September 26, 2012

Akai Ito [Chapter 1]

Originally posted @ on September 25, 2012

Cover page: “Following the tangled and complicated thread, searching towards the other side, and finally, I will catch you.” At a restaurant, Jr. high Chihiro is scowling at arrogant looking Hinase. Narration: “Now that I think back on it, the impression of the first time I’ve met him is really horrible.” At a school’s kendo dojo, Nanjou is in a practice kendo duel with someone. Fangirls are screaming over how cool Nanjou is after he hits his opponent on the head with his shinai. Nanjou bows to his opponent. He sits with the others and removes his helmet. Looking at him, Chihiro happily thinks that Nanjou is also cool today that he didn’t make any mistakes. “He’s too perfect..” Then, she notices some fangirls outside exclaiming over how Nanjou looks without his glasses and they should take a picture. Glaring Chihiro faces them and tells them that it is forbidden to take pictures. She darkly tells them that they are distracting the attention of the others so if they want to cheer, they should keep quiet. “If you purely want to cheer, then you are VERY WELCOME to do so.” The two scared fangirls apologize to her. They say that girl [Chihiro] is so scary when she glared at them. They know her as the manager, a third year student and they will be in trouble if she remembers them. As they run off, Chihiro thinks that they aren’t going to cheer anymore and she didn’t glare at them. Chihiro sighs over this. Rino arrives with some beverages for the team to drink during the break. Chihiro thanks her for the help. Chihiro apologizes to Rino for asking her to bring the clothes [kendo uniforms] to the others and she has already repaired the torn ones. Carrying the clothes, Rino asks if Chihiro did all of it and isn’t it tiring. Rino suggests that Chihiro directly brings the clothes to the others and surely, they will be happy about it. Chihiro tells her to forget about it because if she is the one who gave it to them, they will be very nervous and it is best that they didn’t know that she was the one who repaired them. Rino asks why. Chihiro says that it is because they are very afraid when she was intently sewing at the dojo so she ended up sewing it at home. Scene: Looking really gloomy and serious, Chihiro is saying, ‘One needle, one thread, sewing in one’s feelings thoughts’. [<- as if she is cursing them =P ]. End scene. Rino asks isn’t it because they are just shy. Chihiro tells her that no one would dare look straight at her eyes so forget it, anyway, she is already used to it. Rino innocently says that it is because Chihiro is a bishoujo [beautiful girl] so everyone has that kind of attitude, so she shouldn’t mind it.

Taking something from her pocket, Rino tells Chihiro that she might not have noticed that she has a lot of secret fans. “Look, today someone had asked me to give you a love letter again. Here.” Chihiro has a not so thrilled expression. Holding the letter, Chihiro tells Rino that even if someone asked her to but there is no need to help him give that letter to her every time. Rino asks if Chihiro doesn’t think that a love letter isn’t something that is easily written so she cannot just refuse at will. Opening the letter, Chihiro says that Rino is truly nice and she likes that about her. Rino giggles and thanks her. She asks Chihiro what is written inside. Chihiro becomes gloomy for the note says, ‘Please reprimand me. 1-B Mayama Kenji’ [guesswork from 間山建二]. Chichiro exclaims why, why is it that she always get that kind of letter every time. “Is it some sort of joke? I really hope that this is just a mischief.” [Hehe, if it isn’t a joke, those guys must be M(asochists) =P] Preparing to go home, Chihiro tells Rino that before, it was even written about ‘interested in being censured by someone’ and compared to this, she would rather that people are afraid of her. Rino tells her that maybe that guy is attracted Chihiro that he is the type to pay attention to her. “And, maybe he is a nice person, right? He is even nice enough to write his section and name. So perhaps, he is quite trustworthy.” Frowning, Chihiro tells Rino that she’s overly optimistic. “Forget it, I also like that about you.. In short, I will write a proper rejection letter.” Rino comments that obviously there are a lot of people, who doesn’t give back a reply letter. She happily hugs Chihiro’s arm and exclaims that she also likes that side of Chihiro. Chihiro blushes over that. Chihiro says that she remembered something that she wants to give her. Chichiro takes out a frog prince doll strap. Rino exclaims that it is a frog Kero doll. Chihiro says that while sewing the clothes yesterday, she conveniently made Rino’s favorite doll. Rino asks if she can take it. Chihiro says that she made it especially for her. Taking the doll, Rino happily thanks Chihiro and says that she’ll hang it on her bag. “But, it seems to be a bit too realistic? Compared to the original version, this one is more dark [<- not cute?]” Chihiro tells her that it is an experiment but next time, she’ll make a perfect one. They pass by a newly open donburi [Japanese “rice bowl dish" consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice. Source: wiki] restaurant called Niko (Niko) [/All Smiles]. Rino says that she is a bit hungry. Chihiro says that it isn’t quite a good idea for it is mostly guys inside. Peeking inside, Rino says that it seems like a neat place, and if they meet guys that they know, it is indeed embarrassing. Chihiro says that is right.. Then, she notices a poster outside. There is a 50% discount on the food + free miso soup to commemorate the opening of the store. The two girls look at each other.
