September 8, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 14] + Side Stories 1-3

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Cover page: “To be like a fairy tale’s heroine, who is always weak, is no good.” Makoto is surprised by Iriya’s question over what she will do if she has fallen in love with him and everything is all fake. Makoto wonders if that means— Imagination: Two Iriya-s say that they are twins. The twin said that the nice one who is nice to her is Iriya B, and if things are getting bad, he would secretly switch with him and deal with the matter. And, the real him is actually wilder than Iriya B that there isn’t any bit of kindness in him. Makoto pats away the imagination and thinks, “No no no no, that is impossible and the meaning is vague. Right now isn’t the time to open the escape switch.” Bunny says that of course, just look at the mood. Makoto tells Iriya that she doesn’t quite understand what he is trying to convey to her. Iriya tells her that the girl who was his first love, told him, “Iriya-kun’s kindness seems kind of fake. *when they are about to break up* You always say that ‘You’re cute’ but I didn’t think whether or not this is true, and rather, I feel ‘these words will make me very happy’. You always smile and didn’t get angry. No matter what, you’ll prioritize me and you’ll fulfill my wishes. Even if I’m very happy about it but.. it gives me the feeling of being played into the palm of your hand. I wanted it to be more of listening to you getting angry and your true feelings. Occasionally, fight and later on, reconcile-type of thing.” After looking a bit tense, Makoto says that is because Iriya is overly perfect that the girl got scared type of thing, and if it is that, she can understand it a tiny bit. Iriya says no, it is very precisely what the girl said. “I’ve gotten used to it ever since I was young.. what the other wishes for, what the other would want to say. Unconsciously, I can only calculate and pull the others in[to a relationship]. I’ve always would observe other people’s words and actions.. And for you to think that I’m very good is generally because of this. I’m not at all nice.” Makoto looks surprised. Feeling confused, she asks if until now, everything is.. Looking serious, Iriya says that because knowing that she’ll find out, it will definitely hurt.. “So, not only you, from today on, no matter who it is, I don’t plan on going steady again. I’m sorry..”

Then, there is an announcement that the coastal fireworks display has ended and before going home, check if they have not left any of their belongings and please throw any garbage in the trash can. Makoto says that they should go because Uki and the others are waiting. While walking down the stairs, Makoto exclaims that it hurts. Iriya calls out to her. Makoto bends down and rubs her right foot since the skin got broken. Iriya offers to carry her on his back but Makoto refuses by saying that she is fine and she can walk by herself. Then, Makoto walks away. Along with the others, Uki calls out to Makoto and asks how the little boy is. Thinking that it obviously hurt but she must force a smile, Makoto flashes a v-sign and happily tells them that they’ve found the mother. While Uki is asking over what happened to Makoto’s foot, Yusa is quietly looking at Iriya who is looking at Makoto. Narration: “It felt like the time revolving around me has stopped. It feels as I had been abandoned by the world. The so-called feeling of being rejected unexpectedly felt like my feelings are very tranquil.” At home, Makoto is lying on the floor with her feet on the bed. She thinks that it is so hot and there is only 10 days left before summer vacation is over. “Upon the start of school, I can’t help but see him everyday.. What am I going to do, it’s too awkward.. Ah ah, I really want to melt in this heat.. And I also cannot tell Uki-chan and others that I was rejected.” The door opens, Rika calls out that she is back and the hotel shooting ended today. Holding a bag, Rika says that it is a souvenir for Makoto, a perfume. To Makoto’s shock, Rika exclaims that her room is so dirty and she looks quite haggard. Picking up the clothes on the floor, Rika tells her sister to tidy things up. Teary-eyed from extreme sadness, Makoto says anyway everything is really bad for her and her outlook also stinks. It was a vain attempt and her room is also dirty so of course, it is inevitable that she’ll be rejected. Puzzled, Rika asks if she was rejected, is it by Iriya. Sobbing Makoto says yes. Bending down to her, Rika asks if she said ‘I like you’, to Iriya and she was rejected by that same Iriya-kun. Looking up to her sister, Makoto says that is enough, don’t keep on saying it and even if she says that..
