October 16, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 70]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 16, 2012

Narration: “Mama has seen Kyo’s flying form.” As her parents come to visit, Misao tells her mother that she is already discharged from the hospital and she should have told her because they are going to visit her. Giving her a gift, Yoko says that she just arrived home. She tells her daughter that it is just a check-up and it is over-the-top for her to be confined. Misao says that it isn’t so. She invites her parents inside. Kyo lightly pats Misao’s head. In the living room, Yoko says that the house is quite big and it didn’t seem this big when Misao come to play here when she was young. Yoshio feels uncomfortable as Houki serves him some tea. Houki says that it used to be someone else’s house but right now, even if it’s temporary, it is Kyo’s house. Houki smiles at Yoko and Yoko comments that it is a beautiful child. Sagami apologizes to Kyo for the secretary Tadokoro [田所氏] came to see him. Kyo casually tells him to let that person wait. Misao thinks that even if she were to say that before this house is somewhat strange but right now, it is fundamentally abnormal. Sagami = mysterious subordinate who also resides in that place. Kyo = high and arrogant head. Misao = princess. Jirou, Saburou and Tarou = genius kids; Jirou is asking Kyo about elementary physics, Tarou tells him not to disturb Kyo and Saburou wants to eat the cake. It is in the middle of winter and yet, they don’t get cold from the open windows. Yoko comments that Tadokoro seems to have the same surname as the current cabinet secretary. Misao thinks that her mother ought to have realized that Kyo and the others aren’t humans. She has decided with Kyo yesterday that if her mother asked about it, they’ll honestly answer. But then, her mother didn’t ask anything and acted as if nothing had happened. She thinks that her mother has convinced herself that it is all just a dream and she can understand if she does that. Since it is like that, it isn’t necessary to specially mention it. She is surprised when Yoshio says that there is something he wants to ask her. “When are the two of you getting married?”

Recovering from the shock, Misao tells him that she talked it over with Kyo that they’ll get married after Sou is born. Yoshio says that is good for he eagerly anticipate Misao wearing a wedding dress. He starts telling them of his preferences that his wife tells him that he isn’t the one getting married. He asks Kyo about what he thinks. Kyo is speechless. Yoshio starts screaming that he totally didn’t think of it. Kyo says that in their past generations, they wear black. Yoshio exclaims that Misao suits wearing something pure white. To Yoshio’s surprise, Yoko seems to be okay with black. Misao thinks that isn’t it quite strange that she hasn’t brought her parents to see Kyo’s family. Misao looks at Kyo if he also thinks that this should be said. Kyo looks away. Misao looks surprised and thinks that Kyo hasn’t thought of the wedding and it could be because he is worried of the possibility that it won’t be held. Yoko quietly glances at the couple. The scene changes to Kyo greeting Yoko that today she is going shopping together with Misao. Yoko says that is right for they haven’t totally prepared the things that the baby would use. She laughs and says that she can’t let Misao be and Misao has definitely started knitting the baby’s socks. With a funny expression, Kyo tells her that Misao is already knitting the third pair because she has started way before. Yoko sweatdrops and says that Misao is that kind of person. Kyo says that he will also go shopping with them. Yoko says of course, or else, who would help them carry the things. “Go get the car!” Kyo obediently leaves to get ready. At the parking lot, Kyo tells them to wait for the car is a bit messy so he fixes it up first. Misao says that she’ll help him. Surprised Kyo exclaims for her to stop, and don’t touch. Taking the books from her, Kyo says that she can’t look. Misao pouts and says that she knows already. Kyo shouts that it isn’t pornographic magazines.
Soon, the three goes shopping. Kyo would just stand by as the two chooses the clothes and he helps them carry the things they bought. He holds Misao’s shoulder and asks if she is tired. Misao says that she is fine, her lower back is just a bit sore. Kyo insists that she rest and find a store where she can sit. Misao also insists that she is fine and the toilet is nearby. So, Kyo suggests that they sit by that bench. Holding a small note, Kyo offers to buy the rest of the things that they need. Misao gives him her cellphone because it will be hard if they got lost from each other. Kyo leaves Misao to Yoko and leaves. Yoko asks Misao if she is okay. Misao says that she is just a bit tired. Yoko comments that Kyo is amazing for he is quite attentive of Misao. Copying Kyo’s hold on Misao’s shoulder, Yoko says that Misao would stumble a bit and Kyo would immediately support her. Misao laughs and says that Kyo always makes a fuss. After a while, Misao giggles. Yoko suspiciously looks at her daughter. Yoko looks behind and sees Kyo down below. She says that Kyo is coming back. The cellphone rings so Kyo answers it. Yoko says that she is above him, can he see her. Kyo looks up and says, yes. Seeing Misao’s hat by the glass wall, Kyo asks what happened to Misao. Yoko says that Misao’s facial color suddenly became bad and she would want him to quickly bring her to the doctor. “Please, Kyo-chan. Can I trouble you to quickly come up here? Quickly as you can.. –right, just like how you saved me at that time. *Kyo looks surprised at Yoko* How about it? Can you see me? From where I am, I can see you clearly. But this time isn’t the same as before, since there’s no smoke nor fire.” Nervous Kyo bites his lips and says, okay. “I’ll immediately FLY OVER THERE.” After hanging up the phone, Kyo is startled when Misao calls out to him. Misao says that her mother told her to go and fetch him. Kyo is shock to see Yoko holding Misao’s hat. Misao asks him what the matter is. Looking serious, Kyo tells Misao to properly talk with her mother when they go back home for in the end, her mother has found out about it. Misao is surprised.
