October 1, 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 121]

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Looking at a gadget, the Shibata brothers are estimating the scope of area where the helicopter could have gone to, based on the amount of fuel left in it. Kento’s gut feel is that Xiang plans to go back to his homeland. Rihito wants to check first on all the national airports. Nezu calls out to the brothers and says that it seems that they have forgotten the most important part. Kento says that is right, they haven’t reported back yet that they are still alive. Rihito wants Kento to do it but Kento doesn’t want to. Kento says that he is the older brother and Rihito says that is the job of an underling. Rihito accuses Kento of being afraid that he’ll be scolded by their mother. Kento retorts back that Rihito is the one who’s afraid. So, they decide to do a jankenpon on it. Kento lost and is forced to call their parents. Taizou answers it and he is glad that his sons are fine but to Kento’s dismay, their father passes the phone to their mother. After exclaiming Kento’s name, Maria is relieved that her sons are okay. Kento is happy about this and apologizes for making her worried. Then, Maria asks about Mei. Kento stutters and says, “Ah..actually..” Maria’s vein popped and she shouts, “You two fools! Why don’t you guys commit seppuku [/disembowelment]!!” Kento is already holding the phone faraway from his ear that even Rihito heard it. Taizou tries to pacify his wife that is enough for after all, their sons are okay. While flying the helicopter, Xiang remembers Mei’s orders for them to fly to Shikoku. He wonders why they are going there and if he remembers it right, the grandfather of the Shibata’s brothers is living there, so could this be a trap. Then, looking at sleeping Mei who is dreaming of food, Xiang thinks that it is impossible. He wonders what with this carefree mood that she won’t even keep watch to see if he really goes to Shikoku. Remembering Mei telling him not to easily say ‘go die’ and ‘I’ll kill you’, Xiang thinks that it is really like what Rishu would say. Mei wakes up and asks if they are almost there. Xiang says yes. A note says that no matter what he says and thinks, he still went to Shihoku. ^^; Looking out the window, Mei excitedly tells him that this is quite nostalgic and he should land at the field behind her old home. Then, Xiang notices something. He apologizes to Mei and tells her that there is something wrong with the helicopter so he is now going to make an emergency landing so she better hold on tight.

At a school in Shihoku, Kanata asks Nana [guesswork from 奈; Mei’s glasses friend] for he is going to work for the owner is training him. Nana asks Kanata if he knows if Mei has seen Kento. Kanata tells Nana not to worry for he didn’t waste a word to inform [Mei’s] school about her. Nana says that it is good if things are really okay. Then, Kanata asks her if she can hear that sound which is becoming louder. They were surprised to see a helicopter landing at the school field. The other students including Kanata and Nana go to see the helicopter and to know what’s going on. To their surprise, Mei comes out of the helicopter but how come she is wearing a swimsuit. Mei calls out to Nana and Kanata, and says that it turns out that they are studying in school. Nana asks Mei what happened. Mei says that a lot of things happened. Coming out of the helicopter, Xiang asks Mei if she is alright. After looking surprised, Kanata grabs Xiang’s arms and exclaims his thanks for Xiang’s suggestion before, so he was able to happily play baseball with Kento and the others. Xiang wonders if Kanata is being sarcastic or is this a trap, but then, Kanata is the same type of person as Mei. Smiling Kanata tells Xiang that he remembers him to be Yang’s butler. Mei corrects Kanata by saying that right now, Xiang is her butler. Kanata and Nana are surprised for now, there is a third butler, aside from Rihito and Kento. The girls are screaming that it is really a butler, the real thing, I thought a butler exists only on the television, such a good-looking guy, how old are you, so cute, and isn’t that girl who used to bring a butler in first year junior high. A girl pulls away Kanata not to obstruct the view. Then, Hideto, Shibata brothers’ grandfather, calls out to Mei and says that it is great that she is okay because he heard that the tanker ship that she was riding on, had exploded, and that spooked him out of his mind. Gesturing to Xiang, Mei says that he saved her. Holding on to Xiang, Hideto thanks Xiang and he is an example of all butlers. Xiang timidly says that it is no big deal and it should be said that Mei saved him. Xiang wonders if he is the rumored S-ranked Shibata Hideto and is he the grandfather of the Shibata brothers. Hideto says that he is really happy for while he isn’t aware, [they] unexpectedly trained such a young and capable butler like him. “From today on, I’ll leave Mei-ojousama to you.” Xiang looks surprised then he becomes serious because in less than an hour, he tried to premeditatedly kill Hideto’s grandsons. “..What if I tell you about this, will you still keep on smiling and be perfectly composed?” Xiang is startled when Mei exclaims, “It will leave it up to you.” Seeing Mei smiling at him, Xiang can only look away and says, yes. He thinks that his heart starts to feel confused and chaotic.
