October 26, 2012

Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 1]

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It is a full moon that night. And from the moonlight, a wounded girl sees this silver haired, purple eyes, and coldly smiling devil. Wearing priest clothes, the man asks her if she doesn’t want to die, if that is so, then he’ll save her life. How it got to that point? Let’s rewind a bit as to how that happened. A nun is calling out to Nora. She asks some kids if they have seen her. They say no. The nun wonders where Nora could be when they have a visitor coming. A red haired girl is facing off with some guys who had caught a young boy. A cocky guy says that Nora dared come. Nora tells him to quit talking nonsense and let that boy go. He angrily shouts that she’s arrogant. They say that she is obviously hated by the village and yet, she is so thick-faced. Today, they are going to let her know how great they are. Cracking her knuckles, Nora angrily says that they are despicable to kidnap a kid. They are a hundred years early to think that they can win against her. The cocky guy tells the others to charge..and they all end up beaten single-handedly by Nora. ^^; Patting off the dust on her hands, Nora says that they are only talk. The boy goes to Nora. Nora asks Miguel if he is okay. The cocky guy is frustrated and threatens her to remember this. Nora tells Ricardo to relax for even if she wanted to forget, she couldn’t forget that ugly face of his that looks as if it’ll rot. Ricardo can only curse as Nora walks away with Miguel. Miguel asks Nora how come Ricardo and others would always bully her. Nora says that it is because she is a ‘red-haired woman’, who is known in legend as a sinister witch. A long time ago, an unknown woman suddenly appears in the village. It is a beautiful woman with flaming-like red hair. She used magic to seduce all of the men in the village and caused their fall. So from then on, a red haired woman in their village is called a wicked witch. End story. Miguel asks her if she is a witch. Nora says that is impossible for if she is, she would have turned those guys into toads. Nora thinks that is such a foolish story but more than half the villagers believes in it, and that gives her a headache. Miguel says that even if Nora couldn’t use magic, she is already very strong since she can win against Ricardo and the others. Nora says of course, how can she lose to some single-celled organisms? =P Nora cleans up Miguel’s tears and tells him not to always cry anymore or else, how can he become a dependable guy. She tells him that the dean said that there will be a visitor coming so they have to hurry.

They were interrupted by a priest asking if they are villagers in this place. A good looking priest asks them if they can tell him the way to the church. Miguel says that they’ll lead him there. The man thanks the boy and introduces himself as Albrecht Eber. Albrecht looks at Nora, who also introduces herself. Nora wonders if this priest is the dean’s visitor. Albrecht smiles and says that Nora is a good name. Nora finds him suspicious for how can a flashy guy like him be a priest. At the church, the dean [nun] was talking with another priest. She sees the others and asks Nora where they have gone to. Nora apologizes for she went to fetch Miguel. The dean introduces them to Florian Ulbricht [<- surname is guesswork from 歐魯布利希]. Florian says that an incident has happened that he has to suddenly stay at the church. Nora wonders how come she feels that the current priests don’t look like priests at all, or is she the only one who looks at the appearance. The dean asks who the priest with Nora, is. Albrecht introduces himself as the one who has written to her earlier. He apologies for being late because he got lost. Nora wonders if this flashy priest is really the guest. Nora says that she’ll go prepare their dinner. Albrecht thanks them for leading him the way. Then, he calls out to Nora. He whispers to her that because she is a girl, fighting is appropriate but at rare times, her beautiful skin is UNNECESSARILY injured, and it’s such a waste. After slightly touching her arm, Albrecht leaves and says, “SEE YOU AGAIN.” At the living room, the dean tells the priests that they don’t know who Nora’s parents are. Around 15 years ago, she has found her abandoned in front of the church. For their village, this isn’t a strange thing so she was taken into the orphanage where she grew up. And she always helps in taking care of the children. Florian says that she is quite a temperamental girl. The dean exclaims of course but Nora isn’t totally free from worry in this village. When she was asked why, the dean says that it is because Nora is a ‘red haired girl’ for it is known in their village that a ‘red haired woman’ is a ‘wicked witch’. That is of course just a legend and Nora is an ordinary girl. More than half of the village doesn’t totally believe it but those who are reacting over it aren’t few. Surely, Nora finds it an inconvenience. While Albrecht looks thoughtful, Florian says that Nora is really pitiful. Albrecht says that there are more than those kinds of person around there, because just now, that Miguel boy totally dotes on Nora. The dean says that is right and among the children, Miguel likes Nora the most since he sees her like a mother and an older sister. That is of course, because she is more worried about him.
