October 1, 2012

Dear Brother! [Chapter 1]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 26, 2012

Momo [桃], the female lead has three brothers. Two older ones, and one younger one. The second one is the one she likes the most. The story starts with Momo praying to her deceased parents that she is getting married and after 15 years of separation, she is going to meet with her brothers again. At the grocery, she encounters an arrogant guy who ‘won’ through jakenpon to get the last pack of beer. She seems to be a bit of a klutz for falling from a bicycle when a black cat crosses her path. Is she jinxed? Then, she meets two other guys who turned out to be her eldest brother, Gin [guesswork name from 銀] and youngest brother, Aoba [guesswork name from 碧葉]. 15 years ago, their father got into an accident so only Momo was took care by their weak mother and the boys got adopted by relatives and friends. With some sushi and drinks, Momo introduces her fiancé, Kouji [guesswork name from 晃司] to her brothers. To the couple’s embarrassment, the brothers are asking very personal questions like how much savings he has because they don’t want Momo to live a hard life and does he fool around for they don’t want Momo to get some disease. Then, the door bell rings. She thinks that she is saved for her favorite second brother..and of course, he turns out to be the one who took the last pack of beer at the grocery =P To Momo’s shock, the second brother Sougo [guesswork name from 蒼吾] asks Kouji if he is into gambling which causes divorce in a lot of couples. Sougo keeps pressing on with this that Momo has had enough and asks Kouji to leave as she talks with her brothers. Momo scolds at her brothers for they seem bent on making her not get married. She got angry when Sougo did a background check on Kouji. She lashes out on them for not going to their mother’s funeral and the one who was with her all that time was Kouji. Sougo tells her that it is up to her if she doesn’t want to listen but that and really liking that guy are two different things. It is up to her if she doesn’t believe them and he didn’t think that she would become stupid like this. Momo retorts back that he isn’t her brother, Sougo and they shouldn’t come back. When the brothers are outside, Sougo asks if they really didn’t go to the funeral. ^^; They are also worried about Momo getting married to that guy.

At a bar, Kouji meets a new hostess whom he chats about his upcoming wedding. Later on, Momo is busy packing when someone rings the door bell. It is the middle of the night and Kouji insists that Momo quickly marry him by signing the marriage contract. When he notices some papers on the table, Momo mentions that her brothers investigated on him. Kouji suddenly turn violet as he tries to force Momo to marry him. Even if she didn’t look at it, he accuses her of not wanting to because of that information. Before Kouji can hit her, Sougo stops him. The other brothers come along. They mention something about Kouji being bankrupt. Aoba lets Momo hear a taped conversation of Kouji wherein he admits to be into gambling and he wants to turn over a new leaf after he sells off Momo’s house. It turns out that new hostess is Aoba, who is crossdressing. Kouji denies it and says that selling the house is for their living expense. Momo is forced to choose whom she believes, Kouji or her brothers. Sougo’s speech on her being his younger sister for life made Momo decide to slap Kouji. She asks why he kept this a secret from her. She doesn’t take marriage lightly and for him to be like that who said bad things about her brothers, she cannot make him be part of her family. In the end, she chose to believe her brothers. After Kouji left, the brothers apologize for not being able to go to their mother’s funeral. Because of work, Gin wasn’t able to go. Sougo is empathizing with his adopted family so he didn’t go. And, Aoba’s adopted family didn’t tell him about it until recently. Momo says that it is alright, and they don’t have to be concerned about it. She also apologizes for saying that they aren’t her family and telling Sougo that he isn’t her brother Sougo. Sougo smiles and pats her head. Momo tries to hug him but he lightly hits her head and reprimands her for being stupid and she should have believed them early on. To everyone’s surprise, Gin wants to live with Momo and even he brought his luggage because he doesn’t want to leave her all alone by herself. Then, he asks if the other brothers want to live together. =P
Scans by 深雪汉化组