Just when Hideto is mentioning that if he is to compare Xiang to his grandsons, Mei asks him if Rihito and the others are alright. Hideto says yes for he just got contacted by the brothers. “The two are alright without a single hair touched.” Mei is relieved by that while Xiang feels a tinge of pain. Kanata seems to have noticed Xiang’s expression. Hideto tells Xiang that it seems that his comrade is also fine. Looking surprised, Xiang just says, yes, is that so. Mei reprimands Xiang over his reaction for he should openly show it when he is happy or else, his inner feelings will become numb[/apathetic]. She tries to force him to re-do it. Kanata wonders out loud to Nana if Xiang likes Mei. Just when Hideto is going to call to inform the others about Mei being safe, Mei quickly shouts for him to stop for she wants to hide from those two until her birthday. “So, I hope that before then, you would let us hide here.” Kanata is surprised and asks what she is planning to do. Hideto asks if Mei plans to stand by Xiang’s side for him to become the son-in-law. Blushing a bit, determined Mei says yes. Nana exclaims that isn’t Rihito-san, the one she likes. Kanata asks if it isn’t Kento. Pointing at Xiang, Mei exclaims that it is because if this guy didn’t marry her, he will DIE!! “So, what other choice to I have!?” Then, some housewives are saying that dying isn’t good, he is so young and cute, so Mei should marry him. Nana thinks out loud that if getting married to Xiang can save one’s life.. Kanata says that will only make the Shibata brothers secretly cry. Sparkling Hideto says that he understands, even if he lives in seclusion, he won’t decline a bit in his loyalty to Mei-ojousama. “I’ll definitely protect you guys from the hands of my grandsons!!” Mei happily thanks him and says that she knew that he will definitely say that. In disbelief, Xiang wonders if this is for real. Looking at the time, Hideto says that chatting time is over for it is time to open up the store. He tells Kanata and Nana that they should hurry. Sheep narrator explains that Hideto is seriously running an udon noodle store. Hideto tells Xiang to also come and help. Mei wants to help, too but someone sweatdrops and tells her to just help keep the queue in order.
Later on, exchanging with Mei, Kanata is the one holding the sign as to where the end of the queue is. A customer comments that the queue is long today. Mei’s other friends and love rival for Kento arrive to see Mei. The others ogle at Xiang as they comment over how young he is yet he is quite cable, and he’s cute, too. Xiang wonders what kind of situation is this for it can drive one crazy. At night, Xiang is looking at the moon by the porch. Hideto asks if he isn’t going to sleep. He tells Xiang that if he bring along his fatigue up to tomorrow, he won’t be able to protect the ojousama. Xiang asks if he knows who he is. Hideto looks at the side. He tells Xiang that vacant lot used to be where Mei’s house stands. “And now, it is empty. No matter if it’s the father or the mother’s, there is nothing left to hold to, and be nostalgic about it.” Xiang says that even so, returning to one’s homeland is a kind of happiness. Hideto asks Xiang if he plans to bring Mei along to his homeland. Clenching his fist, Xiang asks if he is going to stop him. Hideto says that no, he isn’t going to stop him for this is the path that Mei has chosen. “This old man is just lending a hand.” Xiang is speechless. Hideto asks if his emotional state is all messed up. Xiang denies it. Hideto tells him that if he needs to do some thinking, this is the place to do it. “It is the same when this old man is chasing after Shuutarou-sama, Mei’s father, who had left home. Midway, I have changed my mind and betrayed my master, Kindatro-sama..finally, I’ve decided to grow old and die in this place. Not only me, before, Kento, who hates butlers, has suddenly said that he wanted to become one. That’s right, there is also Rihito who no longer wants to become a butler, who came into this town. And, afterwards, he changed his mind. But occasionally, it is also okay to be hot-headed. It will be very painful if one always lives one’s life very seriously. ..Just loosen up.” Then, Hideto leaves. Xiang thinks that no wonder this place makes him think that it is quite similar. “Isn’t this like our village’s night sky that is filled with stars..” He remembers the time when he was playing with Fei and Rishu.
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