To Makoto’s surprise, Rika hugs her tight and exclaims that she’s so strong. Puzzled Makoto says that she just said that she got rejected. Rika exclaims that still, she is so strong. “Didn’t you properly conveyed your [like] feelings to him? You’re so strong and isn’t it amazing!!” Makoto thinks that she didn’t know when the negative feeling of inferiority had kept on pulling her [down] as if ever since she came to this world, she has been ignored. “I didn’t lower my head and I’ve properly look at him to say, ‘I like you’. Even if I wasn’t able to attain the answer, even if this is so.. I have really done my best.” Wiping her tears, Makoto happily thanks her sister. With a clenched fist, Rika exclaims, “Okay, you’re in good spirits, let’s go out-!!” Makoto goes huh. Pointing to Makoto, her sister exclaims that on her 16 year old summer, she had only gone out once. “That is like how a mouse tries to get through this and that won’t do at all!! Tidy things up! And, change your clothes!” Makoto timidly tells her that she is 15 years old. Rika says is that so, well, whatever, anything goes. It turns out that Rika is quite easy-going. While putting make-up on Makoto, Rika says, “When you’re not in a good mood, all the more you have to properly fix up yourself! Do not be overpowered by ‘I’m so pitiful’. Look!” Looking at the mirror, Makoto thinks that it is amazing for her eyelashes look longer and no wonder her sister is an idol. Rika grabs Makoto and exclaims, “Let’s ☆ go!!” At a coffee café, the sisters sit at the table outside – al fresco. Makoto says that it is such a cute store. Rika happily says isn’t it and when she went out lately, she had discovered it so she told her about it. This made Makoto smile and asks what she should order. The waiter arrives with some water and says that that he’ll be at their service. Just when Makoto is going to order, she is surprised for the waiter turns out to be Iriya.
The two are surprised to see each other. While Iriya looks uneasy, Makoto quickly turns to look at her sister. Grabbing her sister’s shoulder, Makoto shouts in a whisper way, “You- Sisterrrr.. What’s up with this!?” Rika casually apologizes and says that she didn’t know Iriya is working there. Makoto doesn’t believe her for it really feels like a trap and she was rejected so this is quite awkward. Rika tells her so what if she kept on being rejected over and over. She says that if Makoto gives up here, then that’s the end of it. While Makoto is wondering if this is okay as if she is some stalker, Rika stands up and says that there are some goods being sold in the store [inside] so she’ll go and check it out. Makoto can only helplessly call her sister. Rika tells Iriya that she’ll have a coffee ice cream milk shake. After Rika has gone in the store, Iriya says, about that.. Dizzy Makoto apologizes for doing this, doing such a thing on one’s accord and it is because her sister didn’t tell her things clearly. With a slight smile, Iriya says, no, he always didn’t notice and why did it become like this. Holding her skirt tight, Makoto thinks that this is like saying ‘Because I’m very happy’ but she doesn’t understand. Smiling, Makoto says that it is alright, she felt that it is great that she was able to say it and that is what she is thinking. Remembering her sister saying so what if she got rejected over and over, Makoto thinks that it is like what her sister said, it is impossible for her to immediately recover. “Because in the end, for me, Iriya-kun is very special person.” A waitress calls out to Iriya to tell him that the boss wants him to carry the deliveries. Iriya exclaims yes. Iriya asks Makoto what she wants to order. She tells him that she wants a cold coffee milk. Before leaving, Iriya winks at her and tells her that he’ll secretly add more cream for her. In the store, Rika is looking at some of the things being sold at the display. The waitress asks Iriya if he knows that girl is Kisaragi Rika and she’s so beautiful. Iriya says yes, he knows. Pointing to Makoto, Iriya says that girl is much better, the younger sister. While the waitress look thoughtful, Makoto thinks that in the end, Iriya is very handsome. Narration: “I want to stay at his side. With this feeling, I still couldn’t give up. It is really great that it’s hidden.” [<- I’m not too sure about the last line but maybe it means it is great that she kept her feelings hidden about not giving up so perhaps Iriya would lower his guard or it won’t be too awkward between them.]
