October 27, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 39]

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Cover page: “I know that it is impossible that it will be me but how come it is unexpectedly, that person.” While forcing Sou to touch her chest, Reiko thinks, “It is fine even if I can just get a glance of Shinya. Even if I’ll give my first to this disgusting fatso.” Flashback: In an elementary class, a Yamada [guesswork from 山田] boy moved his seat from Reiko and said that if he sit nears Reiko, a beam will fall down on him. “Grossness is also contagious.” While the others giggled, the teacher scolded Yamada for recklessly saying that and everyone are friends so they should all get along. Yamada exclaimed that he isn’t friends with Reiko so he has no way of getting along with her. Reiko is really embarrassed by this incident. Upon arriving home, her mother asked her how school is. Reiko told her that they’ve exchanged seats and the others fought over who would want to sit beside her. Her mother commented that she is really popular and next time, bring her friends home. Reiko just looked glum. Later on, her mother told her to wash the dishes after she put them in the kitchen. Watching the television, Reiko said that she will. She turned the television channel from a comedy, to a romance to an interview of CP’s first time onstage. The announcer said that it turns out that they are good friends who formed together a band. Shinya corrected him that he doesn’t have friends. Shun tried to call his attention but Shinya said that it is true. “And actually, I don’t have a single friend.” The announcer is surprised by this. While the other CP members somewhat sweatdrop, Shinya told the announcer that ever since he was young, he would frequently hang out in a recording studio and be surrounded by adults. That is how he grew up so he doesn’t get along well with kids who are the same age as he is. “And, I think that even if I’m alone, I’m quite happy so I’m always alone.” Shun commented that Shinya is always like that so talk to him. Reiko is mesmerized by what Shinya said. Soon, she is watching him play his bass together with the other CP members. End flashback.

Reiko tells Sou that they go to a hotel. This made Sou blush. She tells him that she will let him touch her other parts. “So, right now, quickly call the office staff..! And, a guy approaches Sou [but didn’t see his hand touching Reiko]. Sensing someone coming, Sou quickly pulls his hand away from Reiko. Turning to the side, Sou calls out, “Shinya-san!” Reiko is surprised. Shinya asks Sou if he is going home now. Sou says that he is going home. Then, Shinya notices blushing Reiko. At a bar, Shun tells groaning Aki that it is over, he will be 100% dumped. Aki says that even if Riko isn’t beautiful or his type, but he likes her and isn’t that like the highest compliment of all. Shun asks if he is disguising as an idiot for what’s up with him letting the girl hear those kind of true feelings. Aki says that he thought that if he bluntly says it, he can express his sincerity. Shun says that he is already 25 and he is still dreaming for how is it possible for a girl to understand what a guy says. Aki exclaims what the best way to say it. Shun coughs and touches Aki’s hand. He says, “I can’t stand that besides me, there is some other guy near you. *holding Aki’s hand up* I’m always thinking whether or not, the guys around you would fall for you. Doesn’t the heart have a feeling?” Pause. Aki says that let him say.. Shun interrupts and says that it is impossible for Aki can’t say those kind of things. And even if he said it, he would definitely say unnecessary words. Aki says that he has already reflected so he wants to discuss with Shun over what’s the next step to do. Thinking that this is such a hassle, Shun says, “In short, bring along flowers and also cake, and quickly go see her! Even if it is lie, just tell her, ‘I’m sorry, it is all my fault’! Understood?!” Aki exclaims ya. Heading out the door, Aki says that he’ll go ahead first. “Thanks Shun, I’ll contact you again!” After he left, Shun looks serious. Looking at the glass of liquor that Aki left, Shun mutters that Aki wants to find someone to consult with. “Me, too.. That successor type of problem is pretty much a profound problem. ..lately that guy. Regarding Crude Play, totally have not mentioned..”
Back to Shinya, while Reiko is at a loss on how to react upon seeing him, Shinya asks if Reiko is Sou’s girlfriend. Reiko quickly hides behind Sou. She is worried over Shinya thinking that she is some strange person but she couldn’t look at Shinya face-to-face. Shinya is puzzled. Sou notices something as he looks at embarrassed Reiko, clinging on his back. Looking at Shinya, Sou asks him why he is there. Holding a huge rose bouquet on his shoulder, Shinya says that he came over to congratulate the first debut. “I’m giving flowers to Mushroom.” This surprises Reiko. Sou exclaims that is so cool and it is the first time he saw such a huge bouquet. “Riko will absolutely be happy.” Reiko is looking jealous. At a flower shop, Aki wonders if he should give roses but then it is too exaggerating, something more ordinary. What kind of ordinary flowers can he give? The florist welcomes him and asks what she can help him with. He tells her that he made his girlfriend angry so in short, he must make her cool her temper. “Is it okay to talk about this? If I give her flowers, won’t she be shock and yet just leave? What if I bring flowers to apologize something.. *imagines himself holding some flowers and Riko saying, ‘Sorry..? sticks out tongue* Gross’.* I’m going to die if she said that.” Turning away, Aki thinks it is really cruel to be called ‘gross’ by a female high schooler. The florist tries to call him back. At Riko’s bedroom, she is looking at a magazine of Mari and the article is about how beautiful she is. Riko goes to her cabinet and takes out the full length mirror. She looks at herself and tries to imitate Mari’s pose. She touches her chest and starts to cry. She thinks that from the start, she already knew that Mari is Aki’s ex-girlfriend. Aki is shy when standing in front of the person he likes and the person he likes is also very shy. “Does he think that I’m ugly. Somewhere in my heart, I’ve always been thinking of that. *Aki is telling her about liking beautiful curvy women who would happily go on bed* At that time, I really feel that I have disappeared right in front of Ogasawara’s sight.” Downstairs, Riko’s father exclaims over Shinya specially coming over there. “Riko- Shinya-san is here. Riko-”
While Azuki the cat is playing over the bouquet, a bit embarrassed Shinya apologizes and says that if Riko is already resting then he’ll just leave it there and go.. Sou has accompanied Shinya there. They were surprised when Riko came down and exclaims to Shinya what’s up. Her father exclaims what had happened to her face. Riko touches her face and wonders if she has been found out. Riko lies by telling them that a lot of friends had congratulated her on mail that she cried over reading them. She smiles and asks if it is strange. Shinya just looks surprised. Sou thinks that in the end, Yuu is a loser. Riko’s smile disappears when she sees Reiko is with them. While Riko’s father is thanking Shinya for coming, Riko asks how come Reiko is.. Reiko jealously glances at Riko, and Sou looks a bit flustered. To their surprise, Riko’s father suggests that with everyone there on a night like this, let’s have a barbecue. Meanwhile, holding a small bag, Aki mutters that in the end, he should have bought flowers but will she be happy with flowers? And, would she thank him when it isn’t even something that can be eaten? While muttering that he thinks Riko suits dandelions more than roses, he notices some smoke. After coughing, he wonders why there is.. And, he sees everyone having a barbecue. Riko’s father tells Shinya not to be modest and eat a lot. He says that there are some cabbage here. Riko says the onion is delicious. Shinya thanks Riko’s father. Aki looks at them with his mouth open. He asks why Shinya is.. Carrying the huge bouquet, Riko exclaims for Sou to take her picture together with the flowers that Shinya brought. Riko happily poses with the bouquet. She asks if it is okay and it isn’t fuzzy. Aki looks dejected. While Riko thanks Sou for the picture, she notices Aki. The two look flustered upon seeing each other. Blurb: “I obviously like you.. but how come I.. can’t think of something to make you happy..”
Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组