October 26, 2012

Akai Ito [Chapter 2]

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Narration: “At that time, I felt that Hinase’s tears are very beautiful. And, this is something that I absolutely will not say out loud.” Cover page: “Guys are really strange. Just when you think that they are teasing, they would unexpectedly turn serious. I’m really frustrated that because of him, my heart is beating so fast [<- idiom about a deer about to be hit in an accident]. Chihiro looks surprised at Hinase who told her to go steady with him. A bit flustered, Chihiro asks what is he talking about. “Let me go..” Hinase looks serious and pulls her to him. While Chihiro is caught off guard, Hinase lets go of her and says, “Just joking.” Chihiro isn’t reacting that Hinase says, “Ah? *looks at her to the other side* Eh?” He is surprised to her Chihiro looking really flustered. Chihiro shouts, idiot and quickly flicks his forehead hard. Holding his forehead, Hinase exclaims that hurts and how come she suddenly flicked his forehead. “How are you going to compensate me if I can’t get myself a wife? Are you planning to ruin my handsome face?” Chihiro exclaims who cares about him, and why don’t he just become an unmarketable product, idiot- After looking at him, Chihiro turns around and tells him not to make that kind of joke. Before she leaves, Hinase smiles and thanks her for the cold compress. Blushing a bit, Chihiro says that it’s no big deal and properly put cold on it. As she leaves, Hinase mutters that Chihiro isn’t even a bit cute. He looks at the cold compress and thinks that he feels somewhat in a bad mood. “Darn, why?” Chihiro curses for what’s up with that guy and she feels like a fool for worrying about him. Later on, while walking with her team in the streets, Chihiro’s younger teammates lament over their loss when they thought they’ll win but then, it is an amazing thing that they got second place. They are now eighth place [overall ranking?] since they reached that far. Chihiro gloomily says that’s right. They start to freak out over Chihiro’s scary expression. They start apologizing to her for only managing to get second place and second placers are forgettable. While they still think that Chihiro is angry, Chihiro is thinking that it is rare for them to work hard and end up in second place but it is because of Hinase that she is in a bad mood.

Rino quickly backs Chihiro up by telling the others that it isn’t so, Chihiro is so happy that she couldn’t express it. She tells Chihiro to smile a bit. Chihiro just says ya. She thinks that everyone is mistaken about her mood and what should she tell them something. She darkly says that even if the third years are retiring, but everyone should do their best next year. The others freak out over this for she is saying that that they should properly work hard, and in the end, they are pressured. Sheepishly turning away, Chihiro is happy that she got to say something. Nanjou says that is right, they will quickly retire. Chihiro remembers that is right, she cannot see him as usual anymore, and she also cannot stay at his side like this. “He is obviously quite near and yet, I can’t say it out.. I would at least want to know which high school he is preparing to go..” To her surprise, someone asks which high school Nanjou is planning to go. Someone says that it shouldn’t be a problem because Nanjou is first place in their year level. While Chihiro eagerly listens in, Nanjou says that right now, he is thinking of going to Kazama High. [guesswork from 加座間] Chihiro looks surprised. The others say that is amazing because it has the highest qualifications in Toudai [東大; Tokyo University] and the [standard] deviation has to be 75 but if it is Nanjou, he definitely can do it. Chihiro gloomily thinks that it is hopeless and for a moment there, she hoped that it is possible for her to be in the same school as he is.. “Hopeless.. things aren’t going smoothly today.” Nanjou turns to Chihiro and thanks her for everything until now. Chihiro says that she should be the one thanking him. While walking behind him, Chihiro thinks, “Nanjou-kun, he definitely knows that I like him.. *downcast* I’m such a coward.” At her house, Chihiro exclaims that she has decided. She won’t think of romance again, and she will depend on studies to live onwards. About to eat a potato chip, Rino looks at her. Chihiro then gloomily mutters, ‘..probably’. Rino says that she surprised her, what happened that she is acting like this suddenly. “Ah..could it be..” Holding Rino’s hand, Chihiro tells her to forget that, she has already decided to study harder and it is enough for her to go to the same high school as Rino. “This is my spring[/youth].” After stuttering, Rino says yes, she also wants to go to the same high school as her and they should do their best together. Chihiro asks that didn’t she just hesitated. Yuuto arrives and asks if the two of them are lovers and it is quite troublesome that girls really like companionship. The girls greet Yuuto, Chihiro’s younger brother, home. As Yuuto leaves them be, Rino suddenly stands up and apologizes that she has to go home. Chihiro asks if she wants to eat first before going. Rino thanks her but turns down the offer because her uncle will come home early today and she plans to go to the supermarket on the way home and make something for them to eat. Chihiro says is that so.
