October 29, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 5]

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Cover page: “Tokugawa Azusa 16 years old. Top model in the magazine ‘Eighteen’. She is the jewel of Toushou Academy’s chairman. And all the students of the school viewed her as the ‘ideal partner’. But, she also has a secret, a side which others do not know. She’s the self-proclaimed ‘Queen’ of the whole school-” While holding hands with Shino, Mitsuru think that Asusa has made him and Shino her attacking targets. They have arrived at the shoe lockers. Some girls say that those two are coming. They suddenly throw eggs at the two. Quickly wielding his shinai, Mitsuru blocks all of the eggs. Mitsuru laments over their lack of creativity. As he walks away with Shino, Mitsuru tells the girls to remember to apologize to the mother hen for the waste of food. Azusa’s underlings are gloomy that they didn’t even manage to get in a hit. In section 1-F, Mitsuru greets everyone but the others look surprised and tense. He discovers that his table and seat are missing. He tries to ask the others about it but they just snub him. They were muttering that Kobayashi would unexpectedly quarrel with Azusa. Did ‘her’ brain short-circuited that ‘she’ would quarrel with the chairman’s daughter? Anyone would have a good relationship with Kobayashi will be targeted and they don’t want to talk with ‘her’. Mitsuru angrily thinks so that is how it is, everyone fears Azusa that he is totally snubbed. Then, he is surprised that Mego’s otaku friends call out to her and say that it is okay, they found ‘her’ table and chair. They tell ‘her’ that they found it near the incinerator. It took them some time because they have to clean it up for use, because the table was messily drawn on. A guy asks the friends if they know what they are doing for they will be targeted if they continue being friends with Kobayashi. The friends exclaim that for them, Mego is more important and if they plan to alienate ‘her’, then, they can also alienate them. Tomo sticks out her tongue to them and says that is how otaku are friends. Shizu says that fundamentally, as otaku-s, they only have Mego as their friend. Mitsuru smiles and thinks that Mego’s best friends are really great friends.

During lunch break, Mitsuru invites Shino to eat with him and Mego’s friends. While having a picnic style lunch, they had a toast for their ‘isolated’ alliance together. Then, they exchange some food with Shino because hers, look delicious. And, they laugh at ‘Mego’ for stuffing ‘her’ face with food like a squirrel. Shino laughs at him and this made Mitsuru blush over how happily she laughed. It is the first time he heard her voice and he thinks that she’s so cute. Tomo says that Shino can’t stop laughing and she is so happy. Looking at Mitsuru, Shino gestures with her hands, “Thank you, everyone. It’s the first time I’m so happy when eating lunch.” Mitsuru quickly gestures back, “Me, too. ‘Very happy’.” He thinks that he always thought that all girls are very cute but he has never met before a ‘cute’ girl who is special. Looking from the window, Azusa is furious that Shino can be that happy. She angrily kicks the wall and shouts that she wants to properly take care of them, make them cry and kneel down to her. Her underlings try to pacify her. Angrily biting her thumb nail, she mentally curses and wonders how to fix them up for if they increase, it will become more troublesome. Then, Mitsuru notices something above. He quickly stands up and shouts for the others to be careful. Some water got splashed on Mitsuru. It is Azusa with a pail. She apologizes for not noticing the four mice below. Mitsuru is furious and calls her a scoundrel. Tomo tries to offer her handkerchief. Someone suggests that ‘she’ first change ‘her’ clothes. Mitsuru angrily curses for if he kept on wearing these wet clothes, he’ll catch a cold. In the changing room, Mitsuru is once again furious for Azusa has messed up his gym clothes. He wonders what he should do to make Azusa give up. Seeing a baseball guy passing by outside, Mitsuru puts on his most seductive charm. While partly undressed with curtain covering him ^^;, Mitsuru asks the guy to lend his gym clothes to him since his clothes are wet. Thinking that ‘she’s cute to the max, the baseball guy happily lends Mitsuru some clothes. Mitsuru thanks him. While he changes his clothes, Mitsuru thinks that his clothes and wig are wet so he can’t use them until they are dry. Then, he notices that there is a pair of glasses in the pants’ pocket. He wears them and feels like some sort of detective. He is quite pleased with his simple get-up to transform back to his male self.
