October 1, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 3]

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[Free Talk: According to Jen-chan, Shina should be Shino so I’ll revise it. Thanks Jen-chan for the help with the names ^_^ and Asahi for Sanada ^-^]

Narration: “On, September △, 201x, 16:30, the older brother twin of the Kobayashi family, Mitsuru couldn’t help fall in love upon meeting a deaf girl Takenaka Shino, who makes people pity her. And, something unprecedented had happened to the younger sister twin, Mego. And about this, approximately one hour before, 16:20 at Akechi Academy--” At the roof, blushing Mego thinks that there is that faint lavender scent on this guy and it is the same smell as ‘that person’ who saved her.. “I never thought that I’ll unexpectedly meet him again..” The eye bandaged guy puts his hand on Mego’s face and angrily asks who ‘he’ is and this is really disgusting for he doesn’t have any disgusting interest in being pushed down by another guy. Thinking that he doesn’t remember her, Mego says, “About that.. yesterday, I’m [<- something like atakushi/atashi; female version of ‘I’]..” Eye bandaged guy moves away from Mego and says, “I?” Waving her hand, Mego says that she didn’t mean that ‘I’. She mentally remembers that she is suppose to be acting like a guy and if it is discovered that she is a girl, it will be all over for her. She thinks that it is absolutely him, and it is a miracle that they’ve met again but then, right now, being like this, she still wasn’t able to thank him. Blushing, Mego thinks that she wants to say, “Thank you for saving me that time, and *blush-blush* I’m sorry for suddenly kissing you.” In a bad mood to the max, eye bandaged guy says that ‘he’ woke him up during his noon break. “If you have no business with me, then quickly get lost!” Mego tearfully apologize. She got scared that she got tongue tied. Sitting by the side, Mego wonders if it is really that guy for this one is quite scary and cold-hearted. Looking at the eye bandaged guy, Mego thinks that if she looks intently, it seems that this guy’s complexion doesn’t look too well and that is probably why he is resting here, all by himself. She blushes as she looks at his eye bandage. Taking off her hooded jacket and offering it to him, Mego says that if he doesn’t hate it, he can use ‘his’ jacket to drape it on his shoulder because it isn’t good for the body to get cold. The eye bandaged guy is speechless. The guy is surprised when Mego mentions that his eye seems to be injured, and is it okay. “When I was younger, I also had a sty [eyelid swelling] and I have to wear an eye patch. It is troublesome because I can’t see clearly. It would be great if it gets well soon.” The guy says, “..let me say, you are from our school, right? Didn’t you know? I’m..”
Mego freaks out when Mogami exclaims that he has found ‘him’. Cracking his knuckles, Mogami tells Kobayashi to get down there within three seconds. Mego is still freaking out that she has been found. Mogami sees a bit of eye bandaged guy’s hair that Mogami asks who is with ‘him’. Mogami threatens to beat up that guy for daring to help Kobayashi hide. The eye bandaged guy starts to sit up and says, “Huh?” Mego quickly puts her jacket on the guy’s head and exclaims for him to quickly lie down or else, he will also get beaten up. Mego is afraid but she doesn’t want this guy to get involved with this. Mogami decides to climb up the ladder to get Kobayashi but Mego jumps down and steps on Mogami’s face. ^^; Mego quickly makes a run for it. Mogami runs after Kobayashi and shouts for him to stand still. Eye bandaged guy just sits there with a jacket on his head. Pulling the hood up, eye bandaged guy wonders what’s up with that person, such a noisy brat. And after one minute, Mogami has finally caught Mego. Calling Kobayashi a weakling, Mogami tells ‘him’ that they are going to the promotion competition and that is where he’ll punish ‘him’. Mego tearfully cries over this. In what seems to be the basketball court, Mego thinks that she is in a bad situation for they are going to fight in front of all these guys [watching as audience]. Mogami’s kouhai[/underlings] shouts for Moyuyu [馬玉玉, Mogami’s nickname] to give an all out punch and make Kobayashi see the power of AKC’s Number 3. Mego asks what AKC and number 3 is all about. “Is that some backup staff to an idol group?” Crew-cut hair guy asks if Koyabashi is a stupid fool for in AKC, Mogami is Number 3’s ‘Moyuyu’ and Kobayashi, is Number 7’s ‘Koba-Tsuru’ [from 林敦子]. A brief lesson: Akechi Academy, the school where Mitsuru studies is a boys’ high school. It is an American style school where the strongest is revered as king. And in this school, there is something called as AKC48 election competition wherein people can determine who is the strongest among them. In a school of 100 students, the 48 strongest ones is called ‘selection group’ and among the 48, there are seven people who are called Kami7 [/God’s Seven. Ah, AKC48 is based on the female idol group, AKB48. AKC48’s Kami7 nicknames are based on AKB48’s Kami7 = the top 7 performers of AKB48 so I think I got a couple wrong especially Mitsuru’s, because two of AKB48’s Kami7 is unaccounted for..or maybe one, because the author included the member who would later form the new Kami7/Kami8.]