Meanwhile, Nora is angrily chopping carrots for she is angry over what Albrecht said about it being a waste to be wounded and how can a priest easily touch a girl. Then, she winces in pain. She realizes that the arm where Albrecht touched has a wound. She didn’t notice that Ricardo had injured her. Then, she wonders how come that priest knew it and why he said ‘unnecessary’. She is surprised when Miguel calls out to her. Nora says that she isn’t finished cooking. Miguel asks her to sleep with him tonight. Nora says no, because he is already 6 years old. Miguel wimpers and asks her, please. Nora relents and says okay, just for tonight and tomorrow, he’ll sleep by himself. Miguel happily hugs her. Nora thinks that only Miguel will stick on her like this, and among the children there, they don’t like her, as Miguel does, because more or less, they believe that ‘red haired woman’ legend. She angrily thinks that includes most of the villagers like Ricardo. Nora thinks that it is the first time that even if he is an outsider, a grown up guy would touch her. She blushes upon remembering how close Albercht stood beside her. She starts freaking out over what she is thinking for that guy is a priest. At the hallway, Florian asks Albrecht why he came to this church. Albrecht tells him it is okay to tell him but he mustn’t tell others about it. Florian swears to God that he won’t. Albrecht says that he is in an investigation. Lately, there are people missing in more villages and the one disappearing is always related to the church. Florian laments that he knows about that for he knows someone who is missing from the church so he asked the churches to help in looking for her. Albrecht says that is right, ‘her’ for all of the people missing are female aged from 10-20 years old since the nun[/s] established the orphanage[/s]. And, the key is the people deeply related to the church. The ‘Central’ actually recognize this as the work of a devil. Florian looks ill and says the devil, if a devil lays a hand on the nuns.. Albrecht says that this kind is rarely seen, an ‘evil feeding’[?] devil who delights in eating pure girls. While Florian looks aghast, Albrecht says that he was asked to investigate it. The missing ones were from north and then, it goes to the south, so he thinks that this church is the next one. Florian says is that so, thank you for telling him and he’ll go ahead. Albrecht thinks that the next target is Nora, that flaming-like red hair with beautiful green eyes.
The next day, the dean calls out to Nora and asks if she knows where Miguel is. Nora says that he is in her room. Just when the dean is going to tell her something, Nora is surprised to hear some squealing. The dean says that it is definitely the female villagers who come to flock around Albrecht upon hearing that there is a ‘good looking priest has arrived’ but then, she understands their feelings. Taking her basket, Nora minds her own business by saying that she is going to pick some fruits. Albrecht glances at Nora as she leaves. She meets up with Florian at the hallway and he greets her a good morning. Hearing the squeals, he comments that Albrecht is quite popular. Nora gloomily says that is true. She asks if he isn’t going there so that he’ll also be popular. Florian laughs and he doesn’t mind that. While she is thinking that Florian isn’t seem like a playboy like how he looks, Nora is surprised when Florian says that it is because, compared to those girls, she is the most beautiful. With disbelief, Nora says is that so. Couldn’t believe that she doesn’t believe him, Florian tries to say that he is serious. Soon, a couple of girls start to cling on to Florian and tell him not to mind that ‘red haired woman’ and just chat with them. To his dismay, Nora just quietly leaves. On top of a tree, Nora grumbles over how noisy they are over ‘red hair’ this and that, when she doesn’t even like being born this way and it would be great if she is a witch. She’ll use magic to deceive the outsiders and quickly leave this village. Holding her basket of fruits, she thinks that won’t happen and she can’t just leave Miguel. Also, if she goes out, what if they would keep on calling her ‘red haired witch’? Climbing down the ladder, Nora doesn’t want to think of those nonsense things. She loses her balance when someone suddenly called out her name. To her surprise, Albrecht catches her. He apologizes for startling her. As he gently puts her on the ground, he smiles and says that for him, it is quite advantageous. She realizes that she is holding him, and he is holding her waist. She blushes and quickly pushes him away. She shouts what is he thinking when he’s a priest. Picking up her fruits from the ground to the basket, Albrecht says that even if he is a priest, he also has feelings and compared to holding a guy, he is happier if it is a girl. Handling over to her the fruits, Albrecht adds that even more so, if it is a beautiful girl like her. Quickly running off, blushing Nora exclaims that he isn’t suitable to be a clergy. He mutters that she is unexpectedly strong. Seeing that she has left her shoes by the tree, Albrecht says that Nora is really pure. Then, he notices a shadowed figure running off by the side. Still running, blushing Nora thinks that she can’t believe that darn guy is a priest and what will happen to the world’s future.