They go inside and are relieved that there are no students from their school there. Preparing to eat at their table, Chihiro comments that Rino had unexpectedly ordered a special [big serving of what seems to be gyudon = beef and onion on rice]. Rino comments that didn’t Chihiro also ordered a rich Tendon [tempura shrimp and vegetables on rice.] Chihiro says that isn’t this very good, anyway, they should just quickly eat. Both girls say, “Itadakimasu~” Just when the girls are about to take their first bite of the food, a group of guys including Hinase and Kirigaya come in. They are saying that it is pleasant inside, alive again, so hungry, and where they are going to sit. Hinase says that any place as long as it is empty. The girls are a bit tense for it is a team. One of the guys [Hinase?] asks someone to treat him for he forgot his wallet. Someone wants to order curry rice. Another one wants roasted pork rice. Then, Hinase wants a dare of finishing the food within 5 minutes and the one, who can’t, will treat them. Kirigaya refuses for he wants to eat at his own pace. Hinase says that he is a killjoy. Chihiro thinks that they are so noisy and she isn’t good in dealing with those kinds of people. She tells Rino to quickly eat. Rino says, yes. Preparing to put some shichimi [7 spice condiment] on her food, Chihiro wants to avoid any eye contact at all costs or else, they’ll get into some troublesome stuff. She hopes that her hair can hide her face. Then, someone bumps on her. Hinase apologizes. Unfortunately, he had made her spill the shichimi on her food. Chihiro is horrified. Hinase turns to look at her and says that didn’t she put in quite a lot. Chihiro is angry by this for it is his fault that this happened. As Hinase and others go to their seat, Chihiro wonders who that guy is. Rino tells dark Chihiro not to force herself to eat that. With her mouth full, Chihiro says that it is alright. Chihiro is also irritated that Hinase is sitting so near to her as if it is inevitable. Hinase comments that Shichimi [referring to Chihiro] is such a big eater. Chihiro is embarrassed and glares at him. Hinase says, “Ha?” He then says that he is scared that he got glared at. “So scary~~ Kirigaya~~” Kirigaya tells him that he’s gross and don’t hug him. The others ask what they are doing and start laughing. Chihiro is quite embarrassed. She thinks, “So I’m saying that I wasn’t glaring. It’s true. And what was that just now? If I knew earlier, I would have quickly finished eating and left.” Rino says that it seems that those guys are from North Jr. High [北中]. Chihiro says that it seems so. The guys are talking about the hard practice which Kirigaya thought is typical. Hinase says that no wonder it is Kirigaya. Someone says that he did 185 push ups. Kirigaya says that he did 192. Chihiro says that the guys look ordinary. Rino wonders out loud if North Jr. High has a higher rate of good looking guys. Chihiro says who knows, but perhaps, inside, they are idiots. Then, Rino says, ah. Turning away, Rino timidly tells Chihiro, “Behind.. He’s behind..” Chihiro is puzzled. Hinase asks them if they are from South Jr. High [南中], judging from their uniform. “What year are you?” Wondering why he is starting a conversation with them, Chihiro timidly says that they are third year. Rino whispers to Chihiro if this is the so-called ‘hitting on someone’ and what should they do? Chihiro says what to do, isn’t he is hitting on Rino, but Rino says that he’s hitting on Chihiro.
