October 27, 2012

Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 2]

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Narration: “Ever since I was young, I have always been treated by the villagers as the ‘red haired witch’ thus I’m estranged from them. Even if there are exceptions, for me, this is an inevitable life which I thought I would always have to live through. Always until the day that I’ve met him--” And, after leaving the village, they arrive at a nearby town. Nora stares at the buildings and wonders out loud what this is. Albrecht asks her why she is standing and staring there. Nora narrates that of course, she is in this town with this devil. This priest appeared in their village a few days before and he is actually a weird devil who made a contract with the Church. He is a feeding devil who devours up his own species[/demons], and she doesn’t know why he saved her when she is nearing death. And, that is how they have a master and pet relationship which she absolutely doesn’t want to recognize. Nora tells Albrecht that compared to a ‘small town’, this is bigger than she had expected. Albrecht starts ranting about how can this is big when there are bigger towns than this, how can she be shock over this small one and maybe because she always lived in that village that this is big for her. Nora sarcastically apologizes that she lived in a remote town. Albrecht asks her if she is very happy to have left that very remote town. Nora just blushes a bit. Yes, she is happy for she has always been treated like a ‘wicked witch’ because of her red hair so she is happy to leave that village and she didn’t hesitate to choose to go with this unknown devil, but.. Nora tightens her hold on her scarf. Albrecht glances at her and says that they should go to the place where they will stay. It is a place where priests lodge in and he has to fulfill his obligations since he stays in the church. Nora says that it is quite unexpected for him comply with the church’s obligations. Albrecht says that he doesn’t hate complying with human obligations. But rather, as a devil, there are many things that he doesn’t understand and he just can’t resist that his scent is permeating into a clean church. Aghast Nora shouts for him to quit saying those things even if he is wearing priestly clothes. Later on, they arrive at the church. After knocking and there is only silence, Nora says that it seems no one is there. Albrecht says that rather than no one is there, it must be fundamentally, no one is there because he doesn’t sense any human inside. Then, they notice a couple of drunkards. Flashing his priestly smile, Albrecht asks them if he can ask about the priest in this church. The two tells them that around 2 weeks ago, the priest died. After a pause, Nora exclaims in disbelief that the priest is dead. The next day, at the church, Albrecht is preaching to the congregation about storing spiritual wealth rather than material wealth. People shouldn’t accumulate more than what can satisfy them but rather, accumulate spiritual ones like love, care and mercy towards family, loved ones and friends. Give one’s accumulated wealth to them. And at the same time, spiritual people will love, care and be merciful towards other people.

