October 26, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 14]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 25, 2012

Nino greets Kira at the gate. Kira smiles and greets her a good morning. She happily greets back good morning. While walking with Kira, Nino thinks that lately, she really likes mornings because she can greet Kira a good morning earlier than anyone else. Kira looks at her and wonders if she is in a good mood. Kira tells her that he is still looking for a [pet] owner for the kitten that he made flyers to be stick in school and at his father’s store. He says that they only have to wait and he thinks that it is possible to find one today. Sensei tells them that he is already tired from being that kitten’s toy. Nino asks why today. To their surprise, Kira says that starting tomorrow, he will start working but it is only for 5 days. He will be helping out at the store of his father’s friend. Nino asks if his physical strength will be okay. Kira says yes for rather than physical strength, it is more on using the brain like remembering the names of the liquor. To Kira’s surprise, Nino says is that so but it is quite strange for he is obviously the type who’ll refuse to do things because it is troublesome. Looking away, Kira nervously says is that so, she belittles him too much, and doesn’t she see that he is quite serious now. Sensei realizes something. As Kira covers his head with his hood, Sensei thinks, “Haha, this guy is lying, right? Actually, he himself asked to take care of the store. He wants to use the money he himself had earned to buy Nino a birthday gift.” As blushing Kira hides in his hood, Nino asks if he is cold. Kira asks why Sensei is looking at him. With a ‘I know it’ smile, Sensei tells him to silently thank him for protecting him. Kira is just puzzled. Later in school, Nino is in the toilet. She feels down for Kira said that he will go straight to his work after school [starting tomorrow] that he can’t go home together with her. Then, at the hallway, Yabe calls out to her, “Bird Girl.” He is holding a piece of paper. Nino says that it has been a long time since they’ve talked. Holding out the flyer to her, Yabe exclaims the kitten, his older sister wants to keep it [as a pet]. Soon, everyone in the classroom notice the dark mood between Nino, Kira and Yabe. They wonder if Yabe has finally decided to compromise with Kira but what’s with that attitude. With crossed arms, Yabe is facing away from Kira who is reading a book. One of the onlookers say that even if she didn’t know clearly what’s going on but good luck[/gambatte] Yabe, and Yabe should just put down his ego.

Nino tells Kira that it is like this, Yabe wants to keep the kitten. The two guys are just quiet. Nino asks Yabe why he is turning away [from Kira]. Yabe exclaims for her not to mind him. To Yabe’s surprise, Kira says, “No. It is a no if it is Yabe.” Yabe goes into shock. Nino nervously asks Kira why. Kira looks up and says that he’s just kidding, tomorrow at the station, he can pick it up at 16 o’ clock after school dismissal. Kira smiles and tells Yabe to thank his older sister for him. Nino timidly tells Yabe that it is really great. Blushing and happy Yabe says that it is nothing. Nino sweatdrops over his reaction. At home, the kitten is playing with irritated Sensei who shouts that he isn’t a toy. Kira is busy taking pictures of the cat since it is already time for goodbye. Nino tells him that she is quite shock that he would go to Yabe’s house. Kira says that it is great that they found an owner for it before he would hate to part with it [/already fond of it that he can’t let go of it]. He plans to play with it one last time. After thinking of something, Nino tells Kira that there is something that she always wanted to ask. “What do you think of Yabe-kun?” Kira just looks at her. Nino timidly says that it is okay if he doesn’t want to tell her. Kira says that he doesn’t hate Yabe and there are times when he thinks that it would be better that Yabe didn’t encounter him. He tells Nino that before, Yabe isn’t like what he is now. “He will always be at the corner of the classroom by himself and quietly drawing. He is a male otaku and he has no friends. But ever since he encountered me, he started to care about position whether who is high or who is low.” Nino looks sad over this. Sensei apologizes for interrupting but doesn’t Kira have work tomorrow so how is he going to give the kitten to Yabe. Kira has forgotten about it. Nino offers to be the one who’ll give the kitten to Yabe so he can give the kitten to her in the morning. Nino plays with the cat and saying that she will be lonely [when it goes]. Kira looks at her and wonders if it is alright to leave those two alone. The next day, the teacher tells the students to prepare for the lesson for next week’s extracurricular class. After the teacher dismisses them, Nino calls out to Yabe. Yabe asks what is it, wasn’t it suppose to be 16 o’ clock. Nino says that regarding that, Kira has something to do so she’ll give it to him on his behalf. She tells him that they’ll see each other later on, just wait because she’s going to get it. After looking surprised, Yabe quickly grabs Nino’s hand before she can go out of the classroom. Drooling Yabe says that it seems her house is right beside Kira’s. “I’m also going with you☆”
