October 16, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 46]

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Cover page: “Liking both Hinata and Sou at the same time!? Anna’s true feelings is..” Back in the classroom, crossed arms Nanoka says that those two guys definitely ran after Anna. Hinata asks those two guys? Nanoka says Nagase-kun and Hinata-kun. Nanoka sighs and says that after Anna went to photocopy, those two also left the classroom. “It’s too obvious. Never mind if Hinata-kun went but that poop Nagase!! He already has Aya-chan, such a perfect and cute girlfriend, so what’s up with that!? Why don’t you quickly go die!!” Hinata comments that Nanoka’s conclusion is always the same. Breathing heavily from running, Anna arrives and apologizes for being late. She gives the photocopied scripts to Hinata. Hinata tells her good job. Anna apologizes again for she has something to do today so she wants to go home first. Nanoka exclaims in surprise. Anna apologizes again. She quickly takes her bag and leaves. While running in the streets, Anna remembers Sou telling her that since she can’t hide it properly, just say what she wants to say. Then, she remembers Aya telling her that she knows Anna’s feelings – Anna likes Hinata that she went steady with him and in the end, she also likes Sou. “You like both of them and no matter which side, you want them to stay at your side. That’s your true feelings, right?” Anna trips and falls flat on the ground. She sits up as some bystanders just look at her. She thinks that in the end, she ran away. “Saying those words in front of Hinata and Sou, I really can’t keep on staying there. What is Ayane-chan saying. The one I like is obviously Hinata and yet she said that I also like Sou. It’s really too strange. For me, Sou is, Sou is--..” Her thoughts are interrupted by a car that is honking at her. She looks up to see that it is Mashiro. From his car, Mashiro says that it turns out to be Anna. “What are you doing sitting at the sidewalk?” Anna exclaims in surprise why he appeared here. Mashiro says that he wasn’t able to come home during the Obon festival so he wants to come back and show his face during college break. “And putting that aside, you’re bleeding!?”

Standing up Anna realizes that her knees are bleeding from the fall. Mashiro tells her to get in the car and he’ll drive her home. Anna thanks him but declines his offer. Mashiro says that there’s no need to be modest, anyway, he is going home. Anna timidly tells him that it isn’t about being modest but temporarily, she really doesn’t want to go home. Anna thinks that Hinata and Sou would return to the apartment and if she stayed at her house, they would definitely go and look for her. “Just now, I had just ran away in front of them, I don’t know what I should do upon seeing them..” Seeing Anna looking aghast-tense, Mashiro invites her to go to his house instead. In Mashiro’s place, his mother exclaims that it has been a long time since she has seen Anna. “I just haven’t seen you for a while and you matured into like a big sister. Even if staying in the same apartment, we didn’t get to bump into each other. Ah..what’s up with those wounds!?” Anna sheepishly says that she tripped. Mashiro asks where the first aid kit for he plans to treat Anna’s wounds. His mother says that she left it underneath the television. “By the way, Mashiro, if you are coming home, inform me first about it, okay.” Mashiro apologizes and says that he forgot. His mother says that she is now going to fetch Beni so watch over the house for her. After she left, Anna is sitting on the sofa and Mashiro prepares to treat her wounds. Anna says that Mashiro’s mother is the same as before and what is Beni studying. Mashiro says that it seems Beni has started to study dancing and he really doesn’t know what Beni’s goal is. Anna exclaims that it ought to be fun[/happy]. Mashiro says that isn’t Anna also happy for he remembers that Hinata managed to get in the same school. “Going to school and going home together with your boyfriend, isn’t life quite fulfilling-” Anna’s expression freezes as Mashiro’s last three words echo in her mind. She starts laughing out loud and says, “Yes. I was very happy. Very fulfilling.” Mashiro asks what’s up with that strange laugh. “Are you saying that actually, you weren’t happy? What had happened, tell me about it.”
