October 16, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 11]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 13, 2012

Narration: “I have decided. As a childhood friend, I will cheer Natsuki on his romance.” There is a scene of Natsuki bringing Aki to the finish line. At Honey’s, the whole place is closed [/fully booked] for Koharu and friends. While Koharu drinks her juice, Konoha exclaims that she is stupid for why did she act like a matchmaker between Natsuki and Aki. “And by the way, we didn’t know anything!! Natsuki-kun unexpectedly likes Saionji-chan something. *hitting the table* What’s up with thaaat.” Sumire asks Koharu if she’s the only one who knew. Koharu says yes. Konoha exclaims why Koharu didn’t tell them. Just when Koharu is about to explain, Konoha tearfully asks why would she bear such a painful thing all by herself. Hugging Koharu, Konoha apologizes for she didn’t notice that Koharu is in pain. “I’m sorry for making you perplexed all by yourself.. *Koharu is moved to tears.* It’s because I’m self-satisfied over getting a boyfriend and yet I’m actually stupid to death~~” The two friends hug each other in comfort as Sumire pats Koharu’s head. Koharu says, “It isn’t like that. Seeing you [Konoha] so happy that I’m also happy. (Even if I’m always perplexed for a long time but this is my true feelings.) It’s the same with that thing with Nacchan. *smiles* If only Nacchan is happy, I’m also happy. (This is the form of my love.)” While watering the plants, Tomo tells Conan [dog] to move away or he’ll get wet, and how about he goes to Koharu. Conan seems to be hesitant because it is a mood that he can’t just intrude. Then, Tomo notices blushing Natsuki. Tomo says that he’s home. Just when Natsuki is saying he’s home, Tomo splashes his face with the water from the hose. Drenched wet, Natsuki exclaims what’s he doing. Tomo tells him to be a bit embarrassed after being so enthusiastic in the sports festival. This made Natsuki blush and sweatdrop. He tells Tomo to forget about that, and give him some snack. As Conan goes to Natsuki, Tomo hits Natsuki and tells him that the store is booked for today. “Don’t be smug[/elated] just because you have a girl.” Natsuki is puzzled and mutters that he isn’t smug.

And, regarding Natsuki and Aki, they had become the talk of the school. The students are shock about those two. A couple of girls had their eyes on Natsuki. A couple of guys wanted to go steady with Aki and they are envious of Natsuki. By the balcony, Souji tells Natsuki that it is amazing for he and Aki are publicly known to be a pair. Natsuki says that it isn’t so. Souji says that in a way, he ought to be excited that he can be closer with the girl he likes. Natsuki exclaims who knows if it is ‘in a way’ and it isn’t like they are a pair of lovers. Flashback: During the sports festival, Aki asked if they can be friends first and Natsuki agreed. End flashback. Natsuki says that for them to be friends, honestly, he doesn’t know what to do next. “Even if I’m been pushed by Koharu to confess..but I didn’t immediately thought of becoming something-something with Saionji-chan.” Souji says that he obviously likes her. Natsuki exclaims that even if he likes, it is very complex, okay. “By the way, about love-whatever, it is my first. Liking whatever, and not yet the [right] time [/opportunity] so I’m not sure what I should do- or say-” Smiling Souji pats Natsuki’s back and tells him, “Gambatte. And also, treat your cute childhood friend well.” In 1-1 class, serious Konoha tells Koharu to put aside that not cute childhood friend of hers to the side. Holding Koharu’s hands, Konoha exclaims for her to develop a new love. Koharu exclaims in surprise. Smiling Konoha says that her boyfriend told her that he’ll introduce his friend to her so she’s inviting Koharu to go on a goukon [/group date]. Koharu immediately runs away. Sumire says that she escaped and about goukon, Koharu won’t do at all. Pouting Konoha says then about her, the two of them go on their goukon debut. Sumire looks at smiling Konoha. To Sumire’s surprise, Kotarou [the timid friend of Natsuki] shouts no. Konoha asks what’s up with him. While walking around the school, Koharu wonders about a new love and if she can start a new love while she likes Natsuki this way. “Love..Is it okay for me to move to the next stage while having this kind of feelings now..” On cue, a wind blows strongly at her. After it passed, Koharu hears some piano music. She notices that it is coming from that old music building. Going in front of the building, Koharu thinks that it is such a moving music. “I was obviously told that this place is not currently used.. who could be playing. Ah, the door is open.” Koharu politely says, “I’ll be intruding.”