Then, Ricardo calls out to her and scolds her for seducing a priest. He has seen it. Nora exclaims if he is an idiot, when Albercht just caught her after she fell from the tree. Ricardo exclaims that isn’t called ‘caught’ and it is useless even if she is hugged by the priest, for he is just pitying her who is detested. He starts telling her not to be mistaken for a girl like her won’t be taken seriously. Nora gets irked by this. They were interrupted by Albrecht who says that isn’t true. He says that Nora has forgotten something. Just when Nora thanks him and is about to get her shoes, Albrecht suddenly sits her on a tree stump. Holding up her foot, he laments over Nora abusing her beautiful feet and made them dirty. Nora and Ricardo blush over this. Nora exclaims for him to wait, let her go. Albrecht says that he won’t. He tells her that it is because she is despised as a ‘red haired witch’ that she doesn’t know how to properly treat herself. Looking at Ricardo, Albrecht says that includes him, he knows Ricardo wants to tease the girl he likes but if it goes over board, he will be hated. Ricardo blushes really red and denies that he likes Nora. He quickly runs off. Albrecht wonders if he is mistaken and Nora is dumbfounded over that. =P Wondering if it is pity like what Ricardo said, Nora says that he is such a strange priest, why does he even care about her. Albrecht says that it is like what the dean said, she isn’t cozy in this village. While looking at him while he is talking, Nora thinks no, [it isn’t pity] because from the start, there is no such feeling but rather a cold-ice feeling. He tells her that she only has to take one step further to liberate herself from being a ‘witch’, and if that is so, then he will straightforwardly take her away[/kidnap]. Blushing Nora slaps his hand away from her face, Nora tells him not to say it like he is going to kidnap a girl, such devil-like words. And, even if he is joking, he is still a priest. She asks what is it when Albrecht is somewhat laughing. Albrecht says that it is interesting. She is puzzled and he smiles. Putting her shoes on, she says that she has wasted some time. She wonders what Albrecht’s goal is for he is obviously not an ordinary priest. Nora asks, “Why are you HERE?” Albrecht says that he annihilates vicious demons. Nora thinks that he doesn’t want to tell her the truth. She walks away and says that they’ll be troubling him. Looking at her walk away, Albrecht remembers her eyes and says that it is really beautiful, perfect ‘emerald’. “What is fact- Believing an old legend. Not knowing her true value. Not noticing the true appearance of their protector-- Anyway, I don’t plan on telling them. Possibly upon losing [her], and afterwards, they’ll regret it. ..humans are quite silly. Right, Nora?” From behind a tree, Florian is watching as Albrecht leaves.
That night, at the church, Nora wonders what kind of person is that priest for saying that he annihilates vicious demons. What are demons..if it is devil, everyone are devils. She can’t take off her mind what he said about taking one more step to liberate herself from being a witch. Is that true? Will she be liberated from it once she goes out of the village. She can’t bring herself to trust that priest. Then, she angrily bangs the altar[?] for how come she thought about him taking her away. Then, she is interrupted by Florian. He calls out her name and to her surprise, she can’t move. Kneeling near her, he asks if she can’t move, that is because a devil can bind people upon knowing their names. Nora nervously asks if he is a ‘vicious demon’. Florian laughs and asks if she heard it from Albrecht. He admits that he is and he eats girls like her who is purified by the church. She asks how come a devil can enter the church. He says that it is because his ‘power’ is stronger than the protection of the church and just like what Albrecht said, he is an ‘evil feeding’ demon that he can’t resist eating nuns. Nora says that she isn’t a nun. Florian says that is true but the air about her is purer than those of the nuns, and didn’t he say that she’s beautiful. Florian apologizes that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy eating her at his own pace because of Albrecht intrusion. Nora couldn’t believe that she is going to be eaten by this devil. Touching Nora’s hair, Florian tells her to relax, he’ll eat everything, not leaving a red hair behind. Thinking that he shouldn’t joke around, Nora exclaims to quickly DEPART from her side. Suddenly, Florian’s hand got burned. While the two are surprised by this, someone says that even if it is Florian, he can’t touch Nora since Nora is quite a huge burden for him. Nora thinks that it is that flashy priest. Albrecht says that since ancient times, emerald has a defensive power against demons. While she is detested, that same kind of power also exists in the person’s ‘pupil[/eyes]’ and that is Nora. Nora is surprised by this. Albercht says that those emerald eyes possess a barrier[/kekkai] that some kinds of demons can’t touch her or even get near her. Even if Florian has enough power to touch her, but he cannot touch her which means that his power isn’t strong enough. Florian asks what kind of person he is. Albercht removes his glasses and asks if he wants to know. “I’m the same as you.” The two are surprised. Nora exclaims if he is also a devil. Albercht says that is true. Nora couldn’t believe that this priest is also a devil. Albercht pulls Nora to him. Florian exclaims in disbelief that if he is a devil, how come he can touch Nora, and there isn’t even a slightest degree of devilish aura on him. Albrecht says that didn’t Florian say that it is about power so that means his power is ‘higher’ than Nora’s. He hides his aura because he doesn’t want to waste his power that can blow away dust. Nora becomes convinced that Albercht is really a devil.