Yoko joins them and says ‘good job’ for buying the things. Just when Misao is going to tell her mother something, Yoko notices an advertisement on the huge LCD screen about wearing a unique wedding dress on that happy day of promising to be together forever. Kyo is shock. Misao says that she also likes that advertisement. Yoko says that it is a good publicity on a wedding dress. She asks if the wedding will be held in a church. Misao says that Kyo has his own faith and has it been decided on how to do it. Grumpy Kyo seems to want to say something that Misao asks if he also hasn’t thought of this. Kyo curses and says that he wanted to keep it a secret from her. At the parking lot, Kyo shows them the books in his car. They are all data for a wedding ceremony. While Kyo is gloomily leaning on the wall, the two women are amazed for Kyo had cut it all from magazines and pamphlets of catalogues. He even thought of the underwear. =P Misao asks if Kyo did all of that. Kyo says that he wanted to tell her when he is almost done with the planning. Misao blushes and realizes this is why Kyo doesn’t want her to look at it a while ago. She says that she thought that Kyo isn’t interested in the wedding. Slightly blushing Kyo says, “Ah yes, I’m not interested but you are interested. And you are still conceiving Sou. You didn’t mention it because you think that this isn’t something that should be done at this time but actually, you really like this kind of thing. It is okay for you to only do the things that you want to do. I’ll be with you. If you want to hold it at the church and it is no problem at all, even if I’m not interested. And, father-sama also said that I must definitely bring along a girl to walk the virgin road. Even if you’re no longer a virgin..” Misao calls him an idiot. Kyo asks her what, doesn’t she like this kind of thing. Blushing Misao covers her face with the magazine and says, yes, she likes. Teary-eyed from happiness, Misao looks up and smiles. “I really like..” Yoko looks surprised at the two.
Soon, they arrive home. Tarou greets them and asks where Kyo is. Misao says that he is parking the car. Yoko asks where she’ll put the things. After Yoko puts them at the side, Misao thanks her mother and says that she goes in first. Tarou says that he’ll go prepare some tea. Yoko asks why Misao is looking at her. Misao says that the wound on her face is no longer obvious. Yoko says that it is because the medicine given to her by the doctor is quite effective. Misao exclaims that’s great. Yoko says that actually if it weren’t for Kyo, not only will she be injured, she is most likely not here anymore. She thanks heaven and earth for she has a son-in-law who put in so much effort to go run and save her. Misao remembers Kyo telling her that her mother already knows. She thinks that she must tell her mother about Kyo’s true identity before her mother asks. Just when Misao is telling her mother about Kyo, Yoko says, “I’m quite proud of my daughter for choosing such an outstanding guy to be her husband. Until now, I had been always paying close attention to you two. *happily touches Misao’s face* No matter what reason the other party has, if he can make you show such a happy expression, I don’t have any objection.” Kyo is shock that Misao is leaning on her mother. He asks if she isn’t feeling well then he notices that she is crying. Crying Misao calls out to her mother. Yoko tells her that is enough, for she is making Kyo worried upon seeing her like that. Misao starts calling out to Kyo and goes to him. Kyo asks her what happened. After a pause, Kyo tries to ask Yoko what happened. Yoko says that it’s so cute. She smiles and says, “From here on, I’ll leave her in your care.” Looking surprised, Kyo hugs Misao and says, “—of course, I willingly give my life for her.” Narration: “Ever since I’ve met Kyo, the first experience, it turns out that being so happy can also make one cry.” Blurb: “The two attains happiness and, happiness envelops the two..!! Next chapter, Misao’s body finally starts to change!?”
Side Story: At an al fresco type of café, a girl is staring at something. Her friend asks what she is looking at. She says that it is that good looking guy at that side. Her friend turns around and asks where. They are looking at Kyo. They lament that Kyo seems to have a female companion and too bad, he’s taken. The girl says that she can’t see the girl’s face [Misao] but she’s definitely beautiful. Her friend tells her that she is more or less [beautiful] and it seems that she is around their age. Kyo sees a cream near Misao’s mouth. He takes it from her face and licks it from his finger. Then, Kyo glances at Misao and laughs. And he teasingly winks. Then, he is talking with the waitress to order something for Misao. Then, Kyo talks and listens. And, he slightly blushes and smiles. The two girls blush and exclaim that they want to be in love, too.
Scans by 深雪汉化.