Walking inside, Koharu thinks that it is a beautiful place and it is such a waste that it is no longer used. Then, she is happy for she has found the door where the music is coming from. She stands at the door, pauses and sits down by the door. She thinks that it doesn’t matter who is playing because it is also not good to disturb that person. “Such a gentle music. *closes eyes* How baffling. My jittery feelings seem to have calm down a bit. Snore ZZZ.. *wakes up* Ha. *stands up and blushes* No way, I’ve unexpectedly fallen asleep. And not only that, I’ve carelessly snored.. The piano had stopped, could it be that I was heard!?” After a pause, Koharu calls out, “About..about that.. your piano playing, it is really great! Even if I’m a bit depressed but after listening to it, I’ve cheered up! Ah, can I still come back and listen to you play the piano?” The person inside the room presses the middle SOL piano key, ‘teng’. Koharu wonders if that is the reply. Perking up, Koharu thinks that it is a lively piano music that seems to have uplifted her mood. “That’s right, being depressed is of no use. The one who decide on this is I, myself.” Later on, in the classroom, a girl bids Koharu goodbye. Holding a broom, Koharu happily greets goodbye back to the girl. She thinks that today is sale day so she must hurry and go to the supermarket. She is surprised when Konoha grabs her from behind and happily says that they are going, going to buy clothes for the date. Later on, Natsuki asks where Koharu is when today is obviously sale day. His classmates tell him that she went with Konoha and others. They also tell him that the girls were noisily talking about date-something. Natsuki says, “Ha? Date!?” Soon, the girls bought some clothes from Repipi Armario. Koharu says that store is really cute. Konoha agrees with her. Sumire says that the accessories are also very cute. Konoha goes fufu for now, the outfit for the date is foolproof. Koharu just sweatdrops and timidly says that she hasn’t gone to a goukon before. Slapping Koharu’s back hard, Konoha exclaims that is why she’s going. “So-called unrequited love is a form of romantic love that is quite free [/unattached]. A new love is the same. It’s fine if it starts or not. Even if you still like Natsuki-kun, you can also start moving forward. I hope that I can make you, Koharu-chan, to go and enjoy romance.”
That night, Koharu wears the outfit that they’ve bought and shows it to Koharu on the video phone [through the internet] with a laptop computer. Koharu tells her that it looks cute. Koharu asks if it is true. Koharu exclaims that it is true, and tomorrow, how about she let her hair down. “And also put some light make-up on♪” Koharu writes it on her notebook – Hair down and light make-up. Tilting her head upwards, Koharu says that she is really nervous about this date-something. She is surprised to see Natsuki looking down on her. He asks what is that date. Koharu immediately sits up straight and calls out his name. Konoha says that he came out, the smug prince. Natsuki asks who the smug prince is. Koharu couldn’t answer back when Natsuki asks again what is that date about. Konoha says that a date is a date. Koharu tries to tell Konoha that is enough but Konoha tells Natsuki that tomorrow, her boyfriend’s companion will date with Koharu. Just when Natsuki is saying ‘what’, Konoha continues to say, “Natsuki-kun, don’t make any irresponsible remarks. You already have Saionji-chan. So don’t object to Koharu-chan’s..” Natsuki immediately closes the flip of the laptop computer. Natsuki looks at Koharu who sheepishly tells him that it is a friend of Konoha’s lover who, after seeing her picture, seems to have taken a fancy on her. Natsuki frowns and tells her that skirt is too short. Koharu says is that so. They were interrupted by Natsuki’s father calling out from the balcony. Holding the wireless phone, his father says that Natsuki has a phone call from Saionji-chan. Natsuki says that he’ll quickly go over. While embarrassed Natsuki takes the phone from his father, Koharu smiles and thinks that Natsuki and Aki would communicate on the phone. “He looks quite happy, that’s really great, Nacchan.” Koharu exclaims okay, she’ll also go on a goukon. She looks for an envelope from her bag. From the envelope, she takes out a ticket to a certain AQUA theme park. Meanwhile, Aki tells Natsuki that she got tickets to AQUA theme park so she is asking if he would want to.. Natsuki exclaims that there’s no need to ask, of course, he’ll go. “Okay, let’s meet at 10am.” Narration: “Tomorrow, a date at AQUA theme park!”
Scans by 夜莺工作室