Number 1: Sanada Aoi [from 真田 蒼; thanks to Asahi] (nick: Sa-chan from 真醬) {center}. Number 2: Oda Youkou [織田洋行] (nick: Youko from 洋子) Number 3: Mogami Yukimitsu [最上行光] (nick: Moyuyu) Number 4: Katou Yukimura [加藤幸村] (nick: Yukirin from 有機磷] Number 5: Takeda Minami [武田 南] (nick: Takemina from 南哥] Number 6: Itagaki Touma [板垣 當麻] [nick:  Tomachin from 當麻] and Number 7: Kobayashi Mitsuru [nick: Koba-Tsuru]. That’s the brief introduction of the Kami7 ※Drawn purely on [Mego’s?] imagination. Gesturing a thumbs down, crew-cut hair guy says that right now, it is a battle for the position of Number 3 and of course, it is impossible for Moyuyu to lose to a person like ‘him’. Aghast and teary-eyed Mego mentally thanks him for that detailed explanation. The bell rings like in a boxing match. The fight starts with Mogami charging towards Mego. Bending down, Mego closes her eyes and thinks, “No-!! (^q^)/” Then, she slips and headbutts Mogami’s crotch. Ouch. While Mogami is in pain and his kouhai are in shock, everyone shouts that it is an instant kill. The others are saying that in a flash, Kobayashi aimed and concise launched an effective attack. That attacking with ‘his head’ is like a guided missile. And, Kobayashi advances, ‘he’ is now, Number 3. Sitting up, puzzled Mego wonders what happened. She freaks out upon seeing Mogami on the floor and his eyes are rolling up. The kouhai-s want to beat up Kobayashi for doing such a thing to their Moyuyu and they are now going to extract revenge on behalf of Moyuyu. Pointing at Mogami, Mego asks them that shouldn’t they first bring this guy to the infirmary. Raising the steel pipe to hit ‘him’, crew-cut hair guy exclaims for Kobayashi to quit being annoying for talking is useless. Suddenly, someone takes the pipe from crew-cut guy. The hooded guy says that is enough for the duel has already been decided. “If you make a ruckus outside of this, it really makes one can’t watch it.” Mego and others are wondering who that guy is. Mogami’s kouhai-s didn’t care who it is and plans to smash him up first. To their surprise, the hooded guy swiftly hits all of them. Mogami’s kouhai are puzzled for they are totally not injured. Then, to the embarrassement of Mogami’s kouhai, all of their pants fell down, thus their underwear is exposed. The bystanders recognize the hooded guy’s skill. The hooded guy removes his hood and it turns out to be eye bandaged guy, Sanada Aoi, AKC’s Number 1 – the strongest guy has appeared. Mego blushes and thinks that this guy is the most awesome one in the school.
Then, Mego overhears the others commenting that Sanada had specially come out so could it be that Sanada wants to deal with newly promoted Kobayashi as soon as possible. This made Mego become aghast until Sanada tells ‘him’ not to misunderstand for he didn’t come to fight with ‘him’ or to help ‘him’. Sanada puts the jacket around Mego’s neck. “I only want to return what is yours back to you.” Mego blushes and thinks that the scent on Sanada really makes her feel comfortable. Mego overhears crew-cut guy cursing Sanada but his comrade tells him to pipe down for it’s not good to provoke Sanada. Mego is amazed that Sanada can keep vicious guys at bay[/suppress them]. Then, she hears a groan. She turns around to see Mogami. Mego worriedly goes to Mogami and apologizes for it is her fault that he is injured. “Are you alright?” Thinking that she should quickly bring Mogami to the infirmary, Mego starts to carry unconscious Mogami on her back. Seeing this, Sanada asks Kobayashi what ‘he’ is doing. To Sanada’s surprise, Mego tells him that [she] should quickly get Mogami treated for it seems that he is really hurt. Then, because Mogami weighs 80kg, Mego falls down because of the weight and couldn’t get up anymore because she doesn’t have strength in her waist[/lower back]. To her surprise, Sanada easily picks her up and puts her on his right shoulder. Then, Sanada carries Mogami on his left arm. Sanada starts walking downstairs. Mego exclaims for him to put her down. Sanada tells ‘him’ to shut up and be quiet. “I’m going to the infirmary to take a noon time nap. And I’m just conveniently bring you two there.” Blushing Mego thinks that Sanada is cold-hearted yet kind. “He makes people tremble in fear [and become cold] and yet makes one’s heart feel warm. He’s really such a mysterious guy.” At the infirmary, while Mogami is sleeping in the bed, Sanada says that Mogami only lost consciousness and his fight is also quite common so this little injury is no big deal. Teary-eyed, Mego says that’s great. Pinching Mego’s face, Sanada tells ‘him’ that he is a guy, so don’t cry like a child. “You are really so strange. Just now, you had fiercely knocked down Mogami in one blow. *pinches her cheek* And then, you are also worrying to the point of tears. You also enthusiastically meddle in other people’s affairs. *smiles* Ha..it’s like you have a split-personality.” Mego blushes and thinks, “He is such a mysterious guy but my heart is screaming, ‘it’s this guy’. Sanada Aoi-kun. Ah, such a nice lavender smell, that is quickly drowning me.” Narration: “On the same day, 16:40” Mitsuru notices a small pendant with 2 pieces of flowers on Shino’s bag. While holding the sign language book, he asks Shino if that keychain hanging on her bag is lavender. “It is a beautiful color violet and it really suits you.” Shino gestures to him, “It’s an important flower.” After looking at the book, Mitsuru asks if that lavender is an important flower. Blushing Shino smiles and lightly nods. Narration: “But, this fragrance conceals a secret that cannot be told to anyone for it makes one feel sad.” Blurb: “The lavender secret between the two people whom the twins encountered is..--?”
Scans by 夜莺工作室