October 22, 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 122-125]

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Looking at a map, Kento exclaims in frustration since they can’t find Xiang’s whereabouts at airports or harbors. There is no clue at all on where he could have hidden. Nezu asks about the possibility that they are traveling by land. Kanzaki says that they’ve already searched through roads and they got nothing. While Tami is sleeping, Fujiko and Fei are quiet. Looking at her cellphone, Fujiko says that with the other housewives, she wants to help everyone. Fei timidly offers if there is anything he can do to help. Hugging and kissing him, Fujiko thanks him. Fei suggests that she tries to search using a key word, something important that is related to this. Fujiko decides to check out, ‘handsome butler’. Fujiko reads that someone posted that ‘there is actually a so-called butler’. Showing her phone to Fei, Fujiko asks if this is.. Fei exclaims, “Xiang!?” The brothers look at the phone to see a picture of Xiang being surrounded by women [most likely housewives =P]. Kento exclaims in disbelief over the comment that ‘a butler unexpectedly appeared in school and he is quite handsome’. Someone praises Fujiko for her good work. Fujiko wants to share with Fei the credit because he helped her. Fei says that he didn’t do much. Fujiko wants to reward him. Rihito looks serious as he enlarges the picture to some figures at the side. It is Mei happily talking with Kanata and Nana. Kento is surprise that Mei is with those two so he decides to call Kanata. Rihito decides to call their grandfather who is living nearby. The calls of the brothers can’t get through. They look at each other and wonder what’s going on. Meanwhile, Mei wakes up from someone calling out to her about it being a good day. Opening her eyes, she wonders if it is Rihito but it turns out to be Xiang whose face is right in front of hers. After screaming loudly and moving away from Xiang, Xiang slightly smiles and apologizes because he tried calling her so many times but she won’t wake up. Mei notices that Xiang looks better now. Xiang tells her that he has already prepared her clothes. Mei remembers that Xiang is also a butler. Hideto arrives and tells them to come and eat breakfast. At the table, Mei is surprised to see a full Japanese breakfast meal. Preparing to eat, Mei happily says that it has been a long time since she eaten udon noodes. She praises it being delicious and no wonder it is made by Hideto.
To her surprise, Hideto tells her that it is all made by Xiang. Grabbing his shoulders, Mei exclaims to Xiang that the taste of his udon is praise-worthy and she’ll leave it up to him again tomorrow. Seeing her smile, Xiang says okay, he’ll make it again tomorrow. While Xiang is carrying the empty dishes, Kanata is holding the store’s sign and comments over his surprise that Xiang actually likes Mei. Since Xiang is surprised, Kanata asks if he was wrong about it. Xiang is puzzled over this. He thinks that this is foolishness for he isn’t like the Shibata brothers, he doesn’t like her, he and Fei have their own mission. Their village has already changed from the continuous mining and no one can live in that place that has been recklessly filled with holes. [<- probably open pit mining] “But, I will bring back the new goddess and we’ll be able to once again return to the happiness of the star[/planet], those days surrounded with flowers.” Flashback: Xiang asked Fei what he thinks of it. Fei looked sad and didn’t reply so Xiang called his name again. Fei sadly smiled and said yes, if that is what Xiang says. End flashback. Then, Xiang snaps out of it when he overhears Mei talking with Nana. Nana asks her if she is serious about getting married to Xiang. Mei says that is the only option after he declared that he’ll kill himself. Nana sweatdrops and says that Mei is just speaking thoughtlessly. Mei looks serious and says that it is because Xiang is quite simple for whether it is about him or others, killing or be killed, for him it is very simple. Nana asks if that is a figure of speech. Mei says that it would be good if it is a figure of speech. Mei tells Nana that after falling into the sea, the first thing in mind is to do her best to swim as if her life depended on it, and finally, she manages to swim to the closest isle. At the time, after confirming that she and Xiang are safe and they are living, she felt from her heart that, only that is enough. Nana comments that Mei has experienced a lot and she cannot quite imagine what it is like. Nana says that Mei must be tired and no matter when, she is welcome here for at least, she’ll listen to everything Mei would say that’s on her mind. Mei thanks her.