The women in the congregation are charmed by Albrecht, who has ended his sermon. As the women leave, they comment over how good looking, nice and young Albrecht is but too bad that he is only a temporary priest there. Albrecht notices Nora looking from the side. She looks aghast and thinks that she has fallen for hearing a sermon from a devil. Albrecht asks her what it is, for she looks awful. Nora says that compared to a priest, he is more suitable to be a deceiver. Albrecht laughs and says is that so but devils fundamentally deceive and tempt humans. They exist to cause humanity’s fall. Touching her face, Albrecht says that for her to say that compared to a priest, he is closer to a deceiver, and he isn’t as innocent as a human deceiver. He asks her what she thinks a human will lose after he has fallen for the devil’s temptation. Pushing him away from her, Nora exclaims that she doesn’t know that kind of thing. She asks compared to that, how long they are going to stay there. Albrecht says that is until a new priest has arrived there. Flashback: While Nora looked shock that the priest is dead, the two drunkards told her that it isn’t so strange because the priest is over 90 years old. As the two leave, Nora asked Albrecht what they are going to do next. Albrecht told her that they have to first call ‘Central’ to dispatch a priest there and until he arrives, he [Albrecht] will be the replacement there. Nora couldn’t believe this. Albrecht says that it is inevitable because it isn’t good for a church not to have a priest. He explains that a ‘church’ is a place where people congregates and if there is someone who has trouble or uneasiness, this ‘aura’ would easily be carried by the congregation. And, that will be an opportunity for the devil to invade. To prevent this situation, it is necessary to have a priest there. A so-called priest is a person who continuously trains at ‘Central’ and that person, possesses the ‘power’ to maintain clear ‘aura’. Wondering if it has no effect, Nora asked that isn’t he a devil. Albrecht smiled and asked if she thought he is kind enough in deal with other devils that come into his domain. Nora said totally not. She thought that is right, this guy would devour the other devils, that is why he made that contract with the church. She has no way of understanding this guy. His eyes are cold and yet he is helping humans. Also, why would he suddenly say that he is raising her as a pet, which she still refuses to acknowledge. And, so they are staying in that town. End flashback. Later on, Albrecht asks where Nora is going. Putting on her scarf, Nora says that she is going to buy things because there is nothing to eat in this church. To her surprise, Albrecht tells her that she doesn’t need to bring that thing to go out, and she has been wearing that scarf since yesterday. While Nora tries to think that there’s no special reason, Albrecht asks if she is afraid that people will see her red hair.
While walking towards her, he says that people goes far away from her just by seeing her red hair and this is the first time she knew of the outside world. “But, if the red hair is also taboo in this place- You thought of that, that is why you feel uneasy, right? But Nora, this uneasiness of yours will make people take advantage--” Nora thinks that is right, if she let the DEVIL.. Nora throws her scarf at Albrecht and angrily says who is afraid. She tells him that she is just a bit cold and fundamentally, she doesn’t need that thing. As she starts to stomp the way out, he calls her. Angrily turning around, Nora asks what is it? Holding the scarf to his mouth, Albrecht tells him that if ANYTHING HAPPENS, remember to call him and he’ll help her out. “Because you are my important PET.” This infuriates Nora. She slams the door and shouts that didn’t she say that she isn’t a pet and don’t treat her in such a strange manner. Albrecht laughs and says that it is quite rewarding[/profitable] and if it isn’t, it has no meaning. He wonders out loud what a bird can do after flying out of its cage. Angrily walking fast in the streets, Nora is furious that Albrecht said that she is afraid and uneasy. Well, she isn’t, it is only..being cautious in dealing with things, deceiving priest and don’t treat her like an idiot, she can go out like this. The passer-bys are shock by her loud outbursts. Later on, Nora goes out with some groceries in a paper bag. She thinks that she hasn’t forgotten anything, and it seems that outside the village, there isn’t anything big about having red hair. And with this, that deceiving priest can just shut up. Suddenly, Nora feels dizzy. She steadies herself on a wall and wonders what happened. And, she notices that people are glaring at her. She becomes uneasy for could it be because of her red hair. Then, a man calls out to her. Trying to hide her face in her hair, Nora timidly tries to ask what it is. The man holds her hands and asks if he can treat her to some tea. Nora is puzzled. Soon, some other guys come out and start shouting that no, she should go with them instead. The guys are fighting over who saw that beautiful girl [Nora] first and please go steady with them before she gets married. Nora is at a loss over this kind of situation that she quickly runs away. To her shock, the love-struck guys are chasing after her. Nora can only wonder why. She is already having a difficult time running that she remembers Albrecht saying that if she got into any situation, just call him. Nora starts saying that if he wants to help, then quickly come over, deceiving priest. “Bad [/having perverted] taste devil! A..Albrecht!” Albrecht appears and hugs her from behind. While hiding from the guys chasing after her in the streets, Albrecht says that she finally called him. Then, in a flash, Nora finds herself in a bedroom with Albrecht. She asks where they are. He tells her that they are in the church what appears to be the previous priest’s bedroom.
After she gains composure, Nora starts to ask him that there’s something strange about the men in this town. Scared Nora tells him that they would suddenly say ‘have tea with me’. Albrecht says that they are hitting on her. She says that they would say ‘go steady with me before getting married’ Albrecht says that they are proposing. Nora exclaims that afterwards, they chased after her. Albrecht laughs and says that it’s very good that she’s popular. Nora exclaims that it isn’t good at all and how come she had encountered such a thing. Touching her chin, Albrecht says that it is because she is young and beautiful. Nora becomes puzzled by that. Holding her hair, Albrecht explains that it could be because of her hair. There are very few people in her village who would think of her as a partner[/lover-to-be] but in the world outside the village, it would be better for her to become aware of it early on. “Because afterwards, the guys who chase after you, will continuously come out.” Looking really aghast, Nora turns away and mutters that means, in this world, there are a lot of those beast-like guys around..? No way. Albrecht tells her that it is quite rare though for them to attack all at the same time. Holding on to her, he tells her to relax, for didn’t he say that he’ll help her. “Protecting the pet is the master’s obligation.” She angrily shouts for him to quickly save her then, since he knows that she had encountered an over-the-top situation.. Then, Albrecht asks her what’s wrong since she feels weak. Holding on to him, Nora says that she has no energy. Albrecht tells her that the effect of the blood, that he gave her blood when she was on the verge of death, has worn off. Nora remembers that he kissed her. She suddenly blushes for she has forgotten about it. Albrecht explains that he only gave her a small amount of blood before since it is enough to heal her wound and for her to move. But, her body is slowly becoming anemic that without his blood, her body will be like that. Nora angrily grabs him and exclaims that didn’t they had a contract wherein he say that he’ll help her. Taking a small knife, Albrecht tells her not to be nervous for if the effect of the blood is gone, then he’ll just give her more. While Nora is telling him to wait, Albrecht slices his palm with the knife and holds his bleeding palm up. With sparkles, he smiles and says, “Drink.” Nora looks speechless and aghast. She angrily says that even if he says that, it is impossible for her to do that. Albrecht says that it has to be more [blood] so he specially used a knife. He urges her to quickly drink before the wound heals because devils heal fast. Nora angrily shouts that she is totally not going to thank him and who would drink blood straight from such a huge wound. Idiot- Albrecht says is that so. He pulls Nora into the bed and says that he’ll just feed her once again. While Nora is shock, Albrecht takes her second kiss.
Forcing to drink the blood, Nora thinks that compared to the first time, it is thicker-dense now. Wiping his lips, Albrecht asks how is it, does she feel more comfortable. Flustered Nora says, “You’re such a despicable devil, Albrecht.” Albrecht laughs and tells her not to forget his name. “It’s the name of your master.” Narration: “It seems that I’m really being raised as a pet by this devil.” Blushing Nora sits up and angrily shouts that it is enough, she’s leaving. Albrecht asks her about another one. She angrily shouts no. Narration: “..Even if I don’t want to admit it.” Scans by ClassBianca.