While walking at the hallway, he wonders where he’ll sleep in the afternoon while waiting for his wig and clothes to dry. To his surprise, he meets up with Azusa. He freezes when Azusa asks if she has seen him before, and what class section is he in. Looking away from her, Mitsuru lies by saying that he is 1-D’s Yamada Tarou [guesswork from 山田 太朗]. Azusa wonders if there is such a person. She thinks that from his aura, ‘Tarou’ isn’t weak but he is unexpectedly trembling. “If I can take advantage, perhaps, I can make him my underling.” Turning his face towards her, Azusa says that she has a wish and can he hear her out. In a flirting way, she tells surprised Mitsuru about her request in making him take care of something, and that is, she needs help in dealing with some people and he can use whatever method he wants to use. And, afterwards, she’ll let him do whatever he wants. Azusa thinks that with that, this guy will do her bidding. Mitsuru says he understands. Azusa is surprised when Mitsuru suddenly firmly grasp her wrists that she can’t shake them off. Mitsuru says that he will do it according to what she wants but in exchange, he wants to get the promise of reward in advance. Just when Azusa is freaking out that Mitsuru is going to kiss her, he gives her a light headbutt instead. After she shouts that it hurts, Mitsuru sticks out his tongue and says that he’s just kidding for the great him isn’t interested in a girl like her. Mitsuru tells her that he doesn’t like a ‘playing around according to conditions’ type of girl. He says that if she treats ‘playing with guys’ really lightly, she’ll encounter a very bitter lesson. “Tokugawa-chan, have you ever gone steady with a guy?” Blushing really red, Azusa can only say, you.. Mitsuru tells her that with just one look, he knows. “The method of seduction is quite underhanded but your reaction is quite stiff.” Azusa blushes and realizes that was the reason. Mitsuru continues to say, “..it will be good if there’ll be a day when there’s someone you’ll like.. Not long ago, I also treated people very badly. Very egoistic. Totally refusing the girls chasing after me, that kind of feeling. But I’ve met the girl whom I sincerely like, and it is the first time I’ve realized (If she cries, I’ll also be sad. If she smiles at me, I’ll be so happy to death.) that I also want to be become a very kind person. Even if it is a bit embarrassing to say it, the whole heart will also become very kind. *pointing to her chest* It is there. It would be good if you’ve experienced this, *smiles* encountered that kind of person.”
Azusa looks surprised. Then, she suddenly headbutts Mitsuru. Mitsuru says that hurts. Azusa says that it is quite rare for someone to pose like that and lecture her. “What’s with kindness? Can it be eaten? It doesn’t even have any use. Ha! Unluckily for you, this ojousama really likes her current self. What romance, what love, extremely boring!! You’re dreaming during the day, stinky glasses guy!!” Azusa turns around and runs off. Mitsuru is flustered and surprised. He wonders what’s up with that girl for she isn’t a bit cute. Azusa runs outside and starts kicking the tree to vent her angry over that glasses guy for talking in such a high and might manner. Remembering him telling her that it would be good if she experienced love, blushing really red Azusa angrily wonders, “Why am I.. Why does my heart beat so fast because of that stinky glasses guy. *thump thump* Too noisy!” Narration: “And, another new romantic love is drawn out.” By the window, Shino looks at her cellphone with the name ‘Sanada Aoi’ in the contacts. There is a lavender phone strap on her phone. Blushing, she lightly puts the phone on her lips. Narration: “When numerous red threads intertwine, it becomes a loop and the gears of fate start to turn.” Meanwhile, Mego is telling Aoi to quickly look, cute Mego the cat is eating cake. Aoi somewhat laughs and thinks that the two loves to make a fuss. Narration: “From longing, a thought is born. From thought, it becomes love. This feeling for you is a flower blooming splendidly in my heart. Very beautiful flowers are flourishingly blossoming like a brocade. Now, the flower of love unaffectedly blooming.” Love chart: Azusa -> Mitsuru -> Shino -> Aoi <- Mego <- Mogami. Blurb: “Could it be that Queen Tokugawa has fallen for Mitsuru?! Next chapter, the love of these 5 people linked together passionately unfolds!!”
Scans by 夜莺工作室