from behind and then he will hug Koharu. It made Natsuki dark that he quickly grabs the guy’s head band. The guy exclaims that they are teammates. Koharu thinks that actually she wants to use this game to settle it. “I want to have an answer for my unresolved feelings. If I were to lose, I would give up these feelings. If I were to win, I won’t give up on this love. If I were to lose..” Then, Koharu loses her balance that she starts to fall backwards. She wonders if she has to give up since she’ll lose. “No..” Suddenly, Natsuki catches her to stop her from falling. Natsuki reprimands her not to do things wherein he cannot protect her. Blushing Koharu couldn’t believe that he saved her. After holding her up, Natsuki exclaims that it is time to counterattack. The others exclaim that Natsuki has defected to the opponent. Soon, the childhood friends happily start to grab the others’ headbands. Koharu thinks that actually even if she doesn’t do anything to settle it, she’ll still definitely, going to find the answer. “Because the feelings that exist within my heart cannot just easily disappear. Even if this romance cannot be actualize, my feelings also absolutely won’t decrease. With only Nacchan at my side, I’m already very happy.”
The next event is the borrowing race [/Karimono-kyoso; a race wherein one has to bring the item/person requested to the finish line]. As the race starts, Koharu cheers Natsuki on. Natsuki quickly runs to the table. Koharu and Konoha exclaims that he’s fast and no wonder it’s Natsuki. Natsuki takes the card from the table to know what he’ll be ‘borrowing’. Koharu quickly notices that Natsuki just stands there. While she wonders why, the announcer says that Natsuki got the pleasant surprise card – [get the] ‘the one you like’. Koharu is surprised. Natsuki just looks at the card. Aki seems to be watching. The announcer exclaims why Natsuki stopped. Konoha tells Koharu to quickly go for this is a good opportunity. Koharu nervously thinks that the one Natsuki likes is.. The announcer exclaims that the others who got the pleasant surprise card are already going on the offensive towards Aki. Natsuki looks flustered. Koharu remembers the sports race before wherein Natsuki helped her. Konoha is happy when Koharu goes in the race track. Koharu remembers her mother saying that she has pride in both of them for having mutual concern for each other. Koharu lightly pushes Natsuki’s back. Surprised, he turns to look at her. Koharu exclaims, “Quickly go, Nacchan! Go!!” Natsuki holds the card tighter then he starts to run off. Koharu smiles as she remembers Natsuki asking her that aren’t they the best childhood friends in the world. “Ya, if only Nacchan is happy then I’ll also be happy. *Natsuki is asking Aki to go with him* So, for Nacchan’s romance, I will cheer him on. *teary-eyed yet smiling* This is the answer that I found regarding these romantic feelings of mine.” Watching at the side, Touya scowls and mutters, “Foolish girl..”
Scans by 夜莺工作室.