Before leaving, Rino asks if Chihiro is serious about what she just said a while ago. Chihiro looks away and tells her to forget it. Rino sadly says is that so. Trying to cheer Chihiro up, Rino tells her that it is okay, there will be an amazing guy who’ll definitely show up, just like in ‘Blue Love’ [manga]. “From being jilted, the best way to answer it is to start a new love.” Chihiro tells her not to say it that simply like being jilted. To Chihiro’s surprise, Rino adds, “And, look! There is a handsome guy around like Hinase.” Chihiro exclaims why she is mentioning Hinase at this time. Rino says that it is because she thinks that she and Hinase are compatible, and she thought so because they looked quite natural at that time. Aghast, Chihiro exclaims what natural is she talking about, and it is impossible. Smiling Rino asks if that is so, when they look quite happy together and she thought that it is quite rare for Chihiro to happily chat with a guy. Chihiro tells her not to say that with such an innocent expression and in short, it is impossible. At Kikuniya bookstore, Rino is looking at some cookbooks. She thinks that Chihiro and Hinase really look compatible and Chihiro is more open when she’s with Hinase. Just when she is thinking that potato beef stew is good and her uncle will like it, someone greets her a good evening. Rino turns around to see Kirigaya who congratulate her that they got second place. She exclaims his name that he comments that she remembered his name. She quickly hides the grocery bag she is carrying for he’ll know that she went to the supermarket. She timidly apologizes to him since she hasn’t formally thanked him at the donburi restaurant before. Taking out a small container, Rino exclaims for him to take it if it’s okay. [<- token of gratitude] After a pause, Rino blushes for it is something that she would normally eat to her heart’s content. She timidly asks that he might not want these homemade cookies and without thinking, she is giving it to him. Kirigaya smiles and says, “Haha, you’re the same like that time. –by the way, it turns out that you don’t remember me.” Rino looks at him in surprise. Taking the container, Kirigaya tells her that it is nothing and thank you, he’ll accept this. Just when she is going to ask something, Kirigaya asks if he has to return the container after eating it so can she tell him her address.. Rino interrupts him by laughing and telling him that it is alright, it costs only 100 yen so there’s no need to return it because it’s cheap anyway. “If you dislike it and it is in the way, just throw it away, okay?”
Rino is puzzled when dark frowning Kirigaya looks away. Kirigaya smiles again towards Rino and starts to take her grocery bag. He asks if it is heavy and he’ll help her carry it. “Is your house nearby?” Just when Kirigaya is walking ahead, Rino realizes something and wonders if this is.. Rino quickly grabs her grocery bag back and apologizes for not immediately noticing it. “This is about Chihiro, right?” Surprised Kirigaya says, “Ha? About..that” Waving her hand, Rino says that it is okay, she understands. “Even if you don’t do this thing, I will also help you give the letter to her. Don’t mind, okay? Just tell me and I’ll help you convey it to her. When you need me, just tell me okay? Bye!” Kirigaya tries to call her but Rino has already hurriedly gone out of the door. Kirigaya is still puzzled over the mention of Chihiro. Then, he notices something at his shoe. It is the frog prince doll. He picks it up and looks at it. That night, on bed, Chihiro suddenly thinks of Hinase. She sits up in surprise and exclaims that it is because Rino mentioned some strange stuff that she made him think of that guy. “He is obviously only teasing me.. He is obviously a detestable guy. Why am I always thinking of him! The one I like is Nanjou-kun! Even if it is already hopeless.. It will be summer vacation soon.. And afterwards, Nanjou-kun will perhaps slowly forget about me.. *falling asleep* And as time passes, perhaps I will also forget about him. Gradually and slowly, fading away from memory.. So-called unrequited love turns out to be like this..” The scene changes to the subway station, [probably winter or autumn since they are wearing thick clothes], Chihiro checks her things – Murasakinoue [guesswork from 紫上] Academy exam certificate, things for the study[/test], and bento box. Chihiro exclaims that