Then, Mei says that she wants to tell her about her great plan. She thinks that Xiang likes a certain girl and they might encounter her during this routine. Nana exclaims in disbelief. Mei tells her that the girl’s name seems to be Rishu so she thinks that if she can find this Rishu and get her together with Xiang, then, all of this will come to a satisfactory end. Nana asks where that girl is. Just when Mei is saying that she is going to look from now on, Xiang interrupts them by saying that Rishu is already dead, ever since before. Mei looks at him in surprise as Xiang has a sad expression with somewhat cold-looking eyes. They were all interrupted when Hideto calls out to her and says that it is good that Xiang is also there. He tells them to quickly run away to the mountains. Mei asks what happened. Hideto tells them that his grandsons will soon be arriving there. Mei couldn’t believe that this place has already been found out. Hideto comments that it is earlier than expected so temporarily take this pouch bag and hide. After a pause, Mei grabs Xiang’s hand and exclaims that they are going. Hideto pats Xiang’s back and says that he’ll leave Mei up to him. Nana calls out to Mei. Mei thanks her and says that she’ll see her again. She passes by Kanata who says that just now, Kento called. While running with Xiang, Mei shouts to Kanata that she’ll leave Nana under his care. This made puzzled Kanata blush. Xiang tells Mei that Rishu is already dead and his hometown is also..so her ‘grand plan’ cannot be carried out so why is she.. She looks at him and says that it is because even if it is like that, she is only being responsible for him. Xiang looks surprised by that. Mei exclaims that if he still has time to think about that, he should first think of a way to run away because one shouldn’t underestimate Rihito. Xiang exclaims yes. Meanwhile, some security men inform Rihito that all of the roads, airports and harbors are all secured. Rihito tells them to continue on being alert status. He, along with Kento who is now in butler uniform, has arrived in Shikoku by helicopter. Nana and Kanata sweatdrop over Hideto who is giggling that they [brothers] have arrived.
The brothers go around the town and yet, not a single person is around. Kento assumes that Xiang has taken hold of the town. Rihito says that Xiang must have taken the people as hostage and maybe their grandfather, Kanata and the others.. Kento curses for it is such a despicable method. While Rihito[?] seems to be saying that their grandfather must have been tricked since he is at that age, some of the security men shouts to Rihito that they have finished their search and in the end, there isn’t a single.. Then, someone seems to have thrown a smoke bomb/spring a trap on them that the security men disappeared. Kento tries to go to them but Rihito stops him by saying that it could be the ‘shinigami/death god’s association so they cannot act blindly without thinking. Rihito’s phone starts ringing. He answers it. The third squad is reporting that everything is normal and suddenly they were attacked. The second squad says that there are some unknown enemies. The fourth squad is asking for help. Kento expresses his disbelief that Kintaro’s elite team is being wiped out. Then, Kento notices something. The brothers quickly jump away from an explosion. Kento sees someone running away. Rihito tells him that they are going to split up so he better not lose. Kento retorts back that Rihito shouldn’t lose. But, the place is filled with ingenious traps. And, just like the speed of the brothers’ breathing and knowing them like the back of one’s hand, the advantage of every traps set had been configured to fit exactly for them. Moving without sound, the culprit has been consuming the brother’s strength and energy. Afterwards, Rihito is already breathing hard. Rihito says that how these traps are laid out, could it be..
