September 6, 2012

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 60] -Fin-

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Yukito says, “So, I solemnly request that we go steady--” Yukito looks smug and Kotori looks surprised, The audience are shouting that the first year really did great and they got what he said. “Where’s that girl!? I heard that it seems to be Kaji Kotori? Where are you, Kaji Kotori! Quickly come out, Kaji Kotori!” Kotori is blushing and is at a loss as to what to do. Yukito says on the microphone, “..Kotori, your answer is?” Blushing, Kotori shouts, “..I.. I also.. I also want to be with you forever!” The bystanders are surprised by her outburst. Yukito blushes a bit. Just when he is about to say her name, Kotori continues, “Even..Even if you always do H stuff, and making me feel uneasy. Even if there are times, I feel that you are an indecisive person. *Masaya and Natsume, who were there, look susprirsed* Even if in front of girls, you are always ogling! *Yukito mutters, ‘heh..’* But, despite all that, just seeing you smile, I’ll forgive you, or perhaps, I’m also happy.. *raises up hand* In.. in short, I also like you!” Embarrassed Yukito exclaims what the heck is that. “Are you complimenting me or are you scolding me? You would even say those things!” Masaya shouts, “Stupid! That is flirting!” Another guy shouts that is right, it is flirting. “Don’t be embarrassed- First year-” Natsume just nervously frowns over this. Yukito shouts back, “Brother, you’re still here!? Don’t recklessly say things!” Someone says, “Silly lovers- Very good! Silly lovers!” Kotori covers her face and becomes embarrassed to death over the stuff that she said. To her surprise, someone pushes her onstage so that the mood will heat up. Soon, Kotori is near the stage while still trying to protest a bit. Yukito holds out his hand to pull her up on the stage. Yukito says, “Thank you for your answer.. for you to tell me your feelings, I’m very happy.. Thank you..” They smile at each other. Someone shouts that there are still people watching them. Then, they start to shout for the two to kiss. To Kotori’s surprise, Yukito says that it can’t be helped then. Yukito removes his necktie. Holding it to Kotori, Yukito says, “Here. I’ll give this to you.”

Blushing Kotori stutters and says yes. Yukito tells her to tie it on him. This surprises Kotori. Yukito tells her quick, tie it on him. Soon, Yukito and the audience are urging Kotori to tie it on him. Kotori becomes nervous for she doesn’t know what to do because she only ties it on herself. Standing behind him, Kotori tries to tie the necktie but she is doing it too tightly that Yukito exclaims that he can’t breathe. Pulling away from her, Yukito calls her an idiot for she is trying to strangle him. Kotori exclaims that it is because she only tied it on herself and she couldn’t do it on someone else. This made the audience laugh. Yukito, together with Kotori, bows to them and apologizes that they won’t kiss right now, but in a moment, he will secretly kiss her. “Thank you, everyone!” The audience lament that it is already over. Among the audience, Masaya is holding his cellphone. He mutters, “Ah, youth..” Natsume asks him what he is recording. Masaya says that it is nothing, it is just for remembrance. Natsume tells him not to bully the two too much. Smiling Masaya says that if she goes on a date with him, he might let them off a bit. Natsume says. “Ha, who? With whom?” Masaya says that really hurts. “It is inevitable, since you’re refusing, then I only have to invite some other girl--” Blushing a bit, Natsume says that if it can be considered as thanks during the afternoon.. “As thanks for your help at the cafe, it is okay for me to accompany you a bit..” Masaya looks surprised and frowning Natsume looks serious. Masaya smiles. Natsume says, “I said that I’ll accompany you. It is only accompanying you a bit, and there’s no other meaning to it!” Masaya laughs and says okay- Meanwhile, Kotori tells Yukito that she’s scared of going to school tomorrow because everyone will absolutely tease them. Yukito laughs and tells her not to mind it but then, it was a pleasant surprise for her. Lightly hitting his shoulder, Kotori says that it really startled her for he would suddenly go up on stage and stuff. “Even if I’m very happy, but still, there isn’t much change..” Yukito holds her hand. He tells her that there is no class on Monday. “Let’s go on a date! I’ll bring along my motorcycle that I had been paying on installment. Let’s go out and have fun, then go to my house..” Kotori smiles and says, “Yes.. I’ll make a good bento box!”
At home, Kotori is writing notes from some cook books. She wonders what would be nice to make. “Fried chicken and tamagoyaki [rolled omelet] are a must. Yukito likes to eat meat, so I’ll make some meat-stuffed onigiri.. Monday (day after tomorrow)..” Human Kenken says that if she is regretting it, now is the time to do it. “If it is now, there is still time. If you regret it, it should be right now..” Holding the blanket tight, Kotori tells him that she doesn’t regret it. “Up until now, a lot of things had happened. I admit that I’m a bit afraid, but.. I also want to know more of Yukito. Hearing him confess during the cultural festival, I felt that in the end, I sincerely like Yukito. So, I want to properly cherish this feeling..” Kenken pats her head and says that it seems there is no problem. “Even if things aren’t the same as you’ve imagined, if it is you, just like right now, you can cross over it..” Kotori happily thanks Kenken. Later on, Kenken is etching on his bone with a blade, ‘Kaji Yukito is an idiot’. “..if he made her cry, everything will be over... That’s all there is to it..” On Monday, Kotori thanks Yukito for fetching her. “But, outside..” Drenched wet Yukito says that it started while he’s midway on the road. “Sorry, I still have not thought of where we’ll go..” Kotori says that they are truly alike for in the end, they still haven’t decided.. Ushering him in, Kotori tells her to go in first. “You’ll catch a cold, I’ll go get a towel.” Yukito just says, ya. Half-naked while drying himself with a towel, Yukito feels nervous for he hasn’t been in Kotori’s bedroom since summer. Kotori comes in with some tea. Acting normal while smiling, Kotori apologizes for it seems that he hasn’t finished changing. “Ah about that.. I’ll leave the tea here.. *puts the tray on the table* I’ll come back in a while!” Before she can leave, Yukito hugs her tightly. After blushing, Kotori asks what about the bento box. “Are we going to eat it here?” Yukito tells her that it is still too early. Kotori says that is right. Then, Yukito holds her chin and makes her face him. They kiss. After that, he hugs her tightly again. Kotori mutters his name that Yukito asks if she hates it. “If you hate it, then..” Kotori says no. “..I’m only a bit nervous, because it is with the one I like..” Yukito replies, “I’m also nervous.. and also a bit afraid, because it is with you..” They kiss again. He made her lie down on the bed. They kiss. Then, they were surprised by the sound of Kotori’s stomach growling. And, the two laugh over this. Narration: “Filled with anticipation, and premonition, on the verge of starting from here on.. the two of us, our unknown world--” The End.
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組. PS. Thanks for reading this series ^^