Side Story 1: Shiroyuki Nanami Narration: “Even if Snow White’s gown is very beautiful but I still like the color of the witch’s clothes. If I were Snow White, I’ll definitely wear Snow White’s gown with the colors of the witch’s [clothes].” When Nanami is young, she chooses a purple colored school bag. Her mother tries to convince her to choose a red or pink one but Nanami insists that she wants the purple one. Her grandma sides with her and tells Nanami’s mother to let Nanami have it. Nanami’s mother insists that it will be used for six years and if she chose that color, she will be bullied by other kids. Grandma says that this color is very beautiful. She asks if Nanami will properly use it. Nanami says that she will. Nanami thinks that no wonder her grandmother is really the ‘kingdom’s comrade. “Grandma is forever the one who understands me the most. I really like her.” Grandma praises Nanami for being stubborn over some things at such a young age and it is really great, and when she was young.. Soon, it is the school opening in the elementary. Her friend tells her that she bought a purple colored bag. Wondering if she will be called weird for it, Nanami says yes and is it strange. Her friend exclaims that it isn’t and it is very much Nanami’s style. Nanami praises her friend’s light blue bag. Narration: “Compared to white, I like black gowns with lots of ribbons. Being immersed within the things I like, it is like the peaceful days of ‘kingdom’.” Then, there are some students from the other section laughing at her. They ask Nanami if she plans on wearing that kind of clothes everyday. Nanami says that is right. They leave while giggling and whispering to each other. Her friend looks a bit flustered. Narration: “But outside the kingdom, something had suddenly started to change.” During junior high, Nanami and friends are choosing some scrunchies [cloth hair elastic bands]. Her new friends think that it is cute and they would want to buy the same kind as a way of commemorating being classmates. Her new friend asks Nanami if it is okay to give this to her. Nanami apologizes for she would only wear black and purple ones. Just before the other friend exclaim in disbelief, her childhood friend pulls Nanami to the side.
Her childhood friend tells Nanami that she ought to notice the kindness of the people around her. And because she is her friend, she is saying this. “Can you please be not like that? Everyone is being very nice so no one would say it. If you are with us, you’ll also be hurt. We are already in junior high! Isn’t it really good for us to go with the popular ones! So why don’t you buy the same with the others!?” After a pause, Nanami agrees. At the house, Nanami brings dinner for her grandma who is in bed. Taking out from her knitting bag, grandma gives Nanami a knitted hat which she tried making, and it is to commemorate her for being a junior high student. Holding the hat, Nanami says that she obviously isn’t feeling well [and yet, she made this]. Her grandmother says that it is a beautiful light purple color and how about she try and wear it. Nanami puts it on and her grandma says that it suits her, so very much her style. That night on her bed, Nanami holds the hat and remembers her childhood friend telling her to quit being like that. Nanami also remembers her grandma saying that on the day when she faces death, she can be thankful that it is really great that she didn’t do any foolish things before. “Luckily, I’m not leaving behind a sad past. It is a beautiful life, right?” Nanami becomes teary-eyed. The next day, Nanami hands over to her childhood friend the scrungie. Nanami says that she thinks what she said is right, but she [Nanami] doesn’t want that there will be a day when she would think ‘if during that time, I should have did this’ and then blame this mistake on someone else. Putting the scrungie on her childhood friend’s hand, Nanami says, “I’m sorry for the trouble. Thank you for being friends with me until now.” Her childhood friend looks surprised. She looks flustered then tells her new friend that they are going. Narration: “Grandma, I won’t be at a loss again.” End flashback. Then, Nanami wakes up at the train. She wipes a tear and thinks that she had dreamt of the past. “I’ve promised grandma that even if I’m left all alone, I won’t cry. *surprise* Ah, but then, grandma is quite healthy and active right now. (Grandma wanting to go swimming)” And, Nanami arrives to meet up with Makoto and others [in chapter 3].