Hinase taps on Chihiro’s shoulder and asks if she is listening. Chihiro is startled for he is already leaning on her table. Hinase says that he is asking if she knows third year Nanjou from the kendo club. Chihiro mutters Nanjou. Hinase happily says that’s right, that tall, glasses guy. While wondering if they knew each other, Chihiro says that he can say that they know each other. Bending down at the corner of the table, Hinase exclaims, “Really? Then, next time you meet him, remember to tell him that North Jr. High’s Hinase Akira [guesswork from 祥] *sparkling* is really anticipating this upcoming practice competition.” Chihiro thinks that he is too close to her that she instinctively backs away. She accidentally bumps on Rino who almost fell down but Kirigaya catches her. The two look at each other. Then, blushing Rino stands up by herself. Chihiro apologizes to Rino and asks if she is alright. Rino says that she is okay. Chihiro keeps on apologizing and says that they should go home. Kirigaya quietly looks at them before apologizing for being sudden and for the strange stuff that this guy *pointing to Hinase* is saying. “Please don’t mind what he said just now, about passing that message.” Hinase grumbles at Kirigaya for saying that. Rino looks back at the guys. Hinase calls out, “Hey, Shichimi. *arrogant smile* Just now, it isn’t ‘hitting on you’, so I’m really sorry, okay?” Chihiro goes ha, and thinks that he’s really awful. While walking home, Chihiro angrily complains to Rino as to who that guy is and it is really unbelievable that he unexpectedly knows Nanjou. “And, so what if he is also into kendo? I really detest him that I really don’t want to encounter him at the practice competition.” Rino laughs and says that it seems he is Hinase and he found out that they made a mistake about him hitting on them. Chihiro says that this isn’t something that will go away with a laugh and she was really ashamed. Rino tells her that if they look close at those two, they are really good looking and even if they are hitting on them, they must have been looking at Chihiro. Chihiro tells Rino to stop what she is saying and for Rino to say it that way. “Since you kept on being bothered about them, could it be that you..” Waving her hand, Rino says no, not at all, she only thought that Kirigaya looks really like ‘Blue Love’ [青戀; the kanji used can be blue or green, I decided on blue.]’s Kyouya [guesswork from 恭也]. Holding up a manga to Chihiro to a page where a girl wants to confess to Kyouya, Rino says, “See, aren’t they alike?” Chihiro frowns and looks bored. Chihiro says that isn’t this manga, and Rino still likes ‘Blue Love’. Rino says that the next issue is coming out soon. Chihiro tell her to lend it to her. Rino asks if she also likes it. Chihiro says that it is because Fujimi [guesswork from 富士見] is very good looking. Rino says that Fujimi isn’t bad at all.
Looking up the sky, Rino sighs and says that having a boyfriend is definitely very fun. “Ah, forget it, it doesn’t matter..” Chihiro sadly glances at Rino and tries to tell her something but Rino asks about Chihiro confessing to Nanjou. Chihiro looks surprised. She looks away and says that apparently, she hasn’t thought of it. Rino exclaims in disbelief. At the dojo, while watching Nanjou practice, Chihiro recalls what Rino told her. Rino said that as third year students, after the end of summer season’s big competition, they will disband. And, they are in different sections so it is possible that they won’t have an opportunity to see each other again. End recollection. Chihiro thinks that is true, until now, she is okay with being like this, watching Nanjou from the side but later on, is this really okay. “What do I want to do?” The other students are talking to each other about what Nanjou have done since Chihiro is always viciously glaring at him. “How.. how scary..” Then, Chihiro notices a box of drinks at the side. She takes one of the drinks and decides to go for it. While Nanjou is wiping his sweat, Chihiro timidly calls out to him and offers him the drink. She is holding out the drink while looking away..around 2 meters away from Nanjou. The other guys think that it is too far away. “If you want it, come and get it yourself? Is that what you mean, Tachibana-senpai?” Nanjou says that voice, is it Tachibana. Chihiro turns around to Nanjou and tries to apologize for she is on this side. Nanjou is looking at the other side =P Putting on his glasses, Nanjou apologizes. Chihiro timidly tells him good job, and here is a drink. Chihiro blushes a bit when their fingers touch as he took the drink. Chihiro is so nervous over this even if it isn’t her first time to give a drink to him. Nanjou smiles and thanks her. This surprised Chihiro that she thanks him back. Nanjou laughs and asks why she is thanking