He is surprised when someone congratulates him for still being alive. In his butler suit, Hideto greets Rihito that it has been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Rihito says that it turns out to be him but why.. To Rihito’s surprise, Hideto jumps up and exclaims that he is going to test Rihito if that gold badge on his chest suits him. Meanwhile, breathing hard Kento thinks that rumor about being a ‘shinigami’ is true for if he belittles Xiang, he’ll be dead.. Then, a baseball bat is rolled down to his feet. In a baseball uniform, Kanata tells Kento to pick it up. He says that he didn’t expect that he can duel again with Kento in this way. Kento is puzzled then notices that there are lot of people around him shouting cheers for Kanata and some people for Kento. Preparing to throw the ball, Kanata shouts that he won’t let him pass through, eat this ball! Surprised Kento wonders what’s up with this situation. At the mountains, Mei seems tired from walking. Xiang suggests that she rest a bit for it will be dark soon. If they keep on going, they might not be able to go back. To his surprise, Mei says that they already can’t go back to where Hideto is. She tells him that there is a national highway at this mountain and from there, they will ride on a car and leave. Xiang tries to protest but Mei says that even if she doesn’t know how they were found out, but even if they hide there again, Rihito will still drop by again next time for he has a persistent nature. She cannot bother everyone again and from now on, Xiang is the only one whom she can depend on. Xiang smiles and says, yes. Then, Mei sheepishly asks where the national highway is. Xiang sweatdrops for she kept on going that direction and yet, she doesn’t know where it is. While Mei is saying that before she always get lost there, Xiang notices something that he quickly goes in front of Mei to protect her. Mei asks what it is. Xiang says that a while ago, he felt two human presences. Mei wonders if it is the brothers. Someone laughs and comments that for Xiang to notice his presence, Xiang is really someone, whom one cannot be careless with. Recognizing the voice, Mei calls out for Kanzaki but she is quickly snatched away by Tami from above the tree. When Xiang is calling out to her, Kanzaki puts a knife in front of Xiang and says that his joke has gone overboard. Mei quickly shouts for Kanzaki to wait, Xiang saved her.
After a lengthy explanation, Kanzaki says that since it is Mei’s decision then he won’t hinder her. He asks Tami if it is okay for Mei to choose that guy as her husband. Tami looks serious at Xiang. Mei resolves this by saying that Xiang is her husband and Tami can be her wife. ^^; After a pause, Xiang sweatdrops for Tami agrees on it. Tami tells them to leave the brothers to them and the national highway is just in front. As they leave, Mei thanks the two. Kanzaki asks if this is okay, to give Mei to that guy for that guy is called ‘shinigami’. A bit excited, Tami says that guy’s eyes are no longer gloomy like before. Kanzaki laughs and says that maybe Xiang lost that gloominess somewhere. Soon, at Route 193, Mei and Xiang are sitting beside the highway. Mei says that not a single car had passed by. Xiang agrees. There is a loud stomach growling sound. Mei starts screaming loud over how she can’t bear it because she is hungry and they should go some place to eat. And, luckily, a van passes by. Planning to hitch a ride, Mei calls out to it. The van stops. The man starts to call out if it isn’t Mei..but Mei passes by him and calls out to Shinnosuke. She didn’t seem to recognize Kei, the actor. At some field, Kento falls down on the ground to rest. Rihito passes by and says that Kento is still alive. Sitting up, Kento asks him what’s going on for in the last part, he was suddenly started to attack by Tami and thankfully, he survived. Rihito tells him that on his side, it was Kanzaki. They wonder what had happened in this town. Kento asks where Mei could be. After a pause, Rihito suggests that they get a ride at the highway in front. Upon arriving at the highway, they see a girl tossing someone inside the car and saying for him to get in. Their eyes widen for it is Mei, who is equally surprised to see them. To their shock, Mei quickly runs away by quickly getting in the van. The van quickly speeds away. After a pause, Kento asks if she ran away. Rihito says that she ran away.