They were interrupted by a sleepy Miguel calling out to Nora. Florian tries to attack Miguel but Nora suddenly rushes over and got stabbed by his claws[?] instead. The devils look at Nora bleeding on top of Miguel. Florian is surprised when Albercht disappeared. To Florian’s surprise, Albercht is already holding his neck from behind. Albercht tells him that he has gone over the top with his naughtiness for that is a child [Nora] whom he shouldn’t have messed with. Florian nervously asks why, when he is obviously also a devil. Albercht whispers to him that actually, he is also an ‘evil feeding’ devil. Florian screams and turns into liquid. Albercht licks it from his hand and mutters that he isn’t anticipating this taste. He hears Miguel crying over Nora. Albercht bends down to her and asks if she is okay. Nora angrily asks if she looks okay. Albercht says that it is amazing for the formidable power didn’t diminish and it seems that she can be injured. Nora angrily says how come that’s the only thing he’ll say in a situation like this. He says that for her to be injured up to this degree, it seems that her ‘emerald’ isn’t perfect yet. Noticing that Miguel is still crying, Albercht touches the boy’s forehead and tells him to forget, what happened tonight is a dream, so go back to bed’. Miguel quietly leaves. Albercht tells Nora to relax, it is just a mild suggestion[/hypnosis]. She asks what about the other devil. He tells her that he ate him that not even a speck of dust is left. Nora asks what he is. He tells her that he is a ‘devil’ who has a contract with the church. Normally, he acts as a priest, a subordinate of the church. He’ll protect humans from devils and as compensation, he can eat the devils that he caught. Nora[?] says that since they both want to destroy the same objects, he made a contract with the church and how much fun is he having [<- probably thinking he’s deceiving her?] for it is impossible for the church to do such a thing. He reminds her that the church is after all, an assembly of humans established for the ‘good’ of the people in society. Nora winces in pain. Albercht says that it looks that it hurts. Nora angrily tells him of course it does. Albercht tells her that for the past 15 years, there are no accidents or any untoward events happening in this land it is because of the existence of her who has the emerald eyes’. The ‘power’ lodging in her eyes gives a good influence to the surroundings. The villagers didn’t know it that they belittle her as the ‘red hair’, an ominous being. Yet, she even protected that child, and that is something a devil cannot understand. “But, it is a bit interesting.”
Nora realizes that she has been protecting the village and she isn’t a witch. Nora comments that he always says ‘interesting, interesting’ to her. Albercht interrupts her by saying that if he let her be, she’s going to die. Nora is shock. He asks her if she doesn’t want to die. “If that is so, then ask me to save your life. Place your life as a gamble on the contract and I’ll help you out.” Nora thinks that this is a temptation, a devil’s temptation. Nora angrily says that he knows the answer and yet he is asking. Albercht asks if that is the establishment of their contract. Albercht holds her to him and says that since it is like that, from today on, she is his[/his thing]. He touches his lips and kisses her. Nora wonders who can stop this cheerfully smiling [with deep meaning] devil. And the next day, as if nothing happened, they tell the dean about Florian’s true form. The dean is shock over how scary that is. Smiling Albercht tells her not to worry for he has been tasked to ‘annilihate’ him. Nora is thinking that it should be ‘eaten’. And it turns out that someone wanted to adopt Miguel. The dean tells Nora that Miguel is so close to her that she is worried what will happen to Nora afterwards. She apologizes to Nora for not telling her. And, today, Nora is leaving the village and be together with a devil- She is a bit worried over how much Miguel cried but very soon, he’ll also have a family. As they walk, Nora asks Albercht what he plans to do with her. She wonders if she’ll be his food. To her surprise, Albercht tells her not to worry for he isn’t going to eat her. Nora wonders how he knew what she is thinking, and how come she made a contract with this devil? Albercht says, “It is such a waste to kill you so I’ve decided to raise you. *Nora exclaims in disbelief* It is because you are a rare living creature and even possess emerald eyes so it’s okay to enjoy [the company] of an animal. (Of course, that is the best reason why I don’t want you to die..)” Nora angrily exclaims why is she unexpectedly treated as a [house] pet. Albercht thinks that isn’t so [reason why he didn’t let her die], but for the current him, he couldn’t understand it. Albercht says that he is the type who’ll put the things that he likes at his side and sincerely raise her. Blushing Nora couldn’t believe it. She turns around and says that she is going back, she won’t go with him. Albercht takes her hand and tells her not to worry, he’ll dote on her. “Thoroughly down to the bone marrow, I’ll be under your care, your highness pet-” Nora angrily shouts that isn’t necessary. He tells her that he’ll give her a nice necklace. Nora angrily shouts that there’s no need for that. Narration: “My (pet) owner is a silver haired, purple eyes and interested in ‘evil feeding’ devil.”
Scans by 水银工作室. And, thank you for reading this 8 paged summary from a 70+ paged chapter. ^-^