him. Embarrassed, Chihiro mutters that is right. Chihiro frantically wonders what to do for this is a good opportunity to talk with Nanjou. “If I didn’t say anything, Nanjou-kun will walk away. Hurry, say something.” Chihiro blurts out, “He..he said, that he’s anticipating!!” Nanjou asks, what. Mentally calling herself an idiot for not even mentioning who that person is, embarrassed Chihiro says that person is called Hinase, and he wants her to tell him that he is really anticipating the practice competition when both of their schools.. Nanjou asks, “Hinase is?” Chihiro looks at Nanjou who asks again, “Who is Hinase?” Chihiro tells him that it is someone from the kendo club of North Jr. High and it seems that he is a third year student. “Yesterday, that person asked me to tell this to you..” Nanjou says that he seems to have heard the name Hinase somewhere but he doesn’t know anyone from North Jr. High. Chihiro is embarrassed for she was being tricked by Hinase. Nanjou says that he doesn’t know what’s going on but he is really sorry that she is made to pass this message. “Good job, too, Tachibana. Don’t force yourself too much, okay?” Chihiro says ya. Looking at her hand, Chihiro thinks that Nanjou is really nice. He directly looked at her, smiled, and their fingers touched. While Chihiro is giggling, she overhears the others [kouhai] exclaiming that Rino is really an angel for when did she help them mend their uniforms. They say that Rino is quite feminine, cute and it feels like they are cured by her. Chihiro looks a bit sad about this.
Then, she perks up when they started wondering if Rino has a boyfriend. Someone says that even if they haven’t asked but she ought to be very popular. Another one said, yes and he heard that there is a huge scar on her foot. One of the guys is in disbelief over that and what kind of wound could have caused that a scar. Chihiro looks surprised. The other guy says that he doesn’t know what kind of wound was it but it seems to be on the thigh so they can’t see it. They lament that it is such a waste if it is true because Rino is quite cute. Chihiro darkly calls their attention and tells them that the break is over. Looking scared, the three guys quickly apologize and say that they are leaving. Chihiro bows her head and laments over scaring people again. She becomes aghast upon remembering Hinase teasing her that it is scary for he got glared at. Chihiro wonders why she thought of that guy and it wasn’t glaring, it is eye-to-eye. Noticing her expression, Rino asks Chihiro what’s up. Embarrassed Chihiro tells her that it is nothing. She thinks that even if she is frustrated over it but thanks to that guy, she manages to get to talk with Nanjou so she won’t bother about it today. Then, someone tells Chihiro to clean everything within the day. At South Jr. High school, Hinase exclaims, “How come Shichimi is here?” Chihiro darkly glares at him. Hugging himself, Hinase exclaims, “Ah! I’m going to turn into stone.” This infuriates Chihiro further. She thinks that this guy really makes her angry. Kirigaya apologizes for Hinase and greets them yoroshiku [under your care]. While putting their shoes in the locker, Hinase tells Chihiro to at least mention that she is the team manager and how come they have two managers. He asks if man is truly called sad [/lonely] since they don’t even have one manager. Gesturing to the side, Chihiro lamely tells them that the dojo is at that side so they can go and prepare first. Hinase angrily shouts for her not to ignore him. Looking away, Chihiro pouts and thinks that is because he called her Shichimi. Then, Rino notices that Kirigaya is looking at her. Kirigaya slightly nods at her and she nods back in acknowledgement. Later on, at the dojo, fangirls are screaming for Hinase and Kirigaya, who have changed to their kendo uniform, over how handsome they are, they want to cheer for them and they looked at their side. Chihiro comments that those guys are quite famous. Rino says that it is because those guys are eye-catching so it is normal for them to attract the other school’s girls and cause an uproar. Rino informs Chihiro that Kirigaya lost to Nanjou in the local individual competition and he became stronger for it seems that he is always ranked among the best in major competitions. And, about Hinase, he started learning kendo upon entering Jr. High and she heard that every year, they get a reward in team competitions because of his contribution. Also, it seems that he is a runner-up in local competitions. Chihiro doesn’t believe that Hinase actually contributed. Then, she glances at serious Hinase who is posing with his shinai. Chihiro thinks that it is such a beautiful posture. Hinase smiles like a businessman at the fangirls. This made Chihiro frown. She is sad that Nanjou is absent today.