At an apartment, Fei decides to save Xiang right now. He removes the heel of his shoe which has a razor blade inside. He opens the door and no one is at the corridor. He is surprised when a picture of Fujiko taking a bath flies in front of him. Someone suddenly hits his back and foot that he lost his balance. Nezu immediately pins him to the floor. Nezu apologizes because if he were to sincerely confront a ‘shinigami’, he generally has no way of winning even if it is a bit of a waste, but letting him go out by himself would have a lot of advantages for there ought to be a lot of people out there who wants to exterminate the two of them [Xiang and Fei]. Fujiko comes in and exclaims for Nezu not to do that. Fujiko quickly grabs Fei and hugs him into her bosom. =P Fujiko tells Nezu that it isn’t easy for Fei to depart from that dangerous life and she absolutely won’t let him go back to that. Scratching his head, Nezu tells her that it is good if she wants to nurture and dote on Fei but he is only a wild dog because their world isn’t the same as theirs so she can’t tame him. Fujiko shouts that Nezu is an idiot and she doesn’t care. With that, she brings Fei inside the room and slams the door. Nezu chuckles and says that no wonder an ojousama is an ojousama. While pouring some tea for Fei, Fujiko apologizes to him and says that Nezu is actually a very nice person but when he was younger, his circumstance is quite similar to Fei’s and because it is quite the same, Nezu is bullying him a bit. Fujiko is surprised when Fei points the razor blade on her neck and says that Nezu is right, they are wild dogs. While Nezu gets ready to charge in the room, Fei apologizes for no matter what, there is a place that he has to go to even if he has to hurt her right now. Fujiko smiles and says that for him, Xiang is really a very important friend. She corrects herself that no, he is more important than a friend. A bit flustered, Fei admits that other than Xiang, he has nothing else. Whether it is family or friends, those bygone peaceful days, that bygone familiar scene, everything has been taken away. And only Xiang is left and he is the equivalent of his homeland. For Xiang, Mei is the reincarnation of the planet’s goddess and that is his hope for living so if they take Mei away, Xiang will definitely..
Fujiko asks hope.. just to console oneself, and one-sidedly treating Mei as a goddess, that is still acting on one’s own initiative. She asks if using this way to get that hope, will it sparkle. Trembling in anger, Fei shouts that she obviously didn’t know anything as to what they have encountered and what kind of feelings they had, to be able to live on. Fujiko calmly looks at Fei and tells him that Mei is ‘Xiang’s hope’, Xiang is ‘Fei’s homeland’ then what about him, he is what to whom. Looking away, Fei says that he’s only.. Fujiko grabs his chin and made him face her. Fujiko tells him that actually, in his heart, he knows that what Xiang is doing is all just a waste of energy for Rishu, their goddess, no longer exists. Trembling, Fei says that if he were to acknowledge that fact, Xiang will go crazy. Fujiko exclaims for him to be strong for he is the only one who can support Xiang. She tells him that he is ‘Xiang’s reality’ who will always keep Xiang realistic [without flights of fancy]. Waiting until the time when Xiang wakes up from the nightmare, he’ll come back filled with scars. Only then, Fei can properly give him a tight hug. Fujiko tells Fei that is what only he can do since he who is the only one who had the same recollections as Xiang. This made Fei cry. Hugging him tight, Fujiko tells him not to worry for Xiang is with Mei at his side. Don’t look at her as he normally does because Mei’s heart is quite wide[/open] and she can make people smile. This will definitely make Xiang’s wounds lighter. Outside, Nezu smiles and comments that an ojousama is an ojousama, very strong.. Meanwhile, at Shikoku, Mei is totally stunned by what she did because the brothers had seen her and yet, she had quickly run away. A note says that she is the number 2 strong ojousama. Xiang looks at stunned Mei and looks at the rearview mirror. He thinks that he has indeed seen the brothers behind them and Mei should have seen them. Yet for her to shake them off, Mei is really.. Xiang felt a stabbing pain upon seeing Mei sighing in relief. Shinnosuke coughs and asks if she is listening to him. Mei asks if he was saying something. Shinnosuke asks why she is here and he remembers that guy is Yang family’s butler. Mei just says that a lot of things had happened and she has already decided to marry Xiang, who is sitting beside her, so before her birthday.. The two exclaim in shock. Kei says that she should be marrying a super rich guy like that Irrfan guy. Mei comments that she is reminiscing about that guy.