Later on, standing at the gate, Yabe is happily snapping pictures of Kira’s house with his cellphone. ^^; Then, he poses that he had finished taking pictures. Holding the box that contains the kitten, Nino sweatdrops. Yabe happily says that even if he had searched for it on the internet, he is really excited upon seeing the actual thing, and it is great that he can take pictures. This made Nino more speechless. She tells him that their relationship is obviously really good but how come he hasn’t gone to Kira’s place. Yabe blushes really red. Taking the kitten in the box, Yabe exclaims that ha, it isn’t only him who hasn’t gone there and don’t be carried away just because she is a neighbor. Nino apologizes. Yabe bids her goodbye and starts walking away. Nino waves goodbye to the kitten. Yabe suddenly turns around and shouts what she is doing? He tells her to walk him to the station for he didn’t know the way. While walking at the promenade, Yabe says that they didn’t pass by here on the way there before. Nino tells him that this is nearer from her house to his. Then, they pass by a couple of nerdy guys who are saying about a certain seiyuu [voice actress] been decided for an anime and her role is the one with twin tails [bunches hairstyle]. Nino thinks that it is cute and what could be that anime be. To her surprise, Yabe says that’s disgusting and they should just live by staying at the corner. “It’s disgusting how they talked out loud.” Remembering Kira telling her that Yabe started to look up and down at people, Nino stops walking and tells him that if she is also a person who should stay in the corner and stay far away from him. Looking up to him, she says that she doesn’t want him to say that and perhaps, he is just casually saying it but still, people can get hurt. Yabe just looks at him. Then, Nino loses her courage and starts to apologize for saying mean things. Yabe says that it is because he knows [what that is like?], that is why he said it. Looking at him, Nino calls his name. Yabe turns to her and pokes her forehead. He says who is she to talk that way, when she is also not some amazing person, and wasn’t she also staying at some corner all by herself. Holding his hand from her head, Nino says yes, she actually chose to easily run away. “But you’re not like me. Yabe-kun is a ‘want to be with[/go steady] with someone.’ *holding his hand* No matter what, you have to do your best and be with Kira-kun, a very amazing person.” After a pause, blushing Yabe pulls his hand off Nino’s and exclaims, ha, don’t say such disgusting things and didn’t she also like Kira. This made Nino blush. Yabe teases her that at that time at the station, she is crying and poor her, Kira doesn’t care about her. Nino somewhat smiles and says that even so, there are also times when she is with him wherein it made her so happy that she feels like floating. Nino is surprised that the kitten jumps out of the box so she goes to catch it and tell it not to go out. He wonders what’s up with Nino for she is obviously with him but she only has that kind of expression towards Kira. Glancing at Nino, Yabe thinks, “If the other party is Kira, there’s no chance in winning [against him].”
That night, at their respective balconies, Kira is surprised to learn from Nino that Yabe came to his house. Nino says yes, to get the kitten. He asks if she let Yabe in. Nino says of course not, she cannot just casually let Yabe in his house even if he asked her to. Kira sweatdrops and says that he didn’t mean his. Nino happily asks if it is the kitten, there’s no problem at all, they can relax since it will be reared up by Yabe’s family. Kira sweatdrops. Sensei thinks, “Wrong, Nino.. He is concerned about your and Yabe’s relationship.” Nino asks if Kira is already starting to feel lonely, and didn’t he cry in the morning. Kira says no, even if he did cry. Kira starts to think that in the end, Nino really likes Yabe. At school, after dismissal, Nino wonders what she will do upon arriving home, maybe teach her mother to cook. She is surprised to see that Yabe is waiting for her at the shoe lockers. That night, at his work place, Kira had just thrown out the garbage. While fixing his sleeve, Kira happily thinks that 3 more days, then he’ll have 20,000 [yen]. He plans that after getting it, he’ll buy the gift.. He pulls his hair and he hates this hairstyle. Then he glances at the side to see Nino and Yabe passing by the street. Nino happily says that he bought a lot. Yabe says that it is fine. Kira is surprised to see them. Later on, at the house, Sensei tells Nino that he’ll be taking a bath with Adam[? Nino’s father?]. Nino hears a light knock on the balcony. She sees Kira at her balcony. She welcomes him home but Kira isn’t looking at her. She asks what happened. He turns to her and says that he saw her with Yabe pass by at his work place. To his surprise, Nino says that Yabe wants to get the same food for the kitten so she accompanied him to buy some. Frowning Kira bends down and exhales a sigh of relief. Nino is puzzled over his reaction. She asks if he was nearby at that time. She is surprised when serious Kira suddenly stands up and goes to her. Pulling the curtains and wrapping it around her, Kira says curtain punishment. [<- I think it is when you wrap someone around the curtain so that they can’t move then beat them up. After all, he is a delinquent =P] Trying to pull up the curtains, Nino asks what he is doing. She stops when Kira suddenly bends down to her with his lips just inches away from hers. Touching his head to hers, Kira says, “I’m jealous.” He lets go of the curtains and says that he’s going home. Nino wonders what was that just now? “And I thought that he is going to kiss me...” Nino blushes really red. In his room, Kira is also blushing. He thinks, “This is bad- I almost couldn’t control myself.” Narration: “November 22 – Kira-kun, what is the meaning of that.” Blurb: “Uncontrollable feelings about to explode-!!”
Scans by 離境漢化組.