Later on, a teacher is telling everyone there that this is the first friendly competition between South Jr. High and North Jr. High. For the graduating students who will join the national competition, they can use this practice as an opportunity to compare notes [/learn by interaction]. While the teacher is still talking, Hinase goes and calls out to Chihiro and asks where Nanjou is. Chihiro is surprised when he approaches her. Hinase asks if he isn’t around. While wondering what this is, Chihiro asks if he doesn’t know. Hinase tells her that he really anticipated competing with Nanjou. Chihiro tells him to please don’t talk to her. Hinase asks if she had properly passed the message to Nanjou. Chihiro says that she did and Nanjou fundamentally doesn’t know him. Hinase replies that they only met each other in last year’s major competition. Chihiro says that since it is like that, please don’t ask someone to help him pass a message for she thought that they knew each other. Hinase says that no, that guy is quite strong so he just wants to know let that guy know the name of his future opponent. Chihiro exclaims what is that. The teacher shouts that they are not allowed to whisper around or else, do they want to clean the dojo floor with a rag after practice? The two says no. Hinase tells Chihiro that she shouldn’t talk with him. Chihiro shouts back that he obviously was the one who first talked with her. The teacher shouts that they would even keep on talking. Later on, Chihiro is on her knees wiping the floor with a rag. The two laments, “Why do I have to.. *look at each other* ..ha?” Chihiro notices that Hinase is standing up and using his foot to wipe the floor with the rag. Throwing the rag on his face, she shouts for him not to use his foot. Holding the rag, Hinase angrily shouts that it is dirty and it stinks. He exclaims that she also has no right to tell others that and don’t throw this at him. Chihiro shouts for him to properly clean. Three guys wishes Hinase gambatte and says that everyone is waiting for him. Someone offers to help him but Hinase says that there is no need for that because he will quickly deal with this and go. Chihiro sighs and thinks that it would be better if he did that from the start. Then, she overhears someone asking what happened to Nanjou for the practice competition is already over. Chihiro quickly looks out the window and exclaims, “Nanjou-kun!?” Hinase turns to look at her. Nanjou apologizes for not contacting first about being absent and it is because there is an emergency at the student union[/council] that he can’t just leave nor able to go and contact someone. The teacher says forget it because it isn’t an official competition but next time, he better remember to ask someone to contact them. Nanjou says yes and he’s sorry. Blushing a bit, Chihiro says that it’s great that he came. Looking surprised, Hinase asks, “You like Nanjou?” This made Chihiro blush a bit and says, “Ah..” Pointing at her, Hinase laughs and asks if he guessed it right. This made her flustered. Then, some of her kouhai exclaim in disbelief that Chihiro likes Nanjou. Looking out the window, Hinase tells Chihiro to introduce him to Nanjou for anyway, this is a good place to do it. “Ah, he’s gone! Where did he run off to? Hey, Shichimi, tell me.” Chihiro angrily thinks that she hates this guy the most.
