September 6, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 68]

Originally posted @ on September 4, 2012

While Misao is sleeping, she hears a voice calling out, ‘I want to see you. I want to see you.’ It is already night and Misao hasn’t wake up yet. The doctor nervously says that the effect of the medicine should have worn off and she should have quickly woke up but based on Misao’s look, the situation appears to be still not that good. Misao looks in pain. She says that they cannot be careless because she thinks that Misao’s facial color is becoming paler and paler. Kyo looks a bit nervous. As the doctor wipes her perspiration with a handkerchief, Sagami tells her that they will take care of Misao so she should get some rest. Kyo holds Misao’s hand tightly and calls out her name. Meanwhile, Misao felt that someone is calling somewhere but it is quite far away that she couldn’t hear it. “Who is it..?” She couldn’t distinguish it for she is within a darkness that cannot see anything. And it seems that it is getting darker. Her hands and feet are becoming cold that she couldn’t move them. She is gradually sinking in the dark, cold and lonely abyss. Suddenly, someone grabs her hand. She is surprised that a little boy is holding her hand and he starts to pull her along. While running with the boy, Misao wonders who it is and where are they going. The boy turns around. Misao is delighted for it is Kyo. She thought that Kyo is the one who was calling her just now even if he had become small. The boy glances at the side and Misao sees bandaged and wounded young Kyo who looks at a pool of water. He is glad that Misao is smiling. Then, there are various scenes of Kyo always thinking and doing things for Misao when he was 13, 15, 18 years old – the times that she doesn’t know. She also saw how Kyo tried his best in frustration to find a way to save her. He had continuously tightly surrounded her with [his] love. Standing by the door, older Kyo is waiting for Misao. Then, he perks up to see her and says that it turns out that she is already there. He holds out his hands and Misao hugs him. She thinks that it is so warm, it is incomparable..

Then, she looks surprised for she notices someone tugging on her kimono. She thinks that it isn’t Kyo’s hands and this boy isn’t Kyo. “Who are you..?” The boy whispers something to her. Then, Misao happily hugs the boy. And, Misao wakes up to see Kyo who is looking at her. Kyo calls out to her and says that she is finally awake. He asks her if she is uncomfortable anywhere and if she is in pain. Misao realizes that it was all a dream. She tells Kyo that it is alright, it no longer hurts. Kyo is a bit relieved. Then, he hugs her tightly. Misao blushes and thinks that it is so warm. She suddenly exclaims that Kyo pulls away and asks what it is. Misao says that she somewhat felt that the belly [/baby] moved. Kyo says that isn’t it too early to feel the baby moving. Holding her belly, Misao says that even if it is hard to say.. She smiles and tells Kyo that she has something to tell him. “This child is a boy. I saw him in the dream. *Kyo looks surprised* He himself also told me his name called ‘that one/NakoSou*’.” [*I translated it literally from Chinese ‘那個’. I don’t know if the name is supposed to be a secret or it is really like that. ^^; There is no such name in Japanese either but from the kanji, it can be ‘Nako’. According to Isara, it is written in hiragana as 'Sou/そう'] Kyo says that right now, it is still too early to know if it is a boy or a girl. Misao confidently says that she feels that she is right. Misao thinks that after learning of the Immortal Fruit’s end, it is the worst result if this child isn’t born. She was always thinking that it is good if this child can support Kyo but she has forgotten that she ought to truly dote on this child and this child [will] willing come and see her face to face, and willing stretch out his hands for them to embrace. Misao tells Kyo that in the end, she doesn’t want to be ‘preserved’ and she wants to be like this, to always live by Kyo’s side until the baby is born. Perhaps, he would say that she wants to die but with him at her side, and to be able to touch him like this, it made her feel more like she won’t die. Misao thought that little hand has guided her, telling her that this warmth is right. Misao says that Kyo said before that upon meeting again, they won’t part again. And, even if until now, they met up with many things[/problems], during that time just to be together, didn’t they look for the answer together. And it is because of that, they were able to be together right now. “Isn’t that so? Kyo..”
Misao holds on to him and starts to cry. Kyo closes his eyes and hugs her. He tells her that he will firmly remember her scent, warmth, softness, and voice. It is the proof that the girl whom he deeply loves from the bottom of his heart had existed. Holding her face to him, Kyo says, “Yes. Always until death, we’ll be together..” Holding a book, Zenki goes in the room and asks where Kyo is. Sagami tells him that Kyo is walking Misao home. Zenki exclaims, ‘again!’ While looking at some documents with Sagami, Houki says that Kyo and Misao walked around the courtyard a while ago. Zenki says that is the same as before, and anyway, it isn’t convenient to disturb them. Zenki asks if Kyo won’t look at this record on intelligence report that he got from the village but then, there isn’t much to report from it. Zenki observes that before, Kyo would forcefully pour himself into the documents and now, it is the extreme opposite. He asks if Kyo has given up on it and has accepted this outcome. After a pause, Sagami says that isn’t the case, Kyo hasn’t given up. Flashback: After Misao woke up, Ayame and the doctor attended to her. Kyo and Sagami are talking at the side. Kyo said that if one is to think of it in detail, no one knows of a way to prolong the immortal fruit’s life because there is no surviving immortal fruit up until now. And if they did think of a way, they can only just try it out and see [what happens]. Sagami agreed with him but there should be a way in this situation. Kyo said yes, but he thinks that there is no such life [form] that only preys and be born. Even if there are a lot of living things that in the end can be preyed on because it is small and powerless, but there are also a lot of ways that living things would strive to protect themselves. At one look, the immortal fruit’s demise is when she becomes their, youkai[/monsters], food, and compared to what they think, this is more in accordance to ‘way of life/ecology’. She will notice that she is surrounded by youkai fighting over her and she would think that the strongest youkai would come and protect her. And within the embrace of the chosen youkai, she will give him an even stronger power. At the same time, that power will become the guide to the child that will be born as such, [enable] the proper usage of one’s own power.
Kyo asked Sagami’s opinion on that sweet scent that she possesses. Sagami said that there is no other youkai that isn’t seduced by that scent, and she had good relationships with the children who were in contact with her. Kyo said that the more the husband dotes on her, the more she’ll give out this sweet scent that it made him think that the immortal fruit from start to end is a living thing that is appealing for love. Hoping to be loved, wanting someone to come and love her. One’s whole body and heart has been appealing for this, her only wish. “Since it is like this, perhaps, that is the way for the immortal fruit to continue on living. This way of thinking is correct, right.” End flashback. Sagami tells the others that Kyo told him that until the child is born, he’ll give it all his best[/strength] to realize Misao’s wish. And since that is what Kyo has decided on, Sagami says that they can only comply. Looking at the side, Zenki agrees. While walking, Misao happily says something to Kyo. Then, Kyo laughs as blushing Misao lightly hits him. He holds her face and kisses her. Narration: “Want to firmly believe that these happy times can make them live on.” Scans by 红莲汉化组.