Shinnosuke says that he didn’t expect that Xiang would voluntarily agree to change his surname to ‘Hongo’. [<- marrying into Mei’s family] Mei tells Xiang that if he hates it then, they won’t change it. Xiang says that it doesn’t mean that way. Mei asks Shinnosuke how come he is with Kei and could it be that he became his manager again. After Kei and Shinnosuke look at each other, Shinnosuke tells her that this is his last work. Kei explains that after she made him help her in passing a message to Shinnosuke, he asked ‘isn’t it lonely to end this in such a baffling way?’. Kei sweatdrops when Shinnosuke says that honestly, he is just end it now. Kei protests what is the meaning of cutting the next outdoor shooting of ‘Dining with the stars’. Mei empathizes with Shinnosuke. Note says that ‘Dining with the stars’ is a popular show wherein a celebrity would suddenly drop by to eat dinner at an ordinary person’s house. Shinnosuke asks Mei where she is going so that they can bring her there. Mei asks back where he is going. Shinnouske says that he is going directly to the airport. Kei will be going to Tokyo and he’ll be going to the United States. Mei exclaims in surprise and asks why. Shinnosuke says that he wants to go and study again in college. Mei says that is nice. She starts to look for food in the pouch that Hideto gave her since she is hungry. She happily laughs and shows off two passports. Mei exclaims that no wonder Hideto is a S-ranked butler. Xiang sweatdrops for he couldn’t believe it. Kei mutters to Shinnosuke if it is fake. Shinnosuke thinks so. Mei opens the passport and is puzzled for Xiang looks like a girl. Looking at the passport, Shinnosuke says that the gender has been changed. Happily eating some chips, Mei says that Xiang looks cute and it suits him. He won’t be easily exposed if they changed his gender and no wonder it is Hideto. Xiang just keeps quiet. Mei freezes when Shinnosuke says that Mei has been turned into a 13 year old boy in the passport. She looks at the passport and starts cursing Hideto. Mei drops that topic and wonders what to do for they can now escape out of Japan. Xiang reminds her that they don’t have money to buy plane tickets. “No money..” After that reality sinks in, Mei quickly flirts with Shinnosuke and asks him to lend her some money. Shinnosuke grudgingly agrees. He asks where she plans to go so that he’ll know how much money he’ll lend her. Mei realizes something and says, it is that place.. but she forgot what it is called. ^^;
Back to the brothers after they were snubbed by Mei, surprised Kento mutters that Mei ran away, she obviously has seen them and yet, she unexpectedly ran away.. Rihito feels weak-dizzy. A note says that Rihito has no resistance against being snubbed. Kento exclaims if he is alright. While Rihito hasn’t recovered yet, Kento is wondering out loud that something fishy is going on for there must be some sort of mistake since Mei definitely pushed Xiang into the van. Kento says that he remembers the plate number of the van so if they first seal off the airports and bridges.. Rihito darkly says that he thinks that generally, it is useless. Kento is puzzled as he calls their security men about the van that Mei is riding. Then, he exclaims in shock. One of the security men tells Kento that they were told by Kintaro to withdraw after learning that Mei is safe and sound. Kento exclaims that old geezer [their grandfather] is deceiving them but the men won’t budge. Kento wonders what’s going on. Rihito tells him that their grandfather is honored as the best among the Hongo family’s butlers and both of them are totally not at the same level where he stands. Their grandfather has definitely thought of this earlier on. The two are speechless as the wind blows. They are surprised when Kanata, together with Nana, arrives and asks why they are still there. Kento grabs Kanata and exclaims why he, his grandfather and everyone else, would suddenly hinder them. Nana tells them that it is because Mei has already decided that to make Xiang as her husband and the two of them kept on bothering them. The brothers are surprised. Hideto arrives and tells them that it is Mei’s own choice to choose Xiang as her husband so the two of them should immediately give up. The brothers are in shock. Kento mutters that there is definitely some sort of mistake for how can Mei.. Nana says that it is true for she also asked Mei many times and Mei always insist on getting married to Xiang.