Soon, it is the 43rd Kanzaki [神崎] district Jr. High kendo competition. Nanjou manages to hit the opponent at the side and the referee ends the match. Rino happily holds on to Chihiro’s arm and exclaims that it is great, for the first time, they got through the team competition finals. Chihiro gloomily says, ya. Her kouhai are saying to look at Chihiro who is looking gloomier and that means, it is too early to be happy. In the end, she is the same as usual so saying that she likes Nanjou ought to be a lie. Chihiro thinks that she wants to cheer for Nanjou and talk to him but because that guy said it (Hinase asking if she likes Nanjou), Nanjou must have probably heard about her liking him from his teammates and that must be the meaning of why he won’t talk with her. Chihiro darkly grinds her teeth. Rino tensely calls out to Chihiro and tells her to look which school they are going to compete against next. It is North Jr. High. Chihiro angrily curses for right now, Hinase is the one whom she doesn’t want to see the most and why is he here. Pointing at the board, Rino tells Chihiro that her younger brother Yuu-chan’s school also won. Chihiro tells Rino that she has the urge to eat until she is totally full. Rino says that the next competition will be after lunch break so why not use this time to go see Yuu-chan. Chihiro says okay, Rino go see Yuu-chan and she’ll go buy their lunch. She blames Hinase for making her want to eat a lot that the food she brought isn’t enough. Chihiro gloomily says, later. Rino thinks that Chihiro ought to be okay. Rino looks back at the chart and she blushes over Kirigaya Ren [guesswork name from 蓮] who won against a certain Tousaki Daito [guesswork name from 藤崎大翔]. At the gate, Chihiro is trying to cover her face with her hair. She thinks that North Jr. High guys shouldn’t be outside and she doesn’t want to be asked this and that. It would be quite awkward and the one she doesn’t want to see the most is Hinase. Just when she turns around, someone calls out, Hinata [guesswork name from 日向]. While Chihiro wondering what is Hinata, Hinata is telling someone that as he said, he apologized for knocking him down. A dark colored hair guy says that it is because he knocked him down, he had twisted his foot and how is he going to compensate that they have lost the competition. Hinata says that he only lightly knock him down so how could he have twisted his foot. Putting his arm around Hinata, the dark colored hair guy says that it seems that he is North Jr. High’s first year student and they always consider them as a hindrance that they are quite unhappy that they can’t be number 1. Light colored hair guy tells Hinata about calling that frivolous Hinase there. “So how about you guys lose for us, like in the next match? Or, how about calling that Hinase here and we’ll forgive you.” Chihiro wonders what these guys are saying. The light haired guy pushes Hinata and shouts for him to quickly say what he wants to do. Chihiro goes out to face them and shouts that they are too mean for suddenly threatening someone. “Do you want me to call someone!?” The guys asks who she is and why is she hindering them. “Which Jr. High are you from? Ah, isn’t this girl from South Jr. High?” Chihiro gloomily thinks that this is bad for she just did that at the spur of the moment. One of the guys threaten her to go ahead and call someone if she doesn’t want the guys from her school to compete.
By the forested area, Hinase pops the package of what seems to be a rice cracker. While he eats it, he glances at his teammate who is eating a bento. His kouhai tells Hinase that it is useless even if he keeps looking so if he wants to eat something, he should say it directly. Pleading for a fried chicken, Hinase says that Yamada [guesswork name from 山田] is amazing and they are mutually attached♡ Yamata says that it should be mutually sensitive. Another kouhai tells Hinase to look behind him for it looks like a competitor is going lovey-dovey there. At some distance from them, there is a couple hugging and kissing each other. They say that it is amazing, which Jr. High are they from, and hopefully, the couple turns to their side. Hinase says that during a major competition, they would even still have some idle time to.. “Ha? No way..! ..that guy has a relationship--” [The kissing guy looks a bit like Nanjou] Then, one of Hinase’s kouhai calls out to him and tells him that Kota [guesswork name from 古田] got in trouble with some guys from Yamajou Jr. High [guesswork name from 山城] and right now, he is in a dangerous situation. Back to Chihiro, she thinks that she is really unlucky. The Yamajou guys are asking Chihiro why she is helping, is she Hinase’s stalker, is she Hinase’s fan, so what’s this about, why don’t she say something. Chihiro gloomily thinks why it is Hinase again and just now, these guys are going Hinase this and Hinase that. Chihiro shouts for them to stop while they’re ahead. Then, Hinase arrives and asks how come Chihiro is there. This startles Chihiro. Pointing at her, Hinase asks again why she is there and she is even shouting. Chihiro says that he is asking what she is doing. Pointing at him, Chihiro exclaims that she is yelling and so what, it is all his fault because bumping into him is such a bad thing [for her]. “Thanks to you, I got bafflingly told that I’m your fan or whatever, and that it is really troubling for me. Do you know that?” Hinase replies, “Ha? Baffling, when did I become these guys’ fans.” Chihiro corrects him, “No, these guys are your fans!” Turning to the Yamajou guys, Hinase says, ‘ha’ while Chihiro asks is that so. [<- it seems that they just heard wrong about the fans or not really listening so it ended up that way =P] Light haired guy shouts no, don’t casually say that they are Hinase’s fans and the two of them are wrong. Looking serious, Hinase asks what did their first year student do to them. Dark haired guy says that their first year injured him and caused him to twist his foot. Pointing to the guy’s foot, Hinase asks if that is true, so how about he jump and let him see if it is true, then he’ll apologize for it. “So, try jumping here, quick.” The guy angrily says, ha. Chihiro tells Hinase not to provoke them for those guys want to.. Hinase tells Chihiro to go since this has nothing with her, and isn’t there still a competition. Chihiro exclaims that isn’t he also.. Hinase interrupts and tells her to quickly leave, as well as Kota [Hinata]. Seeing Hinase looking serious, Chihiro and Kota decide to leave. Chihiro looks back and looks worried. A bit flustered, Chihiro thinks that he unexpectedly wants to be cool by his lonesome. The Yamajou tells Hinase that he really infuriates them for acting cool because he’s in front of a girl. They think he is an eyesore for attracting girls’ attention and foolishly smiling at them. Looking at the side, Hinase sighs and says, what, it is because of this. Putting his hands on the back of his head, Hinase exclaims how boring for he had already guessed this but then, generally, they are truly too boring. With a cocky look, Hinase says, “I’m really sorry that I’m so popular, okay?” This infuriates the two.