Side Story 2: Kisaragi Rika Cover page: “A very strong beautiful person, Rika-sama’s true attitude is..?!” Narration: “In a so-called girls’ world, whether friends or enemies, both are quite troublesome.” Pointing to a timid girl, ponytail girl is telling Rika that she likes Itaru [guesswork from 周] but they heard that Itaru would always say that Rika is very cute and well, of course, Rika is also quite cute so they hope that Rika would quit being like that. With folded arms, Rika says, “And so? What are you referring to as ‘like that’? Are you referring to my face as being cute?” Ponytail girl says that it is kind of like that. Unfazed Rika asks if they want her to have plastic surgery then. “Are you guys going to help me pay for it?” The girls exclaim no, and they didn’t say that. Rika says, “Then, what do you want? I also talked with Itaru-kun only thrice. What else do you want me to do?” The girls got flustered that they quickly run off with threats that they’ll remember Rika for this. Rika isn’t moved by that. Narration: “Since I was young, other people will always- keep on praising me that I’m cute. During elementary, people are divided into people who are jealous of me and people who would get along with me. *Her bag is wine-red color.* Upon getting in junior high, I had just being discovered as a talent in a magazine. And, the troublesome girls had increased. *In the shoe locker, her shoes are filled with broken fresh eggs, trash and thumbtacks.* Big eyes, white as snow skin, delicate nose, captivating red lips, long eyelashes on the eyes are thrown together beautifully on one’s face. Of course, I know the reason why I was attacked. But, aside from that, my poisonous tongue is one of the factors why people are hostile against me.” Chibi Rika exclaims that if they say one word to her, she’ll return it 10x back. At the faculty room, Rika is complaining to Sasaki[佐佐木] teacher about a certain girl spilling water on her. The teacher asks why such a thing would happen. The girl, who is accompanied by a friend, denies it by saying that it is an accident. She is advising Rika on something but she won’t listen that it carelessly ended up in a fight. Rika retorts back that they are advising her about her hair when it is within the allowed length of 10 cm below the shoulder by the school’s rules and yet the length of their skirts needed to be paid attention to. Sasaki tells them to stop fighting for didn’t the other girl say that it is an accident and Rika is always fashionable. She says that Rika is the cause for she is always showing up that she is easily misunderstood by others. The girl and her friend giggle over this and say that is right. Rika protests that she doesn’t wear make-up in school. Sasaki says that there she goes, answering back again and why can’t she restrain her words and actions a bit. Sasaki dismisses them and says that she is busy.
As the other girls go, Sasaki tells Rika that it is 10 years early in trying to act mature and charming. The other teachers are saying that Sasaki is bullying Rika again and Sasaki is obviously targeting her. And that girl [whom Rika had a fight with] is the center of a group so it would be easier to turn a blind eye towards them. Someone comments that girls are scary. Rika has overheard all of that. Then, Rika arrives home to hear someone shouting that it is hot. She sees Makoto sucking her fingers on her mouth while holding a curling iron. Rika asks what she is doing. Makoto quickly runs off and apologizes. Rika wonders if Makoto is.. At the shooting, Rika asks her colleague’s advice about her teacher. Her colleague tells her that it is fine for her to just smile and bow her head. She says that there’s no need to waste energy on arguing with the teacher. Narration: “Making-up oneself to become cute. Pictures taken and choosing the clothes that match. I only want to do something that I like, as much as I want. That’s all there is to it.” At the canteen, Sasaki is reprimanding a girl for having a lip cream when it is strictly forbidden in school to bring any type of cosmetics. Rika groans that it is Sasaki. The girl says that it is a lip balm and it is is only a bit of color. Just when the girl is saying that her senpai also has make-up, Sasaumu shouts for her not to mention of other people. Sasaki tells the girl that it is useless to put on make-up with that kind of face and first of all, she should get rid of those pock marks on her face. The girl got embarrassed. The other students are saying that Sasaki is quite mean and she also has thick make-up on, and that first year student is quite pitiful. Sasaki continues to scold the girl by saying that even make-up cannot change the girl’s original face and rather doing such a useless thing, why don’t she study harder. Rika takes down her hair and thinks that she had enough. Just when Sasaki is telling the girl that even if she cries, Makoto quickly pours a glass of water on Sasaki’s head. Sasaki turns around to Makoto who says, “Shut up, ugly woman.” Everyone is shock. Makoto glares at Sasaki and promptly leaves. Sasaki can only angrily shout at Makoto and tells her to stand still. Narration: “Fundamentally, I thought that after doing that, I’ll be left all alone by the others. But, I never thought that afterwards, my school life had become better.” Sasaki angrily complains to Rika’s mother who apologizes. Rika is unrepentant. The girls who splashed water on her before, became scared of Rika. Then, she got lot of male and female fans who thought she is amazing. Rika find it strange for it shouldn’t be like this, right? At home, Rika is reading a book when she was interrupted by Makoto asking her to teach her how to curl her hair. Rika thinks that this is quite rare. Rika teases Makoto if she has a date with Iriya. Embarrassed Makoto says that it is only for practice. Narration: “Even if girls are troublesome, but sister is a comrade for girls who want to become cute.”