Clenching his fist, Kento exclaims that Mei is definitely threatened by that guy so she is saying that. He says that they can still catch up if they go. He calls out to Rihito but Rihito isn’t moving. Rihito remembers Mei asking him that no matter what happens, even if sky and earth reversed, is he willing to believe in her and stay at her side. Kento asks what’s up with Rihito, why isn’t he in a hurry. Rihito tells him that the search for Mei has ended. Surprised Kento asks what foolishness he is talking about. Rihito says that since Mei has decided on this, they shouldn’t chase after Mei anymore. Kento asks if he is serious. Rihito answers yes. Kento exclaims if he isn’t a bit worried about Mei and she is with THAT Xiang, the shinigami, who doesn’t even had the least care when he tried to massacre them. He asks that isn’t their mission, as butlers, is to protect Mei from that guy at all costs. Rihito just mutters Kento’s name. Kento exclaims that unless he has seen it with his own eyes, and heard it with his own ears, he absolutely won’t acknowledge it. While walking way, Kento thinks that until he confirms it as Mei’s true feelings, he’ll.. Rihito just watches Kento walk away. Hideto comments that Kento is still quite pure[/simple]. Rihito says, no, even if THE METHOD isn’t the same, but he believes that their end goal is the same and that is, ‘wanting Mei-ojousama to attain happiness’. Rihito smiles and takes his leave. While Rihito walks away, Hideto comments that Rihito is finally becoming suited to that gold badge on his chest. Rihito thinks that he’ll use his own way to protect Mei. Nana is worried if Mei will be okay. Kanata says that she is definitely alright. Nana says that it is quite baffling because upon hearing him say that, she felt that Mei is really alright. Kanata asks is that so. Hideto laughs. Nana[?] says that she heard that B•M•W’s Kashiwagi Kei is having an outdoor shooting nearby. Kanata[?] sweatdrops and says that it seems that there was a notification about that.
The people at the airport are gossiping about how handsome Shinnosuke is but too bad, he has a girlfriend and it’s a very beautiful woman. The woman is Xiang who has been made up by a professional make-up artist. The people wonder if Xiang is a model since he’s tall. They say that it turns out that there is really such a handsome guy-beautiful woman couple. Male Mei pouts that the two are quite natural in pretending to be lovers but on contrary, they are attracting way too much attention. Looking at Kei who is wearing sunglasses and a mask, Mei comments that his presence is quite weak even if one is to say that the disguise is the reason. Kei decides to throw away his disguise and the people go crazy over him. Mei tells Xiang and Shinnosuke that they should hurry, go that way now. Shinnosuke comments that Mei unexpectedly has the skills of a military adviser. Xiang agrees with him. At the boarding area, Shinnosuke says that they are now separating here. Mei thanks him for the help. Shinnosuke asks if it is really okay. Puzzled Mei asks what he is referring to. Shinnosuke asks if she is really [going to marry] Xiang. Mei tells him to listen to what she’ll say. “I’ll put in a good word on your behalf when I’m in front of Izumi.” Blushing Shinnosuke turns away and exclaims that he didn’t help her for that reason. Mei thanks him again and wishes him good luck [/gambatte]. Shinnosuke sighs and says that he really doesn’t understand that person. At the plane, Mei is happily eating. Xiang sweatdrops and thinks that Mei can really eat. And, the next one to suffer is-> Irrfan who sneezed for no reason. [It is a Japanese belief that if you sneezed for no reason, someone is talking about you.] Scans by 深雪汉化.