Back at the competition, Rino is excited for their match is coming up next. Chihiro is worried that Hinase hasn’t come back yet. She wonders if the situation is serious and in the end, she should have told the teacher about it. Chihiro becomes more nervous when Rino mentions that Hinase isn’t around and the North Jr. High are talking about it. Then, the North Jr. High students are shouting at Hinase as to where he had run off to. Hinase sheepishly apologizes and says that he went to the toilet. They say that he stayed there for too long and it’s great that he returned. Chihiro is relieved that Hinase is alright and wonders why she is so relieved about it. Meanwhile, serious Hinase is looking at his right foot. And after a couple of matches, it is a tie between North and South Jr. High. The last match will be between Hinase and Nanjou. Rino exclaims that the other side isn’t taking this lying down and they are really dueling to win. Chihiro says yes. Worried Chihiro thinks that if Nanjou wins, they will be able to get in the finals. “I obviously should be happy but how come my heart feels tight.” She thinks of Hinase. Soon, the match begins. Nanjou immediately manages to hit Hinase’s head. Everyone is surprised and Rino comments that Nanjou is quick enough that his attack connects just at the start of the match. At the second round, Hinase manages to block Nanjou’s attack but his foot hurts that Hinase wavers a bit. Chihiro nervously wonders if there is a problem with Hinase’s foot and did those guys did something to him. Hinase mentally curses and lunges forward to hit Nanjou’s head. Unfortunately, he felt a sharp pain on his foot and he fell down. The referee penalizes Hinase with a foul for falling outside the ring. The others lament that it is over because time is already up. So, South Jr. High won the semi-finals and they are going to advance to the finals of the male group competition. While her teammates are excited over the win, Chihiro is watching Hinase who apologizes to his teammates for the defeat. Outside, Hinase is all alone and he covers his face. Chihiro watches him from the side. Then, she sees Hinase crying. He is surprised when Chihiro calls him. While looking away, Chihiro offers him a cold compress for injuries. Hinase lamely asks, “What is it, Shichimi..” This angers Chihiro. She tells him that it must have hurt so it would be better to put something cold on it. “Your foot.. Could it be that it is injured because you helped someone just now?” Hinase turns away and says that it is alright. “That incident just now has nothing to do with you so you don’t have to mind it. I’m the one who did it so you don’t have to be concerned.” Flustered Chihiro exclaims that she is just worried about him. Hinase shouts that it is enough for her to only worry about Nanjou. This made Chihiro blush and become more flustered. She asks why he would mention Nanjou’s name and does this have something to do with him. “How come in everything, you always mention him?! Why..” Hinase says, “Forget it, then how about this. *grabs her wrist* I won’t mention Nanjou, go steady with me.” Chihiro looks at him in surprise. Blurb: “Unknowingly, he actually has that kind of expression- Faced with Hinase’s confession, Chihiro will..?!”
If you read this 10+ pages worth of summary from a 90 paged chapter, thank you ^^ Scans by 深雪汉化.