September 6, 2012

The One [Chapter 93]

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Angus strips off his shirt and asks Ulysses if he likes the show. Ulysses asks what he is doing. Starting to take off his pants, Angus asks that doesn’t he want to play it more excitingly and for today, he can touch whatever he wants. Ulysses quickly stops Angus and shouts if he thinks of himself as a male prostitute. Angus claims that he is and of all people, Ulysses ought to know that. Looking aghast, Ulysses quickly grabs his shoulders [and pushes him on the wall?]. Ulysses shouts if this is his way of paying him back and towards the good that he did to him, Angus thought that everything is just an exchange for his body. He exclaims if in Angus’ eyes, he is like his father and those other despicable people. Angus calmly asks why he is so angry. He knows that Ulysses isn’t the same as the others. He only wants to give Ulysses what he wants and it is something that he can afford to give. Flustered Ulysses asks Angus if he knows what he wants. Then, Ulysses pulls Angus and shouts that he’s going with him. And, Ulysses brings him to the Eiffel Tower. Angus shouts why he brought him there. Ulysses asks if he has seen the night light show of the Eiffel Tower. There are some lovers there. Ulysses says that he had passed by the place a few days ago and he always wanted to go there with him. He wanted to date him there like lovers - going where lovers want to go, eating together, chatting, strolling or perhaps like right now, looking at the night scene together. “There’s no need for you to pay me back something, just naturally be with me. Is this request so hard?” Looking up, Angus says that the tower’s night lights are very beautiful. When he was working there before, he passed by it and he didn’t stand to view it at this angle. During the day, watching it from far away, it feels ice-cold and a beautiful blur but standing below it right now, it feels safe. And that is the feeling that Ulysses gives him. Angus admits that at first, he thought that Ulysses is like his father and during the short time that they are together, he felt safe while beside him. And, in this world, except for Eros and his mother, he trusted no one else. It is quite unexpected that he felt that way. To Ulysses’ dismay, Angus says, “But, it is still isn’t love.” He doesn’t know what love is for throughout his life, he never had that feeling. Angus thinks that he knows that there is gap in his life and only one person can fill it, except for Eros, he doesn’t need anyone else. Angus says that is why he said ‘don’t have any expectation from me’.

Trembling Ulysses holds Angus’ shoulder and rests his head on it. He says that is fine for at least, he isn’t an insignificant person to him. Ulysses tells him that he still doesn’t want to give up and he will fight bravely until their agreement ends. Then, Angus looks uneasy when Ulysses says that until then, regardless of what, he will use his own way to make Angus remember him for life. At Lele’s place, Lele asks Anji if he is going out again. Lele doesn’t want him to go because these past few days, she realized that he really is a party animal and the show will be on the day after tomorrow so they don’t have much time to be together and.. To her surprise, Anji invites Lele to go with him and she can consider this as a warm-up before the show. Anji says that they’ll see if they can trick his hairstylist friend. At the party, Anji screams at his friends for drinking ahead and didn’t wait for him. His two friends exclaim who this handsome guy is, is he his boyfriend. Anji thinks that they successfully pulled it off. Then, Anji’s male friend says that he brought a new friend. He introduces goddess Feidna to them. The friend is working with Feidna on a commercial that day and after working, he invited Feidna for a drink. Feidna says that she came just to see Anji. Feidna compliments Anji’s beauty. Anji answers back that Feidna is also beautiful that he hopes to be as beautiful as her after 20 years. Feidna is aghast for Anji is implying that she’s old. Anji whispers to Lele that he doesn’t like Feidna for acting like she is favoring him but with just one look, she is a hypocrite. Lele sweatdrops and wonders if Feidna doesn’t recognize her. And, Feidna finally recognizes her by saying that it turns out that Glenn’s other favored one is there. She says that if she didn’t look at Lele in detail, she wouldn’t have recognized her. She asks if Lele borrowed those clothes from Eros. Does he like for her to pretend as him? She didn’t know that Eros has that kind of eccentricity. Lele got angry as Feidna laughs. Lele says that he doesn’t have that eccentricity but rather, it is purely her way of showing her highest form of love. Posing, Lele shouts, ‘Love him so I’ll become like him!!” On the side, Eros mutters that he doesn’t make poses like that. Lele is surprised when Feidna starts laughing out loud over this ‘highest form of love’. Teary-eyed from laughing, Feidna tells her that it is best not to talk fully [/not be full of yourself] since Lele doesn’t know and it is best that she first don’t say ‘love him very much’ yet. Lele and Anji aren’t happy over what Feidna said. Flustered Lele asks Feidna what she meant by that.
Feidna says that Lele doesn’t know the true Eros. Lele asks on what basis she is saying that she doesn’t know Eros. Feidna slyly says that Lele would dare say that she knows everything about Eros. She asks if Lele is certain that Eros treats her completely without any reservations[/secrets?]. Lele is surprised. Looking aghast, Lele asks what does Feidna want to tell her. Feidna says that she wants to say that she [Feidna] and Eros are truly the suitable pair for only she can totally understand his everything. She asks Lele if she knew what Eros did while he was in Sweden. Does she know that he was Mandy’s lover? In the end, it didn’t go beyond her [Feidna] expectation. “Your expression is already saying that you obviously didn’t know the facts! How pitiful..” Lele mutters what nonsense is she talking about, she doesn’t believe her. Feidna holds Lele’s shoulder and whispers if she wants to see the proof. “I always know that Eros is a wild lover. The women who were smitten by him won’t lose to his younger brother! For him, Mandy is going to abandon her husband! Too bad someone send pictures of the affair to her husband.” Feidna shows Lele the pictures of Eros having sex with Mandy. Lele looks shock and aghast. Back in her house, Anji worriedly knocks at the closed bathroom door and shouts what happened. “Come out of there!!” Lele is looking at the pictures on her cellphone. Lele remembers Feidna telling her that it is the orders of Eros’ father to get near Mandy but who knows if it is just pretend or real between those two. And because of this, Mandy’s husband divorced her and she had lost everything for Eros. “But, she still deeply loves him!” Lele thinks that there is definitely a reason behind it. Lele calls Eros but his phone isn’t being answered and the machine tells her to call again. Lele quickly grabs her coat and goes out of the house. Seeing her, Anji calls out that it is already late, where is she going. While running outside, Lele doesn’t want to believe Feidna’s rhetoric and definitely, there is a mistake somewhere. Then, Lele sees crying Mandy talking with Eros and then, she hugging him. Shocked Lele hides at the corner. Lele starts to walk away and writes a text message to Eros if he has told her everything that has happened in Sweden, and did he forget anything else. She sends the message with hopes that Eros would tell her the truth. And, she receives a message from silver-eyed demon. He tells her that there is nothing more, and she already knows everything. He asks why she would suddenly ask about this. Lele bites her lips and starts to cry. Remembering Mandy touching Eros’ lips, Lele cries and thinks “As it turns out.. you really always deceive me-!!” Blurb: “Feidna got hold of Eros’ secret. Eros and Lele’s relationship is on the verge of being threatened...”
Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.