Looking sad, Anna says that it is very strange for she is obviously going steady with the one she likes but unexpectedly, she doesn’t feel very happy. “And currently, I had been bothered about some other thing..” Mashiro asks, “Other thing? Is it, Sou also got a girlfriend? *seeing Anna’s shock expression* I’ve guessed it- Haha, that’s so easy. Sou’s girlfriend had made you jittery because you feel that Sou’s girlfriend has stolen Sou away-” Anna denies it and exclaims that’s too cruel since he is unexpectedly saying the same thing as Ayane-chan. Then, Anna starts screaming in pain when Mashiro puts the ointment on her wounds. Mashiro asks who Ayane is and what did she say. Anna repeats to Mashiro what Ayane said that Anna likes both guys. Mashiro says that this Ayane can really say things. Anna exclaims that it’s too cruel because she unexpectedly said it in front of Hinata. “How is it possible that I like Hinata, and also like Sou. That kind of thing cannot be allowed!!” Mashiro laughs and apologizes but who doesn’t allow it. Anna is puzzled. Mashiro says, “Hinata? Sou? The people around you? Then, if someone allowed it, is it okay? First, let’s not mind what other people think. Ask within yourself and afterwards, honestly answer. If from here on, you are confused and you keep on going, the gloomy feelings in your heart won’t disappear. First question, do you like Hinata?” Anna says that she likes. Mashiro asks again, “Second, how about Sou?” Anna bites her lip, knits her eyebrows and becomes teary-eyed. Mashiro smiles and says that it is okay if she doesn’t tell him because he knows the answer based on her expression. Anna thinks, “Sou, he’s talkative, and spoiled and easily angered, but always when I needed help, he encourages me and pushes me forward. At that time *chasing after Hinata to bid him goodbye as he goes to Tokyo* And also that time *going to Photo Koshien to meet with Hinata* I can feel it in my heart and honestly, it is a feeling that can’t be said out.” Anna mutters that she’s quite awful. “I.. aside from my boyfriend, I still like some other guy? For me to be unexpectedly this indecent[/misbehave] is really quite shocking (cry)!? Not only am I an immature person, I’m also a whore. Wahhh”
Patting Anna’s head, Mashiro tells her to calm down and don’t say crude words like whore. “First of all, jealousy = romantic feelings is not necessarily correct. For example, seeing your mother would always take care of your young siblings, as the older sibling, you’ll be difficult with[/rebel]. You do not want to see your friends, whom you have good feelings with, to play happily with other people. Doesn’t this jealousy thing also exist within family and among the same sex?” After a pause, Anna says that is also right. While putting her pointing finger with Mashiro’s, sparkling Anna says, “So I can say that in the end, I’m jealous about Sou and Ayane-chan is purely feelings as childhood friends--..” Mashiro says, “Ah- Who knows.” Anna gloomily mutters, “Mashiro-kun..” Standing up, Mashiro says that he is finished treating her. He sighs and says, “That is a question that only you, Anna, can answer, right? Even if Hinata and Sou are your childhood friends but they are not your family nor are they girls. It is very hard to clearly differentiate it from romantic feelings. Before you look for the answer, you should properly think of it clearly. If you always look away, you’ll only regret it later on.” While walking to her house, Anna recalls Mashiro’s advice to think of it clearly. “From the start, why did I think that I like Hinata.. That’s right, during third year junior high sports festival, while helping out in the oil painting, I realize that Hinata and Mochiduki’s relationship is good. Upon thinking that Mochiduki-chan might possibly take Hinata away, I really detest it. It’s the same at that time with Sou. *surprise* In the end, it is like what Ayane-chan said. I’m like a small child wanting the two to always stay at my side. I don’t want anyone to take them away. *Flashback: At the theme park, young Sou asked Anna if he became a prince, will Anna marry him. Anna smiled and said yes. To Sou’s shock, Anna exclaimed that she’ll also marry Hinata. Mashiro told her that can’t be for she can only choose one.* But, I’m no longer a small child. I definitely have to choose, the feeling that I truly want to protect.”
Going inside her house, Anna says that she’s home. Anna’s mother say that she’s home and did she thank Mashiro for he had treated her for dinner. Anna lamely says that she did say thanks. Anna thinks that her mother always treats her like a child. Opening the door to her room, someone greets her, “Welcome back-” Anna is shock to see Hinata in her room. While Coco is lying on Hinata’s shoulder, he says that he is wondering why she is so late and it turns out that she is at Mashiro’s place. “Is Mashiro-kun back again? That guy is really idle.” Anna’s mother says, “Oh ya, Hinata-kun came to over to play-” Shocked Anna thinks that she should had said so earlier. Seeing Anna’s bandaged knees, Hinata asks what happened to her, and is she okay. Anna says that she had fallen hard and Mashiro treated it for her. Hinata says is that why she went to Mashiro’s place. Anna replies yes, and luckily, Mashiro just happen to pass by. Then, Coco is jumping up and down, angrily making a fuss. Hinata asks it what’s wrong. Anna says that generally it is saying not to look at her[Anna] for it has been a long time since Hinata came to see it. Hinata says that is right, it has been a long time and Coco has become cuter. Anna giggles over this. Putting her bag on the table, Anna says that before, Hinata would always go to her room to feed Coco. “Just like today, upon coming to my room, I’ll see Hinata.” Anna thinks, “Blindly running away from the problem, but what should I do for I still haven’t sorted out my thoughts. And I think I got the sequence all wrong. Even if Mashiro told me to properly think things clearly, but before that, I think of Hinata [as]..” Interrupting her thoughts, Hinata says, “I didn’t come here today to see Coco. *Anna looks at him* I think that you have something that you want to tell me.” Anna looks a bit tense at Hinata. Anna thinks that thinking of things clearly, in order for her to find her feelings that she really wishes to protect. “In order to do this, the first thing that I must do is..” Anna sadly says, “..I like you, Hinata. And perhaps you don’t believe me, but this is true.” Anna looks hesitant until she sees Hinata somewhat smiling at her. Becoming teary-eyed, Anna continues, “But, I’m sorry for right now, I can’t stay at your side, Hinata. (I obviously like him but why do I always deeply hurt him.)” Hinata says, “Ah, I understand. Let’s break up.” In this chapter, the result of the popularity poll is released. From 2433 votes, the results for the top thirteen are: Number 1: Anna – 847 votes. Number 2: Hinata – 773 votes. Number 3: Sou – 598 votes. Number 4: Coco the squirrel – 53 votes. Number 5: Hinata - 37 votes. Number 6: Mashiro – 35 votes. Number 7: Nanoka – 27 votes. Number 8: Beni – 16 votes. Number 9: Mochiduki – 15 votes. Number 10: Aya – 8 votes. Number 11: Mari and Hime - 4 votes each. Number 13: Rui – 3 votes.
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