there’s no problem, everything is complete and nothing is missing. Rino laughs and says that she did that for the third time already. Chihiro tells her that she is feeling a bit nervous. Rino says that it can’t be helped. Then, Rino is surprised when Chihiro exclaim in surprise. Chihiro has forgotten her gloves. Rino says that it is already too late to notice it now. Chihiro says that it seems that there are a lot of people there. Rino tells her that during exam period, it is like this everyday and thinking of it, it is quite discouraging. Chihiro asks if they are going to change trains at the third platform. Rino says yes, and in front is the fourth platform. Rino warns that it is at the same place so she better pay attention or else, she’ll make a mistake. Chihiro says that it is good for both sides are getting ready to depart. Pointing to one side, Rino tells her that they are getting on. Chihiro says okay. Then, a guy passes by Chihiro and accidentally drops his glove. Chihiro notices this so she picks up the glove and calls out to the guy that he dropped his glove. The guy turns around and it turns out to be Hinase. The two are surprised to see each other. Chihiro hears the announcement that the train is departing.
Suddenly, there are a lot of people squeezing Chihiro that Hinase pulls her to the side of the train and exclaims if she is alright. When the train door closes, Chihiro hears Rino, outside of the train, shouting that that it is this side. Chihiro is in shock that the wrong train is leaving with her in it. “No way, open the door.” While it is announced where the train will go, Hinase says that this is bad for it is the wrong one. Chihiro looks at him. With a tear on her eye, she says that it is because he pulled her in, that she is riding on the wrong train. “And by the way, how come you are here!” Hinase says that he is helping her so why is she angry and anyway, it is already inevitable that they are already riding on the train. Chihiro says that at first she wanted to temporarily thank him but it turns out that it is because of his glove that she.. Hinase thanks her for picking it up for him. He tells her that she should have left it for the train won’t stop during boarding. Flustered Chihiro mutters that it is easy for him to say.. She thinks that this is really bad, why did she meet him again. “Why did I bump into Hinase again!? Ah, and if I’m late, what should I do. I’ll fail.” Chihiro suddenly realizes something. She asks him, “Ah.. this is only my guess.. are you going to take an exam at some school?” Hinase asks back, “It shouldn’t be Murasakinoue Academy, right?” Chihiro goes into shock. “It turns out.. it is already over..my spring has ended. <- even if I haven’t gotten in yet, and also haven’t taken the exam. I’ve been cursed, possessed, by Hinase..!” Chihiro gloomily mutters that going into the same high school as he is, maybe it is okay for her not to take the exam given the situation and this is also good. Hinase tells her what’s with that, it can put someone in a bad mood. Someone bumps into Chihiro and Hinase quickly helps her balance by somewhat hugging her and using his hand on the wall to support them. He says that is dangerous and is she alright. This made Chihiro blush. While Hinase looks at her, she takes her bag and hugs it tightly, to somewhat cover her face. Chihiro curses why things turn out this way. “He’s too near. By the way, was Hinase this tall.. Why the heck am I thinking that!” Hinase smiles mischievously and says, “Hey, there’s something sticking on your face.” Putting down her bag, Chihiro touches her face and says, no way. Hinase tells her no, it is on the right, further right. Chihiro asks where it is. Hinase laughs and says wrong, wrong, it is here. Touching her lips with his finger, Hinase says, “It is sticking here. On your mouth.” Chihiro looks surprised. Hinase starts laughing and asks if she the type who is easily deceived. Chihiro blushes in embarrassment for he is unexpectedly teasing her. Just when she is about to throw her bag at him, the train suddenly jerks to the side. Since she is losing her balance, Chihiro grabs on Hinase’s scarf and leans on him. She is surprised when Hinase comments that she is really proactive[/lively]. She looks up in surprise to find her lips on Hinase’s neck which was exposed since she pulled his scarf down. Chihiro goes !? Blurb: “No way!! Ki..kissed-!!!”
Scans by 深雪汉化组.