Side Story 3: Yusa Issei While young Yusa is holding a soccer ball, someone came with a long haired and slightly bruised boy. The man says, “Issei, from today on, this child is going to stay with us temporarily. You get along well with him, okay?” During junior high, a teacher exclaims, if Yusa is serious about going to Shuo [guesswork from 集央] High and they aren’t talking about some joke. Dyed hair Yusa is sitting on the table. He tells his teacher that he is serious for that is the school where Iriya is going. The teacher asks who is Iriya and the form he submitted didn’t have the signature of his guardian. The teacher says that simply with that dyed hair of his, no one would believe him and he is busy. Yusa exclaims that if his hair is dyed black, he’ll die. The teacher is speechless over that and thinks he’s hopeless. The girls are saying if he is going to Shuo High when the travel time takes 2 hours. “Compared to that, why don’t you go to the school where we are going?” The guys say that isn’t Shuo High a high level school then it is impossible for him to go there with that brain of his. Yusa is trembling in frustration as the others laugh at him. At his house, pouting Yusa exclaims how come no one supports him. Holding his form, Yusa tells his grandma to sign it. His grandma shouts, of course. Teary-eyed Yusa exclaims that she is quite mean for she is unexpectedly also like that, and just sign it. His grandma angrily shouts that compared to that, what’s up with his hair and for him to be like this, how is it even possible for him to get in that school with that hair. “..Although, I also understand your worries about him but it has been a long time since that child had left this town. For him to live in a place where people don’t know his past, he will perhaps be happier. If you are beside him, perhaps, he’ll always remember that unpleasant thing.”
Flashback: While Iriya and Yusa were playing at the playground, some women are gossiping. “Did you hear about it? That child who is temporarily living at Yusa-san’s house.” “Look, it’s that child. It’s really mean[/too much].. It’s really quite pitiful..” To Iriya’s surprise, Yusa angrily shouted, “Shut up, talkative old ladies!! What are you looking at! *takes Iriya’s hand* Don’t mind what they are saying! Let’s go to that side.” End flashback. Yusa writes a message to Iriya and asks what he thinks about him [Yusa] going to Shuo High. Yusa thinks that since he has sent it, would Iriya quickly answer him. Remembering what his grandma said that it is better for Iriya to live in a place where no one knows his past, Yusa thinks that even if his grandma is annoying but what she said is right. “Right, I have to have faith that just by relying on my brain even if it goes dead, perhaps there is a 1% chance for me to pass the test.. Or am I overly optimistic?” He hugs his pillow and worriedly thinks that before that, what would Iriya’s say - ‘You cannot pass it’, ‘Please don’t have anything to do with me again’, ‘How serious’, ‘You’ll just give me trouble’. Then, his cellphone rings. Iriya answers, “Doesn’t it take 2 hours for you everyday to go to school? From today on, you better start practicing in waking up early.” Yusa thinks that before Iriya detests him, everything else doesn’t matter. “I absolutely will not let you be all alone.” Then, Yusa calls out his grandma who is going to drink some tea. With black hair, Yusa prostrates down to her and says, “I will do my very best. This time, I’m really serious. So please let me go and take that test. I beg of you.” End flashback. Soon, it is night at Namai’s villa. Looking at Iriya sleep, Yusa thinks that even if Iriya is all grown up, his sleeping face has not changed at all. He looks at his cellphone and notices that it is already 01:35am. “Ah, the date has already changed. I wish you a happy birthday, Iriya.”
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